Stormy Affair

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© 2012 Sal De Klerk, All Rights Reserved

Revised 3/2020

Edited by ElmerStudd

Authors Note:

The idea for this story came from a true to life incident that led to a dream which became this story. This is a single chapter story, and no further chapters will be written. I intentionally wrote it sketchy leaving a lot to the reader’s imagination.


This story contains adult content including father-daughter incest. If that is not your preferred smut, please find another story, more to your liking.


I was a normal guy, living a normal life. House, pool, wife, 2.5 kids (my stepson only lives with us part-time). The only thing missing was the white picket fence. I did all the usual dad stuff with my kids, barbeques, flying the flag, scouting, camping, church, and even an occasional ball game

.Let me tell you about my family. My Wife, Thien Ly is a short statuesque Vietnamese woman. After 3 kids she still has a sexy 34B-28-36 body. At 38 her breasts do have some sag but no stretch marks. The most remarked on feature my wife has is her freckles.

Neither my son nor my stepson figures into this story so you don’t need to know about them.

My daughter, Kara is better known as Shortstack. She got that nickname because one morning when she was just starting to eat solid food, I made some pancakes and put them on the table. She climbed up into the chair in front of the pancakes, got a fork, and tried to start eating them. The picture of this is one of my favorites. Anyway, Kara is the reason for this story so let me tell you about her.

She just turned 18 a few months ago. She is a perfectly normal girl, with posters of Taylor Swift and Ashton Kutcher in her room. She is tall for a girl at 5’8″ Pitch black shoulder-length hair, olive complexion and well proportioned, though like her mother and grandmother she has larger than average breasts, not Dolly Parton big, but enough that even at 11 she was turning heads. Being part Hispanic, on my side, she has dark mysterious eyes and a J Lo type butt. Her combination of Irish, Vietnamese, and Cuban gives her an exotic look. She is self-assured and has a great sense of humor. She is also friendly and gregarious to a fault, therefore very popular with the boys.

There is one deep, dark, secret that my daughter has. She suffers from an extremely serious case of Astraphobia. For those that don’t know, this is a fear of thunder. One boom of thunder and she goes into hysterics that doesn’t stop until she falls asleep or the storm passes.

Living in Florida, the lightning capital of the world doesn’t help any. We’ve tried all kinds of therapies and medications, nothing helps. We first saw the symptoms when Kara was 3 or so and got her first big girl bed. There was an unusually violent thunderstorm that stalled over our house. Before one thunderclap died, another was rattling the windows.

Kara climbed into bed with my wife and I, burying her face in my chest. Her tiny body was shivering as she clutched me and cried. She clung to me for dear life, until she fell asleep.

My wife and I had always slept naked, but after that night, I went out and bought some gym shorts to wear in bed. My wife also got a few long tee shirts and started wearing them to sleep with nothing under them.

As the years passed by a pattern developed. Every time there was a thunderstorm, Kara would climb into my lap and wrap her arms around me crying into my chest until the storm passed.

Once my daughter was 8 years old, she noticed mommy only wore a nightshirt without underwear to bed. So she started to dress the same way. Many nights I had to canlı bahis adjust her nightshirt or sheets to protect her modesty.

( ¥ ) ( ¥ ) ( ¥ )

But enough reverie. Here’s what you want to read about. Last night there was a really bad storm that scared Kara more than usual. The storm finally subsided around two am and I was finally able to get Kara to go to bed. Once she fell asleep, I tucked her in, kissed her goodnight, and went to bed.

Thien was feeling amorous and had been waiting for me. As I got into bed, she wasted no time pulling my dick out of my shorts and gave me a handjob. I was quickly erect and ready. Thien had been playing with herself waiting for me so she was sopping wet. I rolled onto my side and entered her delicious pussy from behind. My cock easily sank balls deep into her and I started to fuck her cunt, fast and hard.

Thien started to thrust her hips back into me slamming her sexy ass into my waist. I slid my hands under her nightshirt and began to pinch her nipples as I furiously drove my cock into her slit. We fucked fast and hard until all too soon I blasted my white-hot cream into her depths, which made her pussy to spasm, prolonging my orgasm, which drove her over the edge. Her body began to trash as waves of pleasure enveloped her. After recovering from our salacious fuck, we snuggled together and fell asleep.

