Taking Dad’s Place

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Mom comes to visit

I could always tell when mom and dad had a really bad fight. Mom would come out to visit me for about a month. It was her way of punishing dad and of getting away to think about whether she really wanted to stay married to the jerk. Yes, dad was a jerk! He had a lovely woman who dotted on him, and he still acted like a jerk. He all but ignored her, so totally absorbed in his work and getting ahead.

Mom had arrived about one and I was there to meet her at the airport. This time however, she had much more baggage than usual. I looked at her as I took her bags off the carousal. “Staying longer than usual mom? That must have been some fight.”

Mom cut her eyes at me and looked around to see who had heard me. No one was paying any attention to us and I had not said my words in a loud voice. We gathered up the bags and headed to my car.

My house isn’t very large. Being single I don’t have a need for too much space to clean up.

Mom was settling in her room, with me standing there helping her unpack her bags. I was in the midst of unpacking her makeup bag when she stopped me.

“I’ll take care of that bag later James.”

Too late! I had reached into the bag and was pulling things out to place on the dresser. My hands closed around something that was long and firm. When I pulled my hand out, I was holding a pink battery operated dildo. I could tell that it was one of the more expensive ones. Mom grabbed it from me and shoved it back in the bag.

“Mom! I never knew that you even owned one of these things.”

Mom looked at me with a very embarrassed look on her face. Then shoving the bag on the table she looked down at the rug. “When a man doesn’t seem interested in the woman he married, she has two options. Go out and find someone else or take care of her needs in her own way. I don’t want to take a chance on catching some kind of disease, even if your father thinks it’s ok to take that risk.”

I looked at mom. “Dad’s cheating on you? Did you catch him? Are you two getting a divorce?” My mind was swimming at all the things that could have happened. Was mom here because she had caught dad? Had she caught dad fucking around with someone? I always suspected that he was doing it, but had never had any concrete proof. And not wanting to hurt mom for anything, I always tried to act like nothing was ever going on.

Mom sat down on the bed and began to cry. “Oh James! I always had my suspicions, but I never actually caught him. But I was doing the laundry, and found a pair of soiled sheer panties in his pocket. They were much too small to be mine. When I confronted him about it, he waved me off, telling me that he had found them in his private bathroom, that some female worker must have left them there. I knew he was a lying fuck!”

I sat next to mom and held her tight allowing her to cry. Then I got up and told her that she needed to take a nice hot bath after her long flight and relax. That I would be cooking dinner and she would not have to do anything.

An hour later, and after taking my own shower, mom was sitting down at my table picking over her food. I could tell that she was still very hurt and that right at that moment, dinner was about

the last thing on her mind. I hated seeing her so upset. My dislike for my dad seemed to solidify into a real hatred.

After awhile, I cleaned up the dishes. Mom had barely touched her food. We went into the living room and I made mom one of her favorite drinks, a “Long Island Ice Tea”. I figured that she needed something really strong to help her sleep.

What I didn’t count on, was that with so little in her stomach, the alcohol would hit her so hard.

Mom had finished her first drink and had asked for another. She took a sip from her glass and smiled at me. “Nobody makes this drink the way that you do James. I could sit and drink them for hours if you made them.”

I laughed. “Mom, after about two of those things, I will have to carry you off to bed.”

Mom looked at me and laughed. “Ha! It’s been a lifetime since a man has carried me off to bed. Your father used to do that when we were first married. He would carry me to bed and make love to me all night long. Now, he doesn’t even look at me when I get undressed in front of him. I guess having some young skinny girl makes him look at me with disgust.”

I could see that she was once again starting to get into her mood. I needed to stop her before she started crying all over again.

“Is that why you needed BOB”

Mom looked at me. From the way she tilted her head to the side, I could tell that the alcohol was taking affect. “Bob? Who the hell is Bob?”

I laughed. “Not who mom, what! “BOB”, stands for battery operated boyfriend. Your dildo, silly! Did you get it because dad was ignoring you?”

Mom looked at me without answering. Then she picked up her glass and took another sip.

“Maybe we shouldn’t be having this conversation James. I mean, I am your mother and the troubles between bursa escort your dad and I shouldn’t be shared with you.”

