The Adventures of a Janitor Ch. 02

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Thanks to SexyKitty_B for editing.

Despite the fact that we had merely used each other as fucktoys, Elise’s departure left my heart with a permanent void. One that no amount of masturbating could fill. And believe me, I tried. Aside from pumping out two or three loads during work time, I also jacked off incessantly at home, in the privacy of my bedroom.

As a result, from my parents’ point of view, I was constantly short-tempered – either from being horny, fatigued or both. After a couple of fallings-out and numerous endless discussions, they arrived at the inescapable conclusion that I was somehow depressed. And no matter how much I reasoned with them and tried to reassure them that I was just going through a challenging time in my life, they wouldn’t listen.

Mom, firmly believing that I needed saving, called a friend of hers, Brenda, who worked as a psychotherapist for the police department. As if discussing my behavior with a perfect stranger wasn’t invasive enough, mom then went on to make an appointment for me at Brenda’s office.

As I wasn’t particularly in the mood to talk about my feelings, especially to some shrink, I simply didn’t go and I lied to mom and dad, telling them that Brenda had helped me work through some stuff, but that it would take quite a few follow-up appointments to figure everything out.

They bought it, and although this little lie got them off my back for the time being, I also realized that it was only a matter of time before this would come back to bite me. I had to get out of there; the sooner the better. And so, I doubled my efforts to find a place to live.

About two weeks later, my endeavors paid off, when I found a loft at the other side of town. The two freshmen who lived there, Stuart and Thomas, were looking for a roommate. One who didn’t ask too many questions and, preferably, with very low standards.

It was a perfect fit. They liked to walk around naked and shoot their cum everywhere they damned well pleased, just like me. They didn’t have girlfriends – no surprise there – and so it would just be the three of us. Realizing this was as close to home as I was going to find, I signed the lease and moved in as quickly as humanly possible.

Stuart and Thomas kept pretty much to themselves and because of my night shifts, we hardly every saw each other. If it wasn’t for walking in on them jacking off in the living room or the bathroom now and again, I’d never even know they were there.

Life was good and all went well, until one Saturday in June – about two months after moving in. I was in my room gaming with my headset on. I was relaying orders to my teammates in a first-person shooter, when a loud knock on the door startled me.

Stuart opened the door and said, “Dude, I called out like a million times! There’s some chick here to see you.”

“What?” I whispered as I got up from my chair, wearing nothing but boxers and a t-shirt. But before I could put on some clothes, an attractive older woman – about mom’s age – barged in, forcing her way passed Stuart, who wasn’t wearing any more clothes than I was.

“My name is Brenda,” the woman declared, eyeballing the both of us.

“Shit,” I whispered. I had forgotten all about her.

“Shit indeed Mark,” she replied, “I just ran into your mother, who asked me how your therapy was going. As you can probably imagine, that was not a pleasant conversation!”

Stuart gave me a sympathetic smile, realizing I was in a lot of trouble. For a moment, I was distracted by the obvious bulge in his underwear.

“Mark?” Brenda exclaimed, quickly realizing what I was looking at, “Why are you in your underwear? Why is everyone is his underwear?”

“Later dude,” Stuart said, strangely amused by my discomfort, as he closed the door.

“Look… uh, I,” I stammered.

“Mark, are you gay?” Brenda asked bluntly.

“Look lady, that’s none of your business and I’d appreciate…”

“When your mother has a bitch fit in the middle of the mall, calling me an unprofessional quack because of your duplicity, it very much becomes my business, Mark!”

“Look, I am sorry for cancelling, but I didn’t feel like…”

“And what’s with all the cum everywhere?” she asked, glancing at a particular nasty stain on one of my drapes, “It’s everywhere… the living room couch, the floor… even your curtains!”

“I just like jacking off and cumming wherever I want,” I replied, having just decided that I wasn’t going to apologize to some stranger for the way I chose to live my life.

“Without cleaning it up?” she asked, a bit surprised.

“Obviously,” I replied, fighting just a tad of shame.

“That’s just plain disgusting,” she said as she glanced around, looking for more stains.

“I know… and I don’t care!” I replied, not backing down, “That’s kind of the idea!”

“It’s kind of pathetic, if you ask me,” she whispered, not one to beat about the bush.

My cock got hard instantly hearing this beautiful woman call me pathetic. Brenda noticed and glanced at my pendik escort swollen crotch – pretty shamelessly I might add.

