Sticky Seats Ch. 01

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Beata Undine

Standard warning before you start:

This story is completely a work of fiction involving sexual relations between family members. All characters are over the age of 18. Also, this story deals with realistic bodily fluids and odors as they relate to sex. If none of this sounds like a turn off to you, then proceed and enjoy.


The car stilled as I cut the engine. I turned the hand crank to raise the window before opening the door. I moved my left leg to step out and felt a sharp pain on the bottom of my thigh as it separated from the hot leather seat. I hissed my agony and gently lifted my other leg to save myself the pain.

I stepped out into the summer heat and slammed the old car’s door shut. Quickly I opened the trunk and retrieved the three plastic bags filled with groceries, some of their contents already melting. Rushing to the front door of the house I, fumbled with my keys, not knowing the door was already unlocked. As I stepped into the house I could smell the scent of marijuana floating down from upstairs. That wonderful odor, and what it meant, covered my sun-warmed body in goosebumps.

In the kitchen I threw the bags of what needed to freeze or cool in the fridge and headed up stairs, taking the steps two at a time. The hall outside his room was heavy with the stench of pot and misty with smoke.

“No class today?” I asked after stepping into his room. I was greeted by the sight of my son Jason completely nude, in a reclined position on his bed, his hand slowly working up and down the length of his erect dick. He had one leg pushed out straight and the other bent slightly at the knee.

A small half-gone joint lay smoldering in an ashtray at the side of his bed. With his free hand he reached for it and took a long drag before setting it back.

“Skipped ’em”. He said as he exhaled, giving me his cocky little grin, his fist still slipping over his cock.

From the TV at the end of his bed came sounds of moaning and the thap thap thap of rough fucking. I passed in front of it and glanced at it.

“What are you watching?” I asked, walking to his nightstand and picking up the joint. I inhaled a lungful of smoke while looking down at my son’s wonderful body. His cock was at full arousal and looked almost painfully swelled. His pubic hair was trimmed short and neatly into a small patch that created a semi-circle over his dick. It was shiny with sweat, as was his toned stomach and chest. I looked up to his face and saw sweat beaded on his brow, his eyes were focused back on the TV.

“It’s that video I was telling you about.” He said, his hand pausing at the tip of his dick to swipe his palm over the tip, collecting more of his precum, his natural lube. “This is that girl who goes around to public restrooms, like bars and shit, and just fucks anybody. Doesn’t matter what they look like or how big they are or nothin’.” He said, glancing over at me with that shitty grin again before returning his focus on the TV.

I looked over as well and saw what he was talking about. On the screen there was a small blond girl bent over a sink. Behind her stood a man who’s giant gut hung out of his t-shirt. He was doing his best to stuff her pussy with his dick. His face was blotchy red and covered in sweat, his breathing rasping as he bucked against her. Off behind them and to the side were a few other men. A couple of them had their pants off and were jerking their dicks, while the others just watched and commented.

I took another small drag and set the joint back in it’s place. I let the smoke out as I started to unbutton my tight short-sleeved blouse. “That’s pretty nasty. She must have every disease.” I said as I snapped my bra off, letting it fall to the floor with my blouse.

“Yeah, no condoms or anything.” Jason said with great pleasure in his voice. By baring my breasts I was able to draw his attention away from the screen momentarily. I stood there letting him gape as he continued to jerk off. I rubbed my hand along a bright red mark where my bra strap had bitten into my side. My hand came away damp with sweat.

I unbuttoned my shorts and pushed them down. They were damp with perspiration, the crotch bahis firmaları of them soaked through from front to back.

Jason’s gaze moved back to the Television. I took one last pull on the joint, finally feeling the full effects of it. Then I walked back through his view as I returned to the other side of the bed clad only in my panties. I slid onto the bed and curled up next to him facing the screen.

We watched as the fat man let out a pathetic groan as he started cumming inside the girl. The girl just stood there and took it, grinning back at the man and then over to the camera. “Wow. Check that out” she said to the camera and then laughed. The view then swung around to her backside just as the next hard-cocked guy was stepping up. The camera operator pushed him away gently. “Hold up.” he said, focusing on her rear. It was obvious that the girl had already serviced a number of men. Her ass was covered in streaks and gobs of spunk and was red and raw from being smacked and gripped. The camera focused down on her abused cunt as the fat man’s thick and full load oozed slowly from her hanging cuntlips. “Now that’s a fucking load.” the cameraman said, keeping her streaming genitals in the shot for a while.

