The Day Our Lives Started

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The day our lives started, mine and my sister’s and our mother’s, was forty years ago because I (Brian) came home early. That day is still as fresh in my mind as the day it happened.

I was 21 and completing my junior year at The University. Finals were about to begin and two of my classes had cancelled. Rather than hang around the campus, I went home at a time when no one was expecting me. I lived with my thirty-nine year old widowed mother, Brenda, and my eighteen year old sister, BrayAnn (Bray). My father had died in the late Forties from complications of wounds suffered in the Pacific Theater of WWII.

Those two females were total foxes, instant arousal, especially in the bikinis which were just becoming popular in the early Sixties. Dark haired and tall, Mom at five feet nine inches, Bray an inch taller, with slender builds, nicely proportioned breasts, firm rounded butts, often they were taken for sisters.

Neither dated nor socialized with the opposite sex much although not for lack of opportunity. Males were constantly hitting on them but they were just not interested. However, they did not display any same sex interest either. Most of our activities were with the family, we three together. Going out to dinner, movies, plays, concerts, amusement parks, or to the lake, it was normally just the three of us.

I had little experience with girls. By nature, I am not an aggressive person but rather passive. Most of my limited sexual experience had occurred with the girl being the initiator. I had thought and dreamed however.

I have been in love, I mean romantic love, and lust, with my mother since I was a small boy. As I grew older the only change in my feeling was it become deeper and stronger. No girl my age, no female, ever attracted or excited me as did my mother. I just wasn’t interested in anyone else.

I knew my love would never be physically complete but I didn’t care. Just being with and around Mom, a hug, a kiss on the cheek, a touch on a shoulder, arm or knee, was enough. I tried to be a good son, to help as much as possible, to lighten any and all of burdens, including taking care of my almost four year younger baby sister. I wanted to make Mom’s life as pleasant and hassle free as possible. I hid my feelings because I did not want to cause Mom any anguish or discomfort.

I took care of Bray beginning when she was a baby. I can remember struggling to change her wet and smelly diapers so Mom would not have to. Whatever Bray needed, fixing a scraped knee or elbow, help with school or homework, I was the available supporting big brother, a surrogate father.

She was really no problem. When she was six she was going on thirty; and she was/is one of the smartest people I have ever known. Until that day, however, that’s all she was, my ‘baby’ sister. All my dreams and desires, my hopes and wishes, my sexual fantasies, my lusts, were of Mom.

After arriving home that fateful day and going down the hallway to my bedroom, I heard a noise, a moan or groan, from my sister’s room. It sounded as if she was in pain. Thinking something was wrong I pushed the door open. Starting to ask, “Bray, what’s…,” the rest of the question, …”the problem?,” was completed only in my mind.

Bray lay nude. The sheet and bedcover were pushed to the foot of the bed. Knees spread in the air, heels against buttocks, feet flat on the bed, her open body was facing me as I stood frozen in the doorway. Her head was back with her chin pointed toward the ceiling. While her left hand was gripping, squeezing, massaging a breast, her right was rubbing between her splayed legs with two fingers curling, disappearing into her body. The uncovered breast was topped by an erect round nubbin.

It was far and away the most sexy, erotic, and sensual sight I had ever seen. Pictures in magazines, movies I had watched, could not compare to the sight before me. I stood mesmerized by the lovely body, burning the view into my mind. I knew I had to remember this forever, knew I would close my eyes and play the memory over and over. I was so hard it was painful.

Suddenly Bray stiffened and gasped, breathing hard, almost panting. It sounded like she said, “OH Bri Bri I’m coming I’m coming It’s good It feels so good OH OH.,” but her words ran together, rising at the end.

As she visibly relaxed, her legs slowly straightened, stretching toward me. Her eyes opened, dreamily, unfocused, then looked directly into mine. For an instant she lay unmoving. Then her eyes widened and a look of pure utter terror flashed across her face. She screamed and rolled into a fetal ball facing the wall beside the bed. Her whole body shook as she sobbed bitterly. My arousal disappeared as fast as it had risen.

I slowly approached the bed and sat on the edge. I tentatively placed a hand on her shoulder and hesitantly said, “Bray, please don’t cry. Please. I’m sorry I walked in on you. Please forgive me. Don’t cry.” I was almost crying myself.

Sobbing, hiccupping, Bray said, “Bri, please don’t hate me. Don’t think bad about me. I bahis firmaları didn’t want you to hear me. I didn’t want you to know. I’m sorry. I’ll never do it again. Please don’t hate me.”