I looked at her, sipping from my own glass of wine. “What troubles you two have do concern me. I have known that dad was a jerk for years. Do you think that I don’t see how much he hurts you by always putting you last? Do you think that I didn’t see the loneliness in your eyes when he would tell you that he had to work late, or was going to be out of town for a while? I hated him for ignoring you the way he would.”

Mom reached over and her hand caressed my cheek. “You have always been a very special son James. You would try so hard to make me feel good after your father had done something to hurt my feelings. It always made me love you more. Sometimes I would wish…” Mom took a deep breath and seemed to compose herself. “Never mind what I would wish. I’m just glad that I have you to turn to.”

I got up from my chair and walked over to sit next to her. “What would you wish?”

Mom looked at me. She seemed to think for a minute then shook her head. “No. It’s not important what I wished. It was just the thoughts of a lonely frustrated woman.”

“No mom. It’s been a long very time, since we have had a chance to really sit down and talk like this. We used to do it sometimes, when dad would leave you and go off to some meeting, or to some Conference that he always seemed to be running off to. I want to know what you would wish for.”

Mom took another sip from her glass. “It’s just silly wishful thinking James. It really didn’t mean anything.”

I set my glass down. Taking her hand in mine, I held on as she turned to me. “I was always there to be with you when you were feeling lonely or bad. You would sometimes just ramble on and I would listen. It always seemed to make you feel better that I was so attentive to you. Let me be that same person now mom. Tell me what you would wish for.”

Mom looked deep into my eyes without saying a word. I could almost see her struggling with the desire to bare her soul or keep her thoughts to herself. She turned away, and took another sip from her glass.

“I’ve watched you grow up. I was so afraid that you would turn out to be just like your father, more interested in work than in anyone else. But you always made time for me. You would sometimes stay home just to be with me when he was out somewhere. You would make me play cards with you or make me take a walk with you.

You would hold my hand and make me feel special. Even as you grew older you would still make time for me. You always told me how pretty I looked and how you could see the jealousy in other men’s faces as we walked by. It always made me feel that I wished I were married to you instead of your father. I knew that it was just a son saying things to make his mom feel good, but it was so good to hear them coming from another man. And you were a man James. In more ways than your dad was being. You are more man than he is.”

Mom turned to look up at me. She had to look up. Mom was such a tiny thing. I used to kid her, when I grew much taller than she is, that I was delivered by fairies. That I was the son of a much bigger man since I was taller than both she and dad was.

Her words were making me feel so much closer to her. “I enjoyed spending time with you. I used to have these wild thoughts that you were my wife and we were a happy couple. I used to love cooking for you and having dinner ready when you would come in from visiting friends or shopping. It was like taking care of my wife. I guess that I looked for you in every woman that I ever went out with. And since I didn’t find you I’m still single.”

Mom smiled the biggest smile I had seen her do since arriving. “Is that why you had so many stains in your shorts and sheets? I used to marvel at how much a young man could put out. I have to admit something to you James. There were times when I was so lonely, that I would imagine that those stains were from thoughts of me you were having.”

As she said it, she put her face nearly into her glass. She wouldn’t look up at me. It was as if the very words that she was saying were embarrassing to her. Or maybe she was just afraid that I would say that they weren’t for her at all.

I let my hand caress her cheek, feeling her press her face against my hand as I stroked her skin. I leaned in close so that I could whisper into her ear. “I’ll tell you a secret mom. Something that I never told anyone! A lot of times those stains were from the thoughts that I had of you. You really were my wife in my fantasies. And when you were feeling bad, I would do all kinds of things to make you happy.”

Mom didn’t look shocked at my revelation. In fact, I could see a smile cross her face. She turned her face so that her lips were close to my ear. “I’ll tell you a secret too. One that I never shared with a living soul before! I named my “BOB” James. He became my lover. A lover, who would put my feelings and pleasures before his own.”

I noticed that bursa escort bayan mom had not moved from having her face pressed close to mine. We were whispering into each other’s ears like lovers do. I could feel my emotions beginning to rise. I whispered back into her ear. “And did I please you? Did I make you feel as special as you really are to me?”

This time, I could hear mom’s breathing. “Mmmm! Yes you did James. I would only do that when you dad was gone, because you would make me cry out so loud when you pleased me.”

