Strip Dance

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I am back with my 13th submission. I do admit, I love to write ‘stroke-stories’. This is just something that was bouncing around in my mind. Enjoy.


She was dressed in bright, tantalizing green silk; the color looked very pretty and yet very tasty on her light brown sugar skin, glowing and delectable. If she hadn’t been sliding her hands up and down her body…if he didn’t clearly hear the light scratching of her nails along the soft material…he would’ve noticed he was drooling.

The sight of Fallon licking her lips…the jaded look in Fallon’s eyes…made him painfully hard. When she lifted to sit on the edge of the bed, his eyes followed the gentle, bouncy movement of her breasts, lusciously cupped in the bustier top of her lingerie…

Her nipples were clearly pressed against the silk, leading his glance back to her eyes, those beautiful, light brown eyes. A flash of her as 19 years old, smiling back at him—with her eyes first, then her lips and then her teeth—flashed into his mind. She was his beauty. But this smile was laced with lust and in no way as angelic as usual. He felt a sweat break onto his body, all of his clothes feeling tight.

He drew a breath as she stood. Her hair fell around her shoulders, and his hands clenched. Time seemed to stand still watching her, amazed that he was still just standing in the doorway. But her glance had him stuck; what was this power she had and why did he like it so much?

Her hand slowly rose in front of her, her finger curling back towards her to call him. His feet began to move; he almost didn’t notice that either. As he approached her, he could feel his erection trapped in his pants and his boxer briefs, seeming to try and get to her before the rest of his body did. When they were close enough she grabbed hold of his tie and tugged him closer to her. The feel of their bodies caused a gasp between both of them. By this time their lips were inches away from each other and he could finally smell her fragrance, warm and sweet like peaches and ice cream. Mmm, he wanted a taste…

She began to unbutton his shirt, looking in his eyes all the while. She was burning hot and sexy like a siren. Once she got it free of his pants, she loosened his tie and shrugged the shirt off. Knowing she was leaving the tie on made him throb. On another note, he was feeling quite sticky too.

She yanked his tie again, taking his bottom lip between her teeth and giving it a gentle bite. He didn’t react fast enough to kiss her, as he was suddenly being pushed onto the recliner. His eyes were at level with her hips, the soft garment appearing to be painted on her curves. His mouth watered again.


I think she heard that, as she practically leapt into his lap, straddling him on the chair. She leaned forward and to his left, her lips right over his ear. Anticipating her next move, his mouth gaped open as she gently sucked on his ear lobe and then gave it a nip.


She was purring. Another throb, another shudder shot through him. The way she said his name…

“Fallon…” he spoke, unable to say much more. He was saturated in her, drunken by her scent. He envisioned her naked, writhing passionately on top of him, screaming as he rolled his hips up against her, giving her deep, sharp thrusts. Just remembering how her juicy pussy would slide and quiver around his dick almost had him coming right then and there.

He started to pant, as though there was limited air in the room. The throbbing ataşehir escort bayan was insistent but he didn’t give into it just yet, shutting his eyes tight. The feel of her hands running up and down his neck and chest was testing him. She made sure to lightly drag her fingernails over his nipples, which sent a rush and another shock straight to his cock. When she massaged his stomach, his muscles reacted to her touch. This woman was powerful, because he could feel nothing else. When she stopped touching him he could focus again. She leaned forward, reaching over him, giving him a chance to kiss the top of her breast. So sweet…

The sound of a sultry song filled his ears as she also leaned to pull the chair’s lever, bringing him down to a lying position in the recliner. Her hot little pussy was hovering right over his crotch. But she started to get out of the chair. He knew he was enjoying everything she was doing, but he wanted her to stay in his lap. She put her finger on his lips, lowering her breasts to his eye-level. He licked his lips and she removed her hand. With a swish of her hips, she turned and twisted her hips in sensual circles. Her lingerie was snug around her plump ass, and he almost jumped up out of the chair. But he resisted…and then everything went crazy.

