Summer Heat

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It was hot. The day had been a brooding 40 degrees centigrade, and nightfall had failed to bring any relief. The barometer had dropped marginally but not enough to bring any tangible change in temperature. Not a breath of wind stirred the curtains on the French doors of my bedroom, flung wide open as I lay sprawled on the creased expanse of sheets. I groaned as I glanced across to the green luminescence of my alarm clock which showed 00:27. I’d have to get up early for a meeting and desperately needed some relaxing beauty sleep. I rolled over and wiggled my shoulder down into a pillow, hoping that my body would finally get the message and fall asleep. But no such luck. Images whirled around my head, delicious images of naked bodies contorting in the most erotic acts, shining skin and wicked scents, animated by my feverish imagination. My pussy responded, tingling and begging for attention. My thoughts turned wistfully to my vibe buried in the pillows of my bed, before quickly discarding the idea. The last thing I needed now was to get even more hot and sweaty.

What Ireallyneeded was a dip in the deliciously cool water of a pool. Unfortunately, that was one of the few luxuries my little 1950s house did not have to offer. Cosy as it was, no spare room could be found for a pool or spa, or even and air-conditioning unit, which usually did not bother me until nights like this. With a sigh I rolled off my bed and padded across the room to the clothes I’d discarded the night before. I threw on a singlet and some jogging shorts and made my way to the kitchen to grab my car keys. My house didn’t have a pool, but I knew someone who did…

When I pulled up outside the apartment building, the clock on the dash showed 01:03. A momentary flash of guilt hit me as I thought again at how silly and selfish this must look like, but the heat helped me to crush any such feelings. Nothing mattered anymore except the blessed cool I knew was at the top of that building. I got out and pushed the 10th button along on the row of residents listed at the impressive front doors. I waited for the little speaker to buzz into life as another little flash of guilt assaulted me. But after a couple of seconds the speaker crackled and a voice asked “Who’s there?”

“Mike? It’s me…” I was at a loss as what to say. Luckily I didn’t have to search for any more reasons for my sudden urge to drive half-way across town, as the speaker died again and a small ‘click’ announced that the door had just been unlocked. Gratefully I pushed into the dark but air-conditioned lobby and took the lift up to his floor. The stone floor felt smooth and cool on the bottom of my feet as I made my way along the corridor and knocked on Mike’s apartment door. A wedge of yellowish light fell into the hallway as he opened it to welcome his late-night visitor. His eyes drifted over my dishevelled form, my tussled blonde hair hanging loose around my shoulders, my bare feet and the obvious lack of bra underneath my crinkled singlet. I smiled sheepishly at him. “I couldn’t sleep…”

A small grin curved his lips as he stepped back and let me inside, into the lusciously cool air-conditioning. I had expected to see him in the usual boxers he wore to bed, but instead he was still dressed in a half-unbuttoned shirt and loose-fitting pants. The screen of a laptop was glowing with text and images as it sat whirring quietly on the coffee table in front of the expansive couch crouching on the floor of the main living space. Mike obviously hadn’t slept a wink either…

“I’m sorry to barge in on you like this,” I began my apology. I was having doubts again as to my pathetic reason for bostancı escort bayan turning up when he was so obviously engrossed in some important deal he was preparing for his company. “I should let you get back to work.” I heard the clinking of glass from the kitchen, where he had disappeared to after letting me in. He re-emerged now holding two vodka-on-the-rocks, leaning down to kiss my forehead as he offered me one of them.

“My door is always open for you darling, you know that,” he said. “Besides, I’m really just passing time… I couldn’t sleep either,” he confessed with a lopsided grin. We took a seat on the couch and I sipped gratefully at the iced alcohol and rested my bare legs on the table beside the laptop. I saw Mike’s eyes slide down the bare flesh to my feet, which sported pale pink painted nails. Those nails were one of those little flashes of my cheeky-girl personality that I usually hid away during the day. Sometimes I grew sick of the mature sensible business woman act I put on for my job in the up and coming architecture firm I worked for, and let my girlish nature shine through a little. That was perhaps one of the reasons Mike and I got along so well… around him I always felt like a little girl anyway, so strong was the cool, calm confidence he exuded.

