Stuck on the Stairs Pt. 02

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With a “goodbye” that trailed off in a way that made may palms sweat, Amy left for the evening. The door closed and my heart felt like it was going to pound out of my chest. I knew what the drawl in her farewell meant. Earlier that day she had caught me jerking off in her daughter’s panties. I had found them on the floor of her room. The crotch was wet from, what I assumed was, a morning of getting herself off to pictures of cute guys and erotic movies that she was browsing on her phone.

My step-daughter, Danielle, was gorgeous and even though I had appreciated this for years, it wasn’t until very recently that my thoughts of her had turned sexual. There was no way Amy could have known this and the recency of my attraction to her daughter was still no excuse for me standing in her room, stroking away, wanting with every fiber of my being to be inside of her. Much to my surprise, however, Amy wasn’t in the least upset. She even suggested that Danielle probably wanted me too and that she thought we should talk about it with one another. She left the house purposefully that night. Her goodbye was a coy reminder of what she had suggested earlier that day.

I was sitting on the couch trying to act nonchalant but feeling like a kid at his first junior high formal. Danielle sat on the other end of the couch. She was wearing short sweat shorts and a loose tank-top. Her legs were drawn up onto the couch and she was buried in a book. She has always been a voracious reader.

So, there I sat with a person who I had known for nearly all of her 18 years unable to speak, not knowing what to say. A game was on the TV. It was a snoozer, so I blurted, “Hey, mind if I switch it to a movie?” As if she cared…but it felt good to break the tension that only I was feeling.

“Sure,” she replied, biting her thumbnail and turning the page.

“In the mood for anything in particular?” I asked.

“Nah, not really watching,” another page turned.

“It won’t bother you will it?” I continued.

Finally, she looked up over the top of her book. A look of slight annoyance flashed across her brow. “No, I’m good.”

I flipped through the channels but my eyes weren’t on the screen. They were looking sidelong at Danielle’s beautiful long tanned legs. Her shorts were so short, that with her legs drawn up, I could see the bottom of her tight little ass. I was desperate for her to shift and give me glimpse of her panties. I remembered how wet the one’s in her room were and how turned on I was finding the naughty movie on her found that I imagined she used to make herself cum. It was then that devised a devious plan. All I needed was to find the right movie.

I punched in the number for the premium channels on the remote and began a very intentional search for the steamiest movie I could find. I didn’t give a fuck what it was about, I just wanted it to have two people screwing in it so that I could see what Danielle’s reaction to it would be. It was late at night which improved my chances, and low and behold it didn’t take long before I found the perfect “ice breaker”. It was a late night soft-core flick. The acting was terrible and the plot only served to move the cast from one gratuitous, overly airbrushed, escapade to the next.

I tuned in during one of the talking parts. You know, the one’s most people fast forward through. Danielle took no notice. Before long, however, sloppy sounds of passionate kissing started emanating from the speakers followed by soft moans. Danielle, peaked up from her book and glanced over at the television. “What are you watching?” she asked with playful incredulity.

“I have no idea,” I chuckled. “The acting and plot in these movies is so terrible. They always make me laugh.”

“Uh…ok…whatever.” she said in disbelief as her eyes returned to the the page.

The love making on the TV got hotter and heavier. As I shot my sideways glances at Danielle I caught her eyes darting güvenilir bahis over to the screen several times. She slid one of her legs out, extending it into the open space between us. Her shorts opened for a brief moment gifting me with that glimpse of her panties that I had been so hoping for. I dropped my hand to my side as I continued to watch. Her foot nudged closer. I pretended to readjust the position of my hand. Her big toe touched my pinky. I could have cum right then and there with just that simple touch.

My heart was racing and I felt my pants get tight. The man in the movie was taking his lover from behind. She was moaning as he held her arms and slapped into her. I slid my hand over Danielle’s foot. I was so nervous that she’d pull away, but she didn’t. She was still sneaking peaks from behind her book but I could tell she was starting to get flush as I began to slowly massage her foot.

We didn’t look at one another and we didn’t speak. Danielle lowered her book and just watched the scene play out on the TV. She extended her leg further so that I could reach her foot with my other hand too and I began massaging it with both hands. I slid closer to her. Her leg was in my lap and I began working my hand up her calf. Her other leg spread open ever so slightly as she watched. Her chest was heaving as she began to breathe more heavily.

My own breath was broken and quivering as my hands moved up her thigh. Again, she didn’t pull away. Her legs opened slightly more as she very subtly raised her hips up and then back down.

