Summer of Love Ch. 04

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My father’s birthday outing proved to be a major turning point in our relationship. As I described in Chapter 3, I took my father to a hotel for a night of sexual delights which culminated in my giving him that one part of myself no man had ever had. Although my Dad had never said or intimated anything, somewhere in my mind I began to regret that I was not a virgin for him. It was a fantasy that kept playing over and over in my head; that Dad should have been my first and I was sad that he wasn’t. So on his birthday, I decided to offer that part of my untouched by any man: my ass.

The thought of it made me nervous. I had heard and read many things about anal sex – some good and some bad – and didn’t know what to expect. I only knew to be prepared and trust that Dad’s sexual and life experience and know he would never do anything hurt me.

The experience itself was both the most erotic and most frightening moment of my young life to that point. When I told my father of my ultimate gift while snuggling after his initial birthday fuck, he seemed hesitant.

“Is this something you really want, Princess?”

“Yes Daddy,” I reassured him, kissing his lips sweetly and softly. But the truth was I was as scared as a little girl.

“I’m more than flattered — no woman has ever offered that, not even your mother. You don’t have to do this — it’s ok.”

When I heard my father was as inexperienced with anal sex as I, it somehow made me want it more — something that bond us closer, or so I thought.

The act itself was a blur. I remember lying on the bed with my ass in the air tightly hugging a pillow, using it to muffle my moans of pain mixed with pleasure as my Dad’s cock fucked my tight, virgin ass. Despite how much lubricant we used, it hurt. But it was also an incredible turn being fucked by my father in the ass like this, being used just like a pleasure toy, bringing out in me a dark submissive side I hadn’t really known. It wasn’t long before he came, filling me with his cum, and collapsing in exhaustion. After I cleaned up, I return to bed to find him asleep, snuggling into has back before falling asleep as well.

The next morning I was sore. We showered and dressed separately and barely spoke over breakfast. Something was on his mind and he didn’t want to share it with me. He dropped me off at home on his way to work, and gave me a very nonsexual, fatherly peck on the cheek.

“I love you Dad,” I meekly offered.

“I love you too, Princess.”

The next bahis firmaları several days were the same. He avoided me by leaving for the office before I awoke, and came in late after I was asleep. We communicated with notes on the fridge or by the phone. It seemed our relationship regressed, being less affectionate than before it turned sexual. My last note to him read:

“Dear Daddy — We need to talk. Please! I love you!!! – Ali.”

That was on Thursday and he didn’t respond.

Things came to a head Friday afternoon. My soreness was mostly gone and I wanted my father back. I was sunning myself out back in nothing by my skimpiest white bikini and sunglasses hoping to get his attention when he came. Instead, Ritchie the pool boy showed up.

I knew Ritchie from school. He was in my class and had cleaned our pool every summer since he was 14. He was actually pretty cute — curly mousy brown hair, dark eyes and very tan. But he was also very, very shy, especially around girls. When he said hello to me, I could hardly hear him. I smiled and returned his hello before going back to my Cosmo.

As Ritchie cleaned the pool I noticed he was eying me as inconspicuously as he could. I’m not sure what came over me, but I decided to have some fun and tease him a bit. If my Dad was going to ignore me, at least I could get someone to pay attention to me! I struck several poses I knew would show off my barely covered ass and breasts, and whenever I caught Ritchie staring I would just smile at him before he looked away. We played this game until I decided to up the ante.

“Ritchie, could you do me a favor please?”

“Sure, Alissa. What is it?” he replied softly. He was the only boy I knew who didn’t call me “Ali” and for some reason I thought it was cute.

“Could you put some sunscreen on my back? I can’t reach it and I feel like I’m burning back there. Please?”

“Umm…well…I guess….”

“Thank you!” I handed him the sunscreen and lay on my belly. “Let me just untie this to make it easier.” I undid my top and let it fall to the sides.

He started to apply the lotion to me very tentative at first, until I encouraged him to rub it in deeper and harder. He followed my instructions and was soon into an almost rhythmic massage, which I thoroughly enjoyed, especially after being ignored by my father for almost a week.

“Mmm…don’t stop — that feels good.”

It was then that I heard my father’s car door.

“I better get back to work — it sounds like your kaçak iddaa Dad’s home,” Ritchie said nervously.

“That’s our neighbor’s car — he won’t be home for hours.” I lied.

“Are you sure?”

