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Author’s notes:

1. This is a work of fiction. The activities and practices described in this story are not necessarily either condoned or recommended. If you choose to do anything described in real life with real people you do so at your own risk.

2. All characters are fictional and are 18 years or older; any likeness to any living person is purely coincidental. The story is purely imaginary and, to the author’s knowledge, bears no relationship to any factual occurrence.

3. This story is self-contained but follows on from Summer Camp and The Club. To find out how Carla and Troy first met and fell in love, it is suggested that you read Summer Camp first, then The Club to learn of their next venture.


Several months had passed since we’d made the big decision to change our relationship to include Paula in an official polyamorous relationship, if such a thing can actually exist. In our minds it does, so that’s what’s important. The changes had been subtle because we had always had an open marriage, but now we extended that to a commitment to include Paula so that we could have a child, something which I had always wanted but had been denied by nature.

Troy had seemed very happy about the change right from the start. He had a high libido and keeping two women, who were each borderline sex addicts, satisfied meant that he also was very sexually sated for much of the time. The only complaint he had was the need to use condoms with Paula after she stopped taking the pill so that she could resume normal menstrual cycles before becoming pregnant. We had allowed three months for this, after which condoms were a thing of the past and each month we hoped for a cessation of her periods, but so far it had continued in a regular and predictable cycle.

“I’m beginning to become frustrated with not conceiving,” complained Paula as she returned from the bathroom, disheartened by once again starting her period. “Isn’t there something more we can do?”

“Well, it’s possible that you two gals are draining me so much that my sperm don’t have time to mature. I’m certainly not complaining about this; it is, after all, a dream for most guys to sleep and make love with two gorgeous, sex-starved gals. But from a practical and medical perspective, very often conserving my sperm so that it is mature and able to fertilize an ovum is beneficial to conception,” replied Troy.

“So that means we don’t keep you drained all the time?” I asked.

“Well, yes you can, but not all the time. For the week before Paula’s fertile time, maybe I should abstain from any sex whatsoever, difficult though that will be. Then during her fertile time, I should only make love to Paula so she gains the benefit of my fit, healthy, mature sperm.” Troy grinned at the shocked look on my face. “Sorry, darling, it will only be for a month or two, if it works.”

“Sounds good to me,” said Paula, grinning at the thought of being filled with Troy’s sperm each day for her fertile week, then a look of consternation crossed her face. “Carla, are you Ok with that? You look sad and confused and, after all, Troy is your husband.”

I felt not just sad and confused, but actually quite angry. Here Paula, the newcomer to our long-term relationship, seemed to be taking priority over me, who had courted Troy, married him and maintained a satisfying, stable and strong relationship. Part of me felt betrayed that he would suggest this as a solution, but the academic, logical part knew he was absolutely right. Why did my emotional part respond like this? I then realized that maybe I wasn’t totally committed to sharing him with another. I spoke my feelings to Paula and Troy, who both embraced me as I finished in tears. We held our group hug for several minutes as I calmed down.

“Thanks for your support and understanding,” I said as we sat on our bed. “At the logical level, I know I’m being silly and emotional and I also know I’ll get over this. Yes, of course it’s the best thing and I know that if I’m to have a baby to care for, this is the best way to go about it. The long-term goal takes precedence over short term feelings, eh.”

“It won’t mean that you go without sex during that week or two,” Troy elaborated, “I’m sure that you’ll be able to find plenty of guys to enjoy while Paula and I get down to business. And, of course, you’ll be part of our baby-making too; after all, Paula’s doing this for you so you can have the joy of raising a child. I’m sure you’ll want to be part of this right from the start. Anyway, think about it. I’m sure we all have lots to do today.”

We kissed together, hugging each other’s naked bodies in the ways we enjoyed so much. I felt Troy’s cock rising against my thigh and knew that, despite having work to do, it would take very little to keep him in bed with me. I resisted the temptation to try.


It was a quiet afternoon. I sometimes had these, no clients. I guess I should feel pleased that fewer people seemed to have problems these days, but I suspected that it simply indicated that fewer people wished to talk about their problems with me. bahis firmaları However, it was a good time to relax in the pool, especially on a hot day like today. After a few minutes, Sophie walked in and wasted no time stripping off her brief clothing and diving in, swimming a length and stopping beside me.

“How’s everything healing?” I asked, knowing she’d had labiaplasty surgery a few weeks earlier.

