Tasha, Mom, and Me

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There’s a lot of things I’ve thought of in life, some more than others, but most of the time you don’t act on them, no matter what. Well, with the help of my new girlfriend, I got a chance to act on a great one..

Me and Tasha were hanging out with my mom. It was a good night of playing cards and having a few drinks. We were all having a good time. My step-dad was gone for the weekend for work and we were more keeping my mom company than anything. Tasha was newly dating me, but my whole family really warmed up to her quickly. She’s an amazing girl.. And to give you a bit of a description on her, she’s 5’2″, 103lbs, long dark hair, and great T&A. I’m 6’1″, 250lbs, and just a big bear of a guy. And my mom, well, she’s a mom. Also 5’2″, 150’ish lbs, dark shoulder length hair. The norm..

Well, after quite a while of playing cards we decided to increase the stakes. If you had a losing hand, you could get an extra wild card for every shot you wanted to take. It was a great idea and good fun. If you really wanted 4 aces on every hand, not a problem, we could make that happen. It was all how bad you wanted it.

So we’re playing for a while, and with the new rules the drinking sped up pretty quickly. It became almost a joke at how many times we all had perfect hands. But the fun continued, and it was really a good time. Everybody laughing, everybody getting drunker and drunker..

After a bit, Tasha got up and went to the kitchen to get a bit of a snack, Mom and I played another hand or two while she was gone. On her way back she stopped behind Mom’s chair and started to rub her shoulders a bit. She always gives a great back rub. At first Mom was still playing during the rub, but eventually had her cards resting on the table (a crap hand, by the way) and had her head down really enjoying the rub. She looked like a bit of a rag doll. Hey head lightly swinging from side to side with the force of the rubbing.

After a bit, Mom started lightly moaning. Not sure if it was the booze, or the great rub, but she was getting really into this. With that, Tasha quietly waved me over. I wasn’t quite sure what was up, but she waved me behind her, so as I stood there, she started rubbing my mom’s head with one hand and started rubbing my cock through my shorts with the other. The was the most risky, hottest thing I’ve ever done. I was immediately rock hard. She slowly worked my zipper down and gently pulled my cock out. I was horny as fuck at that point, but also nervous as hell. My cock was about a foot from the back of my mother’s head. She kept rubbing my mom and pulled my hand to my own cock. I took her cue and started stroking, slowly and quietly.. She went back to working one hand on Mom’s head and one hand down her neck. Mom moaning the whole time.. It was hot.

It seemed like forever, but in reality was just probably a minute or two, but then Tasha motioned me around to my mom’s side. My cock was literally 2 inches in front of her face. I’m sure she could smell my leaking cock. Probably subconsciously getting her really hot. Tasha started to work her hand through my mom’s hair quite a bit, really working her into a spell. Then, took a tight, controlling grip of bursa escort her hair and turned her face to the side, her lips less than a half inch from my cock. My mom’s lips parted ever so slightly when she did and I took that as my cue and slid my cock slowly into my mom’s waiting mouth. She never opened her eyes, but immediately wrapped her lips around me. But this wasn’t quite enough for Tasha, she wanted to make an impression, so she continued to push a little more, even putting her other hand on my ass to squeeze us together. My mom started to gag a bit, but Tasha pushed on and eventually got my entire cock, to the balls, in my mom’s throat. But they best part is, even after bottoming out, Tasha didn’t let up right away. My mom choked a bit on my cock, but was a real trooper and kept fighting for it. She wanted her baby boy’s cock in her throat and she was going to have it.

After she had given the obvious signal that she was not going to stop any time soon, Tasha had gotten pretty hot watching all this and she wanted to join in a bit. She moved between my mom’s legs and slid her pants down. She knows I love panties so she left them in place and just slid them to the side. She remarked about just how soaking wet my mom’s cunt was. She said that she must have been wanting this for quite a while. With that, she grabbed a nice smooth candle stick off the counter top and she eased it into my mom’s hot little pussy. There’s nothing quite like feeling your mom moan around your cock while you’re watching your girlfriend pushing something into her pussy. I was lucky I didn’t explode right there.

After a bit of working in and out, making her continue to moan around my cock, Tasha pulled out the candle stick and started working her fingers into my mom’s pussy. Mom moaned even louder around my cock. It was wild, though, as good as that felt, it was when Tasha started working a finger slowly into my mom’s ass that Mom surprised me and took the hint and reached between my legs and started working a finger into my ass. Well, from other experiences before, I’m a big fan of ass play, so this was a great addition to our little party. I think my cock got about a third larger in my mom’s throat with that one. After one finger, she brought up a second one, and it was when that second one was deeply in that I put my hand on the back of Mom’s head and gave a thrust that I knew was gagging her and cutting off her air for a minute. It was the best feeling I’ve ever felt..

After letting Mom up for air she stood up. I thought I had crossed the line, but instead she stood up, not covering herself or anything, and went to the bedroom. Tasha and I followed.

Once in the bedroom Mom, saying nothing, took off her remaining clothing and reached in her nightstand and took out a blindfold. I was kinda pleasantly surprised and it made me happily curious on what my mom was into. She put on the blindfold and laid back in bed. Once again, not saying anything, just waiting. Tasha and I quickly stripped and joined her on the bed.

