The Cabin (Day 02)

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Double Penetration

Note from Slickman: Please read “The Cabin (Day One)” to get up to speed with this story. I received a lot of nice emails asking for this story to continue and to take it slow. Copies of this story may not be made for distribution, be publishing or copied to another webpage without explicit permission from the author.


John Davis was having a hard time concentrating on steering of the boat as he maneuvered it among the many rocks in the lake near the cabin. The bright sun made seeing the rocks difficult as the boat cruised through the shimmering water. His concentration kept drifting back to the almost naked body of his daughter Tisha who was sunbathing on the front section of the small runabout boat. She was lying face down on the large pink towel without the top of her string bikini. The bottoms were tiny straps of dark green material that pushed down into the crevice of her small but rounded buttocks.

“You better put some lotion on your butt.” John yelled over the roar of the 40 hp motor. He could see the pure white of her buttocks could easily become sunburn.

Tisha turned her head and peeked back at him. “OK but you have to do it,” she giggled. Her body twisted until he could see the hard digit of her breast under her slim frame.

John’s warning bells again went off but his hands turned the wheel until the boat aimed itself into a secluded cove to his left. He steered the boat behind two large boulders in the water and turned off the engine. After dropping the anchor he turned to see her sitting up holding the suntan lotion. He tried not to stare at her two naked breasts but was unable to look away.

Tisha could see his hard bulge in his swimming trunks as he crawled around the glass shield and up next to her. She smiled and turned again to lie face down.

John’s lotion-filled fingers trembled as they fell to land softly on her smooth white cushions. Although he had touched her body last night on the sofa it was mostly her front. Now, he was not only touching her ass he was also seeing it close up.

“You have to cover everything,” Tisha giggled. His trembling fingers were caressing and massaging instead of just spreading the lotion. She shocked him by reaching back and pulling the thin thong from deep within her cheeks outward. Before he could breath the thongs were pushed down to the middle of her thighs. As her legs opened the thongs stretched outward.

“I don’t think you are going to get burned under there,” Tom laughed, nervously. Her flesh was burning hot on his large fingertips. Nevertheless he pushed his middle finger down between the pure white mounds, down to the bottom of the small valley, and down over her small pink rear opening. Her body automatically squeezed his finger tightly to prevent it from entering her back there. As his finger moved by her ass muscles relaxed and her legs spread even wider as he approached the bottom of her virgin pussy.

Tisha felt him again stop just before touching her wanton pussy lips. She again spread her legs as wide as possible and lifted her hips to offer to him what no man had ever been offered before. But again he moved his fingers around her dripping pink slit. She groaned. “It’s OK,” she said wishing he would just go for it.

“No. I think that is enough,” Tom said as he pulled the thin thongs back up over her firm ass making sure the thin strap once again parted the heavenly cheeks. He started to move back into the boat but she turned and grabbed his wrist. “How about the front?” They both looked down to her ivory breasts.

“I think you can handle that yourself,” Tom laughed as he jerked away. As he pulled the anchor up he peeked to see her two hands cupping her small mounds. He quickly turned to start up the boat. “Lie down because we are going back out into the lake.”

The cool water spray covered Tom’s face as he sped the boat towards the small town of Ebsonville on the other side of the lake. They needed some fresh milk and some more eggs which would be obtained from the general store. As the town got bigger and bigger Tom slowed the boat and told his daughter to put her bikini top on. Tisha smiled as she did as her father said. She noticed he didn’t pretend to look away this time and just stared at her virgin treasures.

“You better wait until that goes down,” Tisha giggled as she smacked lightly across his large bulge.

“Hey careful now,” Tom laughed as he grabbed her cute butt. “Put on your shorts too.”


Raul Modesa and his daughter Maria were in the general store when the cute girl and the older man walked in. He glanced over his magazine at the small snack counter as the young girl stood on her tip toes trying to reach a large bag of potato chips.

“Let me help,” he quickly said as he moved over to pull down the bag of Lays potato chips.

“It’s my favorite brand,” the girl giggled.

Raul smiled realizing her hidden meaning “Is it now?”

“Hi.” Maria said to the girl standing next to her father. “I’m Maria.”

Tisha smiled back bahis firmaları at her. “Tisha.”

“Don’t mind him, he’s a dirty old’ man,” Maria smiled.

“My dad is the same.”

