The Converse Chronicles Ch. 03

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Introduction: If you haven’t read Parts 1 and 2 of “The Chronicles of Cordelia”, or the modern update of them, “The Converse Chronicles”, then you might be a little lost, but this story can stand on its own, with a little imagination on your part.


New Characters:

Jade Bellamy – The unassuming young waitress of a local eatery who gets pulled into the games of the Converse family. A 24 year old petite (5’3″) black girl, slim with curves in just the right amounts and places. A shy and quiet girl, but one who longs to be the kind of woman she discovers Angela is. Unbeknownst to the currently present Converse family, she is the daughter of Carla, who is the business partner of Cordelia’s mother, Carmen. Will she find a way to unlock the passion within her?

Deanna Converse – Paul’s wife, Angela’s mother. While she is briefly mentioned here, Chapter 4 is wholly dedicated to her, so her full intro will be there.

Chapter 3: Preparing for Deanna’s Return

(3 months after Chapter 2)

Paul Converse was on the phone with his wife, Deanna, and he knew she was somehow distracted. He couldn’t blame her. After all, he had been given the brutal details of how her family had just imploded in unthinkable fashion nearly three months ago.

Of course, he was a bit distracted himself… what with his lovely step-daughter’s mouth wrapped around the head of his cock as he was trying to talk to his wife.

“Yes, dear. The girls are fine. They’ll be giving j… GETTING jobs for the summer to make some spending money for themselves while they’re in college in the fall.”

“Yes, I know that money isn’t a big issue for us anymore, but it’s still important for them to learn some responsibility and not just swallow what we give them… er… yeah.”

“Alright dear, I’ll be at the airport at 5 to pick you up. I love you and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

As Paul set down his cellphone, he looked down at the vision of beauty that had crawled up between his knees on the sofa.

“You naughty little minx, Angela. Daddy was trying to talk to Mommy.” He looked at her disapprovingly… before breaking into a wide grin, showing his ‘anger’ was wholly faked. “Be a little more careful, we don’t want to get caught now do we?”

“Of course not, Daddy. But you know I just can’t help myself when it’s right there in front of me to have.” she answered, not so contritely.

“Go kick Cordelia out of your bed and get her to help you clean up the upstairs, if she will. If not, chase her out of here because we’ve got a house to get righted before your mother gets home tomorrow.”

“Yes, Daddy. We’ll put on little maid costumes and dust and clean and wash and…”

“GET!” Paul barked, laughing at his step-daughter’s constant teasing.

With a little effort (and a lot of shenanigans), Paul and Angela, with some meager assistance from Cordelia, made the Converse home as clean as it was going to get.

“Ugh, bahis firmaları Daddy… we stink.”, Angela moped after tossing the last of the cleaning supplies back in the closet. “Let’s all get cleaned up and go out to eat. We don’t want to trash the kitchen after we just did all that to clean it!”

“I can’t,” Cordelia moaned, “Mi madre just texted me. She’s said she needs me home for something, she wouldn’t say what. Lo odio cuando lo hace.”

“That sucks,” Paul and Angela said in unison. Laughing, the three shared a quick embrace and each kissed the cinnamon-skinned beauty on a cheek. Paul pulled away and gave her a quick slap on the butt while Angela and Cordelia shared a longer, more intimate kiss before breaking.

After Cordelia left, Angela turned to Paul and said, “So, about that cleaning up…” while smiling coyly at him. Without another word, Paul quickly scooped his step-daughter up in his arms and carried her to the master bathroom and set her down in the large, walk-in shower.

As he turned the water on, Angela shrieked and quickly pulled off her soiled, and now soaked, clothes and flung them at him. Paul expertly channeled ‘Neo’ from ‘The Matrix’ movies and dodged and weaved his way among the flying articles, laughing uproariously.

He immediately began to harden at the sight of his gorgeous step-daughter and her luscious body, streaming with water. Angela began to soap up her nubile body as he removed his own clothes and stepped into the steamy enclosure with her.

He came up behind her, wrapping his arms around her and cupping her firm, slippery breasts in his strong hands. His engorged cock rubbed up against the crack of her ass, slipping and sliding around behind her. Paul soaped up a washcloth and rubbed and caressed every inch of her body, cleansing her skin and caressing her soul at the same time.

Angela let out a sigh of pure satisfaction, tinged with the briefest sadness, as she knew that her time with Daddy would be greatly curtailed come tomorrow and the return of her unwanted mother. She put those thoughts from her mind, however, and turned into her Daddy’s strong arms and felt him hold her tight to his chest, reveling in the warmth, both physical and emotional, that his embrace brought her.

As she raised her eyes to her Daddy’s, they both knew what was to come. She slowly slid her body down his, until his erect cock danced in the shower’s downpour in front of her. He reached behind himself and turned the water off, and Angela’s tiny mouth once again wrapped as much as it could around her Daddy’s swollen head. His strong hands loosely gripped the sides of her head and guided her mouth up and down over his throbbing erection, reveling in the magical feel of her tongue sliding over that sensitive strip beneath the crown. Before long, he felt that familiar tingle in his balls, and he grunted down to her that he was going to cum. Without missing a beat, Angela wrapped kaçak iddaa her tiny hands around his shaft and pulled and jerked his cock ever more urgently into her mouth as her tongue expertly swirled everywhere it could reach.