“You realise why I’m here, don’t you?” I said with a mischievous grin when I’d finished my drink. Mike raised an eyebrow at the tone and glanced again at my half-dressed body still draped over his couch.

“Enlighten me,” he said with a knowing smirk as he placed his glass tumbler down. That smirk deepened when I got up slowly and bent over him.

“I’ve come to use you,” I whispered in his ear. His hand came up and pulled my face to him, kissing me deeply on the lips.

“Mmh and I bet I will enjoy it ever so much…” he whispered back after breaking the kiss. But his grin faded rapidly as I jumped up and bounced across the floor to the apartment door.

“Sweet! Let’s go!” I called to him. I laughed as I saw his puzzled look and grinned at him. “I’m going to use you for you pool of course! Its hot and this lil’ pussycat needs to cool off,” I said in my sexiest drawl. He threw his head back and laughed as he got up and went in the direction of the bedroom/bathroom ensuite.

“Well, I guess that’s not too much to ask… And I never could refuse a cute lil pussy,” he winked at me as he came back carrying a white fluffy towel.

The lift did not have to ascend much further until we reached the roof of the building. The pool was a cool glowing expanse of water, dotted with the melting reflections of the city skyline, which was fluorescing steadily even at this hour of the night. At the sight of my goal I stripped in record time, throwing my shorts and singlet haphazardly at one of the lounge-chairs and diving straight into the blessed liquid. The shock of the cold water hit me and I emerged and expelled a gust of air from my lungs.

“OH MY GOD that’s sooooo cold!!” I groaned. I had somehow expected the water to be warmish, after having absorbed all the sunlight during the day.Large bodies of water stay at a near steady temperature even through large outside temperature fluctuations, the little-miss-architect voice in head supplied. I ignored the smart-ass comment and dived again to touch the floor of the pool. My body was slowly getting acclimatised to the water and the icy chill was starting to mellow into a pleasant coolness. After a few laps, I swam to the edge of the pool and propped my arms up on the pavers lining the basin. Mike grinned at me, thoroughly enjoying the sight of a naked nymph frolicking in ümraniye escort his pool.

“C’mon in you old fart! You’re missing out!” I called out to him. I loved teasing him when he was being too serious and restrained, and that was my favourite insult. His eyebrows rose in mock offence, but he stayed put sitting on the side of a sun-lounge.

“The view is better from here,” he quipped back. I laughed and dived back under the water, swimming the length of the pool with powerful strokes. Finally I’d had enough and swam over to the stairs, emerging with ribbons of water running down my naked body. The air was still warm, sultry but less oppressive after my refreshing dip. I walked over to Mike and smiled at him playfully as I grabbed the towel.

“Seen enough?” I asked. The question was rhetorical and we both knew it. The visible bulge in his pants told me otherwise as he rose and pulled me to him. My body soaked his shirt and kissed me, long and deeply. I dropped the towel which was hanging forgotten at my side, his hand curving around to tangle in my wet hair as his tongue invaded my mouth, questing and searching for mine. I pushed back hard, giving back as much as he was giving me, letting our tongues swirl in and out of each other’s mouths. Suddenly his hands gripped my shoulders as he broke the kiss.

“My turn to use you, baby,” he growled at me, a devilish grin curving his lips. My heart-rate jumped up a notch… that growl made me knees go weak.

“There’s nothing this lil’ pussy would like better,” I breathed back. He pushed me back almost roughly, making me sit on the sun-lounge, his eyes tracing over me with almost a predatory gleam. He lifted the bottom of his shirt and slipped it over his head, exposing the muscled chest I so adored. I had sucked and bitten those nipples and licked along the ridges of muscle, and just seeing it now made my pussy tingle. My eyes sought his and he could see my thoughts in them as I licked my lips. Never breaking eye contact he unzipped his pants and slipped them off. His raging hard-on was even more prominent than I had guessed. My mouth opened slightly as he advanced to my position on the sun lounge. He was going to make me suck his cock. My imagination started running wild. He was going to make his little baby take his length and pump it into her hot mouth, and I wouldn’t be able to refuse. My mouth opened even further in anticipation of the order, but I had miscalculated. He was way past the fore-play, and his cock didn’t need my drooling mouth but to bury itself in that sopping hole between my legs.