“Mmm hmm! Now get back to what you were doing, sweetie!” he smiled and resumed his massage. I knew Ritchie was getting excited, and let my fingers “accidentally” brush against his erection though his shorts.

I could sense my father in the house watching us and I wanted to piss him of and get his attention. I decided to be bold.

“Ritchie, could you get my butt too?” I smiled almost innocently.

“Are y…y…y…you sure?” his growing nervousness was almost too cute!


He began to rub sunscreen into my butt cheeks and it was making me as crazy as it was Ritchie. As he did so, I started lightly caressing Ritchie’s hard on through his shorts, letting him push it against my hand. I moaned just to let him know it was ok.

“Could you get one more spot, Ritchie?” I asked, sitting up and exposing my breasts to him. Caressing them lightly, I looked at him over my sunglasses, engaged his beautiful brown eyes, and with pouty lips said, “We would them to burn, would we?”

His hands nervously applied the sunscreen to my breasts, getting bolder with each moment and caress. Soon there was no more pretense of a massage — he was playing with them and enjoying them. “God, Alissa, they’re so beautiful!”

“Thank you! Mmm — that feels so fucking good!”

I had no idea what my Dad was thinking or doing at this point. Only knew that Ritchie was fulfilling a need.

As his hands explored my breasts and nipples, my hands went to his shorts and pulled them down, releasing his straining cock into my hands. To my surprise, he was much larger than I had expected, especially from someone so girl shy. I put some sunscreen in my hands and began to stroke him. From his reaction I knew he wouldn’t last very long.

“Come here” as if speaking to his cock, and I pulled his hardness between my breasts, pushing them together, “fuck my tits.” He dutifully obeyed and after just a few strokes, he came all over my tits, and even got some on my chin. “That’s it, baby…cum for me!”

As his orgasm subsided, he looked to me confused, wanting further instructions. I looked up at him, smiled, and said “shhh — it’s our secret!” I used my towel to wipe him off and pulled his shorts back up. I then stood, cleaned off my breasts with the towel, and went inside to clean up.

I kaçak bahis didn’t get much further than the screen doors when I saw my father by the kitchen window, his face red with anger. We looked at each other in silence, and I proceeded upstairs to my room. He followed me, yelling “where are you going, Alissa. We need to talk, especially after that little display.”

“Leave me alone, Daddy, we’ll talk after my shower.”

“We need to talk now, young lady. I’m your father!”

“My father? You’re fucking me! At least you were until a week ago when you stopped talking to me! Let me go – I need to shower!” I yelled as I walked into my room.

He followed me, getting angrier, and grabbed my arm.

“I said we need to talk, NOW little missy!”

“Let go of me!” I pulled away, but he took hold of me again as I struggled to get free.

What happened after that remains a blur. Somewhere in our struggle he threw me face down on my bed, ripped off my bikini bottom, and impaled me with his cock.

“So the little whore is still wet from playing with the pool boy, huh? Is that what you are Ali? A nasty little fucking whore? Fucking any cock that pays attention to you?”

At first I pleaded and struggled. “Please Daddy — stop!”

“Fuck you, whore!” he thundered and smacked my ass so hard I started to cry. After that, I laid there as he thrust in and out of my pussy with increased anger and force. While I wanted his attention, this was not what I had in mind. When I cried louder in submissive helplessness, he just fucked me harder and faster. “That’s it whore — cry — as if I give a shit!” The man forcing himself on me was not the gentle man who raised me, the man with whom I made love all summer. It was a monster, a demon of my own creation.

Within minutes he grunted and unloaded his sperm in my pussy. When he was done he pulled out, zipped up and left me crying on my bed.

After awhile I managed to get myself into the shower, trying to watch the day off of my body. I then put on some panties and a t-shirt and climbed into bed, trying to digest it all. Oddly enough, the only release I could find was to masturbate and fall asleep.

What seemed like an eternity later, my father woke me up for dinner. Only I wasn’t in my bed; I was in bikini by the pool. I got up and threw a t-shirt over my bikini and joined my Dad for dinner. God — was the whole thing a weird, twisted dream?

Dinner was quieter than usual. Between my dream and my father’s back rub earlier I was feeling both awkward but incredibly horny. After dinner, I cleaned up and Dad went upstairs to shower. While he showered, I picked up the phone and made a call.

“Hi, can I please speak to Ritchie?”

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