Taboo: A Mother’s Story Ch. 01

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When Susan walked down the hall and approached the stairs she had no way of knowing how drastically her life was about to change. It was nearly midnight and time for Jesse to say goodnight to his girlfriend and get to bed.

She didn’t turn on the hall light, so as she stood at the top of the stairs she was concealed in darkness. What she saw in the living room, illuminated by the flickering light of the TV startled her, and stopped her dead in her tracks. Her son Jesse was sitting on the couch. He was completely naked. His girlfriend Kate was wearing only a small pair of panties, and was kneeling between his legs.

Kate held his erect cock directly in front of her face. Jesse stared at his pretty blond girlfriend with a look of lustful anticipation. Susan knew she needed to stop this immediately. It was definitely not okay for him to be sitting in the living room getting a blowjob from the eighteen year-old girl that lived down the street. But she couldn’t move. She could not make herself take the first step down the stairs.

Her shocked reaction was mixed with a strange stirring. Her response confused her and held her at the top of the stairs to watch as Kate reached out with her tongue and licked the underside of her son’s cock. Susan saw Jesse’s cock twitch. This drew her focus to her son’s naked loins. His cock stood straight up and his entire body was void of any hair except that which covered his head. His balls were neither large nor small, but perfectly proportional to what, she must confess, was a beautiful cock. But knowing that this beautiful cock belonged to her son sent strange signals through her body.

She had nearly mustered the strength to take that first step when Kate licked up the shaft one last time, then took her son’s cock in her mouth. Jesse’s head rolled back and he made a sound Susan had never heard him make. It was guttural and unmistakably lustful, and lingered in her ears as Kate moved her head lower on Jesse’s cock. She slowly moved her head up and down, masturbating him with her lips. Then she leaned back and stroked him.

“Does that feel good, baby?” she asked. “Do you like the way my mouth feels on your nice hard cock?” Kate’s voice was low and husky. Susan couldn’t believe she was hearing such lewd language from the sweet little girl who giggled and chatted so innocently. “God I love feeling your cock in my mouth. You always fill me up so well.”

As Susan watched, Jesse pulled his feet up onto the edge of the couch. His bent knees rested on the soft fabric and his cock, balls, and asshole were lifted into the air.

“Oh yeah, honey, give it all to me. I need you in my mouth.” Then she paused, laying her face against his beautiful cock, and looked up at him with those innocent eyes. “Please baby, please? Please let me keep sucking on you till you show me how hard you can cum.”

Susan saw the lust on his face and realized that both she and her son were turned on by the filthy words coming out of that angelic face. Then she heard something completely new to her; something she would hear over and over in her head from that point on.

“Fuck yeah, baby. Oh fuck, you can suck my cock.” These words struck Susan like a bolt of lightening. This was her mild-mannered boy talking so nasty. He had been playing catch in the yard just hours before, now here he was with a nearly naked girl who was rubbing her lips on his very manly cock.

Kate withdrew Jesse’s cock from her mouth and rubbed it on her lips. Susan saw her smile as she did this. That young lady really knows what she’s doing. She always seemed so sweet and innocent. That seemed to make this even sexier, even naughtier. She surprised Susan by spitting on her son’s smooth balls. Susan nearly gasped but luckily caught herself. Kate spit on him again before rubbing his balls, creating a slick sheen that reflected the blue light from the TV. Once again Kate licked up the shaft, then took the head in her mouth. Jesse lifted his hips and Susan saw that the spit had rolled down to glaze her son’s anus. Susan was amazed at the skill the girl demonstrated, but she understood where it came from. Like Susan, she seemed to love giving head. And by fully enjoying it, they both passionately made out with their partner’s cocks. Kate pulled Jesse’s cock out of her mouth, making an audible ‘pop.’ Now the shaft glistened with her spit. Kate lowered her head, licking down the shaft, over his balls, until her tongue touched the boy’s asshole. While she rimmed her son’s hole, she stroked the shaft in slow, fluid strokes. Jesse’s breathing quickened. Kate pulled faster on his cock. He lifted himself up on his heels, further exposing his naked loins to both his girlfriend and his mother. Kate drew back and stared into his eyes as she sucked on one of her fingers. When it was all wet she traced a line down Jesse’s shaft, twirled it around his balls, then slipped it into his ass. She quickened her pumping motion, focusing mainly on the head, and licked his tight ball sack.