“Is he here?” Maria asked.

“Yes, he’s in the restroom.”

“What am I missing?” John said as he moved up behind his young daughter.

“Dad, this is Maria and her father. This is my dad.”

John shook Raul’s hand and they all sat down at the snack counter for a quick lunch. An hour later the four had gotten to know each other pretty well. Raul told John and Tisha that he was divorced from his wife and that this was his last weekend to see his daughter before she went away to school. The two girls left the two men at the counter and ran down to the small clothing store.

“I can’t believe my daughter is going away to college,” John said as he watched the two girls run out the door.

“Me neither,” Raul said, smiling, “They grow up too fast.”

“Hey, how would you and Maria like to come over to our cabin later this afternoon?” John asked. He would welcome someone else around to try to stop the sexual tensions between him and his daughter.

“That sounds great. Maria has been bored over at our place.”

When the girls returned they had already planned on getting together. John and Tisha headed back to the cabin to clean it up somewhat before their new friends arrived.

“So what do you think about Maria?” Tisha asked as they quickly cleaned the dishes from the sink.

“She’s a nice little girl,” John said smiling.

“She’s not that little,” Tisha giggled as she pulled down her bikini top to show him her firm naked breast, “she’s bigger than me.”

“Please don’t do that when they get here.”

“Why not? I bet Mr. Modesa wouldn’t mind,” Tisha giggled.

John shook his head and moved into the large open room to sit down on the sofa. A few seconds later Tisha jumped over the arm of the sofa and landed directly on his lap. “Hey give me a warning,” John laughed as his hand moved around her waist to hold her close to him. Without warning Tisha’s lips moved up to his lips.

John tried to move his lips back but her hand moved behind his head and held his lips tightly to hers.

Tisha’s tongue flicked out and licked across his upper lip. This time John grabbed her shoulders and pulled her lips away. “Is that anyway to kiss your father?” He said trying to get his breath. Her soft ass was causing serious problems rubbing against his groin.

“I can tell you liked it,” she giggled as she wiggled her butt against his hard-on.

“What am I going to do with you?” he asked smiling.

“Kiss me,” she answered as her mouth again plastered against his. Her tongue quickly passed his lips and teeth and moved like an eel down his throat.

John’s first instinct was to resist but his body again deserted him and answered her tongue with his own. Although Tisha was a virgin she had a lot of experience kissing and was giving her father all he could take. When her tongue captured his and sucked on it like a small penis John was ready to pop. That was when her small hand moved under her hips and clamped around his hard bulge.

“Oh God,” John groaned as he pulled his tongue from her lips. All resistance was now gone from his body as her fingers squeezed and released his shaft. He slumped back on the sofa as she moved from his lap and sat next to him. He closed his eyes as her fingers quickly unzipped his fly and reached down through the shorts and boxers to find his long shaft.

Tisha couldn’t believe what she was holding in her hand. Her fingers tickled the large mushroom head and slid down the long cock until she cupped his large sac in her small hand. She wanted to jerk him off but really didn’t know how. “Show me how to do it,” she whispered in his ear.

John found her fingers and guided them around the middle of his hard prick. His fingers wrapped around hers and moved her small hand up and back down. He did it again and again until she grabbed his hand and pulled it away. “I’ll do the rest,” she giggled as she slowly stroked up and down his hard-on.

“You want Maria to do this to you later?” she whispered as her fingers opened to cup the tip of his monster.

It was all John needed to release the pressurized juices from below. “Oh….,” he moaned as his hips raised and his white spunk shot outward covering her whole hand.

After a few seconds to cool down John opened his eyes and saw his daughter smiling at him. “Did I do good?”

He smiled, “yes very, very good.”

“KNOCK-KNOCK! Anybody home?”

“Shit, they are here,” John said as he pushed her away and quickly zipped up his pants. Tisha ran into the small bathroom and closed the door.

“Come in.” John said trying to look calm. Raul and Maria walked in.

“I brought a margarita mix,” Raul said smiling. Maria carried a bottle of tequila. She looked at John and smiled. John noticed she was completely opposite from Tisha. Her hair was jet black kaçak iddaa and her skin a light brown. Her brown eyes were hypnotizing.

Tisha came out and hugged both Maria and Raul. Raul mixed up some margaritas and the four of them finished almost half the large bottle of tequila. An hour later they were all feeling no pain as the two girls stood and started dancing while wiggling their hips and shaking their chests at the half-stoned men.