“Hate you? For what? I don’t understand?” I asked.

“For what I was doing. I… I know it’s wrong. I shouldn’t think it. I shouldn’t do it. I won’t do it again! I promise! Please forgive me!” BrayAnn’s sobbing made it difficult to understand.

“For what? For… for… masturbating?,” I couldn’t use a crude word. This was my ‘baby’ sister although her body was to die for. It was a definitely grownup body. I couldn’t see much now, rolled into a ball the way she was, but the curves from her shoulder to her waist to the swell of her hips, her rounded thighs drawn tightly to her chest and stomach, her calves tapering to her feet, were that of a totally and fully developed woman. She was no longer my BABY sister.

“I know I shouldn’t feel about… shouldn’t think about… it. But I was. I had such a feeling, so tingling, so itching, I, I had to do something. But, but I’m sorry. I won’t do it again. I promise. But the more I thought about y… about having sex, and, wanting… wanting to, but… knowing I can’t, knowing it’s wrong, but, still, I still want… I, I just had to do something.”

“Hey, it’s nothing to be ashamed about. There’s nothing wrong with it. Some may lie and deny they do it, but, probably, everyone does it. Including Mom.”

That comment startled Bray and the sobs quit momentarily.

“Mom? Mom? Mom does? How do you know?” Bray asked with a sniffle.

“I’ve heard her.” I said, thinking of the many times I had joined her, with her in her room, me in mine. Our bedrooms shared a wall. Many nights I lay in bed, a hand against the wall as if I was touching Mom, while the other raced up and down my dick in cadence with the faint sounds coming through the wall. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of. And it’s a whole lot better than taking a chance with some trashy boy who would brag about it, probably get you pregnant, then dump you.”

A quiet little voice said, “I’m on the pill. It helps with my period. I don’t know any BOY I want to have sex with. They are all so dumb and crude. I don’t want to have anything to do with just any BOY.” As BrayAnn spoke she straightened out a little, turning more onto her stomach and stretching her legs out, but she was still tense and stiff as a board.

I still had my hand on her shoulder, rubbing gently as I had since I sat down. As her sobbing and sniffling eased, I said “Are you o.k. now?” I did not know we had been talking at cross purposes, that I was misunderstanding every thing Bray said.

She sort of nodded her head, not saying anything.

Remorse at causing her pain washed through me. “Hey, listen. I love you. You didn’t do anything wrong. You shouldn’t be embarrassed. I am the one who was wrong. I should not have barged in on you. And when I did, I, I, should have left immediately. I should NOT have stayed to watch you; but… you were so beautiful… laying there, just gorgeous, I, I, just couldn’t leave. I was wrong, not you, but I just couldn’t… I had to watch. I AM sorry. I AM the one in the wrong, and you should, you must, forgive ME. O.K.” I was pleading.

Bray sighed, and as if making a decision, turned onto her back. Her whole front was exposed in all of its glory as I sat next to her. Her breast brushed my forearm and I almost jumped off the bed.

Bray put her arm across my legs, holding me down as I tried to get up. With a very serious expression she looked directly into my eyes, her eyes switching, bouncing, from one of mine to the other. In the same still, soft voice Bray asked, “Do you really think I’m beautiful?”

“Oh God. Your Gorgeous. Your Lovely. Your Fantastic. And I got to get out of here! Your my SISTER!,” I groaned hoarsely, trying again to get up. My arousal was back. I was rock hard and trembling. I wanted to feel those delightful breasts, stroke the satiny looking skin, explore that lovely body with my hands and mouth, get out of there while I had some control, before I did something I shouldn’t.

She tightened her grip across my legs, keeping me from leaving. “Bri, I love you. Don’t be upset. I can’t forgive you; there is nothing to forgive. I’m glad you like to look at me. I want you to look at me. I’ve wanted you to for a long time.” The sudden realization of what Bray had actually been saying hit me like a bolt of lightning. I was stunned! I had never considered her. I had never thought of her. Not in that way.

“Bray, I can’t,” I gasped. “I’m your BROTHER. We can’t.” I leaned back to grab the sheet at the foot of the bed, to draw it up and cover her nudity. As I did my face was right over the junction of her legs. Her pubic hair was sparse and fine, covering, shadowing, but not hiding her swollen lips. Her aroma was intoxicating. It flowed through my nostrils jolting my brain. I hesitated, still reaching for the sheet. I must have entered a trancelike state. I just had to taste the source of that delightful kaçak iddaa odor. I licked through the hair, across the top of her clitoris, down through the cleft of the lips.