“Going well. Completely healed, though still a little tender, but I find that I’m still horny as hell, especially after a couple of weeks without any sex at all. I’m back on the catwalk tomorrow and Saturday, so I’m really looking forward to that.”

“You wanting any overnighters?”

“Well, I don’t know. Haven’t had full sex with a guy since the op. I’d like to experiment a bit with a gentle guy before taking on paying clients, some of whom can be quite rough.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean,” I replied, thinking of a couple of guys who seemed to need to cause pain to a woman before they felt sexually satisfied. “So, what’re you going to do?”

“Well, there’s a few things. I could have a trial with Troy but I know he’s fairly busy these days with two women to keep satisfied,” she gave me a sideways smirk, “Or I could ask Sue if I could borrow Hamish. Other than that, I haven’t had any real ideas.”

“What about a girl session?”

“Yeah, that could work. You interested?”

“I love girl sessions,” I replied enthusiastically, “So definitely yes.”

“Great. Your room or mine?”

I looked around at the deserted pool area and the soft mattresses on the ground for sunbathing.

“What’s wrong with here?”

Sophie grinned. “Great, let’s do it.”

We climbed out of the pool and dripped our way to the nearest mattress, then turned towards each other and embraced, kissing and caressing each other’s slowly drying body. Then I knelt down facing her and signalled for her to move her legs further apart. Her pussy looked superb and I could see immediately Troy had done an excellent job. It had healed very cleanly and her outer lips had been reduced until there was a slight gap between them, enough to hint at what they were concealing.

“Lie down, honey,” I told her, my mouth feeling dry and pussy becoming wet from desire.

She lay on her back and spread her legs widely apart, that action spreading her outer labia so that her abbreviated inner lips and entrance were clearly visible, with her clit peeking out at the front. She looked superb.

“Have you seen yourself in a mirror?”

“Only every day,” she chuckled, “Sometimes several times a day. I find it hard to believe that it’s me.”

“Can I touch?”

“Of course. What’s taking you so long?”

I slid my finger between her lips, covering it with her copious lube, then slid it over her clit, seeing her convulse with arousal. She moaned.

“I so need a release,” she said.

I slid my finger into her now sopping and gaping entrance, slowly sliding inside her, turning my hand so I could hook my finger to caress the inner front wall. She moaned again as her body shuddered under my touch. As her passage expanded, I added a second finger, then a third, each time being welcomed by a heartfelt moan of pleasure. Her hips were pressing upwards, seeking more stimulation, as her head rolled from side to side in passion.

“More,” she groaned, “Give me more, your whole hand. It’s sooo good; been sooo long; ooohhh fuck my cunt hard, darling.”

I did as she requested, first adding my last finger, and moving most of my hand in and out, feeling her respond, then I placed my thumb against my palm and slowly pushed inwards, spreading her apart inside until I felt my fingertips touch the end. She let out her breath, as did I, unaware that I’d been holding it. I moved my hand out, gave it a part turn, then reintroduced it to her obvious pleasure. Her hands had moved to her breasts and she was pinching and squeezing her nipples hard. I pushed in several more times, then, once I was fully inside her, I slowly clenched my hand into a fist. Again, she held her breath as the sensations increased, then I began fisting her, pushing further into her until my wrist disappeared inside her newly sculpted folds. Back and forth I moved, my knuckles pressing against the end of her cunt as she panted her pleasure and arousal.

“Well, that sure looks intense,” came a male voice from behind me.

I froze and turned my head at the same time as Sophie’s eyes popped open in shock.

“Oh, sorry, don’t let me stop you,” said Mike, our new maintenance man, “I’ll just jump in the pool. Lovely day for a swim, right?”

Both Sophie and I took in Mike’s sculpted body and in particular his large, rigid cock, glistening with precum. I wondered how long he’d been watching; a while judging by his state of arousal.

“You’ll do no such thing,” said Sophie, frustrated beyond belief by the untimely intrusion, “You’ll come over here right now and use that weapon on me. Fuck me, honey, hard. Make this frustrated woman cum now.”

