Summer Camp Ch. 01

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Authors note: Hey everyone! This is my first submission and I hope you all enjoy it! Let me know what you think in the comments. I’m hoping to write a series if this goes well!


The cool and fresh atmosphere was just what Mark needed. After months of school and working in a stuffy bookstore, the moist and damp campgrounds were a welcome change. After another deep breath of forest fresh air, Mark rolled down the windows of his Ford Escape and started unpacking into his cabin.

The campground was big and open, equipped with a newly refurbished pool and a group of cabins placed in a circle. A decent sized gymnasium also brushed the forest-line surrounding the camp. Everything looked overgrow, the grass and the trees looked untamed and free. The cabins themselves were older and worn, but still looked solid. They reminded Mark of a simpler time when everything was okay.

His life was in a mess and needed this next four months to put it back together. Mark still remembers when his ex-girlfriend Ashley broke up with him. Though she may not have said anything officially, but it hurt him to remember Ashley’s screams as a “friend from her class” plowed into her. Now, Mark didn’t have any reason to think he wasn’t good in bed, but after his Ex he was questioning everything.

After slipping through a line of tress, Mark laid his eyes on a few small cabins scattered around. He was the first one to arrive and picked the one closest to the forest’s edge. The wooden door creaked as Mark walked into his single room cabin. He sat down on the surprisingly soft mattress and looked at his surroundings for the next four months. A spider dropped down from the ceiling to hang right in front of Mark’s face.

“Hey buddy,” Mark replied with a puff. “What did I get myself into,” he mumbled before failing back into bed.


Mark woke up to car doors slamming and voices talking. Time to meet the rest of the crew, Mark thought as he pulled himself out of bed.

Walking past the line of trees in front of the staff cabins, Mark saw his first coworker. She was currently bend over at the waist while trying to pull something out of her car. Before Mark went over to help, he couldn’t help but stare at the short but shapely legs that slipped into a tight, gym short covered butt. It’s been awhile since anyone got his blood rushing but he couldn’t help it with her camel toe showing so clearly.

“Carli, your bag is stuck again!” Mark jumped at her voice and started walking over.

Trish heard someone approaching and turned her head to look. Realizing it wasn’t Carli, she pulled herself out of the car to introduce herself.

Trish got her first good look at Mark. She liked his long black hair that hung around his head. “Hey you, I’m Trish,” she introduced herself with a full smile and handshake.

“Mark,” his rough voice took Trish by surprise. After a closer look she realized that he looked nothing but rough. Mark’s long messy hair and his dark scruff gave him the ‘rolled out of bed’ look. Trish noticed his smile was nice enough, but didn’t reach his eyes. They looked tired. A door slammed shut near by, steal both of their attention mid-handshake.

Carli didn’t mean to slam the office door, but the springs were always a bit too strong. She walked over to the pair with her tall, tanned frame. She wasn’t as shapely as Trish, but her toned body and big chest was more then enough to appreciate.

“This bostancı escort bayan is Mark, Mark this is Carli. You’ll be working with us this summer right?” Trish’s blonde hair flipped as she regarded him again.

I hope he isn’t the garbage guy, Carli thought. She didn’t really know why but she already like him. His blue eyes were gorgeous and he seemed friendly enough. She wouldn’t mind looking at him for the next four months.

Mark took his eyes away from Carli to settle back on Trish. “Yes, are you on the Program Team too?”

“Mhmm, it’s going to be lots of fun!” Trish was almost exploding with excitement as she did a little hop.

“Don’t give her sugar, Mark,” Carli winked at him before offering a grin.

Trish rolled her eyes, “Whatever, lets go eat, we’ve got to get an early night for tomorrow. Lots to do,” and took off towards the dinning hall.


A glowing green light woke Mark in the middle of the light.

“What the fuck,” he barely mumbled as he got out of bed and looked out the window. Seeing nothing but the shadow of trees and bushes, his first thought went to the girls.