“Yeah, pendik escort baby, yeah,” Kate said. “Go ahead, release it.” She continued her quick pace on the head as Jesse’s breath quickened. “That’s right baby, show me what you have for me.” His pelvis pumped. “Give me some cum, baby, give it to me, give me some of your cum. I need to see your cum come out right now.” Jesse grunted and Susan watched as the sperm shot out of her son’s cock and splatter his chest. Another blast went even farther, landing on his shoulder, and then a third landed near his belly button. Kate milked more cum from his cock and her hand was soon covered in the thick white sperm.

Releasing his rod, she licked the cum off of her hand. His cock twitched in front of her, and she once again took him in her mouth. Her fingers gathered his cum and rubbed it onto his cock which she slowly licked his shaft clean. Finally spent, Jesse fell back onto the couch. Kate picked up a hand towel that Susan hadn’t noticed and cleaned them both thoroughly.

While Kate got to her feet, Susan hurried back to her room and quietly closed the door. Her heart was pounding as she lay in bed. Moments later she saw the headlights cross her bedroom ceiling as Kate backed out the driveway. The sound of Jesse’s door closing was next.

Susan didn’t know what to do. She didn’t want to confront him but she couldn’t just let him have sex under her roof. Then she realized they weren’t having sex. It was just a blowjob. And doing it in her house was better than a car or, god forbid, at school. Maybe this wasn’t so bad. There were no controlling teenage hormones, so allowing these two eighteen year-olds some rather innocent oral sex might be alright. The devil you know, she thought.

That was the easy part. What was much more complicated was how she felt while looking at her son’s naked body. If it weren’t her son, she would have lusted completely for his cock. She fought the feelings that she couldn’t even recognize. It was too forbidden to even consider. Yet, she was still totally wound up. Her soaked panties clung to her lips and hard clit. She wouldn’t allow herself to think of her son, so she closed her eyes and remembered a special evening when she was married.

Susan’s ex was very proud of his wife’s beauty. At 5′ 8″ and 120 pounds, her body was both lean and curvy. Her hair was a deep auburn and her brown eyes shone when she smiled, which she did often. Her 36-26-38 inch frame never failed to turn heads. He used to love that. He enjoyed seeing the way men looked at her, whether she was dressed conservatively with her hair pulled up, or when she ran around in shorts and a t-shirt and let her hair fall loosely around her shoulders.

It was at dinner one evening when he confessed his fantasy to her. They were at a nice restaurant in downtown Austin and Susan had dressed sexily for the occasion. Her dress was tight and her painted toes peeked out of her favorite stiletto heels. They’d had a few drinks which must have given him the courage to share his secret desire.

He leaned across the table and said quite plainly that he would like to watch her fuck another man. Susan was shocked. She was sexually very liberal, but she never thought seriously about being with another man. Sure, she fantasized about others; who didn’t? But he was suggesting that she act upon it.

“See that guy at the bar?” he asked her. She turned and saw a nice looking man watching the game. “His eyes were glued to you when we walked in.”

“This was nothing new,” Susan thought. It happened so often she hardly even noticed it anymore.

“So you want to watch him fuck me?” she asked.

“Well not necessarily him; maybe some other guy.”

Susan studied his face. My god, he was serious about this.

“Don’t think of it as cheating on me; think of it as doing something sexy for me.” She took a sip of wine and looked at her husband, then looked at the man. She had to admit it sounded kind of hot. When they went to bed that night her husband took the next step.

“Susan, can we try something new tonight?”

“Tell me what’s going on in that dirty little mind of yours,” she said. She liked the tone in his voice. She knew this was going to be something different. “You know how we’ve kinda role-played before?” Susan recalled those times perfectly. Once her husband pretended he was a cop and pushed her up against the wall. He made her spread her legs, then he frisked her. He had her wear a dress and heels for that game, and his hands frisked her everywhere. She remembered how long it took him to finally touch her panties. He was rubbing her all over; it was very hot. Then he pulled her panties halfway down her legs against her mock protests. Before long he had his cock buried in her hot cunt. He called her a bitch and a fucking whore. He told her that he was going to shoot his load in her hot pussy, then make her lick their juices from his cock. This turned her on beyond belief.