“So, Brenda, why are you here?” I asked, clapping my hands together, startling her.

When, after about five seconds, she still hadn’t answered, I pressed on and said, “I assume you don’t make house calls to every patient who is a no-show!”

Looking into my eyes again, she hesitantly replied, “No… no, of course not!”

After a moment or two, she continued, “I guess your mother guilted me into coming to see you.”

“Yeah, she’s good at that,” I whispered, not knowing what else to say.

Then, as if this conversation wasn’t weird enough, Brenda sighed and sat down on the edge of the bed, covering her face with both hands. She was clearly distraught. Figuring this was not the time to tell her that she had just sat down in a big glob of freshly deposited cum, I remained quiet.

“I am sorry,” she said, “I am just having a very bad week. I found my husband in bed with his secretary three days ago. How’s that for Karma… you make a career out of telling other people how to keep a relationship together and meanwhile your own husband is banging his twenty-year old personal assistant.”

“I am sorry to hear that,” I whispered awkwardly, hoping this conversation would end soon.

“Well, I should have gotten a clue when he stopped fucking me years ago,” she continued ranting, “At first, you learn to live without the sex… but pretty soon you’re not even talking anymore!”

Suddenly, she paused and looked at me, realizing she was confiding in a half-naked wanker about half her age. She quickly got up and moved both hands to her ass to make sure her skirt hadn’t ridden up, thereby discovering a large, wet smear all over it. She turned around and quickly realized that she was touching my cum, and where it originated from.

“I mean, your own bed, Mark, really?” she said. She was so desperate to get my cum off her hands that she wiped them on the first thing she could find; the front of her skirt. It took her a few moments to realize her mistake and to stop what she was doing.

In looking up from her skirt, her gaze lingered at my crotch which was bulging once again. Realizing my cock was reacting to her actions, she bashfully looked me in the eye and smiled.

“I guess I should be thankful that I am still able to recognize cum when I see it,” she whispered, trying to alleviate tension. I just stood there, not knowing what to say or do next.

“I guess it’s actually pretty hot,” she whispered softly while looking down at her skirt and running her index finger over the soiled fabric.

“Wait, what?” I asked, shocked.

“Your cum… it’s everywhere,” she whispered, brushing her hair behind her ear, using that same finger.

“I uh… I didn’t know you were into that kind of stuff,” I whispered, glancing at her, gazing at her tits for the first time. We stood there for a few seconds, neither of us knowing what to say or do. Then, she suddenly looked at my crotch again. My cock was harder than ever and was obscenely tenting my boxers.

“You’re so hard,” she sighed, clearly impressed.

“I am sorry,” I said, cupping my crotch with my right hand, “I can put on some more clothes, if you’d like.”

“No!” Brenda blurted out, so fast that she surprised herself.

“This is your place. You can do whatever you want,” she added, trying to conceal how eager she was. But, even with my limited experience in women, I could tell she was unbelievably horny.

Slowly, I took my hands off my crotch, letting her see my erection again.

“It’s uh… big,” she whispered, embarrassed.

“You don’t mind?” I asked, playing dumb, as I pushed my pelvis forward, trying to make it seem even bigger.

“No,” she whispered, hardly taking her eyes off the thing, “If you… uh… need to… you know… if you need to take care of… that… I can uh… wait outside, if you want.”

What the hell was happening here? Had I been transported to some porn-dimension? Was she actually proposing to wait outside while I rubbed one off? What else would she be willing to do? I contemplated the unthinkable, while noticing for the first time how hot she looked in her red skirt, black blouse, brown tights and high heels. My cock twitched.

“You can stay and watch if you want,” I blurted out, wrapping my right hand around my fat shaft.

“Maybe… I don’t know… it’s been years since I’ve seen a man… you know… spurt,” Brenda admitted. Somewhat nervous now, but realizing this chance was not going to present itself again, I slowly took out my cock, started pumping and choking it, making the tip as red and as fat as it had ever been.

“Oh my god!” Brenda whispered, her eyes transfixed on my fat cock. Several seconds of silence ensued. We had crossed a line and there were no clear boundaries left now. We were making this up as we went along. Suddenly, she undid two buttons of her blouse and slid down the right sleeve, pulling her arm out maltepe escort of her blouse.

“You sure about this?” I whispered cautiously, unwilling to believe that the mere sight of my cock could make any woman – let alone a complete stranger – so horny.

