The Assistant Manager’s Story Ch. 02

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Met Nisha for our usual weekly coffee the Saturday after when my massage, to alleviate her side strain, ended up in our making love. In between I had enjoyed taking Neha’s virginity. She was very reluctant but finally came round. (Read “Cocking a Virgin”).

Nisha sat in the car and couldn’t meet my eyes. She was still feeling shy, probably remembering how intimate we had been. I took hold of her hand and squeezed it.

“Nisha, my dear, are you alright?”

She nodded shyly and her cheeks reddened. “Shall we have coffee at the farmhouse or somewhere else?”

She reddened somewhat more and whispered, “Take me home.”

I caressed her hand and drove to my farmhouse. She came into my arms as soon as I closed the main door. I lifted her chin and kissed her tenderly on her lips. Her eyes were shut and she sighed with pleasure. I slowly removed her clothes and she stood there displaying her beautiful body and blushing. I caressed her breasts and she moaned. I rubbed her hands on my cock over my shorts. She moaned and gripped it. I put her hands on the belt of my shorts and she opened her eyes. I kissed her and nodded.

Nisha soon had my shorts and underwear on the floor around my ankle. I flipped them aside. She stroked my cock and soon it was hard. I said, softly, “Will you put it in your mouth, darling?”

She looked at me and blushed. “I’ve never done it.”

I looked at her in surprise. She whispered, “I’ve never done it with love. What he did was to just abuse my mouth. He pushed it in, pumped fast, hurting me, and emptied inside my mouth. It felt so disgusting. I would just spit it all out, and that would anger him.”

Tears were flowing down her cheeks. “He would hit me, but he could never get me to swallow his…….his filth,” she spat out the word ‘filth’ with venom in her tone.

I clasped her to me tenderly and led her to my bed. We lay together and I caressed her back. “Hush, my darling. All that is in the past. No one will be able to abuse you again.”

I kissed her tears away from her cheeks and we got into a vigorous kissing session. Her hands were all over me and she was moaning. My hands explored her lovely body, every nook and cranny, and she writhed with the pleasure she was experiencing. I had a nipple in my mouth and I was putting pressure on it with my mouth. She was moaning. I slid my hand down and rubbed a finger on her pussy slit. Her ass bucked. I spread her lips and pushed my finger in all the way.

She moaned in ecstasy. I pumped my finger fast pendik escort and had my thumb teasing her clit. She thrashed about uncontrollably and was getting wet and leaking her sweet nectar. My lips were playing havoc with her nipples and she was whimpering as passions rose to levels she never experienced before. Suddenly she came with a force that her ass lifted up and she screamed out her orgasm. Her ass humped the air a few times and she collapsed on the bed.

“Oh My God, That was divine.” I held her and she was trembling from the after effects of her orgasm. She calmed and I kissed her tenderly.

“Seems like you enjoyed that,” I smiled at her.

She hugged me hard and whispered, “You are completely spoiling me. Oh! God, my insides are still tingling.”

I went down on her and started to tongue her juicy pussy. While I was licking and tonguing her, my finger and thumb were on her clit, pinching and teasing it. She was moaning and getting out of control. Her ass was never still and she was in the throes of ecstasy. I rolled protection on and moved between her thighs. I bent her knees and opened them. Her lovely pussy opened up to my gaze. I brought my engorged cock to her pussy and entered her as she looked into my eyes.

She shut her eyes and moaned in pleasure. There was a slight smile on her face. I began to pump in her and soon picked up the tempo. She responded by pushing up with her ass. We met midway and she was crying out in passion. “Oh! Yes, yes, yessssss! Oh! My darling, faster, faster, Oh! My Goddddd!………..”

I stopped and pulled out of her. She cried out, “Don’t…please no.”

I turned her over and raised her ass up by her hips. I went between her thighs and entered her again from behind. She cried out in ecstasy as the penetration touched her, creating different sensations. I pushed in till I was totally in her. My balls were slapping her very wet pussy as I started pumping again. I held her ass as I increased the tempo. My hands were caressing her breasts and soon I was pinching her nipples.

She moaned and kept pushing her ass back to meet my inward thrust. My pinching and pressing her nipples had her in a twist as I maintained a little pressure on them. I tugged her nipples, the pull and pressure bringing pain. She was whimpering and I kept on pumping her. I was ready and I wanted my sweet darling to also come with me. I started to tease her clit with one finger while the other was on her nipple. She was soon at the end of her tether. I squeezed maltepe escort her nipple and pumped her ass fast and hard. She came screaming with passion and I spurted into the condom.