The next day we were all tired from our late night. We had a quick dinner, watched a movie, and went to bed. As I read one of my favorite erotic pieces, my dick started to grow. I put my phone down and pulled Thien close, rubbing my hardening dick in her ass crack as my hands started to cup her tits through her nightshirt. Thien sternly said “Stop as she pulled her ass away from my erection smacked my hands. I sighed in disappointment and adjusted my position to one more conducive to sleep than fucking.

At some point during the night, my cock must have slipped out of my shorts and my wife’s nightshirt was bunched up around her waist, exposing her pretty little pussy. My dick was between nestled between her thighs and her cunt lips were hugging my shaft. While I wasn’t inside her the sensations on my cock were the same.

She was sound asleep but moaning in pleasure as I shifted my hips carefully so I could start thrusting without waking her up. I was still half asleep and enjoying this early morning romp so I didn’t question why or how it happened.

My hands found her naked ass and I began to squeeze and rub those globes. I heard the sexy woman beside me moan and through the fog of sleep, I was able to notice something different about the voice. Not sure what, I continued thrusting. My lover shifted her hips a bit and on my next forward thrust, my cock was encased in a nice tight wet pussy. Just then a bolt of lightning lit up the room. It wasn’t Thien I was fucking, it was Kara!

When the realization that I was fucking my daughter hit me, I was instantly fully awake, “Oh Shit”, I moaned as my hips involuntarily continued to thrust into her wet pussy. The small part of my brain that wasn’t preoccupied with sex figured out what had happened. Another storm rolled through, and Kara came into our bedroom. The storm must have been mild for her to fall asleep without waking me up. Then, somehow during the night our bodies had intertwined and eventually joined in the most intimate of actions.

My body froze in a panic not sure of what to do. Part of me was screaming for me to continue, another part was listing the ramifications of this incestuous act. Divorce, prison, familial ex-communication, registered sex offender, unemployment, and more. As my brain was trying to get my body to respond bahis siteleri and extricate myself before anyone found out, my daughter’s eyes opened. My heart sank knowing when she’d realized her father was raping her, she would scream and Thien would wake up and my life would end. I braced myself for the hell that was about to be unleashed on me.

“Daddy,” she whispered, “Don’t stop. It feels so good. When I got into your bed, I saw your cock peeking out of your shorts, so I thought that daddy could calm me down with it. I started to play with it and even took it into my mouth to get it hard, then I slipped between you and mom and rubbed my ass on it until it slipped inside me. I hope you’re not mad.

“I felt myself grow harder as my daughter admitted she wanted me to fuck her, and I realized that I wasn’t about to be killed. I was so confused I couldn’t speak. Kara started to thrust her hips, squeezing my cock with her young pussy. I mentally shrugged and began to enjoy the sensations of fucking my sexy teen daughters hot, tight, wet, pussy.

There was another bolt of lightning and my wife’s eyes fluttered open momentarily, “Kara you in here baby?” she asked dreamily.”Yes, mommy.”

“Is daddy taking care of you?”

“Ohhh YES mommy, better than ever.”

“Good baby. Glad you’re not crying. Keep doing whatever it takes so you don’t cry.” Thien then rolled onto her side and went back to sleep.

“Daddy, I heard guys like to watch two girls together. Would you like it if I started to play with mommy’s breasts while you fuck me?

“I groaned as the thought of my daughter suckling on her mother like she did when she was younger as I drove my cock into her dripping slit. I could only grunt as I was trying to last as long as possible, sure this would be a one-time occurrence.”Then watch this daddy,” Kara gently pulled up my wife’s nightshirt and exposed her nude form to our lustful gaze. Kara lightly rested her hands on my wife’s naked hips and started to gently caress Thien’s skin, moving slowly up her body. Just as her hand was about to reach my wife’s big soft breasts, Kara leaned down and kissed her mom on her erect right nipple. Kara’s other hand had slid down her mom’s body and began to rub my wife’s pussy. Watching my daughter feel up her sleeping mother, drove me crazy with lust and I began to drive my cock home with a frenzy.

