Susan’s Suntan

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How did I come to be standing in the bathroom, in just my boxers, smoothing self-tanning lotion on my pretty sister’s back? Did I mention she was wearing only g-string type panties? Oh yeah! She was. Well read on. I’ll tell you all.

Susan is my sister’s name. She had just turned eighteen at the time, me too; I’m Solomon. Obviously we’re twins. We were in our final year at high-school and our parents were taking us on a two week holiday in the mid-year break. It was the last day of school, then the next morning we were to fly out, so Susan and I were excited. Here in Melbourne Australia, mid-year is mid-winter, which may seem strange to Northern Hemisphere readers. Our holiday destination, the Gold Coast, is 1600 km or 1000 miles closer to the equator than our home and mid-winter there is mild, warm and sunny making it Australia’s most popular beach resort. Susan wanted to look her best at the beach, so she had purchased a large tube of self-tanning lotion and two new bikinis.

We usually got home from school about 4:00pm, and our parents, who back then owned a sportswear shop, didn’t close up til 5:30pm, then battled the traffic for an hour to arrive home about 6:30, stressed, tired and irritable.

Susan was so desperate to get her tan going, she reluctantly asked for my help. “Solly, um, d’you reckon you could help me with this…tanning stuff? I can do my legs and that, but I can’t do my back. There’s plenty enough for two if you want to use it as well.”

“Yeah…okay, let me read the instructions.”

“No need for that, smarty, I know what to do. Come into the bathroom.” She said, crankily.

In the bathroom Susan sat down on the wooden chair, took off her shoes and socks, pulled up the skirt of her checkered school dress and began rubbing dollops of the tanning lotion into her legs. She had great legs so it was a turn on, but none-the-less I asked, “What am I here for?”

“I’ll need you to rub the stuff on the back of my legs in a minute,” was her grumpy reply.

“If you are gonna be so…annoying, I’m not helping.”

She looked up meekly “Sorry Solomon, I’m a bit…whatever…about asking you to do this, but Mum will be busy and rushing to get ready for the trip.”

“Right. Okay then, if you’ve finished doing the front of you legs, you need to stand up for me.”

She stood with her back to me.

“Um, no good, I can’t see to do it. Stand on the chair.”

She climbed up on the chair and bending forward a little, held on to it’s back. I squirted lotion into my hand and started rubbing it onto her shapely calves. I was really getting turned on so I looked up at the back of her thighs, then found I could look right up her skirt. I’m sure my eyes bulged out canlı bahis at the sight of her round, pantie clad bottom cheeks. My cock certainly did.

“Solomon! Stop looking…there.” Susan whined.

I laughed, guiltily, “Oops. Sprung. Sorry.”

“So you should be, and don’t get that on my uniform, it probably stains.”

“Now you tell me. It’ll be near impossible not to. So…then, how are we going to do higher up without staining you dress?”

“Aww…I’m gonna have to take it off aren’t I? She moaned. “Embarrassing! You seeing me in my underwear!”

“Oh, don’t fret!” I reasoned, “You’ll be more covered up than in your bikini.”

“It’s different,” she muttered, pulling her school sweater then the dress up over her head and throwing them into the bathtub.

It was different. Even though the bra and panties she wore to school were plain white cotton, they were still sexy in my eyes.

“You’re staring!” Susan complained.

She was holding the chair back again, bent forward with her sweet bottom almost in my face. I realized then that she was facing the mirror and could see my every move.

“Well, yeah, you, I um, haven’t seen you in your undies for years, and you are very, very stare-worthy.”

Susan stifled a giggle and said seriously. “I don’t think that’s even a word.”

I reckon she was pleased however, by my clumsy compliment. I rubbed higher, right up the back and sides of her thighs to her panties.

“The lotion will stain your underpants.” I joked.

“Ha ha! Fun-ny! I’m not taking them off too,” she said sarcastically.

“Seriously though,” I answered, “your bikini bottom is sure to be a different shape to these,” I tugged the side of her panties, making her flinch, “so perhaps you should go put it on.”

“I don’t want to stain my new things before I even wear them.” Susan was whining again.

My eyes found hers in the mirror so I wriggled my eyebrows and gave a bigger tug. “Nothing else for it then! Take’em off!”

“Stop it. You’re being horrible! I’ll go and change these for something…higher cut…skimpier.”

“Oh yeah!”

“Stop it!” She giggled and slapped my hand lightly, “I’m not scared of you. Now you can get started on yourself while I go find something suitable.”

Susan is quite athletic and with one hand on the chair back she vaulted lightly down, which made her bra-covered titties jiggle. I heard her rummaging around opening and closing drawers in her room, then I stripped to my boxers, dropping my discarded school trousers, shoes, socks, shirt and sweater into the tub with Susan’s clothes. I willed my erection to go down and it did subside a bit with Susan’s sexy body out of sight. I lotioned my legs and bahis siteleri the front of my body as best I could. After a while I heard a few swearwords and then the sound of her bare feet returning.

