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Mandatory disclaimer: No person involved in sexual acts in this story is under the age of 18.


I woke up slowly, and rolled around to check the time. 10:45. It was the beginning of July, and I was on a week-long leave from the Army. It was good to sleep in my own bed, and not in a bunk-bed in a room with seven other guys. I debated whether or not I should get up, but my growling stomach settled the issue. I got up, pulled on a pair of shorts and went to the kitchen. My mom was at work, of course, and my younger sister was nowhere to be seen. Probably out with some of her friends, at the local mall or possibly the beach. Outside the sun was shining from a clear sky, the temperature was a bit over 20 and rising, a great summer day. After a couple of sandwiches, I put on my sunglasses, the one-way kind that looked like mirrors that were popular some years ago, grabbed a couple of beers and went out to soak up some sun. I sat in a chair, feeling the heat of the sun, sipping the beer and listening to the birds singing.

Our house was built in a slope, so from the street you saw one floor, but from the garden behind the house you saw two. The ground floor had the entrance from the street, the kitchen and the living room, and looked out over the garden. The living room had large windows going from about 40 cm above the floor and almost to the ceiling. The basement bahis firmaları had the bathroom and three bedrooms with windows out to the garden. Beyond the garden was forest and farmland, and the garden was pretty secluded.

After finishing the beers, I lay there with half-closed eyes, thinking about perhaps heading in to town in the evening. I felt a slight breeze across my chest, and being a guy in the prime of his youth, I felt a stirring in my pants. It didn’t take long before I was hard. I started caressing it a bit over my shorts, thinking about a girl I met some weeks ago, on a weekend-leave. My hands went under the waistband as I recalled undressing her, and sucking on her beautiful tits. I slowly massaged my cock and scrotum with one hand, and my nipples with the other, thinking about the great view looking up from between her legs as I licked her. My shorts were in the way now, so I pulled them down and kicked them off, sitting now nude in the sun. The thought of that was a bit exciting as well, so I started pulling on my dick, feeling the breeze playing with my balls at the same time. I was in no hurry, so I resisted the urge to speed up. I kept up the slow pulling, moving my cock slightly from side to side. As I was thinking about how I slowly fucked the blonde, barely legal teenager, I thought I heard something. I glimpsed up at the living room windows, and there kaçak iddaa was someone there. I recognized my sister looking down at me. I had never thought about my sister in a sexual way before, but my hormones were not about to let me stop what I was doing. It turned me on, having her looking at me, to be masturbating for her, showing myself off for an audience of one.

I wondered if she’d leave, tease me about it or tell our mom, but she didn’t. One of her hands crept up to caress her tits outside her t-shirt, and was joined by the other. I kept up the same speed on my end. She reached up under her t-shirt, and apparently pulled up the bra to get easier access. The right hand moved down to caress her belly, while the left was working her tits. Slowly the right slid inside her tight jeans cutoffs, opening the buttons as it went. I was thankful of the effect of the alcohol as it was a real challenge to maintain the rhythm, so as not to give away the fact that I saw her. Had I been sober, I would probably be close to blowing my load soon. Her hand slipped inside her blue panties and moved back and forth under the fabric. She ceased playing with her tits a little while to help push the cutoffs down her hips and let it fall to the floor, before resuming her topside massage. I was completely transfixed, my hand on my cock moving on auto-pilot, while drinking in this view. After kaçak bahis a little while she also pushed down her panties, and put one foot on the window sill. I could see that she probably didn’t shave except for bikini edges, but what was there was sparse and blonde. She kept up the masturbation, sliding along the slit, occasionally slipping a bit inside, and then circling her clit a bit. Her left hand came down behind and she started fingering herself with it, while concentrating her right on the clit. I saw her eyes close a bit, and imagined I heard her moaning. I started feeling the pressure building in my balls. She was obviously enjoying herself, her head leaned on the window, mouth open and eyes closing and opening. Her hips moved back and forth, as she was getting close. Suddenly I couldn’t keep back anymore, and I came. My hips arched off the sunchair, and my semen spurted out on my chest and belly. With the view above me, it just wouldn’t stop spurting. I saw her stiffen, and heard her muffled cry through the window, as she came. Slowly, I stopped my hand, as my cock was getting over-sensitive. My sister moved away from the window on unsteady legs, picked up her clothes and disappeared.

I lay there, basking in the afterglow and the sun for a little bit, then deciding it was time to inside and rinse off. I climbed in through my bedroom window and went to the bathroom. I could hear the shower going in there, and was slightly irritated that I would have to make do with paper. Something struck me and I checked the doorframe. She had forgotten to lock the door…

To be continued?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32