Brays’ body jerked as if hit by an electrical shock. “Yes! Yes! Do it! Please.,” she whispered. “I’ve wondered how that would feel, if you would do it to me. It’s wonderful. Do it some more. Please. Please, Bri.”

I was lost. I buried my face between her legs. I engulfed her whole mound in my mouth. I ran my wriggling tongue over the lips. Her smell, her taste, was like an aphrodisiac. Never had I encountered anything so divine.

As I moved to get between her legs Bray grabbed my shirt and pulled it over my head. My feet were on the floor with my erection jammed against the edge of the bed. I kissed the inside of her thighs, the junction of her legs and body, nibbling and biting with my lips. I took a deep breath, inhaling the delightful scent. “I’ve only done this once” I said. “I don’t really know what to do. Tell me what you like.”

I started kissing, licking, frenching, those beautiful lips. Spreading them open with my fingers, I licked lightly up each side, tasting, savoring, from the small hole at the bottom to the clit in it’s hood at the top. Breathing through both my mouth and nose, I stabbed my pointed tongue into that small hole while rubbing her clit with my nose.

Suddenly she arched, her whole body quivering, only her head and feet touching the bed. Her fingers were tangled painfully in my hair forcing my face into her mound. Suddenly she slumped, going limp, gasping for breath.

I crawled up the bed and lay beside her. Slipping my arms around her, I hugged her lightly. She grabbed me. She squirmed and burrowed until she had wrapped her arms and legs around me, squeezing as if she was trying to merge her entire body into mine, trying to make us one.

She moved her head back so she could look deep into my eyes. She softly pleaded “Fuck me! Please! I want to feel you in me. I know it’s wrong; but I love you! I’ve wanted this for so long. Please! Just this once! I won’t ask you again. But… I’m begging you, please, fuck me!”

As she said that, she moved so she could unfasten my pants, pushing them and my briefs down until she could hook her feet into them and push them over my ankles. Wrapping her legs back around me she began hunching with her crotch, rubbing my shaft with her wet pussy lips, trying to capture my steel hard dick with her pussy mouth, trying to bury me in her love tunnel.

I couldn’t speak. With our eyes locked I rocked my hips back, then forward. The head slipped into the tightest, wettest, slickest, warmest place I had ever felt. I continued to rock several times, each time going a little deeper as her cuntal sheath expanded and lubricated my dick. Finally I was completely buried inside her.

Lying on our sides I was fully enveloped in warm velvet, pubic bone against pubic bone. We lay still for a moment, savoring the closeness, relishing the feeling of joining, basking in the completeness of our union.

Later, she told me she felt stuffed, full, as if her cuntal area had expanded until it was ninety percent of her body with all of her sensations focused on our fusion. Our lips came together and we kissed, gently at first, then with increasing heat and passion.

I rolled onto her without breaking contact with our lips or pubic area. As I nestled between her legs they rose, gripping me and pulling me slightly deeper. Her heels locked behind my ass cheeks forcing me even tighter, deeper into her.

The feeling of my dick inside her pussy was and is indescribable. I was on my elbows with my forearms along her ribs. My hands were curled and gripping her shoulders. Her arms were under my armpits clasping my back. She was holding me so tightly her arm and leg muscles felt like iron bands around me. Bray’s mouth was mashed against mine so tightly it was deliciously painful.

I raised my hips, withdrawing slowly against the tightness of her grip until only the head was still in that wonderful sheath. Against my lips, Bray pleaded, “ung ugh. on’t. on’t ull ou.”

I could feel my lips curving into a grin as I said back, “ah oun’t.” We both started giggling as eyes open and locked, I eased back into her. I don’t know how long or how many times I slowly eased out and then back in. We were reveling in the feeling, the rubbing, the textures, the sensation of the movements, in and out, back and forth.

At the same time I was twisting my chest rubbing against Bray’s breasts so the hard little nipples dug furrows in my chest. She was twisting and rubbing her clit against me. Gradually I began moving faster and faster, with Bray hunching up to meet me on my down-in strokes, relaxing, dropping on my up-out strokes until our pubic areas began loudly slap, slap, slapping as we drove into each other.

Suddenly Bray stiffened, went rigid. Her muscles tightening, squeezing, gripping me with her arms, her legs, her internal muscles, until I could hardly move. “OhBriOHBriI’mcomingI’mcoming!” kaçak bahis she almost shrieked. I exploded. It was as if my dick burst. I jerked with each ejaculation as it shot out of me. She convulsed with each of my jerks.

