Temptation Ch. 05

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“New girlfriend?” Nick’s friend, Rob, asked as Amy came barging into the apartment after another useless phone call to the carpenter.

Nick looked up as Amy glared at him. “Yep, she finally decided she couldn’t resist my charm and moved in.”

“Not for long,” she answered glumly. “As soon as my front door is replaced, I’m leaving this moron. I just wonder how it could take an entire week just to change one lousy door,” she grumbled as she exited the room.

Nick blushed slightly behind her back.

“Don’t tell me you had something to do with that, Nick?”

“Guilty as charged. Only don’t tell her about it.”

“What would Jeff say if he knew?”

“He’d be delighted, I think. It was him who put me up in this apartment after all. And he’s not as stupid as to have forgotten his sister happens to live right across the hall.”

“He set you up?”

“Yep, he gave me a tip of this apartment being for sale, and recommended that I had a look at it.”

“At the apartment or the neighbourhood.”

“Both, I suppose, but since Jeff is out of reach at the moment, all questions about motives will have to wait.”

“He always was a clever fellow,” Rob conceded, “and providing 24 hours police protection for his sister is definitely a stroke of genius.”

“Nah, she did that herself. Tried to burn down her apartment, and as a gentleman I offered her a sofa to sleep on.”

“Not your bed?”

“That as well, but she only went for the sofa — or the spare bedroom as I call it.”

“Poor Nick. Your charm must be diminishing. That means she’s after someone else, eh? Perhaps a single doctor would be right up her corner, right?

“Don’t flatter yourself, Rob. She’s off-limits. Especially to you,” Nick said icily while staring at his best friend. Rob had too much charm for his own good and he didn’t want him anywhere near Amy. He tried to convince himself that Jeff would flay him alive if he did, but he couldn’t quite shake off the feeling that it wasn’t Jeff’s opinion that held the most weight.

“Hey, you can’t blame a fellow for trying, can you? Besides, my bed happens to be empty for the time being.”

“For how long? Three hours? Those nurses of yours don’t seem to take no for an answer.”

“All right, so I haven’t been single for more than a few days, but don’t expect me to try beatyour record. You’re practically a monk.”

“I’m not,” Nick replied glumly. “And this conversation is over.”

“You are,” his friend droned on. “So why don’t you do something about it. She’s right in front of you, man, and even living in your apartment. You won’t get a better chance than this to win her over.”

“What? Who told you about that?”

“No one needed to. Even a blind man could have noticed it by now. You’re so hot for her you can barely watch the game. So, are you going to do something about it or not?”

“Not,” Nick said between clenched teeth’s and stared at the game, trying to ignore what his friend was saying.

“Why not? Are you afraid of what Jeff would say if he found out?”

“He would kill me — really slowly — with the bluntest knife he could find.”

“No, he wouldn’t.”

“No?” Nick stared at Rob in bewilderment. Maybe he knew something that Nick didn’t know concerning Jeff’s feelings in this matter.

“He would castrate you first — with a scalpel,” Rob escort ataşehir laughed loudly.

“Very funny. And you’re supposed to be my buddy. Thanks a lot.”

“I’m just kidding. I’m sure Jeff would be very pleased. Why else would he place you right in front of his own sister and tell you to keep a close eye on her?”

“Perhaps because said sister is a pain in the ass and a born troublemaker.”

“I heard that,” Amy said loudly as she came in from the kitchen. She placed a bowl of crisps in front of the men and stepped hard on Nick toes as she left the living room.

“Ouch!” he yelled as he glared after her. “Don’t forgetspiteful,” he added to her back.

“Tsk, tsk. Lover’s quarrels,” Rob said between mouthfuls as he dug into the crisps. “I suggest you just take my advice and be done with it,” Rob continued.

“And you promise to be a good doctor and stitch up what’s left of me when Jeff returns in a few months, is that it?”

“Something like that,” Rob smiled, meeting Nick’s angry stare.

“All right, guys. I’m off. See you later, Nick. Nice meeting you, Rob,” Amy said smilingly as she stood in the doorway putting on her jacket.