I could feel my dick beginning to grow hard in my pants. Mom’s breathing had grown even harsher and louder in my ear. “Did I take my time mom? Did I make sure that you totally enjoyed the way I made you feel?”

I felt mom’s hand on my shoulder. “Oh yes! You would tease me until I was begging you to take me. Sometimes, you were so soft and gentle I could barely stand it. Other times, the need for you was so great that you would be so rough with me that I was sore for days afterwards. But I loved it all James. I would look forward to the next time. Am I a bad mother for having such thoughts about you?”

I could feel my dick beginning to leak. It was throbbing and pressing against my pants. If mom looked down, she was sure to see just how aroused she was making me.

I slipped my hand up to her neck and began to softly rub her there. She would always stretch her neck to let me rub her whenever I would do that before. Mom gave a soft moan, but instead of pulling away, stretched her neck pressing her head against mine. I felt her lips kissing my skin and my dick jumped. I was sure that she must have felt it, since I was turned and pressed close to her.

“No mom. If anything, you were allowing me to make you happy. You were reacting to the love that I showered on you all the time. When I used to envision you as my wife, I would undress you slowly, so that I could see your loveliness revealed to me a little at a time. I would shower your body with kisses as I let my hands stroke and touch you.”

Mom moaned into my neck. “James. I would. I would let you show me how special I was to you. I would let you love me. Love me the way your father wouldn’t. I needed that so badly.”

My hands slipped down and I felt her small breast. Mom didn’t have big tits. Instead, hers were small and compact. But I used to think of them being super sensitive. I was surprised that when I let my fingers stroke them, her nipples were hard as tiny pebbles. And mom moaned and pressed her tits harder into my hand.

“I would take my time, letting my fingers and my lips explore every inch of you. Even though I would want you so badly it hurt, I would take my time to make sure that you were eager to feel me making love to you.”

Mom’s hand slipped down to my pants. I could feel her fingertips stroking the length of my hard throbbing shaft. “Yes James. You would go slow, knowing that you were so much bigger than your dad is. You would be gentle with me until I could get used to how long and fat you are.”

My hand slipped down to her housecoat. I could feel her bare legs and I let my fingertips stroke her. Mom slowly opened her legs, giving me the go ahead to explore further. My hand slowly slid beneath the housecoat and I was stroking the inside of her thighs. Mom moaned louder.

“You would find me so wet when you touched me. I would be afraid that my need would frighten you off. But you didn’t let it stop you in the least. You wouldn’t complain that I was too wet like your father used to.”

I could feel mom’s fingers slowly pulling the zipper down on my pants. My fingers had gotten all the way up to her panty. Mom was soaking wet and when I stroked my fingertips up and down the grove she pressed her cunt hard against them.

“I would find your clit and stroke it until you couldn’t stand it. My fingers would enter you slowly so that I could tell just how tight you were. I would find your spot and make you cum on my fingers. Then I would taste you from them.”

I could feel mom’s hips jerking as I stroked her thru her panty. Her breathing was coming in gasps. “Yes James! Make me cum. Push your fingers inside me. I need you so badly it hurts. It’s been so long since I had a man make love to me.”

I pushed the soaked crotch of her panty aside and my fingers stroked her slit. Unlike many of the women I have made love to, mom’s pussy was covered in hair. Her juices were thick as my fingers stroked up and down her slit. And when my thumb rubbed her clit, mom lifted her hips off the couch.”

“James!” Her scream almost made me jerk my finger free. But she pressed down hard and I felt her body begin to convulse. Mom was having her orgasm on my finger. I shoved two fingers hard into her cunt and her eyes grew wide, but she never stopped working her hips. I held her tight and let her enjoy it. When it stopped, she began to cry. Not soft weeping, but wracking sobs that made my heart go out to her.

I held her tight, telling her to let it go. To cry out escort bursa all the hurt and frustration that dad had given her. She clung to me like a drowning person clings to a life preserver. When she stopped crying I held her even tighter. Then letting her go, I kissed her on the lips. It wasn’t a lover’s kiss, just a soft loving kiss. I slipped my wet fingers into my mouth and smiled at her.