Danielle slid the leg laying across my lap toward me grazing my growing erection. There was no way that she didn’t feel it. My hands made their way to her upper thigh. I had crossed a point of no return. I was inappropriately touching my step-daughter. Her eyes were still fixed on the TV. She was nibbling the tips of one of her fingers. I looked at her and asked, “Sweetie, is this ok?”

She didn’t say a word. Just nodded and subtly bucked her hips again. I slid closer. My hand traced the hem of her shorts. Her skin was bright red under her freckles. Her legs spread more and I slid the tip of my finger into my little girl’s shorts for the first time. I gently caressed the soft cotton between her legs and she started to breathe more heavily. It didn’t take long before I started feeling the wetness come through. “Does that feel good?”

Again, her eyes stayed fixed and she nodded.

I grabbed the waistband of her shorts with both hands and slid them off of her tiny slender frame. It was only after her nakedness was on full display that she looked at me. I rested my hands on her hips as we gazed into each other’s eyes. “Sure you’re ok?” I whispered.

“Yes,” she whispered back.

Starting with her feet again, I slowly began to kiss gently up her leg. I could feel her warmth and I could smell her sweet smell as I got closer. Finally, her delicate young pussy was right before my eyes. It was pink and glistening wet. I kissed all around it. She writhed a little with each gentle peck. I looked up at her. “I love you, Danielle.”

“I love you too,” she whispered.

I closed my eyes and began tasting my step-daughter. Her legs spread wide and she began running her fingers through my hair. My tongue found her little clit and she moaned the quietest little moan. I devoured her relentlessly. Her legs squeezed around my head tightly and her mousy moan turned instantly into a lions roar. “Oh my God!” she screamed as her legs began to shake. Then she spread herself wide as she grabbed onto my hair with both hands. Around my tongue I felt the strong rhythmic pulses of her orgasmic contractions. I couldn’t get enough. She tasted so sweet.

Coming up for air, I saw her face was contorted into something that looked like a cross between terror and elation. “Feels good, doesn’t it?” I reassured. “Have you ever felt anything like that?”

“No, not like that,” she türkçe bahis panted.

“Want more?” I asked suggestively.

“Yes.” She was back to a whisper as she nodded.

Rising up, I cupped her cheek with the palm of one hand while the fingers of my other began to pet and probe. She took in a sharp breath as I slid the tip of my middle finger between the wet lips of her pussy. “Relax” I coached. She seemed really inexperienced. I was both surprised and amazingly turned on.

Gently, I started sliding my finger in and out of her, each time getting a little deeper and each time feeling her get a little more relaxed. Once I was in up to my third knuckle, I stopped and then began gently curling my finger so that I could tickle her spot. She turned her face into my palm gently biting at it as she started to moan and writhe again. “Oh, daddy,” she whimpered.

“Its ok, Danielle. Just let it go.”

“Uh…uh..uh,” she started to whine. She was drenching my palm. Then her eyes burst open. She arched her back, spread her legs, and froze. “Uggghhhh!” she released.

Her eyes closed and she collapsed as I withdrew my finger. She balled up and began shaking. As she recovered I slid off my jeans and t-shirt. “Danielle,” I beckoned.

She slowly opened her eyes to the sight of my throbbing manhood right before her. “Would you like to touch it?” I asked invitingly.

She nodded. “Take it into your hands, Sweetie. Yes, just like that. Slowly.”

As she stroked away, my head fell backwards. She was a natural. Had me moaning after just three tugs and was getting me close after just a couple of minutes. “Open your mouth, Hun.” She did as she was told. She kissed the tip hesitantly. I ran my hand gently through her long hair as she parted her lips.

Like her mother, she was even better with her mouth than her hands. I grabbed her wrist and then helped wrap her fingers around my shaft as she sucked. I showed her how to stroke in unison with the bobbing of her head. She made subtle suckling sounds as her saliva began running down my length and onto my inner thighs.

If I had let her go any longer I would have burst, so I grabbed her shoulders and pushed her back gently. She looked confused, “Was that not good?”

“I was incredible. You made me feel so good. Lay back. Let me make you feel good again.” I praised.

Placing my hands on her knees, I spread her legs and positioned myself between them. We both looked down at the tip of my cock inches away from her wanting wetness.

Leaning forward I helped her slide off her tank-top and unfasten her bra. Her small perky breasts with bright pink nipples were perfect. I placed my hand on one and kissed up from her belly to the other. she was panting and shaking as I sucked and teased her nipples with my mouth.

