Teacher Needs It

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The bell rang. I began to put away my papers and notes, stopping now and then to acknowledge a goodbye or answer a quick question.

“Hi, Ms. Jay!” I heard someone in the hall kids say as Tina walked into the room. She was a popular teacher at our high school. Tina was in her mid-twenties and as cute as a button. She was wearing what I call “a woman’s suit.” It was a Navy jacket, white top with a short skirt.

“What’s up?” I asked her as she walked intothe room.

“I’ve got the Chapter 12 Test and the answer key,” she replied as she stopped in front of my desk.

“Thanks,” I said as I admired what she was wearing. Tina had leaned back onto the front of the desk in the first row.

“No problem,” she replied. “I’ve got Susan and Julie’s copies too. You were the first room I came to. I figured I’d get the long hike out of the way first.”

I work in a cluster of temporary buildings stationed behind the school. Overcrowding issues a few years earlier had forced the need for new classrooms and I had quickly volunteered to move out to “the boonies.”

I loved the temporary classrooms. If you can imagine a double-wide trailer with two classrooms, then you know where I work. No administrators ever come to visit way out here, and I can control the temperature in the room on my own. Most of the teachers that work out here are coaches, and by sixth period, they are off on the athletic fields. By the end of the day, it’s practically deserted. I like the solitude.

The door to the temporary buildings open to the outside boardwalk, so for security reasons, they automatically lock. It’s a good thing, except for having to stop teaching 4-5 times each class to answer the knocks at the door.

As Tina and ataşehir escort bayan I had our little discussion about the test, the spring on the door finally clicked it shut. I glanced over at it when it closed, and then turned back to Tina to continue our talk. Tina however had other plans.

She looked me in the eye, and tossed the tests and answer keys across the room. As they fluttered through the air, she stood up and said, “Fuck me.”

She then turned around, pulled her skirt up around her waist, revealing her smooth, tight ass to me. No panties. She bent over the desk she had been leaning on and looked back at me.

“C’mon! Get over here and slip that cock into my pussy! You won’t believe how hot and wet I am right now.”

I stood there with a stupid look on my face. This was the last thing I had expected today.

“C’monnnnnn,” she moaned. “What are you waiting for? Get over here and fuck me. No one’s going to know. Do you need more? Okay, here!”

Tina turned around and slipped out of her shirt and jacket to reveal a pink bra. Quickly she reached around and unhooked it and tossed it across the room. She stood there with her skirt bunched up around her waist, topless, urging me to take her. She reached up and cupped her breasts, offering them to me.

“You’d better come over here now. I’m not going to offer myself like this again.” She told me.

“Nawwww,” I teased. “I’m going to need to see more than that. Lose the skirt.”

She quickly twisted it around to find the zipper, undid it, and slid the skirt off. There, in my classroom, was a teacher, totally naked and begging to be fucked. I decided to have a little fun with this to see how far she would go.

“Sit escort kadıöy in a student desk.” I told her as I walked slowly towards her.

I was incredibly hard as she did my bidding. She sat there naked in the desk, her breasts resting on the top of the desk. They were a perfect pair, just full enough to fill my hands. Her nipples were a dark pink on a light pink circle. Her legs were spread so wide underneath the desk top that I could see the engorged lips of her pussy.

I unzipped my pants as I walked toward her. When I was standing in the aisle next to her, I pulled my hard cock out of my pants and offered it to her. She turned her head upwards, put her right hand around the base, and pulled it to her face, sliding it in past her lips.

The craziness of the whole thing nearly had me cumming in her mouth right then, but I let her suck me for about five minutes before pulling away.

“You’re insane, you know that?” I asked her. “You’re in my classroom totally naked. Your clothes are strewn all over the room. If someone walked in right now, there’s no way you could cover yourself.”

“I know…isn’t it wild?” She said with a wicked smile. Then she slid out of the desk and crawled up on the top of it and spread her legs wide. She looked at me and said, “Will you please fuck me?”

I stepped forward and she reached down, grabbing my cock and positioning it at her pussy. I moved forward and pushed my cock past her pussy lips. She was right. I couldn’t believe how hot and wet she was.

“Oh, yeah!” she moaned as I began thrusting into her. Her legs rose up and wrapped lightly around my back. I’ve never had a woman meet my thrusts with such return force. We were practically slamming maltepe escort into each other.

After being sucked, and the excitement of the situation, I felt myself approaching orgasm. I didn’t want to spoil it for her, so I quickly stopped, yet remained deep inside her. Tina milked and squeezed my hard cock with the muscles of her pussy. I didn’t dare move my hips. Instead, I reached down between us and began stroking her clit with my fingers. That did it.

Tina let loose with a guttural animal cry of passion, “Wunnnngggghhhhh!” She came so violently that we almost lost our connection. Her pelvis rocked back and forth so fast that I couldn’t hold back anymore.

I pulled out of her and slammed forward against her pussy. She was hot and slick and I pushed my cock up and down between her lips. Each of my upward thrusts pushed first the head of my cock and then the shaft across her clit. This movement just kept her cumming again and again.

I finally shot my load, pressing so hard against her that it really forced my cum out. Like an eruption, I splashed her belly and tits with cum. She reached up with her hands and idly spread the cum all over her.

I backed away from her, my dick sticking out from my pants. There she was, a teacher, naked in my room. She was laying across the student desk with her legs spread wide, cum glistening across her belly and breasts. Normally, it’s the guy that falls asleep, but in this case, it was Tina that practically passed out after her orgasm.

I stuffed my dick back into my pants and zipped up. As I did this, I admired what was lying there on one of the desks in my room. I don’t think I’d ever forget this experience. To make sure, I quietly walked over to my desk and rummaged through the drawers until I found my digital camera.

Tina opened her eyes right after the camera fired off the flash and made that clicking noise. I was busted, but she just gave me a lazy smile.

“So… you like to take pictures?” she asked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32