I stood up and reaching down lifted her up in my arms. “Ok lady. You have had enough excitement for one day. And now it’s time for you to get some rest.” Mom laughed as I carried her thru the house to her bedroom. Then I gently laid her down on the bed. As I was about to turn to leave she reached out and grabbed my hand.

“James”, she said as I turned to look at her. “Would you lay with me tonight? Not make love to me, just lay here with me. I don’t want to sleep alone.”

I sat on the bed and looked at her. Her housecoat had risen up until I could see the wet crotch of her panty. I could feel my still hard dick pressing to be free. “Sure mom. Just like I used to do when I was younger, I’ll lay beside until you are asleep.”

Mom looked at me. “No James. I want to wake up and feel you still besides me. I want to know that this isn’t just another dream I’m having. Would you do that for me?”

I looked at her. She seemed so broken and vulnerable. I hated dad even more. “Sure mom. But I still sleep only in my boxers. Let me make sure the house is all locked up and all the lights are off. Don’t run away, I’ll be right back.”

I walked thru the hosue turning off all the lights that we had left on. I checked the doors and set the alarm. Then I walked back to the bedroom I had put mom into. She wasn’t there. I walked to my bedroom and found her in the middle of the bed.

Mom laughed, as I dropped my pants and slipped my t-shirt over my head. Mom looked straight at the bulge in my shorts. “Maybe you were delivered by fairies. Your father doesn’t have anything like what you have poking out at me.”

I wagged my finger at her. “Ok. No funny stuff. I won’t make love to you tonight. Tomorrow when you are fully sober and we can talk, we will see if this goes any further.”

Laughing, mom crossed her heart. But I could see that she also had her fingers crossed. I lay down and pulled her close to me. “This feels so good James. Thank you for being such a wonderful son.”

I could feel my heart beating in my chest. I was holding mom close against me and this was different from when I would do this when I was younger. I could feel mom’s hand on my bare chest. I was sure that she could feel my hard dick the way she was laying against me.

We lay quiet for what seemed like forever. I thought at one moment that mom had fallen asleep. Then I felt her hand move. She started out just rubbing my chest. Then I felt her hand slip down to the top of my shorts. “Mom, behave.”

I heard her soft giggle, and then I felt her hand on my still throbbing dick. “I’m being good, aren’t I James?”

I couldn’t help the soft groan I let escape my lips. I felt her hand softly wrap around my shaft. Her thumb rubbed the top of my knob, spreading my pre cum all around the head of my dick. We still had a small light on the night table on. Mom smiled up at me.

“I have to see what it looks like James.” With that, she lifted up the covers and pushed them to our feet. “Oh James, you are definitely not your father’s child! I will have to find those fairies and thank them for giving me such a big strong man.”

I was about to laugh and make some smart reply, when mom lowered her head and I felt her lips cover the head of my dick. Her lips went no further than the crown of my swollen head, but I could feel her tongue stroking the head. I let her have her way for just a few moments, knowing that if I didn’t stop her I wouldn’t be able to in short order.

I pulled her up until she was straddling me. When had she taken her panties off? I could feel her hair brushing up and down my shaft as she moved back and forth. I looked at her. “Mom!”

Her eyes were closed. She was rubbing my shaft against the grove of her spread pussy lips. Her breathing had turned to gasps. “I won’t put it in James. I promise.” She was rubbing herself back and forth hard and fast. I reached around her and held her.

“Slower.” I could feel her slow down, but she was pressing harder against me. “Slower. I want you to go very slowly.” Mom opened her eyes and looked at me.

“Yes James.”

Mom was moaning as she rubbed her hairy pussy back and forth against my throbbing dick. “Lift up a bit and just brush your clit against me.”

Mom smiled and nodded he head. “Yes James.”

I felt her lift up a bit and hold herself up by her outstretched arms. This time when she rubbed me she gasped and her eyes grew wide. “Oh James! Oh baby, that feels so good.”

“Keep going just like that. Make yourself go very slow. I want you to just rub your hard clit against me.”

Mom was moaning as she slowly worked her cunt back and forth. I could feel her juices running down onto my shaft. She was getting close. She looked up at me. “Please James. Let me put it in. I won’t take all of it, but I want to feel you inside me so bad.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32