Tales of a High School Senior Ch. 3

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This is a story of what happened last summer at the summer camp I go to for church. Its name is St. Christian’s Summer Camp, and I go every year for one week out of the summer. It’s pretty fun, I have a lot of friends there and it is a week away from work or my parents. This last time I went, I had just turned 18 and was happy about that. But of course, I was a little short on “getting any” (you should know by now that this is a very big problem with me…) I showed up energetic and the first day was as usual. People hugging everywhere and blah, blah, blah. I should have been concentrating more on my buddies, Mike and Joe, whom I hadn’t seen in a year, but I was so damned horny that all the girls there were catching my attention. Damn they mostly all looked really good. Oh well, not much I could do about it, this is a CHURCH summer camp. Its supposed o be innocent and all.

That night at about 1:30 AM I lay awake in my bunk really, really needing a cigarette. Thank God I remembered to grab a carton on my way out of town. I grabbed a couple of cigarettes, only 2 so if I happened to get caught they would only take these two, and not a whole pack. I strolled out to the bathhouse, went inside to take a piss and went out the front of it to the bathhouse porch. I sat down in a plastic lawn chair, put a cigarette in my mouth, and lit it. I could literally feel the nicotine coursing through my veins. When that cigarette was about half done, I heard someone walking up to me. I kind of tossed the cigarette into a bush and acted like I was meditating. A soft sexy female voice cooed: “now why the fuck did you do THAT?”

“Huh, what?” I replied, trying to act ataşehir escort like I had no idea what she was talking about.

“You threw the cigarette out!”

“I don’t smoke.”

“I’m not a counselor so chill out. It’s me, Natalie.”

“Oh, hey Nat. How’s it going? Do you smoke?” I asked, getting up to retrieve my smoke before it went out.

“Yeah, that’s what I came out here to do. I could see you from my cabin. You’re so obvious. Don’t worry, the counselors didn’t see.”

“Well that’s good,” I mumbled, trying to re-light my cigarette. “I got one more out here so when we’re done with this one we can share the other one.”


That conversation with Natalie lasted all night. I ended up going back to the cabin twice for more cigarettes. We were both using the excuse of wanting to smoke so we could be together outside. At least I know I was. We talked about EVERYTHING. Old relationships, parties, music, drugs. And finally, at about 4:30, sex.

“Well I like sex. It’s fun, but I am not too lucky with the ladies-I guess all the girls in Oklahoma don’t know the value of a good fuck,” I slowly said, drawing from my cigarette afterwards.

“I like sex. It’s fun. Matter of fact, It has been a while. Sex is real—nice. Especially with the right person…” She leaned closer and closer to me, about ready to kiss me, then-

“HEY WHAT THE BLOODY HELL?” Cameron the counselor screamed. “Give me that!!” he said, referring to the cigarette in my hand. He snatched it away and put it in his mouth. “Now both of you get the fuck to bed, now!” he grumbled smoking MY cigarette.

“Goodnight Nat, I really can’t wait kadıköy escort bayan to see you tomorrow.”

“Me either, Ray” she smiled that sexy smile with the dimples and walked away.

Let me describe Natalie for you. About 5′ 5″, 18 years old, right above shoulder length dirty blonde dyed hair, cute braces, and probably 36-c cup tits. She had a curvy body that moved in all the right places when she walked. The Perfect girl for me.

Anyway, the next night, I needed a smoke, so I went outside. Natalie was already there, smoking a joint.

“Yeah buddy that’s what I need!” I said, enthusiastically.

“Here, have some!”

The rest of that night we spent making out, and feeling each other up a bit. I sucked on her tits while she smoked a joint. God they are beautiful boobs! Anyway, the next 2 nights were like this. On Friday, there was a dance. Now, being a rocker, I am not accustomed to what people refer to as “freak dancing”. It basically consists of the girl and guy simulating sex with your clothes on while dancing. Oh, and it’s a MAJOR TURN – ON! Natalie sauntered over to me and began aggressively freak dancing with me. It was great. For 3 hours I was in ecstasy. It was great. Anyway, after the dance, I was really horny and wanted to fuck. When I slipped outside to go smoke, Natalie was out there as usual.

“Hey sexy,” she cooed. “you were great tonight, I loved it!”

“well, thanks, I’m not that good at it, I mean I could be bet-“

“HEY do you want to go swimming with me?” She interrupted.

“Um sure..”

“Then STRIP. We’re doing this skinny dipping style!”

“Yes, ma’am! Your wish is escort maltepe my command!”

We both stripped, and GOD does she have a BEAUTIFUL BODY!!! We silently slipped in the water and began splashing each other. We ended up near each other and I picked her up and dunked her. When she came up, my semi-hard cock brushed up against her and floated so it was in between her legs, brushing her pussy. We were less than inches apart, and we savagely kissed, running our hands underwater everywhere on each other’s bodies. It was beautiful. After a little while, my rock hard dick found its way pressing on her lips, and barely poking in her. I took advantage of the situation and thrust up and at her. That drove my dick way into her, taking her completely by surprise, but with passion and euphoria. We stayed like hat for just a minute, me motionless inside her, as we hung suspended in space. I slowly started to make her ride me by putting my hands on her hips and moving her up and down on my dick. The water washed away all the natural lubrication, so it was raw fucking. Painful, animalistic, love. After a couple minutes she tightly shut her eyes, and I knew she was about to orgasm. Right as she was climaxing, I thrust deeper and harder into her than before, making her orgasm just that much better. Then I got her up against a wall, and went at it. It was my turn to come, and I was going to do it in this BEAUTY of a woman. After a few more minutes of the pure, raw sex, my whole body tensed up as I climaxed and shot my hot load deep inside Natalie’s succulent young pink pussy. We stayed there for a second, then got out when the counselors started about.

We kept in contact since then, but nothing has developed. I’ll have to work at it harder to get her back I suppose. There’s a Youth conference in the town she lives in February, and she’ll be there. I REALLY hope they have an indoor pool…

Well that’s all for now, more soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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