“And where areyou going?” Nick asked in his best interrogation tone.

“Lay off, Nick. I already have a brother, so don’t bother.”

“And while he’s off playing Darwin, I’m stuck here doing his job. So, where are you going, and with whom?”

“Always the interrogator, eh? And what will you do when I refuse to answer? Put me in a cell and let me think it over? Or are you two planning on doing the good-cop-bad-cop routine?” Amy glared at Nick.

“Don’t count me in on this,” Rob intervened smilingly. “I haven’t said a thing.”

“Good for you,” Amy said sarcastically. “All right, I’ll relent and confess right now. Not that it’s any of your business, Nick, but I’m going to meet the girls at a café downtown.”

“Which café? If it’s a bad neighbourhood, I’ll drive you.”

“What for?”

“I have a gun and a badge.”

“So? And what would you do with those?” Amy asked defiantly. “Shove them in the bad guys’ faces before you shoot the doorman or any other innocent bystander, perhaps?” She just glared at him, before turning her back and walking off. “Bye, Rob,” she said and waved.

“Now, wait a minute,” Nick said and jumped up and followed her into the hallway. “Amy, wait up! Just promise you’ll be careful, and just give me a ring if you need me to pick you up, will you?”

“All right, all right. I’ll call you if I meet anyone spooky and feel the need for police protection. Good night,” she said before the door slammed behind her.

“Man, you two really need to get laid. And soon. You’re practically sparkling with need. Consider it the doctor’s order,” Rob chuckled behind Nick as he stood looking at the closed door.


“So, what is this rumour I hear about you moving in with the hot cop?” Zelma asked as soon as Amy sat down beside her.

“It’s no rumour. I’m sleeping on his coach in a spare bedroom.”

“His coach? Why not in his bed?”

“It was already occupied,” Amy glared at Zelma. “Although he did offer to share it,” she had to admit.

“And you declined? What is wrong with you, girl? To pass up an opportunity like that? Me, I would have jumped him right there and then. That guy is really kadıköy escort hot material.”

“Of course I declined. I don’t find him as hot as you do, obviously. He probably snores, as well. But why don’t you go for him yourself, Zelma, if you like him that much?”

Zelma just sputtered something unintelligible, and Tess said with her usual calm voice. “Of course he’s hot. Where are your eyes, darling? Besides, he seems to think you’re just as hot, so there’s definitely a chance there.”

“Well, I see him almost as a brother, to be frank.”

“What?” the girls said at the same time.

“Yes, well, we almost grew up together with him being best friend of my brother and all. So, I’ve come to think of him as more of a brother than a potential boyfriend. Besides, he can be really annoying once he decides to. Even Jeff is easier to be around.”

“Oh boy,” Tess said exasperated. “You really need to check those eyes, darling. He’s definitely nothing like that geeky brother of yours. Damn it, the man is pure strength and masculinity. And he practically oozes sex. Any other woman would attack him head on just by him glancing in her direction. You really need to wake up, girl.”

Amy just ignored the bait and after a small break Zelma finally steered the discussion in another direction.

“Tell us about that fire at your place instead. Is your apartment salvageable or do you need a new place to stay?”

Amy was relieved by the change of subject. “No, only the stove was ruined, but I need to clean up the mess then firemen created. Not to mention the broken door.”

“What door?”

“The door Nick knocked down when entering my apartment.”

“Wow. He actually broke down your door to rescue you?” Tess asked exasperatedly. Amy nodded slightly and a collective sigh was heard from her two friends.

“Oh my, I want a shining knight to come and rescue me too. I’mso envious,” Zelma prodded on.

“No reason to. He used the next few hours screaming at me for being a complete nutcase and making his babysitting duties being worse than catching murderers. Very unmanly, if you ask me. Reminded me too much of Jeff, by the way.”

“Look, Missy. There’s nothing wrong with that brother of yours, he’s hot enough in his own way, but compared to Nick he’s practically boring,” Tess shot in.

