Sunbathing Encounter

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As I walk past you as you sunbathe, you ask me to apply more lotion. Of course I agree, and squeeze a generous amount from the nearby bottle and rub in between my hands. My slick hands start at your shoulders and gently rub the lotion into your warm skin. I move to your arms and then down your back with a kneading, swirling motion.

Your skin glistens in the sun as I continue down your back until I reach the top of your bikini bottoms. I sop to squeeze more lotion on my hands and start again on your ankles. I slowly and deliberately rub lotion onto your calves, behind your knees, and on your thighs. I reach under your bottoms and gently rub into your smooth bottom. You let out a quiet sigh, as the feeling of my hands on your butt makes you feel warm inside.

I deliberately rub lotion between your thighs but only slightly brushing against your suit just enough to let you know I will be returning. Now that your back is done, I ask you to roll over. Again I apply lotion to my hands and begin again at your ankles and move slowly to your knees and thighs. But I stop well short of your bikini and move to your arms. This frustrates you somewhat, but you know that I am a deliberate lover, and anticipation will lead to bliss.

I move to your shoulders and your chest under your chin. With a swirling motion on your chest, my fingers slide under your top and rub your nipple. It is hard; escort bostancı you flinch slightly from the touch. A couple more gentle swipes on your nipples, and then I move to your belly. I rub lotion onto your belly and torso, and now I have no more exposed skin to stroke.

I kneel beside you and look into your eyes. Your expression is one of lust. I cannot resist you anymore, pull your top to the side and lick and suck your nipple. You moan in response. I tongue and suck each nipple while my hands gently continue to rub your slick skin on your body. But I must have more. My hand reaches into your bikini bottom to feel your wetness.

My mouth leaves your nipples and moves toward your bottoms. I place my mouth on your bikini covered mound and gentle press my face into the fabric. But it is not enough. I want to taste you. I hook my thumbs under the material and you raise your bottom so I can slide off the material. Your pussy is exposed; glistening with nectar. I put my face next to your thigh and smell the sweet aroma. Then I part your pussy lips with my tongue. You respond by grabbing my shorts and rubbing my dick through my pants.

I cannot wait any longer. I open wide and suck your pussy lips into my mouth. My tongue darts out into your honey hole. Your moans become louder. You manage to reach up my pant leg of my shorts and massage my cock. You stroke the ümraniye escort smooth skin of my shaft in your hand while you run your thumb over the sticky head. I take a deep breath in response. It feels so good.

You remove your hand from my pants to undo the buttons and pull off my shorts. Shifting slightly, you take my cock head into your mouth. It tastes salty sweet. I respond by groaning deeply, then rhythmically and deliberately stroking your clit with my tongue.

We are both close to cumming. I am applying more pressure with my tongue on your clit, and you are stroking my cock into your mouth squeezing my shaft and swirling your tongue around my head. I feel your thigh muscles tighten as you moan around my throbbing cock.

My hips begin to thrust into you as you raise your ass and moan into the first convulsion. Waves of bliss travel through your body as I hold you tight and continue to tongue your clit. My cock jerks and jets of hot semen shoot from my cock into your waiting mouth then dribble out onto your arm. As I raise my head from your pussy, I collapse onto the tiny deck chair half on you.

As I catch my breath, you gently stroke my cock. “I am going to make you hard again so I can feel you inside me” you say with determination. You have us switch places so I am sitting in the chair with the chair back in the upright position, and you are stroking and kartal escort bayan licking my cock back to hardness. Your hot, wet mouth and swirling tongue feel so good I never want it to stop.

With your sensuous treatment on my member, I am once again hard. You then climb up on the chair, face me, straddle my cock and gently guide it into your wet, waiting pussy. The feeling is pure heaven: hot, wet and tight. You let out a moan and I kiss it from your mouth. Our tongues meet and you first raise and lower yourself on my cock: it feels so good.

Our mouths part, and I take a nipple into my mouth and suck it greedily and you gently bounce on my member. My hands reach down and hold your ass cheeks to guide your movement. I then gather your wetness on my finger and gently massage your rosebud.

I cannot resist and push my sticky finger into your ass hole. With my other hand, I reach around and find your swollen clit. Now I have a finder in front, a finger buried in back, and a cock in between. Your moans area getting load enough I am concerned that our outdoor fun may be found out.

As you bounce on my cock, I am finger fucking your ass and rubbing your clit. We are again both close to orgasm. I increase the pressure on your clit and the strokes in your ass as you ride my cock faster and faster. Now my hips are meeting yours for every stroke, your ass tightens around my finger, your clit throbs against my hand; your pussy tightens around my cock, my cock throbs inside you. You grind down on my pelvis and I thrust upward. I fill your hole with hot liquid as you quiver and shake. Then fall forward against my body. Blissful but drained.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32