Looking down at the young woman who had been a daughter to him all his life, masterfully sucking and tugging away on his granite erection, Paul thrust his hips forward and shot load after load of thick, creamy cum deep down her willing throat. Angela pulled back slightly to allow for more room in her mouth as she gulped down her Daddy’s hot load.

As she stood up, she leaned in and rubbed her shaved mound against his twitching, sensitive head and said, “Daddy, that was a yummy appetizer, but you’re going to have to wait if you want more, I’m starving and want to eat!” And with that, she bounced out of the shower for her room, leaving Paul spent and leaning against the quickly cooling tile wall to gather himself and eventually follow.

The famished pair dressed themselves and made their way down to Paul’s Dodge Charger to drive to the nearby Longhorn Steakhouse. All throughout their meal, Angela would lean over and tease her Daddy, quickly flashing him from the sides or top of her loose blouse, or dropping her napkin and crawling under the table to get it and rubbing his crotch as she made her way back up to her seat. Their pretty waitress almost caught her once, and seemed to think there was definitely something going on, as she would appear and ask if there was anything they needed far more than what one would expect from a normal server.

After everything was finished, the meal was paid for, and they were ready to leave, Angela ran back into the restaurant saying she needed to pee. She came back out a few minutes later smirking like the cat who caught the canary.

“Daddy, take me right here in the parking lot. Fuck me in the back seat of your car like the dirty little girl that I am.”, Angela purred. Paul was momentarily taken aback by his step-daughter’s boldness, but quickly started the car and drove over to the back corner of the parking lot by the dumpsters, where it was darkest and most secluded.

They quickly jumped to the back seat and Paul had Angela’s knee-length skirt pulled up and her panties off in a heartbeat, burying his eager tongue into the folds of her moist womanhood. Angela slammed her hand against the rear side window and gripped the driver seat headrest to brace herself as she fully mounted her Daddy’s face and rubbed her pussy all over it.

As she came to another shuddering climax from Daddy’s expert tongue, Angela wiped away the steam and perspiration from the window and smiled. She maneuvered down her Daddy’s body and whipped off his pants and underwear, slithering back up him and impaling herself on his big cock all in one motion. As she rode him, she leaned in closer and closer to him… her hands pushing against his strong chest to lift herself over and kaçak bahis over up and down his dick. Just when she saw his head tilt back and his eyes close she shot her hand out and pulled the rear door handle and flung the door open.

Paul’s eyes immediately shot open and he craned his neck backwards to see, wholly upside down to him, their waitress, one hand buried down her workpants, the other up her shirt, who had been watching through the window glass. Angela sat full upright and rode her step-father harder than ever as she brazenly watched their waitress and shuddered through another orgasm.

Angela came to her senses quickly and crooked a finger towards the young black woman. Hesitantly, haltingly on wobbly legs from her own exertions, the waitress came as close as possible to the side of the car. “Daddy, this is Jade. I think you probably remember her from dinner. We had a couple of quick conversations while you were in the bathroom. She seemed to think there was something more than ‘casual dining’ going on at one of her tables. What do you think, Daddy?”

“Well, sweetheart,” Paul began, “I’m fairly certain we ate dinner. I’m fairly certain we were VERY casual with one another. Isn’t that casual dining?” Angela laughed, and Paul felt her pussy muscles gripping on his still rock hard cock inside of her as she balanced herself. “Daddy, Jade thinks what we’re doing might be wrong, but she was ever so curious anyway. Do you think we can change her mind?”

“That depends on Jade, baby. What do YOU want, Jade?” Paul asked seriously.

Jade edged even closer to the car door, her eyes darting from Angela’s face, down her chest where her breasts occasionally flashed out as she writhed on Paul’s cock, and down to that darkened junction where their crotches met, and on to Paul’s smiling, inviting face. “You two aren’t… well, you’re not really family, right? That’s what Angela said when I confronted her about it.”

“No, we’re not blood-related, if that’s what you mean.” Paul answered. He lifted one hand up and back over his head, held out to Jade. Angela held out her opposite hand. Questions… concern… fear… lust… danger… incredulity… these all played across Jade’s face. Slowly, she reached out her own hands, and gently took the hands offered to her. Angela and Paul held her hands softly for a few moments. Suddenly, there was the slam of the kitchen door behind them at the restaurant and the spell was broken. Jade looked around wildly, took in the scene in front of her and, with a look that questioned what she was even doing there, bolted for the restaurant.

“Damn,” Angela swore, “I’ve never had a black girl before… I wanted to try one.” Paul could only grunt and shrug as Angela reached over and pulled the car door shut before expertly finishing her Daddy off inside her tight, hot pussy.

Angela quickly cleaned up Paul’s cock and slid her skirt back down. Paul climbed back into his pants and slid back up into the driver’s seat. With a final longing glance back towards the restaurant and it’s now hidden potential lover, the two drove home in slightly unfulfilled silence.

To be continued in Chapter 4.

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