Eons passed. Completed, drained, I collapsed on her, my full weight pressing on her. I was limp. I had no strength in my body. I was sucking air as if I had run a marathon. Nothing like this had ever happened to me.

Finally recuperating somewhat, I rolled onto my side but remained buried, although I could feel my dick softening. I gently stoked Bray’s hair. I kissed her forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, chin, then lightly on her lips. Not kisses of passion, but of fulfillment, of tenderness, of love.

Bray snuggled her head under my chin; her arms still tightly around me. “I’m glowing,” she said. “If it were dark, I’d light up the room.

“Oh Bri. I always knew it would be wonderful. I’ve wanted this for so long. I’ve dreamed of this. I love you. I always have. I always will. It can’t be wrong, not when I feel like this. It’s heavenly. It’s fabulous.” She was almost babbling.

She was quiet for a moment. “I know you don’t love me the way I love you; but that’s o.k.” I stirred, started to speak. She shook her head against my chest, “Don’t say anything. Please. Just listen, listen to your baby sister.

“I love you, body and soul. I don’t care that you are my brother. I don’t care what you do. Find a girl. Get married. Have babies. I’ll love her and the babies because their yours. I’ll never cause you a problem. I won’t be jealous. I’ll be happy if your happy. I’ve had this. I wanted this. And it is the ultimate.

“If you ever want me again, just say so. Crook your finger and I’ll come running. If you want me once a year, every ten years, I’ll be ready. I’ll share you if that’s what you want. Have someone else, and me when you need a change, I don’t care.”

She took a deep breath. “If you never want to do this again, I’ll understand. I’ll accept it. After today, I’ll never say anything. I’ll never ask. I’ll never bother you. But I’m here and I’ll be available, when and if you ever want me. Anytime. Anywhere. Anyplace. No commitment. No strings.

“Just, please… for a while… hold me. Cuddle me. Let me bask in my glow. Let me enjoy this feeling.”

I slid my hand under her chin and lifted until we were looking into each others eyes. “Bray. I feel… about Mom… the way you say you feel. I have forever. I’ve never thought about you… this way. Your right, you have always JUST been my ‘baby’ sister. I have always loved you that way. I just never, ever thought of you in any other way. I’m sorry. I’ve been so dumb and blind.

“I have never really wanted anyone but Mom… but… now, after seeing you… as a person… a,” I kissed her lightly after each word, “beautiful, lovely, smart, sexy, special, woman… how could I not want you and love you?

“We do have a problem, though. We have a BIIIG problem. I love Mom. I love you. AND, there is NO WAY, we can go back now. There is no way I can go on treating you as JUST my ‘baby’ sister.

“Do I want you again? I want to wear my dick out, pushing it in and out of you. I want to wear your pussy out. I want to do it so hard and fast I’ll catch you on fire. But…

“What about Mom? From others we can hide. We can fake it. No one will ever know. But… Mom?”

“I don’t know.,” Bray sighed. “I never thought about Mom. She WILL know as soon as she looks at me. What will she think? Oh, Bri, what are we going to do?”

As she spoke she wiggled her ass. Still buried, soft and limp, my dick twitched and started to harden. “Oh my.” Bray giggled. “What’s that I feel. Is something waking up?”

We lay unmoving, savoring my hardening dick. Her eyes were rapidly switching back and forth between mine. She was beaming a face splitting grin as we shared the feeling of my member as it engorged within her. She knew I would never lie to her and that I meant every word I had uttered, but, this was her test. Did I want her? Would I take her? What would I do? She waited.

I rolled her on top of me while placing my hands on her breasts. I pushed a little until she rose to a sitting, kneeling position with me like a rock inside her. “You feel so good.,” I whispered. Then a stray errant thought flickered through my mind. “I thought it was supposed to be painful the first time?”

Bray giggled. “It is. It does. But I wanted this to be perfect. No distractions if I ever got you in this position. So, I busted my cherry with a brush. I didn’t want pain or anything to interfere. I didn’t want you to hesitate. I didn’t want to give you a chance to back out if you thought you were hurting me. You did stretch me though. I could feel it. I’m glad you went so slow and easy. It hurt a little, but it was a good hurt. I love you.”

“Me too.”

She began rocking back and forth, slowly, started raising and lowering on my shaft, rubbing her clit against my hair. I was pushing up as she went backwards or down, then relaxing. We didn’t rush, get in a hurry or match the frantic pace of the first time. It was a slow gentle rocking as we enjoyed the movement at our joining. She was squeezing me with her muscles. I was flexing my dick.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32