Maybe they’re doing a new guy hazing or something. I came here to get away from this shit, he thought.

The green light pulsed once more through the fir tree line separating the staff cabins for the others and lit up the spider in his window.

Mark regarded the spider and debated killing it. The spider stopped spinning its web and looked at Mark as if it knew exactly what he was debating.

He exhaled a deep breath, deciding against it. “Guess I should check that out, eh?” Hearing no answer from the spider, he threw on a sweater and shoes and left his cabin.

The dew soaked through his shoes the moment he walked across the grass. Mark was really hoping this wasn’t some prank, he couldn’t see anything here at camp. In the city there was enough light cast around that you could clearly see at night. At camp there was no light pollution at all, it was nothing but total darkness. The moon was covered with clouds and Mark was having a hard time watching his feet. The darkness was becoming overwhelming, as it seemed to slowly creep up on him. Mark felt his heart beat pick up as he walked towards the fir trees and tried to mentally calm himself but couldn’t stop thinking about monsters, as childish as that was, popping out from behind the trees.

What the hell was the green light anyways? Mark started thinking about all the weird shit that happens in the woods. Axe murderers, cannibals, and cults of psychos. None of it helped calm his imagination.

Before Mark knew what happened he was falling face first into the ground.


“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry!”

Carli was walking beside the fir trees when see tripped Mark by accident. It took her a moment to realize who she tripped but quickly offered a hand and a smile when she clued in.

“It’s okay,” he took her hand and pulled himself up.

“What are you doing out here?” The moon just came out of the clouds and was now casting enough light to see Carli’s smirk clearly. “Not a Peeping Tom are ya?”

“What,” Mark was horrified. Last thing he wanted to come off as was a pervert. He was trying to meet new people, not scare them away. “No, I thought I saw something outside.”

“You know I’m joking right?” She punched Mark lightly in the arm. “You probably just saw ümraniye escort a rakin.”

“A rakin?”

“Don’t know the camp lingo I see. Walk with me?” Carli started walking and Mark jogged to catch up. “A rakin is a racoon. They get very territorially in the spring; you’ll see quite a few out here. We actually have a lot of animals out here and some other odd things, but you have nothing to worry about.”

They made their way into the forest before Mark noticed. The forest was old. From what Mark could see, the trees were thick and tall with branches stretching far overhead. The branches were only budding so far and slivers of moonlight snuck in everywhere. The forest had all the signs of a classic horror movie scene, but for some reason he felt at ease. Fireflies hovered everywhere, almost as if to welcome them into the forest.

Carli had been standing still for a good minute before she realized that Mark hadn’t been listening to her. She realized what stole his attention.

“Enchanting isn’t it? Everything is beautiful in here,” she said, looking out into the forest with him.

Mark looked down at Carli and agreed that there were beautiful things in the forest. She was wearing jogging pants and lose sweatshirt, but with the moonlight illuminating her face she was the perfect example of beauty. Even her nose that would be considered small by most looked perfect between her hazel eyes.

Carli could feel him looking at her and blushed. He had the quiet but strong air too him. He may not of said much, but he didn’t need too. When she looked up into his eyes she could tell that he thought she was beautiful. And she loved every second of it.

“Wanna go see the point? It’s a secret but you have to promise you won’t tell anyone okay?”

Carli was pointing a finger at him with an accusing stare when he said, “I promise.”

They made their way through a small hole in the bush and came to a cliffs edge. Carli sat down with her feet hanging over the edge and waved for Mark to do the same.

Looking down at the crashing waves between his feet, Mark felt peace for the first time in weeks. The moon’s glow casted everything in a calming light, highlighting the roll of the waves and the tips of the clouds.

“Beautiful, huh?” Carli whispered as if trying not to disturb the moment. Mark only nodded in reply.


They stay there for an hour, hearing nothing but the waves crash against the beach and the light breeze move through the trees.

Mark was in deep thought when Carli’s voice broke through his hazy, “So, what’s your story?”

“What do you mean?” Mark replied.