Her hands were at the bottom of her lingerie, gripping the lacey edges and yanking them up. In the blink of an eye, the fabric flew onto the floor. The sideways glance she gave him had him clutching his chair.

When she turned to face him, his eyes took her all in. Her beautiful tits were swollen and bouncy, her nipples hard as she plucked them between her fingers. Her hands trailed down her flat stomach and right down into the strip of curls below. Watching her finger slide between her lips, and hearing the slick, wet sounds did him over. He started panting again when she lifted her finger up to her other lips, licking it with her tongue. His mouth watered heavily, wanting a taste just as bad.

“You need something, baby?”

Speech escaped him for a moment as he tried to process his thoughts.

“Come sit on my face. I want you to dance for me.”

He pulled his arms in toward him as she straddled the arms of the chair, folding his arms up to lift her. As she braced herself against the wall, the smell of her sweet pussy invaded his senses and his tongue was already out. He pulled her closer and began to hungrily lick her slit.

“Ooh, Michael!” she whimpered, gushing below into his mouth. He greedily accepted, sucking her hard clit. Within his arms he could feel her thighs quivering, her body vibrating with ecstasy. He wanted to encourage more. He kissed and sucked her lips like he would to her mouth, holding her tighter to him when she bucked her hips and moaned out. She sounded more like her breaths were hard, stuttering her words and gasping deeply. He wanted more, more, flicking her clit quickly with his tongue, and prepared himself as she tensed and screamed with delicious climax. He wouldn’t stop, his pussy-lust too strong, his tongue never stopping. Her screams grew louder, more high pitched, but beautiful. As she reached another crest, her body was trembling violently, another sweet rush dripping from her honey pot. His little angel wet him all over the front of his body. Sucking and tasting her sweetness, he felt her hand on his head, still bucking her hips along his mouth. He gave her one last kiss and then lowered her down, his mouth possessively over hers.

“You escort kadıköy did good, baby. You made a mess.” He growled. “And you taste delectable.”

“Mmm…” she moaned. “I want to taste you too.”

She kissed him again and slinked down the chair until she was perched on her knees, between his legs. She made quick work of the belt, button and zipper on his slacks. He lifted so she could pull his pants to his ankles, taking them off and throwing them aside. She reappeared, her hands sliding up his thigh. He was left in his boxer briefs, his cock standing up out of the flap of them and throbbing insistently. He looked into her eyes, watching the naughtiness in her glance. A smirk played across her lips, and her hand finally wrapped around his cock.


Though his eyes were shut tight, he could see white-hot fire. Her fingers were teasing just below the head of his dick, slippery with his precum. He could hear her giggling, her tone deep and arousing.

“Not yet, baby. First things first.” She said. Then she wrapped her lips around his tip.

He inhaled sharply, cursing out in gasps. His whole body clenched as he writhed and thrust into her warm, wet and inviting mouth. She took him deeper, inch by inch, until he bumped the back of her throat. Placing her hands on his thighs, she began to take him into her throat gently, bringing these mind-blowing sensations through his body.

“Fallon…” he moaned, his hand fisted in her dark locks, holding her still. The tightness of her mouth and throat rivaled her pussy, but he knew her pussy won hands-down. She began to slide up and down his dick, her tongue working all over his cock. His mouth was dry from hanging open, his body slick with sweat. She pulled off to take care of his sac, licking the sensitive seam there and sucking each ball into her mouth. As she delivered more treatment to his cock, he was quickly losing control. The tingling was beginning in his balls, his breathing heavier and tighter in his chest, but she wouldn’t stop. A loud roar ripped from his throat as the floodgates opened, shooting a nice, thick and creamy load deep into her mouth. She swallowed and purred, taking all he had to give her and then some. She continued to suck and jerk him, making him ride the aftershocks until he was almost lifted up out of the recliner. And with a pop, she signaled her finishing of his tasting, hopping back onto his lap. He finally regained his breathing, his cock still hard. Still wanting Fallon.