“Thanks, I’ll remember to mention it to Jeff when next I speak with him. I’m sure he would appreciate the comparison,” Amy said chuckling. The girls didn’t seemed to able to let the subject go this evening. Oh well, they would tire in the end, Amy hoped.

“How did that fire get started in the first place? You weren’t writing any of those erotic stories of yours again, were you?” Zelma prodded on.

“I…uh…well…I was. And my dinner was dry boiled into something unrecognisable,” Amy admitted blushingly.

“Damn girl. You have to keep awake as well, not trying to kill yourself.”

“Don’t start you as well, Zelma. I’ve already heard the lesson from Nick.”

“Damn, you need to practice, not writing the theory. Let Nick wipe out a more important fire for you.”

“He didn’t wipe out any fire. I did it myself, actually. I had full control when he came barging in, firing out orders and almost carrying me from the room. He even found a carpenter to fix my door, but the guy can’t be any maltepe escort bayan good since he has spent an entire week doing nothing.”

“So in the meantime you’re stuck in Nick’s company, is that it?” Amy just nodded and Zelma murmured something resembling “Lucky you!”

“Yes, lucky me get to see his grumpy expression at both breakfast and dinner. I’ve never met a more surly man than Nick when he has just awoken from his beauty sleep — that is, when he’s not so annoyingly cheerful you can puke.”

“Perhaps, he’s grumpy for a reason,” Zelma suggested. “Look, I know he’s got the hots for you. He even turned me down, you know.”

“He did? You haven’t mentioned any of this before?”

“Yep, he told me very nicely how he wasn’t interested and all. Not something a girl likes to brag about. It was quite shattering to my ego, let me tell you. Anyway, I figured out that he was already interested in someone else, and noticing how he stared at you the other day, I can safely say you’re the one he’s interested in.”

“Sure, for the next quick fuck and then it’s over,” Amy interceded. “I don’t want to be another one-night-stand. If I’m to get a man, I want to find one I can keep for a long-term relationship — like a couple of weeks, until I tire of him.”

“Who says you will tire of him? Wear him out is more likely,” Tess laughed as she bumped Amy’s shoulder.

“Anyway, what I meant was that perhaps he’s so hot and bothered for you he doesn’t sleep very well?” Zelma prodded on.

“Yes, sure. Any man that comes my way can’t help himself in getting blueballs over me. Reality-check, Zelma. The only thing bothering the man is probably the fact that Jeff asked him to keep an eye out for me while Jeff was away travelling, and now Nick is sick and tired of it. There’s nothing else to it.”

“Then why don’t you try to seduce him and see what happens? I bet you’re in for a surprise. You can pay me back in chocolates, by the way.”

“For what?”

“For giving such sound advice about which man to jump.”

“Well thanks, Zelma, but I definitely don’t think he’s quite in my league. He scares the shit out of me sometimes.”

“Well, maybe it’s about time you start practisingreal sex instead of wallowing in those fantasies of yours. The real thing is so much better than the erotica.”

“Hah, in writing the man can always come out a decent fellow, while in real life he’s more often than not a complete jerk.”

“Really, girl. You need to test-drive a few more men and then you just might change your mind,” Tess intervened.

“Sure, but maybe I should consider a newer model then? I hear younger men are much more athletic when it comes to bed sport.”

“And more likely to erupt long before they should,” Zelma shot in. “No, I would rather go for the young but experienced man — just like that neighbour of yours.”

“How can I know he’s experienced? I’ve never seen him with a woman in the last couple of years. Maybe he’s simply out of training? What then? Might as well stay home and wear out my dildo, I would say.”

“You’re just impossible,” Tess argued. “Although I would agree that the dildo has some clear advantages,” she said and gave them a slight wink.

“What advantages? No talk and always up for it?” Zelma asked jokingly.

“Something like that, yes. However did women survive before the dildo was invented?

“I suppose they found a substitute,” Zelma explained and held her index finger up in the air, making them all burst into a heartfelt laughter that caused many of the other occupants to turn and stare to find out what was so funny.

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