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Tamara was a slightly petite young woman with long soft black hair that she’d dyed a powerful red and somewhat pale smooth skin. Quick to smile but with a twist of mind that was hidden from outside observers. She lived slightly off campus in a house she shared with three other female students.

We were returning together one night, sneaking in via the kitchen after a late night movie. Giggling a bit as we’d spent more time kissing in the back and letting eager hands wander over and under each others’ clothes and bodies than actually concentrating on the film. I’d been nibbling on her delicious neck and was feeling most eager to continue my nibbling further down south on her fantastic feminine form.

We wound up against a wall, her hands beneath my t-shirt and mine beneath hers. Eagerly exploring soft skin as our lips fused. I kissed her allover her neck, feeling and acting almost as a vampire as I fed on her smooth sweet skin. Getting drunk off of her scent, her taste and her moans. I turned her around to face the wall, smelling her hair and kissing her neck. Pushing my lips close to her skin as I told her how good her hair smelled to me, breathing in the scent heavily.

I was pulling up her t-shirt, pulling it up to her armpits so that I could kiss my way downwards over her spine. Lick my way downwards over her spine, listening to her moaning as I kissed her spine. Kissing my way to the edge of her jeans. My hands having wandered allover her front, caressing her bosom, her nipples between my fingers. Playing with her hard nipples. Now I let them wander down across her stomach so that could open up her jeans, taking full advantage of where they were to explore and caress her crotch as I slowly pulled down her jeans.

A woman’s bottom is so often a thing of beauty and so tasty to observe that I almost find myself salivating when faced with an appetising one. As I pulled down Tamara’s jeans I couldn’t resist kissing and nibbling on her buttocks, giving them light love-bites. Something about feeling that part of her between my lips, between my teeth, excited me even further. Making me feel like a hungry beast, wanting to dig into his prey. I peeled her thong away to one side as I caressed her buttocks.

Licking the sides of her labia, just beyond the edges of her lower lovely lips but also just before the butt-cheeks. Teasingly putting the edge of my wet tongue close to her juicy tongue but without letting the two meet. Trying not to go insane from keeping myself from tasting what I wanted the most. Moaning she begged me not to tease her so and I relented in an instant. Gently peeling her lips apart and tasting the elixir of her cunt, dipping my tongue inside and making her moan more than ever. Overjoyed at tasting her ripe and juicy fruit.

I licked her until I couldn’t’t stand it any longer and stood up, my hands trembling with lust I pulled down my own pants just enough to let my almost hurting member out. So filled with excitation that it was aching to get inside of her. As a final tease I let it just brush up against her cunt, rubbing the tip with a glistening bead on the end of it against her lower lips. Caressing her blood-filled labia with my engorged staff. Teasing and torturing her as much as myself.

Dipping the tip inside of her magnificent cave I then slowly ataşehir escort pressed home, home to the most welcoming place that any part of my anatomy has ever known. Pushing home as we both moaned almost into insanity, gripping her hips as if her cunt would squeeze me out most violently otherwise. Finally home I just stayed there a while, having reached maximum depth I paused. First to catch my breath and then to kiss her, moving my hands allover her back as I kissed at first her neck and then her as she twisted her head to meet my lips.

Slowly I started the rhythm that I could feel pulsating through my whole body, making it pulsate through Tamara as well. Gaining entrance for us both into the otherworldly palace of pleasure that can be found when two people join forces in desire. Licking a hand I then brought it down over her bush and onto her clit, her swollen sensitive bead of Love’s delight. Holding variously onto her hip or around her waist with my other hand as she used both to support herself against the wall. To feel her pulsating being around my throbbing member was mind-blowing to say the least and I could feel my fingers wanting to dig into her flesh even further to claim her even more.

Pausing but briefly to kiss her deliciously sensitive neck she asked me to wait a bit and pushed away from the wall. There was a counter running at a right angle to the wall and dividing the room across it’s length into a kitchen and a dining area. Starting to turn around she told me to jump up and sit on the edge of it. As she started to turn I started slipping out of her, my drowned warrior as eager as ever I still obeyed her wish. Feeling my bare buttocks on the cool counter.

She turned on me with a glint in her eyes that told me she was as close to primitive lust-driven insanity as I was and when she’d approached me for a kiss she soon raped my mouth and pulled of my t-shirt at the same time, digging her fingers into my naked back. Ending the kiss she pushed me away and told me to lie down, taking off her own t-shirt as I was leaning back. My pants got pulled off in seconds but she didn’t seemed pleased that it’d taken that long as she lounged upon my groin immediately. Devouring it with her hungry hot mouth. There was something about seeing her smile and baring her teeth as she devoured my member that both frightened and excited me at the same time. Soon I was so out of it with pleasure that I was trying to dig my fingertips into the counter to hold on to sanity.

She made sure we both were completely undressed before climbing on top of me. I edged further in on the counter so I could support my feet on it as she crawled on all fours over me. Giving me a piercing look from her deep eyes, teasingly keeping her lips just out of my reach before granting me a deep devouring kiss. We were like to wanderers lost in the desert and trying to extinguish our thirsts by drinking deeply of each other. She arose, giving me a glimpse of her beautiful yet small bosom in the moonlight that was filtering in through the windows. As my hands gravitated to her breasts she gripped my member to guide it in. Smiling victoriously when she caught it and blowing us both away when she sat down on it, letting it sink in fully. My hands squeezing her bosom and hardened nipples.

