The Day After

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Big Tits


This is a sequel to They Saw Mommy Fucking Santa Claus. I will be making one more and that’s probably it for this story line. I hope you enjoy and vote favorably.


Gabriel slept good Christmas Eve night. When he wakes up Jenny is no longer in his arms, but that doesn’t stop him from replaying the events of last night in his head: finding his sister, Jenny, watching their mother and Santa having sex and then fucking her while they watched from the stair case. It was the same thing every year for the last few years. They played out the same event and it was the only time of year he got to have Jenny. Now it is the day after Christmas and for some reason he just can’t get her out of his head.

Jenny had enjoyed it. She told him so just before they fell asleep last night. She liked it every year, but afterward they never talked about it and so it became, in a way, a present to each other, but Gabriel wanted more than that. His cock begins to stir at the thought of fucking his sister again.

He decides to push the thoughts away for the moment and head down stairs for Christmas. In the living room his mother and sister are already waiting for him. His mother is the first to notice him as he walks down the stairs.

“Well, Merry Christmas Gabriel,” she says with a big smile.

Jenny turns her head and smiles too and something seems a little different this morning, unlike past Christmases. He files it away and puts on a smile of his own, joining them. The morning carries on pretty fast as they unwrap presents. Afterward they head over to their grandmother’s house where practically the entire family is.

With his mother helping with the cooking and relatives all over the house, Gabriel has to find refuge in the bathroom. He hadn’t gotten to speak to his sister all day and even if he did, where would he? Then suddenly a knock raps at the door. He freezes for a second and then there is another knock.

“Just a minute,” he calls out.

“Open up Gab,” the voice of his sister calls through.

Gabriel quickly unlocks the door and opens it. Jenny pushes through, closing the door behind her. Jenny looks him in the eyes, staring bahis firmaları intently. Neither of them speak and after a long moment of silence, Jenny reaches out and starts rubbing his cock through his jeans.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” he asks. “I mean we only do this kind of thing on Christmas Eve.”

Jenny remains silent and soon gives him an answer after a few more moments of teasing his rock hard cock through the jeans when she unzips him. She reaches in and he jumps as her fingers touch and then encircle his cock. She pulls it out and with a toss of her head to get the hair out of the way, teasingly lowers her mouth to his shaft. Gabriel holds his breath as she extends her tongue out. She lightly flicks the tip of his cock and causes him, and it, to jump once again. She smiles as she swirls her tongue around his cock head for a while, causing him to moan. The she gently takes the tip of his cock into her mouth.

Sucking lightly, she slowly lowers her head. And slowly his shaft disappears between her lips until she takes it all down her throat. She leaves his cock buried to the base for several long seconds, making him wonder how she is able to do so. Then finally, she reverses direction, revealing his cock as slowly as she had hidden it. On the way out, she runs her teeth lightly along the top of his cock while adding a swirl of her tongue to the underside. When her teeth reach the ridge under his cockhead, she holds them there and bites down just a little to give her tongue swirling more friction on the underside of his cockhead.

The combination of the sting fo her teeth and the intense pleasure of her tongue on the most sensitive part of his cock has Gabriel rapidly approaching an orgasm. And just as he wants to explode, she stops the action of her tongue and removes the pressure of her teeth from the top of his cock. She slides the head of his cock through her lips and teeth until her lips kiss just the very tip.

Her lips envelope his cockhead again and begin their slow decent back to the base of his cock. She repeats the whole sequence again and again until Gabriel is begging and pleading for her to make him cum. Grinning wickedly she kaçak iddaa says, “You better have more for me.”

Her lips slides down his cock faster this time and she sucks harder. As she slips it back out, her tongue swirls rapidly along the underside. In just a few repetitions, he explodes. Sensing it, Jenny sucks his cock completely down her throat, which seems to constrict tightly around him. The she begins to bob her head as jets of cum shoot down her throat, milking his cock for every drop. The orgasmic contractions continue long after there is no more cum to shoot, but Jenny continues her milking, refusing to stop until the contractions do.

When she finally releases him, he says, “That was incredible!”

Jenny blushes as she says, “I love giving on Christmas.” She then pulls off his pants and underwear slowly to the floor, exposing his half erect cock. She looks at it for a moment. “I want you more than just once a year,” she says holding her head low.

Gabriel reaches down to the underside of her chin and lifts her head up. “I can’t stop thinking about you.” She smiles and without anymore words, he helps her undress then gripping her under her arms lifts her onto the sink. He leans her back against the mirror, placing a folded towel behind her back and spreads her legs.

He grasps her knees and pushes them over each side of the sink, fully exposing her pussy and ass to him. Then he kneels down between her legs to get a closer look at her pussy. It is bare and smooth with a light sheet of moisture on and between her lips and her pussy smells perfect. He bends his head further down and licks a lip lightly and it is her turn to jump and moan.

He spends a long time licking, nibbling and teasing her, trying to give her as much stimulation and pleasurable torment as she had given him. Then he attacks her clit and makes her whither and moans in excitement and she explodes into an orgasm immediately. Like his orgasm earlier, hers seems to go on and on and he refuses to stop licking until she stops cumming. Sweat plasters a few hairs to her forehead and shines like the rest of her body and she pants heavily.

Gabriel stands up fully, his cock aligned kaçak bahis directly with her pussy. He then grabs her legs and pulls her toward the edge of the sink. He places the tip of his cock at her entrance and slowly begins pressing his cock into her. He thrusts his hips forward and in one smooth thrust, buries his cock deep into her pussy. Jenny throws her head back with a muffled squeal. He leaves his cock in her for a few seconds, enjoying the contractions of her walls squeezing his thick shaft.

He pulls his cock out slowly, until just the tip is lodges between her lips and then pushes it back in again, eliciting another squeal. She is incredibly an deliciously tight. He feels every inch of her pussy as his cock slides into her cervix. He slowly picks up the pace of his thrusting and knows she wants him to go thrust faster, but he is enjoying the teasing.

Soon enough, however, he is pumping her at a rapid speed and is rewarded by little grunts and moans from her with each thrust. Even with her suppression of noise he can tell that she is slowly climbing toward a massive climax. He continues to thrust a while longer, increasing speed a bit more and starts to pant and groan as the sinking shakes violently.

“Gab,” Jenny says clutching to his back. “Gab, the sink.”

He pumps a bit more, ignoring her claims, slamming his cock into her as her tight ass slaps against his thighs. She moans, trying to hold back from screaming, as she approaches an orgasm. Gabriel keeps up the pace, trying to slam into her deeper and deeper, enjoying the way her tight, spasming walls grab at his cock. After a few seconds Jenny is pushed over the edge and she cums having to bite her bottom lip to prevent herself from screaming. Her orgasmic contractions squeeze and pull intensely on his cock, which in turn sets him off.

With one final, hard thrust, he pushes deep into her cervix. His cock spasms and he shoots a massive load of hot, thick cum into her, followed by another and another. They hold each other tight until both their orgasms subside. With her face pressed into Gabriel’s neck, she says, “I love you.”

Gabriel pulls away looking at her lovingly, “I love you too.”

Jenny smiles and reaches in for a kiss. They kiss for several long seconds, exploring each other’s mouths, until Gabriel finally breaks away and says, “We need to get back out there before we are missed.”

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