Taking the hint, I unclenched my fist and eased out of her sopping honeypot, wondering how Mike’s cock would feel kaçak iddaa now that she was obviously so expanded from my fist. I needn’t have worried; as soon as my hand was out, her love tunnel shrank back to almost normal size. I moved aside and Mike took my place between her legs, tossing a thigh over each shoulder and pushing himself closer to her, spreading her widely apart. He supported himself on his arms each side of her head then impulsively bent forward and kissed her full on the lips, his tongue entering her mouth as hers entered his. After a sloppy, sensuous few seconds, and without breaking the kiss, he moved his hips forward, positioned his cock at her entrance by feel, then thrust into her, fully penetrating her clasping cunt with his rampant cock until his pubic bone thudded against her clit. It was too much even for Sophie, who let out a muffled shriek into Mike’s mouth as she was thoroughly impaled.

Mike relaxed, still fully inside Sophie, allowing her time to accustom herself to his length. Then he began fucking her in earnest, hard and fast. I moved behind her head and reached for her breasts, cupping her mounds and squeezing and rolling her nipples between my fingers. This caused another moan from Sophie, who showed signs of an approaching orgasm. Her body was trembling, head rolling from side to side uncontrollably, her hips thrusting upwards, meeting each powerful thrust from Mike’s hips, as her breathing became faster and shallower.

“Oooohhhh, yessss, oooohhh, that’s beautiful; fuck me, darling, fuck me hard, make me cum, fuck your cum slut hard, YESSSSS, OOOOHHHH, YESSSS, OOOOHHHH I’M CUMMINGGGGG!!”

Sophie’s body convulsed with the power of her orgasm as Mike continued thrusting for a few more seconds then, after a final deep thrust, held himself inside her. It took several minutes before Sophie came back to some semblance of normality. I released her breasts and Mike slowly withdrew, his hard cock glistening with her secretions. I sat behind Sophie’s head, unconsciously stroking my pussy, spreading juices over my clit and looking hungrily at Mike’s unsatisfied cock. He saw where I was looking and grinned.

“How do you want it?” he asked me, not quite the question a boss usually gets asked by a new employee. However, I was no ordinary boss and it seemed that Mike was no ordinary employee.

“I want to ride you, honey,” I told him, “And I want your hot cum inside me.”

“You sure Troy won’t fire me when he learns I’ve fucked his missus?”

“No, he’s more likely to invite you to our bed, or send me to yours,” I replied, liking that idea immensely.

Mike lay on his back and I straddled him as Sophie moved over and turned on her side to watch the entertainment. While he stabilized the base of his cock, I raised myself up and positioned my entrance over his cock head, then slowly lowered myself onto him, feeling his huge cock sinking deep inside me, spreading my cunt walls as it filled my love tunnel completely. He reached the end before I was fully down, so, after a brief pause, I lifted again and dropped down harder, determined to fit him all inside me. It took three attempts before I felt my clit press against his hard pubic bone. We stayed like that for a short time, his hands now cupping and caressing my breasts. I leant forwards, pressing my clit against him, feeling the thrill of sensations which caused my stomach muscles to flutter. Then I felt his hands on my hips as he began pushing me back and forth, his cock staying deep within me, pressing first the front, then the back of my pulsing vagina, sending shooting pangs of erotic sensations from my clit through my body. I placed my hands on his shoulders and used my legs and arms to push myself upwards, feeling him withdraw until only the tip remained inside me, then I simply relaxed and dropped hard and fast so I was once again completely filled and my clit thumped against his bone. I repeated the process, again and again, each drop and thump pushing me closer to orgasm. Ooohhh, how I loved hard sex.

As I was fucking him, Mike had replaced his hands on my breasts and began twisting and squeezing my nipples, sending yet more shooting stimulation to my sexual centers. I heard myself whimpering as my head and back arched backwards, my whole body becoming an over-stimulated sex organ. I was close, but I wanted Mike to cum in me.

“Ooohhh, honey, cum for me, please; squirt your cum into my cunt, darling,” I heard myself plead.

Instead he simply grinned at me and squeezed my nipples harder, sending shockwaves through me as I felt my orgasm rising. My hips took on a life of their own, rocking back and forth, sliding my clit across his hairy pubic bone as I felt his cock moving inside me, pushing me closer, closer still until . . . .

“AAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH!! YES, HONEY, I’MMMM CUMMMINGGGGG!!” I screamed as waves of ecstasy washed over me and my body convulsed in a massive orgasm.

I was floating in a world of sexual bliss, unaware of anything except the pleasure I was feeling, and then I slowly came back to reality. My first thought: he hadn’t cum; I had. Was there to be more? I wanted more; wanted his cum to fill kaçak bahis my hungry cunt. I opened my eyes, seeing his wide grin as he looked up at me, teasingly, wondering what I was going to do next. I turned my head to see Sophie also grinning, maybe hungry for more of Mike’s cock, maybe wanting his cum inside her too.