“Yeah it is, and I’m working on a similar one right now.” Jason said, grinning over at me, drawing my attention from the screen. I smiled back and looked at his dick, sticky with sweat and his excitement. I watched for a few moments, gauging his pace. As he slid his hand up to the tip again I reached over and wrapped my hand around the base. He looked down at what I had done and pulled his hand away. I started to slowly slip my and up along his shaft, trying to match the speed he was using. I paused at the head to collect some of his cream as it oozed from the tip and then resumed the motions.

“Shit, can I get a paper towel or some toilet paper?” a voice said from the TV followed by echoing laughter. I looked back up at the screen to see the camera was at a slightly different angle. It was off to the side a bit but still pointed at her ass. The girl was holding herself open with one hand, exposing her puckered asshole and cunt. A man was standing behind her with his cock pointed at her messy twat, about an inch from it.

“No, either put it in my dirty cunt or move aside.” the girl’s words echoed in the small restroom, a hint of frustration in her voice. The guy chose the former and pressed his thick swollen head against her well-used hole. The mic on the camera picked up the lewd squelch as he pushed firmly inside her, displacing the cum from her previous mates.

After a few quick thrusts showing his cock smeared in other men’s semen, the camera panned back to the girl’s side, her large fake breasts hanging down at the edge of the sink. My hand kept it’s even pace up and down Jason’s long swollen cock, his precum seeping between my thin fingers.

Jason reached over and put his hand on my side, rubbing it slowly. It wasn’t long before his hand slid down to my front and found one of my tit. He cupped it and gently played with it’s long nipple, rubbing his fingers over it lazily.

I lowered my head and took the tip of him into my mouth as my hand half-stroked him. He let out a low groan and his cock flexed, spewing another large gob of his preseed into my mouth. I lapped at it, licking the piss slit and then pulled my mouth off of him. He let out another groan, this one of frustration, as I resumed my handjob.

He ran his hand down to the sweaty underside of my breast and lifted it slightly, letting gravity take it back down with a wet slap. Then his hand slid lower, down my belly. He strained a bit could not reach what he wanted with the way we were situated.

He brought his hand around to my back and again tried to reach but could only grab the hem of my panties. He tugged gently on them, pulling the crotch of them between damp lips of my pussy.

“How about you just ask?” I said with a look of mock frustration. I turned over so I was facing towards him, switching hands in the process, not missing a stroke on his rigid cock. With his help I pulled my panties off, now soaked through with a combination of arousal and kaçak iddaa perspiration. My musky scent exploded into the air as he tossed them to the floor.

I lounged on his legs, my breast laying against his shaven balls. I stroked him slowly with my off hand, something I was getting better at with practice. I had one leg lain out straight near him and the other I bent and lifted up to spread for him. Jason pushed my raised leg, opening me more. His hand then went to my shaven cunt, rubbing firmly against it. The recently shaven stubble scrapped against his hand as he slid his hand upwards, my bi-weekly waxing appointment still days off.

I let out a moan as he groped me, switching back to my right hand to manipulate him.

His attention was fully between my legs as he firmly pressed his hand along my shaven pussy, the mound of it prominently bulged out from between my thighs. Just as his hand slid back down to cup my wet and swollen labia his gaze moved quickly to the TV.

I couldn’t see what was going on but the grunting and smacking sounds made me believe that yet another strange man was emptying his balls into the depraved young girl.

Jason’s middle finger pressed at my wet folds. He wiggled his finger until he found the separation of my lips and easily slipped it inside. I let out a moan and noticed his eyes were still in a zombie-stare at the TV. I pulled his cock down towards me and craned my neck to take the head back inside my mouth, swiping the underside of it with my tongue. He let out gasp followed by a moan but his eyes stayed on the screen.

I let his dick fall from mouth and paused my stroking. A string of cum clung to my chin. “Can you shut that off?” I said.

He looked down at me slightly confused for a moment. While my expression earlier had been of mock frustration, it was very similar to the real one I had then. “Oh. Sorry.” He said and grabbed the remote to hit stop.

While he had slid a finger inside my drooling cunt, the distraction had kept him from doing the work with it that I so badly desired. He tossed the remote aside and looked down at me. “Sorry.” he said again and then returned his attention to my spread legs. His thick middle finger worked slowly in and out, curly slightly as it withdrew to make better contact with my engorged clitoris. I resumed the motion of my hand over his pole, my own stimulation causing me to speed up his.

It wasn’t long before he removed he removed the finger from my cunt, drawing my own attention to my splayed crotch. He held up his finger for a moment, examining the glistening juices and then slid it back between my legs, this time letting it press against the tight pucker of my asshole. The intense heat of the summer sun had left my asshole sticky with sweat. He pressed his finger, wet with my juices, firmly against it, making slow small circles over it. My face wrinkled in the discomfort, bringing a smile to his lips.