She ran her fingers through my hair again and I kissed and sucked my way up her neck. I was swollen and aching to take her. I felt myself graze her slick folds and paused looking deep into her eyes, “Are you ready?”

“Uh huh,” she whispered as she tried to writhe me into her.

I kissed her lips softly, reached down between my legs and guided the tip into her. I was lost to the moment. I was going to fuck my step-daughter and no better judgement or rational thought was going to stop me.

She kissed me back and spread her legs further to let me in. She was so tight. I went slow as not to hurt her. It took a couple of sharp breaths and nails digging into my shoulders, but I was in. Slowly I began working myself in and out of her until I was covered in her juices and any encumbering friction was gone.

We kissed passionately as I thrust slowly and deeply into her. I knew she was about to cum when she stopped kissing me, closed her eyes, and wrapped her legs tightly around my waist. “Uh…uh…uh,” she froze again and then shuddered hard. Her pussy clinched and contracted rhythmically around me.

I began güvenilir bahis siteleri to grunt and growl a guttural growl. I buried my head in her shoulder. Our skin was tightly pressed one to the other. My thrusts became harder. She started cumming again and as I felt her squeeze around me, my own orgasm began to well.

My climax was inevitable. I should have pulled out and released safely, but like I said before there was no stopping me. The feeling was intense in a way that I had never before known, partially because I was trying to hold back and and partially because I was beginning to cum inside my step-daughter’s pussy.

I grabbed her hips and with one final lunge into her felt my cum begin to spill. “I love you, Danielle…Ughhh,” I growled.

“Yes! I love you too!” she shouted.

It felt like an eternity before I stopped pumping into her. We held each other for a moment before I withdrew. As I climbed off of her I saw a stream of my milky white seamen run out of her and down into the crack of her ass. She looked so much like her mother in that moment. That is when I remembered Amy could come home at any moment.

“Danielle, we better get cleaned up before your mother gets home,” I said taking her by the hand.

“Oh God. Yes, I suppose we should,” she agreed.

“Did you enjoy that?” I asked.

“Very much,” She replied looking almost bashful to admit it. “You?”

“Very much. Thank you.” I said as I kissed her forehead.

Danielle scampered up the stairs to go take a shower. I had barely gotten my clothes back on when I heard the garage door opening. Amy walked into the family room with her eyebrows raised. The smell of sex still filled the air. “How are you?” she asked.

“Uh…really good,” I replied through a giddy smile.

Looking over her shoulder she asked, “Where is Danielle?”

“Upstairs taking a shower,” I answered.

Amy lept at me voraciously. She grabbed my face and began kissing me hungrily. Her tongue lashed in my mouth. Moaning, her hands slid down and began unbuttoning my trousers. She practically ripped them off. She dropped to her knees. Kissing my stomach gently, she breathed in deeply smelling her daughters sexual scent all over me. Then, she took my flaccid cock into her mouth. “Mmmm, Danielle,” she whispered.

I swelled as Amy passionately sucked her daughter’s fresh cum off of my cock. I heard her suck and slurp through groans that got louder and louder. It felt amazing. My mind flashed to her daughter’s mouth which had been doing the same thing just moments earlier.

Amy’s hand was shoved down her pants. She was fingering herself violently as my cock grew and began twitching in her mouth. She looked up at me, “Did you cum inside my little girl?” she asked. Her voice was raspy.

I nodded.

“Did you like fucking your step-daughter?”

I nodded again.

Amy withdrew. Her saliva and her daughter’s cum covered her lips. Through gritted teeth she came hard. A wet spot began growing in the crotch of her pants. “Give me the cum you shot into our little girl’s pussy,” she commanded as she wrapped her lips back around me.

“Fuuuck,” I growled and gave Amy what she wanted.

My wife’s mouth filled with the taste of her daughter’s juices and my cum. “Mmmm,” she purred as she came again and the wet spot in her pants grew, expanding to her inner thighs.

That night as I held Amy in my arms before trailing off to sleep I softly reflected, “Tonight was amazing. I had no idea that you saw Danielle in that way too.”

With her hand on my bare chest, Amy looked up at me and said, “I can’t count the number of times I’ve stood on her stairs as she’s showered touching myself wanting to explore her beautiful body. I was to afraid to say anything because she is my daughter. I had been stuck on those stairs for a long time.”

She closed her eyes and kissed my neck. I smiled. “I’m going out tomorrow night. Sounds like you two could use an evening.”

She squeezed me tight. “I’m glad you offered so I don’t have to kick you out.”

I chuckled, kissed the top of her head, and we both ended the day looking forward to the next.

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