Tisha winked at Maria as she moved over in front of Raul and turned her body. She bent forward at the waist and shook her ass at the smiling man. Not to be outdone Maria quickly did the same to John. Both men opened their legs to allow the girls to get as close to their faces as possible. It was Raul who made the first contact as he raised his hands and placed them on Tisha’s ass.

John’s first reaction was to stop this man from touching his daughter. His hand moved over and grabbed the Spanish man’s wrist. But, Maria quickly grabbed John’s wrist and pulled it away and over to her own firm butt. Again the two girls looked at each other and winked as the men’s hands caressed and explored their backsides.

The song ended and the fingers of both men stopped moving. The four froze until the next song started. Again the fingers massaged the young girl’s asses. Raul again became the aggressor as his fingers moved down under Tisha’s loose shorts to her smooth thighs. As Tisha stood somewhat his fingers slid slowly up under the material until his whole hands were covering her panty-covered ass.

John was playing follow the leader with Raul as his fingers moved under Maria’s shorts and over her silky panties. Her ass was a little bigger than his daughters but was just as firm. He noticed Raul’s fingers move out and then back under again. He didn’t realize what the man was doing until he saw Tisha’s pink panties resting on the top of Raul’s hand which meant the man was cupping her bare ass. John quickly did the same to Maria’s ass. His thumbs brushed over the thin crack of the girl’s soft cheeks. Neither girl was dancing anymore as the older men caressed their naked buttocks.

It was exciting but Tisha wanted more. She grabbed the waistband of her shorts and pushed them down until she felt Raul pull his hands away. She quickly pushed her shorts down to her knees.

Raul looked in shock as the young girl’s ass covered by her pink bikini panties was exposed. He looked at John to make sure it was alright to proceed. He smiled as he watched John pull Maria’s shorts down to her knees. He peeked at Maria’s cute light brown cheeks poorly hidden by her white lace panties.

Before Raul could replace his hands up and under Tisha’s panties she pushed the silky undies down the back until her whole pink ass was now exposed. Tisha looked down at her light blonde pubic hair sitting just above the front of her panties. She wanted to take the undies off but was afraid her father would stop things. She knew she had to go slow and easy.

Maria giggled as she felt her white panties moving down her ass. She expected the man’s fingers to move back to her bare ass but instead jerked when she felt his lips press against her hot cheek. God the man was kissing her ass.

Tisha heard Maria’s giggles and looked behind the girl to see her father’s lips on the girl’s ass. She moved further back until Raul started planting small but many kisses all over her backside. She moaned when his tongue snaked out and pressed deeply between her virgin buttocks. She had never even imagined how exciting a tongue would feel back there as he licked up and down her soft crevace. As his tongue slid over her small anus she moaned again and belt forward to give him total access to one of her most private areas. An inch of his tongue pushed inside.

John said Raul’s face between Tisha’s cheeks and was not to be outdone. He pushed his own tongue between Maria’s hot cheeks until he licked across her tiny puckered hole. The tequila was doing it’s job.

“That tickles,” Maria giggled as her body bent forward like Tisha’s. John made the first move this time as he pushed his tongue under her anus and across the young girl’s virgin pussy lips. “OHHH!” Maria cried out when she felt her pussy touched for the first time by someone else. Her hands rested on her ankles for support. John found her hard clit and she screamed, “YES RIGHT THERE!”

Tisha and Raul looked at Maria and knew where John’s tongue had wondered to. Tisha’s fingers grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart as she opened her legs. Raul watched the virgin rose open its pedals for his mouth. He quickly tasted Tisha’s virgin nectar.

John could feel Maria’s legs shaking and knew she was about to fall. He grabbed her hips and pulled her up until she was standing erect in front of him. He slowly turned her body until he saw her panties at the top of her thighs and the dark thick growth of her pubic mound. She didn’t stop him as he pushed her panties and shorts down her legs to bunch at her feet. She pulled one foot from the clothing kaçak bahis and opened her legs. Her fingers curled in his hair as his lips once again found her dripping slit and hard clit. “OH MR DAVIS!” she moaned.