She told him he couldn’t escort pendik cum in her pussy, that she was ovulating and he would certainly make her pregnant. He told her to shut the fuck up and then he thrust into her even harder. They both came ferociously that night.

Then there was the time he pretended she was the babysitter and he drove her home. She feigned shock when he pulled down a dirt road leading back into some dark woods. She told him her father would punish her if she was late. Her father always spanked her so hard that he left red hand prints on her ass. The further he drove, the wetter she got.

She pretended to protest a lot that night. She really fought him, punching and kicking him and telling him to get off her. That turned him on even more. He ripped open her blouse, sending buttons flying everywhere. It was still tucked into the little miniskirt she wore, but gaped wide open revealing her bra. She screamed and tried to get away when he yanked her bra up over her tits, dragging the under-wire roughly over her nipples. Even though she was fighting him she didn’t cover her tits. That turned him on too.

Then he went for her panties. While they wrestled with them he stared at her shaking breasts. Finally he got his fingers into the lacy fabric and ripped open the crotch. Her ruined panties were in shreds. She kicked him while he released his rigid cock but he grabbed her knees, yanking them open. The force of his fingers left bruises on her legs for three days.

He held his hand over her mouth as she tried to scream, then he plunged into her. His cock was still dry so it tugged on her lips even though they were soaked. He fucked her hard and fast that night, not caring about her pleasure. He sprayed her torn clothes with his cum.

She was so incredibly hot she immediately rubbed her clit in front of him. He called her ‘a little fucking slut’ as her orgasm rocked her body. Roll play added a delightful spice to their love life so she was all ears when he brought it up.

“I want to pretend that I’m a total stranger and we end up fucking,” he said. Of course this was what he wanted. Susan realized that this was a safe way to indulge his little fantasy.

“Okay, tell me what we’re going to do.”

“I’ll come to the door, explaining I’m your husband’s boss. You’ll tell him I’m not here. ‘That’s too bad,’ he’ll say, and explain I was going to be laid off and he wanted to let me know personally.” Her husband continued and Susan hung on every word, noticing how he already had switched it into the boss’ perspective. “You’ll beg him to keep me. Then you’ll get down on your knees in front of him, he get’s the idea and you end up blowing him then and there.”

Susan liked the idea and really pretended her husband was another man. This struck a cord in her and she was surprised at how much she liked it. She found the thought of sucking another man’s cock rather titillating.

It was a few weeks later when he pushed it further. They were having drinks at home so she was somewhat susceptible to his plan. At his urging she agreed to go into a bar and let some guy buy her a drink. She was amazed that he was so into this.

“Wait here for a second,” he said. A few minutes later he called her into the bedroom. On her bed was one of her sexiest dresses. The purple fabric hugged ever curve on her body. He had her panties, garter belt and stockings laid out too. She noticed he chose the stockings with the seam running up the back. There was no bra on the bed.

“Get dressed and meet me at The Maverick on Grant Street.” She knew the place; it was a meat market on the weekends, with live music. “I’ll head over there now. Just let some guy buy you a drink, maybe dance with him or something. Don’t worry, you don’t have to blow him in the parking lot, unless….”

Susan laughed. “The only dick I’m sucking tonight belongs to my husband.”

“Okay, that’s cool. But this will be fun.”

An hour later her husband was at a small table in the corner of the bar when she walked in. She had her hair up but little wisps hung down around her face. She was wearing more makeup than usual. She nervously looked at him sitting across the bar, but he just smiled, so she sat down.

Within minutes a rather distinguished looking gentleman asked if he could buy her a drink. Her heart jumped; this was new and dangerous territory. She looked over his shoulder momentarily, leaving a tense pause in the conversation, and saw her husband’s nod.

“Vodka martini. No olive,” she said. It was like she was a different woman. She surprised herself by taking on the persona of a mysterious seductress. The man waved to the bartender and sat down.

“My name is Tom,” he told her. Susan was too nervous to even tell him her name.

While they talked she kept checking with her husband. His nods were almost imperceptible and his face looked deadly serious. It was on her third drink that the man asked her to dance. The first song was fast. The man watched pendik escort bayan as Susan swiveled her hips and stared straight into his eyes. She wasn’t sure about this, but one thing was clear, the intense way he looked at her was a huge turn on.