Kara bit Thien’s nipple and the pain woke up my wife. Her eyes flew open and she screamed in pain. Her scream pushed me over the edge and I sprayed my daughter’s fertile pussy with my seed. Kara saw her mother watching her get fucked by her father who was howling as his cock jetted blast after blast of sperm deep into her pussy. The same seed that created her, was now filling her. Kara was driven to sensory overload and joined in the family uproar as her orgasm took her to peaks of pleasure she never knew existed.

As my orgasm subsided and my higher brain functions began to reassert control over my body, I opened my eyes to see a puzzled look on my wife’s face and a daughter who was lazily sucking on her mom’s breast, with her father’s limp cock still inside her.”What . . . How . . . when?” my wife was trying to decide which question to ask first. I extricated myself from my daughter and Kara whimpered as my cock left her body.I…had no idea what to say, so I shrugged and looked at my wife who looked confused but not angry.

My brain was fogged from lack of sleep and I had no idea what to say. So I said the first thing that popped into my head. “I need a shower.” My wife and daughter looked at me strangely but didn’t say anything so I jumped out of bed and ran naked to the bathroom. I sat bahis şirketleri on the toilet and rubbed my face. I didn’t know what was going to happen and I needed time to think. I turned on the shower to full cold so I would wake up and get rid of the damn tiredness that was making it hard for my brain to work.

After a long cold shower, I was invigorated and my brain was functioning better. I wrapped a towel around my waist and walked back into my bedroom. Kara was still in my bed covered by the sheets, lost in thought, and Thien was laying on her side facing away from Kara, pretending to sleep. I looked at the clock and it was only 3 am, so I climbed back into bed to try and get some sleep, grateful for the reprieve. I slept restlessly the rest of the night, tossing and turning and I had troubled dreams which I didn’t remember.

When I awoke, my wife and daughter were sitting on my wife’s settee, completely naked. I kept my eyes mostly closed watching the two women I loved sitting together naked. I heard Kara tell my wife how she saw my cock when she got into our bed and how she started to stroke it and even sucked on it while I was asleep. She went on to say that playing with her daddy’s cock made her feel happy even though there was a thunderstorm outside

I didn’t move, not wanting to ruin their time together by letting my girls know I was awake. I was holding my breath waiting for my wife’s reaction to our daughter’s confession. My wife was looking thoughtful, and I heard Kara say “Mom I know it’s weird, but I think if daddy and I did that when a storm was around, it would help keep me calm.”At that point I yawned, letting them know I was awake. When I opened my eyes both women were looking at me. I looked at the two naked women not saying anything to them. I admired the two naked forms before me. Kara was almost identical to her mom, except 20 years younger so nothing was sagging yet. But of the women, my wife was the sexier of the two. My wife gave me a dirty look knowing the thoughts that were running through my head. “We’ve come to a decision,” my wife told me with a look that I knew all too well, it meant she made up her mind, and there was no changing it.

I looked at her questioningly, wondering what my future held. “From now on whenever there’s a storm, you will bring your Kara to orgasm however the two of you decide.”

“But…,” I began and was cut off.”No arguments. This is what she needs and you will give it to her. If you agree, then I’ll help sometimes too.” My mouth opened and closed like a fish not knowing what to say, but knowing I was supposed to say something.

“Really mommy,” my daughter cooed, jumping up and down in her excitement. I watched her teen titties bounce and figured what the hell. If the wife says it’s okay to fuck my teenage daughter and my daughter wants to fuck me, who am I to say no.

At that moment there was a loud blast of thunder. My naked daughter jumped on top of me, her pussy landing very close to my mouth. So I began to do what any dad would do in this situation. My hands grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her cunt right onto my mouth. My tongue reached out and began to probe the folds of my daughter’s sweet cunt.As her juices began to flow into my mouth, I felt a warm wetness envelope my cock. I was unable to see what was going on, but I heard Kara giggle, “Daddy, mommy is sucking your dick while you lick my pussy. Later on, I want to lick mommy while you fuck me.

It hit me right then. My daughter giggled, not cried, but giggled, during a thunderstorm. At that moment, I vowed to be my daughter’s lover as long as she needed me to help her overcome her fears.


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