“Mark, this is the most action I’ve had in the past decade,” she smirked, lowering the other sleeve, pulling her blouse down and exposing her black bra. Instinctively, I started wanking harder, moving closer to the bed, aiming for it.

“You uh… you wanna see my boobs?” she asked shyly, clearly wishing for a positive answer. She unclasped her bra and cupped her tits, ready to pull her bra down at a moment’s notice.

“Yesss,” I hissed, figuring she’d show them to me right away.

“Tell you what,” she said as she turned away from the bed, facing the door and dropped her bra on the floor, “Tell me when you’re about to spurt and I’ll turn around, that should make you explode pretty hard!”

“Are you serious?” I groaned.

“Just try and get it all over your bed,” she whispered, glancing back over her shoulder at me, careful as not to show any tit, yet.

After jacking off for about another minute, ogling Brenda’s backside, trying to imagine what her tits looked like, I could feel my body tensing up. I wasn’t going to last much longer! Then suddenly, at the worst possible moment, Thomas – my other roommate – barged in, butt naked. His black, recently drained but still largely erect cock dangling between his muscular legs. I could see a residual string of cum dangling from his tip.

“Mind your step in the bathr…” he announced proudly and amused, before seeing Brenda standing there. He froze, not believing his luck as her no-doubt lewd and fat tits were staring him in the face.

Brenda, startled and shocked, tried to cover up for a moment – but only for a moment. She quickly realized that the damage had already been done and that there was no point in trying to hide her rack anymore.

“Hi, I am Brenda, Mark’s therapist,” she said, slowly lowering both hands, awkwardly placing them on her stomach. The realization that she was deliberately showing her naked tits to him was enough to make her shudder with lust and push me towards my climax.

Not even a freight train could have stopped me now.

“Brenda… I.. I am… going to…” I moaned. She ignored me, staring down at the bead of spunk dangling from my roommate’s black, flaccid cock. Thomas briefly looked up and glanced at me but quickly resumed gawking at her tits.

“Brendaaaaa…” I moaned, frustrated, as my cum burst from the tip of my cock and splattered all over the bed. I kept looking at her backside, hoping she’d turn and grant me a brief glance at least, but no such luck. She’d given my reward to someone else…

“Fucking hell, I need to get me a therapist too,” Thomas chuckled. It wasn’t until all my cum had left my balls and my orgasm was subsiding, that he turned and walked out of the room. Brenda then quickly squatted down, grabbed her bra and blouse and got fully dressed before turning back towards me.

She smiled as she saw me standing there, my half-flaccid cock still leaking cum.

“Mmmm, looks like it was a lot!” she grinned, smiling down at the bed.

“You didn’t… I didn’t get to…” I stammered, as I gawked at her.

“I know,” she smiled, a wicked grin on her face, “Imagine that. Some random pervert got a good look at my tits, and another loser… well… didn’t!”

“Jesus,” I groaned as her words send shivers up and down my spine.

Brenda giggled cruelly and whispered, “What do you know, maybe my husband was right after all… maybe I am a bitch!”

After taking a moment to compose myself again, and still pissed off that she’d gone back on her promise, I stuffed my cock back into my boxers and asked, “Why are you here, Brenda?”

“I ran into your…”

“… my mom, yes, I know!” I interrupted her rudely, “And she’s angry! You’re both angry. I got it. Thanks for relaying the message. You can go now!

“Why are you so angry?” she asked, genuinely confused, “You came, didn’t you?”

“Why?!” I repeated, “You just called me a loser!”

“Oh, is that what’s bothering you?” she chuckled, “Well, you are, aren’t you?”

“I… I…” I stammered as I noticed her taking her blouse off again and throwing it on the bed – knowing damn well it was covered in my freshly deposited spunk.

“A loser, I mean!” she added, acting as if her previous statement needed further clarification. I assumed she simply liked calling me a loser.

Before I could react, she reached back and unclasped her bra, lowered the straps and threw it on the bed as well; showing me her massive, saggy, beautiful tits after all. God, they looked obscene and huge. No wonder Thomas had had trouble taking his eyes off of them.

Realizing I was somewhat distracted, Brenda continued talking.

“You must know that you’re a wanker and a loser,” she whispered, “But that’s okay, being a loser is nothing to be kartal escort embarrassed about. As a matter of fact, I like losers.”

“You do?” I sighed, feeling my cock getting hard again.

“I do,” she smiled, as she took a step closer and reached out to put her right hand in my pants.