Tisha quickly stripped off her shorts and panties and allowed Raul to do the same to her. She looked down at her father’s tongue as it flicked against Maria’s pussy. She suddenly became jealous and was wishing it was her pussy he was kissing. After all she had jerked him off before. Tisha reached over and touched Maria’s shoulder to get her attention. He mouthed, “Let’s switch,” without making a sound.

Maria was happy to just have this man bring her to her first real climax but felt her heart pump faster when Tisha asked her to switch. She was not sure if her father would do such a thing to her. The booze gave her the courage to try. She smiled at Tisha and pulled away at the same time. The two men watched in amazement as their own daughters presented their young pussies for their enjoyment.

“Why not?” John said as his fingers found Tisha’s soft ass and pulled until her dripping wet pussy met his open mouth.

“Maria we shouldn’t..,” Raul whispered as his eyes feasted on her thick crop of wet hairs.

“Yes daddy we should,” she giggled as her hands pulled his mouth forward. “OH DADDY!” she cried out when he found her secret passion button.

Maria was the first to come as she screamed and pulled his face hard against her virgin mound. A few seconds later Tisha did the same. The men felt back against the sofa and moved to the side to allow the two girls to sit next to them. The booze quickly put both men asleep.

“I told you it would be easy,” Tisha whispered in Maria’s ear as they listened to the soft snores of the two men. “And we still have the whole night ahead of us.”

“My dad won’t do it,” Maria said smiling.

“I jerked my dad off today,” Tisha giggled.

“No way!”

Tisha shook her head yes. “Have you ever seen your daddy’s penis?”

“Of course not,” she giggled.

“Take it out,” Tisha ordered as she looked at Raul’s lap.

“I can’t do that.”

“Go ahead he is out.”

The booze also made Maria a little braver. She moved her hand slowly over her father’s leg while looking at his face to make sure he would not wake up. She felt across his muscular thigh until her middle finger pushed against his penis. She stopped and again peeked at his face.

“This is so bad,” Maria muttered as her fingers found the zipper tab and pulled. The sound was deafening as the zipper moved south. It stopped and Maria’s fingers moved through the metal opening until she touched the silky side of the skin pole.

“Pull it out,” Tisha whispered. She was as anxious as Maria to see it. All eyes were on Maria’s hand as she aimed the soft penis out until it rested in the young girls fingers.

“It’s not hard,” Maria whispered as she gently pulled on it. She opened her hand to see its shape.

Raul was in a deep sleep when he heard his daughter’s voice, “it’s not hard.” His mind was full of the vision of her dark pussy but the vision was fading out as his eyes peeked through the squeezed eyelids. It wasn’t a dream as he watched his daughter’s fingers explore his soft penis. It was only a matter of seconds before the soft four inch penis expanded to a hard six inches.

“God,” Maria whispered as she watched it grow in her fingers.

“Can I touch it too,” Tisha asked. Maria smiled and nodded her head yes. Tisha’s fingers moved over from the other side until both of their hands were massaging Raul’s hard-on. Now maybe a man would pretend to be asleep with one eighteen-year old girl touches his prick but not two. A small moan escaped his lips.

Tisha looked at Maria and winked. They knew he was awake and was aware of what they were doing to him. Tisha’s finger’s traced around the large crown as Maria gently stroked him up and down.

Raul thought it could not get any better than what it was until he saw Tisha’s head drop over his lap and her tongue taste the pre-come at the tip. He moaned loudly when her petite mouth opened to engulf the whole head.

“Are you sucking it?” Maria whispered. Her fingers were still holding it upward for Tisha’s mouth. Her question was answered when she felt Tisha’s lips push down against her finger. Tisha moved her mouth off and smiled at Maria, “your turn.”

“Ah fuck,” Raul thought when he heard Tisha. He was doing well not to come but now his daughter’s beautiful mouth was going to……”OHHH!” he moaned when he felt only her tongue lick across his swollen head.

They had all forgotten about John who had slowly opened his eyes to watch in envy as the two girls learned by practice how to give a blowjob. His own prick was pushing up hard against his zipper. It wanted out so he unzipped his shorts and slowly brought the one eye snake out into the open.

Tisha watched Maria’s larger lips moving up and down Raul’s shaft. She wanted another turn but Maria was not going to give up her lollipop. She felt her father’s leg press against hers and his hand move to her shoulder. She allowed his hand to pull her around and down. Her mouth opened as he guided it down over his hard-on.

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