I pulled out, careful not to spill and my darling held my hand and removed the protection. My cock was dripping from the come on it. She looked at my cock, and delicately lowered her face to it. Before I could react, my sweet darling put my cock in her mouth and licked it clean.

I held her to me and said tenderly, “Why sweetheart. You didn’t have to do it.”

She said shyly, “I wanted to; because I know you will never tell me to do it.” She looked up at me with a mischievous look and said, “I liked your taste. A little salty. I would love to do it again.”

I smiled at her tenderly and kissed her. We lay cuddling, her hand on my cock. She was stroking it and I held her tight to me. Such a loving girl who gave her all without any reservations, and that idiot of her ex-husband didn’t know how to nurture her.

Her stroking had me hard and she put my erection in her mouth and started sucking and licking it. I had her sit on my chest facing my legs and bent her down. She put my cock in her mouth and opened her ass and pussy to me. I touched her pussy with my tongue and she moaned. I held her ass cheeks and tongued her pussy every which way. She was dripping and whimpering into my cock in her mouth. Her mouth was pumping fast on my cock and it hit her at the back of her throat. She stopped and was drooling all over my cock. She took the cock out of her mouth.

I brought her around and asked, “What’s wrong, sweetheart?”

Nisha was gulping and said, “I got so involved and was enjoying so much that I hit the back of my throat with your….er…”

I held her to me and smiled, “You don’t have to feel embarrassed saying the word. It’s OK.”

She smiled back shyly and said, “So it’s called ‘OK’ ” and hid her face in my shoulder. I slapped her ass and she squealed.

We went back to the same position and she soon had me hard in her mouth again. I went back to licking her pussy and lapping her nectar. I spread her ass cheeks and touched her rim with my wet thumb. She squealed into my cock. Her ass bucked at this new sensation. I patted her ass and slowly massaged her rim. She fidgeted for some time and soon settled down. Tongue in her pussy, thumb on her rim causing newer sensations, my fingers on her clit torturing her to madness, and an engorged cock in her mouth had her fuzzy with excitement kartal escort and my sweet baby orgasmed with a shriek.

My mouth flooded with her sweet nectar and I lapped up as fast as I could. She was spent and collapsed on me. I was still hard and was looking for release.

I pulled her to me and caressed her till she came down from her high. “My God, it was awesome. Hands and mouth everywhere, you had me uncontrollably mad with passion. Your thumb in my back shocked me at first, but I started feeling totally captivated as you kept on massaging the opening tenderly.”

She looked at me with love in her eyes and said, “I love you for letting me experience so much and teaching me sex can be so enjoyable.” Then she saw my engorged cock and said, “Oh! God, I’ve neglected you. Can I put your ‘OK’ in my mouth again?”

“Yes, baby, I want you to taste me in your mouth.”

I laid her flat and straddled her chest, taking care to put the weight on my knees. I held my cock and she readily opened her mouth. She closed her eyes and took it in, and was sucking and licking it. Her mouth was stretched. I pumped in slowly and she moaned. I slowly pushed my cock in till it touched the back of her throat. She opened her eyes and looked at me. I held her gaze and pumped slowly, every time letting it touch the back of her throat.

I caressed her cheeks and said softly, “Try taking in a bit more, darling. You know I’ll be careful and not hurt you.” She nodded.

I pushed in slowly and my cock went down her throat about half an inch. She found it difficult to breathe and struggled to pull in air. I pulled out a little, allowing her to take a few breaths and pushed in again. I pushed a bit more and it was about an inch in. She gulped, squeezing my cock. Her eyes bulged but she held my gaze. She trusted me not to hurt her. She was squirming, trying to pull in air when she suddenly raised her ass up violently. I pulled out and she screamed out her orgasm. Her ass was bucking and she was moaning. I held her to me and caressed her. She was breathing heavily. Soon she was breathing normally.

I caressed her cheeks and she moaned, “My God, I couldn’t breathe and I orgasmed. The feeling was awesome. Oh! My dear, I’m so selfish.” And she started pumping my cock in her mouth, fast and furious. I came so hard and the first spurt hit her at the back of her throat. She took in four to five large spurts before she licked the remaining come till I was empty.

We lay cuddling in the after glow of our love. I caressed her ass and said, “If you enjoyed my thumb on your ass rim, sweetheart, then next time we can do more; if you want to, of course.”

“What more?” she asked innocently.

“Be patient,” I slapped her ass. “Wait for next Saturday.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32