She spoke from the passageway. “Promise me no teasing! No wisecracks. I’m embarrassed out of my mind as it is, but I can’t find any other panties that’ll suit the purpose. I don’t care if these get ruined.”

I turned to see her clad in the same white bra, but it was teamed with barely there black lacy thong panties.

I cleared my throat, “Ahem. I promise.”

She stepped quickly onto the chair “Let’s get on with it,” she mumbled and assumed her previous position.

I didn’t speak. Probably couldn’t speak. I enthusiastically spread lotion right up the sides of her thighs, then moved around to her lovely firm bottom cheeks. I gave them some serious treatment. The thong part of her panties was buried right in her crack, and I could catch glimpses of it as I rubbed and kneaded, causing those cheeks to part. Although she had her legs primly together, her leaning forward posture meant I could see the beginning of her pussy bulge. And speaking of bulges, you can probably guess that mine returned with a vengeance, and was all too obvious in my stretchy boxers.

“Enough!” Susan’s voice interrupted my evil thoughts. “I’ll sit on the chair and you can do my back.”

She straddled the chair still facing it’s back. Incredibly, despite her supposed embarrassment, she reached behind her back and unclasped that white bra, shucking the straps off her shoulders she held the cups in place over her breasts with her two hands.

“Get on with it!” She ordered a little breathlessly, meeting my eyes in the mirror again.

“RIght.” I commenced smoothing lotion onto her pretty back, working in wide sweeps, going as close as I dared to the sides of her breasts.

When I found my voice I found I was also quite breathless. “Susan…”


“Susan…I want…to lotion your…front.”


“Well I do. This situation is incredibly sexy.”

“OMG! I’m your sister!”

“I don’t care! I can’t help how I feel…Aren’t you feeling…it..too?” I think I was whining a bit.

“Mm…well yes of course I am, I’m not made of stone you know.”

I needed no more encouragement than that. I slipped my greasy hand right around her side, pushing under her loosely held bra, and cupped her breast. “Definitely softer than stone.”

“Solomon!” Susan’s tone of voice was outrage, but she made no move to stop me. Instead she dropped the bra altogether and braced herself with two hands on the chair back, so I brought the other hand around and began massaging both her naked breasts.

I bahis şirketleri looked in the mirror, lowered both hands so they supported her tits, leaving the nipples clearly visible. I exhaled a ragged breath. “Susan…”

“Don’t say anything. Don’t spoil this…moment,” she whispered.

I hugged her from behind, my cock pressed to her bare back and brushed both her nipples with my thumbs. She tipped her head back and lay her cheek against mine. We both had our eyes riveted on the mirror. It all seemed so unreal, as if it was not us but a movie we were watching. I stopped for a moment and squeezed more lotion into my palm, shared it with the other hand then lotioned her two amazing breasts copiously. I was rubbing my erection against her back and suddenly realized it would feel so much better if I took my boxers off. In a flash I did just that. Shoved them down one-handed, kicked them away and sighed as I rubbed my maleness against Susan’s lovely warm oily back. After a minute or two she leaned to one side, twisting her body so she could see my cock in the mirror.

She smiled at my reflection and held out her cupped hand. “Give me some of that lotion.”

I did as asked of course and Susan took my hot cock in that hand filled with cool slippery lotion. She drew me forward a little and sandwiched my throbbing penis against her side with her hand, just below her breast. I instinctively began to thrust. My knob nudged the underside of her soft breast with each forward stroke. It was wonderful, but it wasn’t enough. Clearly it wasn’t enough for Susan either. She slid back off the chair and with her legs wide apart placed her hands on the chair seat, presenting her gorgeous bottom to me. I ripped her panties down her thighs a bit and plunged my cock right into her bald drooling pussy.

Right in, expecting to meet up with the fabled hymen. I was sure she would be a virgin but she obviously was not. Her positioning herself for ‘rear-entry’ should have told me that. We both watched our performance in the mirror, loving our orgasmic facial contortions at the end as I erupted deep inside her, and she came with me. When we calmed down we started giggling.

Susan put the icing on the cake, as it were, with her summation. “That was divine. Best fuck I’ve ever had. Don’t let’s spoil it by talking shit about it…feeling guilty. I don’t. I loved it. I hope we manage to do it again soon.”

I was desperately horny during the two weeks we were on holiday, but Susan and I never got a chance to be alone. I have to assume she was desperately horny too, because the first day back from holidays as we arrived home after school we barely got inside the front door before she kicked off her shoes, peeled off her socks and practically shouted, “Bathroom Solly! I think our tans need refreshing, don’t you?”

Self tanning lotion has a unique aroma. It brings those lovely memories flooding back every time I smell it.

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