Switching his cock back to my left hand I awkwardly reached behind and pulled open my ass, spreading it for him. The meaty cheek separated from the other with a slightly audible sound. Opening my ass did nothing to loosen the tight pucker as he firmly pushed against it. He gave a quick jab and my muscle gave way to his invading digit, a pained whimper slipping from my lips. He pressed further into my back hole, finding entrance easier once the barrier was passed.

I let my fleshy cheek fall back into place and wrapped my right hand back around his messy dick. Both of my hands were now pasty with his sweat and excitement. I began upping the pace, bringing him towards his climax.

Jason got his finger rooted in my ass to the second knuckle and then used his thumb to tickle my thick clit. Both digits brought moans and caused me to squirm against him.

Soon after the increase in speed of my handjob, Jason was moaning, sweat dripping from his face, running off of his chest and stomach, soaking the crumpled sheets beneath him. He made slight little motions with his hips, hunching up into my stroking fist.

He had worked his thumb down and pushed it between the folds of my thick lips, finding the entrance to my cunt and planting it inside. kaçak bahis Now with his middle finger in my ass and his thumb in my cunt he started a fast and firm fucking motion, jamming in and out of my holes.

With his other hand he clenched the bed sheet next to him, his attention at my spread legs.

I then craned my neck back down and took his dickhead in my mouth, bobbing my head as fast as I could in the strange position.

“Oh fuck mom, fuck! Gonna cum.” he said, reaching up to grab a handful of my dyed blond hair.

Moments later he started to erupt. He shouted a pained grunt as his first shot of seed spewed into my mouth. I kept my lips sealed around his dick just below the head, letting my tongue slither around the messy underside. He jabbed his cock up into my mouth, trying his best to push my head down further that it would go as more and more of his incestuous semen unloaded in my mouth. His cream pooled in my mouth as I breathed through my nose, inhaling the scent of my sweat drenched son.

The muscles of his hand contracted with his orgasm, causing the finger and thumb buried inside of me to attempt to come together, painfully pinching the thin membrane that divided my pussy and anus. This grip got even tighter with each powerful surge of his cock.

Finally his orgasm ended and he released the hold on my head. He let out a loud satisfied groan. His fingers relaxed but did not slip from my privates. I slowly pulled my head up along his thick cockhead, making sure to keep my lips tight, careful not to lose any of his copious seed.

I sat up the best I could with his hand still occupying my holes, a mouthful of my son’s semen. I waited for Jason to look up at me and I opened my mouth, showing him what he had done. He stared with a dazed look, his muscular chest rising and falling quickly. I felt a bit of the mess slip from the corner of my mouth so I closed my mouth as fast as I could and tilted my head back to draw the filth further in. I then opened my mouth again and let him view the load one last time before it was gone.

Closing my mouth I swallowed, keeping my eyes locked with his. The sludge slowly slid down my throat. With two fingers I scooped up the escaped cum and pushed it back into my mouth. I sucked my fingers clean, all the while keeping my eyes locked with his.

He then pulled his fingers from my cunt and ass, causing me to whimper. He grabbed my shoulders in both strong hands and pulled me up onto him. With our sweaty bodies pressed together he kissed me deeply. He tasted his own cum as his tongue dove into my mouth. His hand cupped my cheek as we kissed, a wet thumb on my lower lip. I could smell the distinctly different odors of my ass and cunt, could almost taste them.

We kissed with great love and passion for a short while and then broke. He stared up at me in awe and I back down at him the same. He saw the need in my eyes and rolled me off of him. Laying me back on the bed he opened my legs wide. He laid down between them, his face between my thighs. He placed a thumb on either side of my cunt and pried the damp lips apart. A pool of my excitement trickled out and down along my abused asshole. He caught it with his tongue, the unexpected sensation of it against my tight pucker making me squirm. Then he slid it up to my pussy and started eating me.

Jason knew to focus mainly on the bud of my clit but also snaked his tongue down occasionally to lap at my oozing hole. It was less than a minute before I was screaming out my orgasm, by body jerking and trembling as he continued to lick my buttery cunt.

Babbling incoherently I was able to finally tug his head from between my legs, coaxing him up to lay with me. He put his head to my chest, gently groping and sucking on my long and erect nipples

After a bit of after-fuck talk I slid away from him and started to gather my discarded clothing. Upon standing back up I caught him sniffing his fouled middle finger.

I started to head for the door clutching my clothing when he said “Would you ever do that?”

I paused and turned back to him, my full breasts swaying. “Do what?” I asked with a queer look on my face.

He picked back up the remote and hit play. “That.” He said, looking at me with a serious curiosity as the girl on screen remained bent over, awaiting her next cock.

I just rolled my eyes and went down the hall to shower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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