“One more dance, baby.” He whispered, kissing from her ear down her neck. Damn, she smelled heavenly. He grabbed her by her hips, down until her sweet pussy was rubbing his cock. In between his grunts, he could hear her soft gasps and the slick wetness of her. He almost wanted to lick her pussy again.

She reached behind her and pulled his still-achingly-hard dick inside her. Her hips held still, just the tip of him inside her. Then her hips wound magic on him. They moved around slowly as she slid down on his cock. Then she quickly lifted up and down, twisting her hips wildly. All he could feel was her, even though his hands were still glued to her electrifying skin. Her pussy was squeezing him tight, his body vibrating from her touch. She dripped down her thighs and on his leg, gliding slick and smooth deep inside her. He pumped her deeper, harder on his pole, her screams and moans as intense as her tight pussy. Their groans and became a scene with the music that was playing in the foreground.

“Ooh bostancı escort baby, you feel so good…I can’t wait to feel you cum in my pussy.”

He felt harder, letting loose within his wildness. It became possessive, the need to do just that. He sat up a bit and inclined the lounger to where he could sit up. When he grabbed her thighs up, she wrapped her arms around him, her breasts pressed against his chest. The backs of her thighs met his shoulders, her knees bent over them. His lips caressed her neck while he began to lift higher and faster into her.

“How’s that feel, baby?”

Each thrust drew an unleashed growl-like sound out of her. Her head was down against his, each loud growl rattling in his ear. Harder, deeper, faster, her body wound tight to him all over.

“Oh, unh, Michael, unnnh…”

He felt her constantly contract around him as he drilled her un-relentlessly. Mmm, he pushed through her rippling wetness over and over, claiming her. Licking a spot on her neck, he gently bit her skin and she yelped, crying out as she squeezed and came on his cock. His balls were tensing up even more, but he wanted her screaming. He pumped harder and in slow, steady thrusts, sucking her neck. She rode him like a wave, a sound barely coming out of her. Her pussy was saying it all, clenching tight once more and causing her to shiver. But he didn’t quite hear her scream yet. He needed to hear her, one last time.

“That’s a good girl, mmm, you feel amazing, baby…”

He went for deep and fast now, hearing her cries come back. He started to growl loudly, lifting his hips to get her screaming more. Her wetness was all over him, a symbol of his hard work and pride that his woman was pleased by him and only him. But he knew her secret; she squirts. She tries not to, but he loves when she does it. And he knows the sound she makes when she’s about to. Kind of like how she sounded now.

Aiming for her spot over and over again, she quivered on his cock, her body in a trembling state. He leaned into her ear and said the magic words.

“I’m going to make you squirt all over me. You gonna soak me, Princess?”

“Ooh, yess, yess baby, just like…ooh, unnh…”

Her pussy was insanely tight now; the friction alone should’ve killed him. But it was all in her favor.

“Baby, I’m going to…pull out!”

He withdrew quickly, lifting her up off of him just in time to see her pussy rain on his lower body. Her thighs were shaking and her head was thrown back, her nipples puckered like sweet chocolate kisses. An image no man would want to live without. He brought her legs down so she could straddle him, and she put him back inside her. Rolling her hips in that magical way she did, she leaned down and bit his neck, moving to his ear.

“Now I want you to squirt deep inside my pussy. I want to feel all of it…”

He growled in response, claiming her lips and riding her pussy to her pace. He was coming, stronger than he ever had.

“Oh shit, fuck baby…” were the last words he could think to say before sheer pleasure ripped through his body. He shattered, exploding deep in her welcoming pussy, which was amazingly rippling in orgasm too. He felt like he couldn’t stop coming, but she pulled off and sunk to her knees, taking him in her mouth. The sensations of her lips around his sensitive cock sent white light into his eyes, yelling out. He gripped the chair, feeling her tongue lick up his shaft and his legs shook. The sensitivity over took him, feeling more come dribble out of his dick. But he could take no more, pushing her off. He couldn’t see, but her felt her body up against his again, the chair reclining and her arms wrapped around him. The sound of her soft breaths lulled him into a pleasurable nap…

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