Student Abroad Ch. 02

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I was correct, life seemed to go on as normal. When I awoke, Mindy was already trying to push me out of bed. She was frustrated and confused. She began hitting me, I used one arm to block the shots, as I used the other to sit up.

As I sat up straight, I grabbed her fists. Looking her in the eyes.

“What the hell are you doing?” Mindy asked, trying to free herself from my hold.

“If you stop hitting me, I can get out” she rolled her eyes, “Mindy, I’m sorry I’m sorry I took advantage of you last night.” I said.

With my final words I got out of bed, gaze still on her, fists still in my hands. Her arms seemed to slack, and her mood seemed to change. We were silent for a good minute, looking at each other’s nakedness.

“Just go,” Mindy pulled her hands away and crossed her arms, “I need to think.”

I nodded in silence, eyes still on her as I entered the bathroom. I didn’t have to undress, I just stepped in and turned on the water. I jumped at the cold, before the water could warm up. I let the water pour over my head for a few seconds. I could hear Mindy in the other room getting off the bed and coming up to the bathroom door.

Mindy entered unhurriedly. I looked over at her silhouette on the curtains. She had her arms crossed, but her shoulders were down and calm.

“We can’t tell anybody.” Mindy said unhurriedly.

I laughed just a little, “No, really?” I said sarcastically.

I grabbed the soap and began washing myself. I jumped as the curtains were swiftly pulled back. On instinct I put my hands over my groin. She rolled her eyes and stepped in.

“Oh please, like I haven’t seen it once already.” she rolled her eyes at me.

I frowned at her, removing my hands from my growing crotch. For some odd reason, the water flowing over her body was erotic to me in a way. The water glistened off of her invitingly large but soft breasts, displaying them. I traveled further down at her shaven cunt.

I mentally slapped escort ataşehir myself in the face and began to realize this whole situation. I looked at her, then down at my dick, fully at attention. I looked back up at her in utter confusion.

“Wait, what the fuck are you doing in the bathroom!?” I exclaimed.

“Why not?” she frowned.

I paused. “If you’re that uncomfortable about it, then get out.”

“Hold on, why did you get in in the first place?”

“What? I thought you might like it, or were you really only trying to get easily lucky last night?” she asked rhetorically.

After our strange and painfully awkward shower together, we went down with the rest of our class to the hotel café. I put on some jeans and a green shirt, she put on a short black skirt with a blue top.

We stuck together and both ordered coffees. As they were being prepared I asked for a piece of paper and a pen, I scribbled.

‘I thought you wanted me to screw you last night?’ I slid the paper over to her.

‘I did… What’s your point?’ she slid it back.

‘Aren’t you at least having second thoughts?’

‘No shit Sherlock.’ I looked over at her, she was rolling her eyes at me. We both drank from our newly arrived coffees. Before I could write anything, she took the paper back.

‘If you had the chance, would you fuck me again?’ I hesitated before replying.


She was looking at me as if she already knew my answer.

‘Let’s fuck right here’

I frowned at her, she just shrugged and took a drink from her coffee.


She got up and motioned me to follow her. We walked outside and kept walking. At first I didn’t know where we were going, then I started recognizing some of the landmarks. As I knew it, we arrived at the park that Mindy got attacked in.

I looked at her, she rolled her eyes. Pulling me by the wrist, she led me to a secluded area. She pulled me onto the ground with her.

“Screw kadıköy escort bayan me here.”


“You heard me, now take your cock and fuck my pussy.” she said commandingly.

I hesitated, frowning at her. She rolled her eyes, pulled her shirt up and letting her tits bounce down (she wasn’t wearing a bra). She leaned back and supported herself on one elbow. Reaching down she lifted her skirt, moving her panties to the side and rubbing her snatch. With her other hand she fondled her breast.

Moaning and fingering herself, I leaned in and kissed her. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my fully erect cock. She stopped fingering herself, grabbed my shaft, and pulled it into her pussy. She grabbed both breasts with both hands and spread her legs for me.

I fucked her pussy, each time it felt like it was sucking me in. I held onto her waist as I rammed my hard cock into her, sending cute little moans out of her.

“Aah! Fuck my pussy!” she moaned.

I fucked her as hard as I could. The thought of me fucking her on the grass in a public place, got me even more excited!

Pushing herself off of the ground, Mindy pushed me on my back. I lay, watching her grab my shaft with a want. She lifted herself just above my cock, teasing the head of it with her hip movement.

“You like that?” Mindy asked licking her lips in a gravure sort of way.

She smiled at me wickedly, holding my shaft in her hand that was reached around behind her. She led it in, inch by inch. Once it was completely in, she started moving her hips around, playing with it inside of her. Putting her hands on my chest, she began to fuck my throbbing hard on.

Her tits bounced and jiggled as she bounced on my cock. Her breath hot and heavy as she moaned and fucked my shaft.

“Oh, God yes!” she said.

Mindy threw her head back, her breath becoming even heavier. She lost herself, letting her pussy go wild on my cock. I grabbed her escort bostancı hips as I went wild in her wet pussy. It wasn’t her fucking me, we were fucking each other.

“Oh God.” she moaned.

“Fuck my pussy.” sliding two fingers down, spreading her pussy lips even wider.

I sat up into a missionary position. She stuck out her over-salivated tongue, and I sucked at her mouth. Still going wild, in this position our sexes began pounding each other. We both let out dirty sounds as I rammed my cock into her soft-wet pussy.

She stopped kissing me, and smashed my face into her breasts. I could feel her pussy convulse around my cock as she came. She screamed out erotically and wrapped her arms around my neck. Even though she came, she didn’t stop fucking my shaft. I sped up and fucked her as fast and as hard as I could. Once she matched my pace I grabbed her hips and rammed them down onto my cock one last time. Shooting my load into her pussy before I pulled out.

A lay back down on the grass and watched her lower herself to my waist. She kept her eyes on my softening dick. Grabbing it with one hand, she started rubbing it up and down. In no time it grew back to full size and length again. As soon as it did she popped it into her mouth.

She bobbed her head and sucked my dick. She was sloppy and let drops of drool fall out of her mouth as she sucked at my prick. She used her tongue to play with my shaft as she bobbed her head.

She stopped, lifting her upper body up and putting my dick in between her cleavage. Mindy sucked and licked the head of my penis as she rubbed her tits against it. I watched her lick up any pre cum that started to arise, and her smashing her tits around my cock. They were soft and warm invitingly I wanted to cum all over them.

I stopped her as I got on my knees and allowed her to replace her breasts back onto my cock and suck. I fucked both her tits and mouth as she continued to suck. She gulped and moaned as she sucked me.

I grabbed the back of her head and held her mouth over my cock as I shot cum into her mouth. She coughed and gagged as she tried to gulp it all down at once.

She looked up at me, exhausted.

“From now on, I want only your cum.”

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