She leaned kadıköy escort bayan down for a kiss, unable to take it slow my pelvis started to work out a rhythm of it’s own. Using my bent legs to give me force to start pumping even if she didn’t. Slowly pushing my groin up against her bottom. My hands caressing her back, drawing little patterns on and around her spine as we kissed more and more deeply. Ending the kiss without getting up she started to ride me more and more. Switching between giving me a penetrating gaze and closing her eyes as pleasure took over. Her hair dangling over me and caressing my own hair.

She arose and I followed her, burying my face in her small but delightful bosom. Licking her nipples and areolas as if that was the task I’d been born and bred to do and nothing else. Holding her back as if I was afraid she’d fly away at any moment. Her fingers and more and more her nails starting to dig into my exposed back. Digging into me as if she had no proof that this was real other than the resistance offered to her by my skin and that she’ld only know it had happened tomorrow by seeing the marks she’ld leave on my back. Her marks of ownership over me. We were grinding at it as we lost ourselves in each other.

Suddenly she pushed me down and her rhythm started to become more furious, like a raging bull. My pelvis did all it could to match and help and with my hands on her hips I helped her to ride me even harder, trying to thrust as far as I could up into her at every attempt. Feeling a desire to thrust so deep into her that I’ld see my tip at the bottom of her mouth as if that would’ve been possible. Groping her rear with my hands now and then. She was shaking on top of me, getting lost in lust. Thinking about it afterwards it seemed like a miracle that no one of her house-mates came down to investigate our loud moaning or even just to watch us.

She rested a bit, slowing down and leaning down for a kiss, burying my face in her face, her lips, her hair. The deep kiss awakening my sense of humour I gave her a suggestion after it. Suggesting a change of setting and position, suggesting that we move onto the dinner table. Laughingly we kissed again. She jumped off of me and led the way holding my hand. Sliding off the counter I felt like I could barely walk as my pelvis had taken such a pounding. My legs feeling weak.

She climbed on top of it first, leaning forwards on all fours and shaking her tush at me to tempt me. I hardly needed the added incentive as I climbed on up after her. Kneeling behind her I let my member rest for a while between her buttocks. Lying there all covered in her juices. I started rubbing it against her for a while, just rubbing it against her skin. Moaning she begged me to put it in, I was too weak to resist for long. Sliding it in for the third time I just knew that it was now or never.

With a steady grip on her hips I forced myself to go slow at first, but she soon egged me on to go faster and harder. Soon pumping away in a more and more frantic rhythm. Beads of sweat were rolling down along my spine as I thrust onwards. Risking a brief caress of her skin I could feel that she was equally wet with exertion. Going faster and harder I could feel the tingling sensations along the spine, my legs wanting to go escort maltepe rigid despite it being impossible in that position. She got more and more unstable in her hold on the table although I guess I both stabilised and destabilised her. She’d had to place one of her hands on her clit and at times she moved it even further back to grip and massage my sack rather roughly, which was good in a way as had she done it more sensitively and teasingly then I’ld probably have come right then and there.

Leaning back a little I was pulling her towards me, pulling her close and pushing her away. I could feel myself getting the anticipatory twitches and after biting my lip constantly for half-a-minute or a minute or so (it felt like an aeon anyhow) I forced myself to ask her where she was. She just moaned uncontrollably in response and she’d been arching her back every so often for quite a while. Shuddering and shaking as if equipped with an internal vibrator. I could feel her hand on her clit getting more and more frantic, a feverish pace.

Going at it like a steam engine about to blow from too much pressure which is a good description of how I felt as well it soon became impossible to keep control. Soon sensing those signals which cannot be ignored nor averted once felt. Two humans going mad from lust and passion and the explosive pent-up pressure those had created when mixed. I just felt myself loose myself, keeping at it obsessively as more and more of my body went absolutely rigid with the cramps that comes before. Feeling her cunt starting to pulsate like an animal around my member. Moving as I could never stop as she was shaking to bits in my hands.

Trying to plunge myself deeper and deeper in each time as if I was trying to put all of me inside of her when I’ld come. I kept thrusting as I felt the first little load go and then I just lost it. She’d gone rigid with her back arch and shaking like in some kind of fit mere seconds before. Screaming out the release of pleasure-built pressure. I kept thrusting, stopping was never an option, as I emptied myself off of every drop, using her to milk myself out of everything. My spine alive as if I was being struck with lightning again and again. My whole body stiff as it expelled every last little drop of my load. Each drop pumped out of my staff felt in every little nerve of my body. Shaking as if in a fit as I freed myself from pent-up pressure.

Unable to stand up or even kneel afterwards I collapsed onto her and then next to her on the table. Both of us lying there spooning and panting as the world was slowly starting to stop spinning. Dizzily feeding each other weak kisses to regain strength and reaffirm love. Slowly, slowly regaining enough strength to weakly caress each others’ sweaty skin with light touches. After a while sliding off the table onto unsteady legs. Wiping off the surfaces used a little to remove some evidence before gathering up our crumpled clothing and heading upstairs to her bedroom for sleep. Walking with our arms around each others’ waists up the stairs, supporting each other and exchanging light kisses. Fondling and cuddling throughout the night until sleep took hold of our tired and satisfied bodies…

Waking up the next day in her bed I soon realised a few things. For one that Tamara was absolutely beautiful when she slept. Secondly that the people she shared the house with didn’t think much of privacy as I was awakened by one of them coming into her room and rummaging around a bit. Thirdly, that Tamara was most assuredly the one of all of them that looked the best naked…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32