Susan froze when the next song came on; it was slow and quite long. Again, she checked with her husband. Another nod. The man didn’t ask, he just pulled her against him. For the first time since she’d been married Susan felt a strange mans body push against her affectionately. To her surprise she found herself getting wet.

As the song progressed she felt the man’s hand slowly moving down her back. Her back was to her husband when the man’s hand first made contact with the top of her ass. He pulled her tighter and she felt his hardness.

When they turned she saw that her husband had moved closer to the dance floor and was watching intently. Another nod. Then she felt a hand cup her ass cheek. She was incredibly turned on. Her arousal startled her and when the song ended she explained that she had to get up early and said goodbye. He was clearly disappointed but graciously gave her his business card, kissed her on the cheek, and said goodnight.

As she left the bar, her head was spinning. Her husband knocked on her window as she started her car.

“Get in my car,” he said. She thought he just wanted to drive her home but he pulled into a dark spot near the back of the parking lot. It had been years since Susan made out in a car, and that had been much more private than this lot. Susan decided to play along.

“Hey, you were so nice to buy me drinks tonight. And the way you held me on the dance floor, I could feel your thing press against me.” Her husband’s breath was quickening. “Do you think I could see what it was that was pressing against me?”

Her husband smiled. “Okay, under one condition.”

“Ummm….and what would that be?”

“I like hearing you say my name.”

“Okay Tom,” she said. “Tom, do you think I could take a look at your cock?” She thought her husband was going to cum in his pants. He looked around the parking lot briefly, and then opened his pants.

“Tom, will you take it out for me?”

“Sure, if you give me a kiss first.” Susan leaned in and gave him a deep French kiss. He grabbed her breast.

“No Tom, I shouldn’t let you touch me. After all, I am married. But Tom, I really, really want to see that cock of yours.”

Her husband pulled the waist-band down, revealing a huge erection. Most of the time, her husband was only partially hard when they started. It was her hands and mouth that made him fully erect. Not tonight. His cock was rock hard, standing straight up from his dark pubic hair and curving back toward his belly. The fact that it was standing freely on its own made her pussy even creamier.

“Oh Tom, what a nice cock you have. I love looking at it. But, Tom….”


“Would it be okay if I touched your cock?”

Her husbands’ face was the picture of lust. “Go ahead.” The thought of his beautiful, redheaded wife actually touching another man’s cock in the back of a parking lot was amazingly hot.

Susan reached out and wrapped her fingers around his cock. The heat from a hard cock always surprised and delighted her. Her clit was tingling. She slowly stroked it up and down.

“Oh my, Tom, your cock feels so nice. You’re so hard, Tom.” She looked at him with pleading eyes. “Tom, please, may I lick it just a little bit?”

He nodded quickly.

Susan didn’t take her eyes from his as she bent down. She was barely stroking him now; her touch was so light that it felt like a velvet glove. Then she squeezed the head. “Oh fuck. Holy shit that felt good,” he said. Susan smiled, finally looking down, and bringing her face to his cock. She held it by the shaft and stuck out her tongue, flicking it over the very sensitive tip of his cock. “Oh my god that’s good,” he said.

Susan smiled and slowly twirled her tongue around the head. She had never licked him so slowly and deliberately before, which made it feel new to both of them. To her delight, a clear drop of precum oozed out of the slit as she squeezed him again. She watched it gather on the tip before rolling like a tear down the purple head. It hung on his ridge, and she lapped it up before it fell and was wasted. She loved the taste.

‘Tom’ stared intently at his adulterous lover.

“Tom, darling, would you mind terribly if I sucked on this nice hard cock of yours?”

Her husband could only nod, then watch as she slowly sucked him into her mouth. Susan loved the fullness in her mouth. She immediately felt her saliva gather and she swished it around the cock head as it filled her mouth.

To her husband’s surprise, Susan loosened her hair slightly, letting more fall into her face. She was really getting into this. Then she tilted her head up so he could see the way her lips stretched around his shaft. After a few moments she let it pop out the side of one cheek. “Oh Tom, your cock feels so good in my mouth. It’s so hard and warm.” She looked down into his open pants. “Tom, do you have some hot sperm in those balls of yours?” Again her husband could only nod.

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