His hand pushed at my chest again and forced me to lay back on the lounge. He bent over me and took one of my nipples into his mouth, sucking hard. I gasped and arched my back in response to the sudden erotic rush crashing through me. I hadn’t quite realised how ready I was to be fucked tonight, but Mike had known. He could taste the need and he knew how to exploit it. He sucked mercilessly, flicking his tongue over the swollen nerve endings, letting his teeth close around it from time to time in a gentle bite. I was moaning now in a low voice, telling him how good it felt, begging him not to stop. His hand came to rest on my stomach and held down my hips which had begun to move on their own. I wished his fingers would slide down further and play with my clit, but they remained resolutely just under my navel, teasing in their refusal to come to the party. After what seemed an eternity, his moth released me and he knelt over me.

He positioned himself and making eye-contact again, brushed the smooth tip of his shaft against my entrance. I spread my legs further, escort kartal offering him full access, my eyes pleading with him. He pushed in a little further, spreading my pussy as the head slipped inside ever so slowly. My mouth opened involuntarily and I raised my head slightly, anticipating the powerful stroke which I knew would come soon. But he was not done with me yet. His eyes were savouring my need for him, wanting to hear me beg. He slid out again until his head was barely brushing against my needy clit.

“…Oh please…” I whispered almost involuntarily. He could see the want in my blue eyes as he slid his head in and out, in and out, teasing me mercilessly. “…oh daddy please… Mike please fuck me…” I whispered again, half begging, half demanding. He smiled as he leant down and kissed my neck, biting the soft warm flesh as he plunged himself into me in one smooth stroke. I gasped as I felt the walls of slick pussy stretch around him. My eyes closed as I threw back my head and moaned loudly.

“Oh god, yesssss! Oh please daddy, fuck my cunt, god I want you so bad!” I cried. Mike’s hand came up and covered my mouth, cutting off my plea. “Shh baby, they’ll hear you,” he growled, with a faint trace of amusement in his voice. He began to thrust hard, making me moan loudly against the palm of his hand. Then his hand lifted to be replaced by his mouth, his hot tongue invading my mouth. His cock pounding my soaking cunt and his tongue in my mouth had me so ready to come, and come screaming. But I clenched my jaw and let him fuck me, wanting him to blast his hot cum into me first. I slung my arms around his neck and dug my nails into his muscles, knowing the sensation usually sent him wild. Pulling him down to me I bit his neck like he had done to me earlier, releasing him only to start licking and sucking the sensitive skin.

“Oh shit baby…goddam!” he groaned and plunged in deep, arching his back to until he was buried all the way in my silky sheath. I could feel him tense as he shot his cum into me, the hot blast deep inside me, pushing me over the edge at last. I dug my nails in deeper and stifled a cry against shoulder. Muscles deep inside me began to contract, nerves firing energy blasts through my whole body, down my legs and up my spine, making me clutch at Mike’s chest in frenzied pleasure.

After a while I released Mike from my death-grip. My muscles were almost starting to cramp as he slid off me and stood, smiling down at my limp body draped across the sun-lounge. A shiver ran across my still wet skin, raising little goose-bumps on my arms and legs. He picked up the forgotten towel and took my hand, forcing me to stand as he wrapped it around me. I smiled back up at him gratefully, still slightly dazed, waiting for him to collect our clothes before making our way back down to his apartment. He bundled me into his bed, pausing only briefly to unwrap me from the towel. I could hear the sound of falling water from the direction of the shower as I drifted off finally to sleep.

When I opened my eyes again, the sun was shining through the blinds of the huge windows set into the bedroom wall. The achingly blue sky outside announced yet another hot day and the usual morning coffee-getters were already starting to sweat on the sidewalks. I got up and padded into the kitchen, wrapped in only a sheet I had grabbed off the bed. The apartment was empty and Mike was nowhere to be seen. The laptop was gone so he had probably gone to work already. I glanced at the clock and swore under my breath – 09:22. My meeting was at 10 and I wasn’t even remotely dressed! Then my glance fell on the two neat bowls set out on the counter, one piled high with strawberries and honeydew-melon, and the other filled with muesli. A slim jug of milk stood beside them. A smile erased my frown. Such a gentleman…Oh well, I can always blame it on the traffic,I thought as I sat down to eat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32