“It doesn’t take a scientist to tell you’re upset. What happened?” Carli explained.

I really don’t want to talk about this, he thought. “Just some stupid people, that’s all.”

Carli pushed, “There must be more to it then that.” After Mark didn’t reply, she poked again, “Was it a girl?”

The moment she saw his reaction she regretted it. Mark’s eyes closed and tried to push his ex-girlfriend out of his head. He didn’t want to remember her anymore. She chipped away some much of him he didn’t know if he’d ever pull himself back together again, but he knew that thinking about Ashley didn’t help.

“I’m sorry,” Carli said sadly. He barely knew Mark, but she easily decided he was a good person. In the short time that Trish and herself spent with him, he was nothing but nice to them.1

“It’s fine, just old escort kartal wounds,” Mark huffed. “I’m going to go, thanks for showing me this,” he gestured to the ocean.

“Don’t go,” she placed her hand back and started rubbing in circles. Mark looked content to sit still so she continued, “I’m sorry she hurt you, I really am. You seem like a great guy.”

“Yeah, that’s what they all say,” Mark rolled his eyes. He let out a deep breath and knew he was being difficult, but he didn’t really care anymore. He was done with people using him.

Carli really didn’t what to see him upset, but she wasn’t gonna poke an old wound that was poked a hundred times. Then it hit her, “Trish thinks you’re cute.”

Mark looked over surprised. It was the first time in awhile that he was attracted to a girl. Trish was cute and bubbly, not to mention an amazing body to go along with the personality.

Then Carli floored him, “I think you’re cute too.” She looked him straight in the eye and slowly leaned close to him.

Marks breath stopped when Carli’s lips touch his. She moved them slowly but firmly against his. He loved every second of it. He cupped her face with his hand and forgot to breathe. When he came up for air she started kissing his neck, stopping and dragging her teeth against his skin. When she started nibbling at the base of his neck, he felt a pressure in his pants that he hasn’t felt for a long time.

Carli smiled when she saw his erection and licked up his neck to show her appreciation. She loved how his breath hitched, how he shaked at her touch. Mark made her feel sexy, and the least she could do was make him feel better.

“Slide back, baby,” Carli whispered in his ear. They moved off the ledge and Carli pushed him down and straddled his hips.

Mark’s head was spinning. The beautiful brunette was grinding into his cock, sending pleasureful jolts throughout his body. He slipped his tongue into her mouth and was happy greeted.

Carli loved grinding against his shaft. He was wide enough that slid between her pussy lips. She started nibbling on his ear as she brought her hand down to his zipper. When she got into his underwear and grasped his cock, Mark let out a low moan.

“You like that baby?” She slurred as she slowly stroked his thick cock. Carli bit his neck again and pulled harder on him.

Mark was drifting in a wave of pleasure and hoped it would never end. She started twisting at the end of her stroke and knew it would be the end of him. On each twist his back would push off the ground, followed by a deep moan.

Carli licked her lips before sliding her tongue back in his mouth. She wrapped her tongue around his and started to hammer away at his cock. Carli wanted to give Mark something to remember and pulled down his pants more with her free hand.

She sat up and look Mark straight in the eye, “Mmmm, look at this big juicy cock. Can you cum for me baby? Just for me? Please?” She begged while jacking him off harder and faster then before.

Mark just nodded his approval of the plan while thrusting his hips into her closed fist. His orgasm was getting closer and closer. The pressure built in his balls and spread to his shift. Carli squeezed hard enough to delay him, but only caused it to build stronger. She felt and saw his body clench and quickly wrapped her lips around the tip of his cock. Mark felt something wet and warm suck the tip of his cock as he hit the point of no return. Cum burst straight from his cock with a grunt. When Carli felt his warm semen coat her tongue she smiled. After stroking long and slow to get the remaining cum out of his cock, she pulled off and swallowed her midnight snack.

She slid up her body and met him face-to-face, “You’ll have a good summer, I promise.”

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