“Wow, that was amazing,” I heard myself say, “Thank you, darling. Now I want you to cum in me.”

Mike grinned even wider, then, with a twinkle in his eye, replied, “Well, I guess you’re the boss.”

He lifted me seemingly effortlessly off him, my cunt feeling very empty as his cock vacated, then he positioned me so my ass was at the edge of the mattress. He then positioned Sophie on top of me, face down, and spread our legs wide apart so each pussy was pressing against the other and our entrances were only a few inches apart. He then positioned himself so he was kneeling on the ground, his cock pointing directly towards our glistening pussy lips.

He entered Sophie first, sliding into her smoothly and deeply before giving her ten strokes and then withdrawing. He immediately entered me, again sliding inside as far as he could, not quite as deeply as before, giving me ten strokes, then withdrawing and re-entering Sophie. He kept this up for what seemed to be ages, each set of ten thrusts increasing my stimulation slightly while it became apparent that he was becoming more and more aroused. Sophie and I were kissing each other, hands caressing each other’s breasts, as we were each fucked in turn. I could hear Mike’s breathing becoming more ragged as he approached his release. The whole eroticism of the situation, along with the intermittent fucking, was certainly pushing me towards a second orgasm, but I was sure that Sophie was closer as she was panting and writhing whenever she was being fucked.

A few moments later when Mike was fucking Sophie, he suddenly slowed down and pushed into her hard, then stopped with a moan. It was clear he was cumming inside her and I felt a pang of envy that she was receiving his precious cum, not me. A second later he withdrew and plunged into me, releasing several squirts of his sperm deep inside me before withdrawing again and filling Sophie with the remainder, relaxing on her back but still using his arms as supports as he finished.

I was pretty sure that Sophie hadn’t cum a second time, and I knew I hadn’t but was really close, so I was not surprised when Sophie pushed Mike off her after a short time and lifted herself off me, turning around and positioning herself for a 69. As I felt her tongue licking my pussy and entrance, cleaning up Mike’s cum as it oozed out of me, I was busy doing the same for her, tasting Mike’s sweet cum on my tongue as it rolled from her entrance and down my throat. Delicious! I then began sucking on Sophie’s clit, massaging it with my lips, giving the occasional soft bite and feeling Sophie respond in a similar manner, pushing me towards my next release. Then our hands found each other’s breasts and we massaged, squeezed and twisted each other as we rode the elevator towards our orgasms.

I was almost there, but I wanted Sophie to cum with me. I squeezed her nipples hard, pulling them sideways as I sucked her clit into my mouth then bit down, gently at first, then harder. I heard her wail in ecstatic pain as her body trembled in release and she bit down on my clit, pushing me over the edge also. For a few moments we both shuddered through our orgasms, and then relaxed, sated, at least temporarily.

As we relaxed, our breathing deepened and slowed, our frenetic arousal of each other becoming slow caresses. Then she rolled off me and we looked around, seeing Mike watching us with an ear-to-ear grin as he slowly stroked his glistening hard rod. Oh, no, I thought, he wants more! I needn’t have been concerned; Sophie took one look at his hard and ready member, licked her lips and shuffled over to him on her knees, moving his hand aside as she engulfed his cock with her mouth. He lay back on the mattress, enjoying the sensations as she quickly went into a deep throat routine which had him squirming after a few seconds. In less than two minutes he was squirting his cum down her throat while she continued to suck and lick every last drop off his cock as she milked it skilfully, using her other hand to squeeze his balls, as though to drain him completely.

We lay together on the mattress for some time afterwards, talking occasionally, dozing then waking. Thoughts were racing through my head; I’d been thinking a lot recently about surrogacy, about the baby that Paula and Troy would be making for us, and thinking that there were other forms of surrogacy as well as simply carrying a child for another. That worked well when the female partner was infertile, but what about when the male was infertile? Would a woman be willing to be impregnated by someone other than her partner in order to have a child? Then there was the sexual dysfunction aspect in which either a male or female in a relationship had a sexual phobia resulting in impotence in the male or vaginismus or other symptoms in the female? These also could be treated by the use of sexual surrogates, provided the partners were willing. Perhaps there was a role here for Mike and Sophie, both of whom appeared to be self-assured, confident sexual beings. I resolved to discuss this with Troy tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32