The Book Club Pt. 02 – Susan

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First, a little about me. As i write this I am a sixty + year old, still sexually active, bi, woman. When this adventure started I was a 35 year old straight business consultant living with a loving partner. When 35, I was at about 125 pounds, today 140. I am still 5 foot 7 inches tall, what were 36 Cs are now 38 Ds. I was, I thought, a perfect 36-24-39 now I’m still perfect but in different sizes. I am gifted with green eyes.


I had met Susan in the book club. I frankly did not expect to hear from her because of our age difference. I didn’t really know her and our interaction was not personal but rather group. Yet, here she was calling me to have lunch. So lunch it is then.

I arrived at the Hilton Inn early to get a back booth where we could talk privately. Skinny jeans, high heels and a crisp white mens shirt. My favorite sexy old lady outfit. I ordered a dry martini and waited.

She approached from a distance. I did not initially recognize her. Susan had blue eyes. This woman had green eyes, not my deep jade green eyes but more aqua green but not blue. Susan had medium length hair but this woman had short blond hair very much in my style. My hair had gone gray but damn whoever said it was correct we could be mother/daughter.

Susan sat down and said: “Hello Robin, I’m glad we could meet.”

I replied: “Hello Susan, What would you like to drink? You’ve changed.”

She replied: bahis firmaları “Thank you Robin, martini same as yours. Hair style to match yours. Contacts to bring my eyes as close to yours as I could.”

I motioned to our waitress to bring another drink. Sitting across from her I was looking at myself 30 years ago. I just looked at her and asked her: “Why?”

She sipped her drink and replied: “Robin, I have not stopped thinking about you since we were together at the book club. I decided to prove to you that we could indeed be mother/daughter. I’m betting that you are creative enough to think of ways we might use this, I know I am. Before you decide I only ask that you give me two hours of your time.” I smiled but said nothing.

With that she finished her drink, stood up and put a Hilton room key folder on the table and left. I looked at the folder with the key card inside. Room 721.

Our waitress approached and asked: “Can I get you another drink or a menu to look at until your daughter returns?” Damn!

I looked at her and said: “No, no thank you.” I showed her the key. “Susan was not feeling well, I think we will just get something from room service.” She brought the check. I paid it and started for the elevators.

Room 721 was a suite. A do not disturb sign was hanging from the door but the door was ajar. I pushed it open and saw her sitting on the couch. I closed and locked the door, put my kaçak iddaa purse on the table and walked over and stood in front of her. I looked at her and asked: “Ok Susan, where are we going with this?” She looked up at me, smiled and stood up and kissed me. I was surprised but did not resist. Damn, the girl could kiss! She backed away slightly and began to unbutton her blouse. When she took it off and threw it onto the couch she looked at me and said: “Now you.”

She had on a black bra and I could see strap marks and small triangles of untanned skin on an otherwise very tanned body just above the top of her bra. Very sexy.

I unbuttoned my top took it off and handed it to her. She smiled and said: “Thank you, my turn.” She then kicked off her shoes, unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She turned slightly and bent to pick it up and I saw she was wearing a black thong. Her yummy butt was completely tanned except for a light strap mark at her waist.

Again, she smiled and said: “Now you.”

This was very erotic. This long slow strip was giving me a chance to really look at her amazing body. I kicked off my shoes on top of hers. I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans but my skinny jeans were not coming off in a standing position so I sat on the couch and with Susan standing in front of me I peeled them off. Sitting put my face at the same level as her thong and I could see stripes of untanned skin on both kaçak bahis sides of her thong. I reached out to touch her but she stopped me and took my hand to pull me back in a standing position while saying: “No, not yet, my turn now.”

She, again standing right in front of me, reached behind and unclasped her bra. She threw it on the couch. I was right about the tan. Slightly taller than me at 5’9″, she had perfect legs a very small waist and full deep butt. She was indeed me at 30 years old. She had white triangles on her otherwise tanned breasts. Susans breasts were not large but they were indeed the same size and shape as mine were at her age. Her areola were as I remembered them, smooth and puffy pink with almost no discernible nipple. I remembered how that all changed when she was aroused. She saw I was staring. When she saw me look up she said: “Now you.”

I was nearly ready. I was wet and I wanted her in bed. I unsnapped my bra and let it fall at her feet. I asked: “Ok you win, can we go in the bedroom?”

She took my hand and said: “Not yet Mom. Come with me.” She led me into the dining area where she had set up a full length mirror. As we stood in front of the mirror nearly naked she said: “Think of the fun we can gave as a mother/daughter team.”

I squeezed her hand and led her into the bedroom I said: “Susan, you have been very naughty, when we are done here we are going to go find your daddy to spank you.”

As she fell onto the bed she said the words I wanted to hear: “Yes mom.”

Later I told her about people I knew of in the smoky mountains we needed to visit as mom and daughter.


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