Tasha took the position at my mother’s head, and looked at me, I pulled up between my mom’s legs. She had taken her panties off and I was presented with the same bursa escort bayan pussy that I had popped out of so many years ago. This was an indescribable feeling. My cock was actually in pain I was so hard. So I took this opportunity and slowly slid myself in. With that, Tasha slid up a bit and let her dripping pussy come to rest on my mom’s tongue. Mom didn’t need any instruction, she was right at it. Tongue deeply working Tasha’s pussy as I fucked in and out of her. This went on for a little bit until Tasha was ready to cum. She was building up and then exploded, covering my mom’s chin and cheeks in her juices. It was a great sight to see my mom’s face glistening with girl cum.

Once Tasha had cum, her mind cleared a bit and she remembered my pantie fetish. She reached down, grabbed my mom’s panties, used them to wipe up some of the pussy juices around my cock while I was fucking her, and then pushed them into my mouth. They were soaked and I was in heaven. And with this new modification, I now was totally silent and Tasha was 100% in control. She then asked my mom softly if she’d like it to get rougher. Mom just nodded. This was all Tasha needed. She became a different person. She called me up to my mom’s face and told my mom to get on all fours. With my kneeling in front of my mom’s wet lips, she very lightly nudged my cock against her lips and then, as Mom started to part her lips, she grabbed the back of her head and my ass and shoved together, burying my cock all the way to the balls in one shot. My mom coughed and sputtered, but Tasha wasn’t letting up. She wanted my mom to choke on my cock and that’s what she was going to do. Even though Mom’s body was naturally resisting the invasion, Mom didn’t really resist too much, it’s almost like she loved the abuse.

Tasha motioned for me to take the reigns, so I put my hands on my mom’s head and continued to fuck her throat very forcefully. Tasha work her way back around to see my mom’s pussy and asshole presented very nicely to her. She takes this as a great opportunity and pushes her fingers into my mom’s juicy pussy. She worked them around for a bit and I can hear Mom moaning again. When your pressed so deep you’re right above a person’s vocal cords, it feels like nothing else. She works Mom’s pussy for a while, stopping to lick her fingers every now and then. Then she takes her pinkie, oddly, just her pinkie and pushes it into my mom’s asshole, working in and out while she fingers her. I saw her smile real big every time I would force myself all the way into my mom, evidently the body’s natural reaction to the choking makes your muscles, including your asshole, clench. Every time I would gag my mom it would squeeze Tasha’s fingers. The entertaining things you find while violating a parent..

I figured out the reason that Tasha was only using a pinkie when she motioned me behind my mom. I was in a doggy style position, and Tasha sat in front of my mom’s face. She grabbed my mom’s hair and pulled her very hard into her pussy. My mom was having a little trouble breathing, but was playing along and started lapping at her juicy cunt, but really, what choice did she have at that point. With that sharp angle change, escort bursa I noticed a really obvious choice for me, but it was made more obvious when Tasha said to me “I want you to fuck this bitch’s asshole. Hard.”. Mom started to pull back a bit off Tasha’s pussy, but Tasha just locked her arms around Mom’s head and made it impossible for her to move. The reason she was only using her pinkie was that she wanted to get her asshole going, but didn’t want to stretch it at all. She wanted the full stretch to be in the first push of my cock. Mom had a mixed moan and scream as my cock pushed very hard and fast passed her little tight asshole. Evidently my step-dad wasn’t getting any of her ass, but I damn sure well was. It probably didn’t feel real good at first because I saw some tears drip from behind her blindfold. At this point, though, she was ours for the taking.

After fucking her ass for a little while I was getting a little tired, so I just let my cock fall out and watched my mom eat Tasha’s pussy. It was very hot. I don’t know if Mom had experience, but she was eating like a pro. I never lost my gaze for even a second. But after a couple minutes of watching it, my mom pulled her head back for a minute and said “Baby, are you gonna finish fucking Mommy’s slutty asshole?” I thought I would cum just hearing that.

Well, the answer was yes, I dove back in in one swift thrust. I was back at it. Tasha even remembered the tightening asshole before and every now and then wrapped her fingers around my mom’s throat and choked her until she was getting a bit woozy. At first it would just cause a bit of a stir in my mom’s ass, but then, as she started to black out, he asshole would convulse. It was a great feeling to be in the process of fucking her while this happened. And then Tasha would let go of her and she’d come back to normal and her ass would loosen and tighten a bit the whole time. It was great. Then, Mom pulled back a bit again and turned a bit and said “Honey, can you please pump Momma’s asshole full of your thick cum? It hasn’t been since your daddy that I had a good load filling me up. Thanks baby, I love you.” The last bit pushed me over the edge.

Tasha cranked on my mom’s head just enough to bring it partially around and then pulled off her mask just in time to see me pumping her butt full of the biggest load of cum I’ve ever shot. I thought I was going to pass out. After filling her nice and full I laid down on the bed, happy with my work. Mom came over to me and started sucking my cock, which was nice. Tasha came over to me and put the newly available blindfold on me. They whispered a bit and she then told me that that was all so hot that I now I was going to have to eat her pussy. She removed my pantie-gag and lowered herself down onto my face. It tasted so good. I love the taste of hot, juicy pussy. It’s my favorite thing in the world.. I at that pussy for everything I was worth. I loved it. Then she scooted a bit so I was tonguing her ass. Turns out that the first dive of my tongue came back covered in cum. I wasn’t eating Tasha’s pussy, but I had been eating my mom’s hot little cunt and I was now sucking my own cum out of her asshole. After giving it a good working over she lifted up and then I shared the longest, hottest kiss ever with my mom. She was tasting my cum as she was playing with my tongue. It was so hot that I was starting to get hard again..

This is gonna be a long night..

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