“I am a bit out of practice, so you’ll have to give some pointers,” she whispered as she wrapped her hand around my hard cock and gently stroked it.

“Is this okay?” she asked, smiling, her gaze alternating between my cock and my face.

“Yes, god yes,” I whispered. Eager to improve herself, she tried different angles and speeds, playing off my reaction to correct and adjust herself. Meanwhile I just kept gawking at her tits and even reached out to cup them, softly touching her nipples. As I had just cum, it took her a while to stroke me to another orgasm. Brenda didn’t seem to mind the effort and just kept pumping me.

Then suddenly, my balls contracted and my orgasm exploded deep inside of me, expelling a massive amount of cum out of my cock onto Brenda’s skirt and left leg.

“Ohhh,” she smiled proudly as she glanced down – she didn’t even try to move out of the way.

“That’s a good thing, right?” she gasped, “You cumming so fast…”

“Fuck yeah,” I sighed as I slumped down on the bed. Brenda sat down next to me and ran her index finger over her skirt, playing with my freshly deposited cum for about a minute or so.

Then, she laid down beside me and joined me in looking at the ceiling.

After another couple of minutes, she asked coyly, “So, how did I do?”

“Well, there’s nothing wrong with your handjob skills, that’s for sure,” I panted.

“So, I guess we’ll be testing my blowjob skills next,” she smirked.

“You… you wanna suck me off?” I whispered, surprised.

“Told you I liked losers,” she chuckled, as she slid off the bed.

‘What? Now?” I gasped, even more surprised at her timing, “Brenda… I… I just came…”

With the most endearing smile, she glanced up at me and said, “I know, but it’s been years since I’ve had a dick in my mouth… I need the practice!”

And with that, she started kissing and licking my nutsack, running her tongue over every part of my crotch. She kept going ’round and round for many minutes, glancing up at me once in a while, just to check if I was still enjoying it.

Once my cock started growing again about ten minutes into what she was doing, she finally sucked my dick into her mouth and gently began bobbing her head up and down. Again, she used different techniques to see what worked best and played off of my reaction.

About two minutes later, she was sucking on my fully erect cock. She clearly had some trouble at first, but she powered through. After a little while, the awkwardness seemed to fade away and she visibly started enjoying herself.

“God, you’re so big!” she gasped, in between sucks.

Another couple of minutes later, she replaced her mouth with her right hand, stroking my huge dong loosely up and down and asked, “Where do you wanna cum?

“I… uh… is… your mouth okay?” I stammered.

“I guess so,” she whispered, “Can’t say that I remember what cum tastes like.”

She plunged her mouth back over my throbbing dick, sucking it harder and faster than anyone had ever done before.

“Jesus Christ,” I gasped as I realized that I wasn’t going to last much longer. Brenda realized that as well and was determined to finish me off.

Fifteen wonderful seconds later, I reclined, arched my back and shot my load in her eager mouth. She didn’t make a sound and swallowed it all, lovingly cleaning my cock afterwards with her tongue.

“So, how did I do?” she asked, poking her head up.

“That was… amazing!” I replied, grinning, “How was the taste?”

“Better than what I remembered,” she smirked.

“Did you really like cumming in my mouth?” she asked hesitantly.

“Yes, of course. Why?”

“Well, I was half expecting you to give me a facial! Isn’t that what you young people do nowadays?” she blurted out.

“Fuck, I didn’t even know that was an option,” I replied, “You’d really take my sperm in your face?”

She shrugged and whispered, “I don’t know.”

“Have you ever taken a facial?”

“Well, no…” she whispered, hesitantly.

“It’s rather humiliating!” I said, not sure why I was telling her this.

“I guess, but I’ll have to try it sooner or later,” she whispered.

“I guess so,” I replied, having decided not to try and talk her out of it.

“So, how about you shoot your next load in my face?” she asked, unashamed.

“God, you’re such a slut!” I whispered, genuinely shocked.

“A slut and a loser… it’s a match made in heaven,” she giggled.

“So, what now?” I asked, ignoring her insult.

“How about we go get a bite to eat, before you use me as target practice?” she whispered.

“Sounds good,” I replied, trying to act as normal as possible. We got dressed and headed to the diner, just around the corner.

“So…” Brenda asked, after ordering our food, “… if I promise to service you some more, will you at least consider coming to therapy?”

I gawked at her, shocked that she would just blurt stuff out like that, especially in public.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32