The Driver’s gift.

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Bit of sci-fi, bit of incest (step-mom/sisters) little bit male/male. Hope you enjoy!


I wasn’t born with powers, would have preferred having super strength or something but when I learned to use them correctly I was happy with what I had. At 19 I worked at a local delivery place, pretty much a courier really but for my insurance they didn’t call it that. Most of the time it was ‘go here, take it there’ type jobs and since it paid pretty well I didn’t mind.

I don’t remember what happened for a few hours after my crash, I remember the pickup, a quiet man in a lab coat insisting I stay in my seat while his men secured the package in the back of my van then remember the strange vibrations that shook the whole vehicle, made me lose control and crash into a ditch. Next thing I remember was waking up in the hospital with thankfully just minor injuries.

I was glad I still lived at home, my Dad had remarried when I was 7 and I gained a hot stepsister who was just a few years older than me and her hot mom who my dad adored. Step sister (Maggie) went to a local college and saved money by staying home too, I was waiting for my call up papers for Officer Training with the Army Rangers and was just working to make extra cash but Dad and stepmom Karen were great and home life was very happy for me. Maggie and I got on well enough, she knew I had the hots for her as soon as I knew about girls and would tease me relentlessly, wearing skimpy clothes and ‘accidentally’ dropping her towel as she came out of our shared bathroom. She told me one night that she preferred women though, said most guys were pigs and said she was only going to date women until she left college. That did nothing to douse the fantasies I had about her. Stepmom Karen was basically an older version of her, tall, legs forever, boobs to die for and a pretty face that always had a smile, oh and both blonde.

I was a little tender when I got home, Karen didn’t work so she looked after me, I had been ordered to rest up and take it easy since my ribs were pretty badly bruised. When Karen went out, Maggie would look after me and she even cut back a little on her teasing.

“I bet you’re glad I’m a nursing student and not a veterinarian intern huh.” Said Maggie as she helped me sit up.

“Right now I’m just thankful for an extra pair of hands, these painkillers mess me up but if I don’t take them the pain is unbearable. Thanks sis.” I said when I was finally sitting.

“Do you want me to see if there’s something different you can take? You zone out pretty hard when you take them sweetie, is kinda scary. I don’t mean that in a mean way, I’m just worried about you.” She said. I could tell she wasn’t teasing me.

“Doc said my tiger balm would be better but I’d have to remove my bandages, apply it then re apply my bandages. I can’t expect you or Karen to do that.” I said, wincing in pain.

“I’ll talk to mom later, let me get your pills for now but I don’t like this sweetie, hate seeing you in pain or as spaced out as these make you and I really want to help.” She said then left to get me my pills and water.

I sat in a daze a little after I took them, the pain slowly faded away and I sat half watching tv and half watching Maggie as she cleaned up and kept herself busy. At one point she bent over, ass facing me and her yoga pants framed her ass perfectly. She wasn’t in that position long but my mind immediately went to “boy if I was hard I could have fun there.” and to my surprise I felt myself spring an erection. I shifted the blanket to hide the tent I was making and thankfully she didn’t notice, I thought, ‘bad timing, go away boner’ and felt myself go soft again. Not thinking anything of it since I was a little spaced out from the pills I just watched the tv. I dozed off at one point, when I woke I shifted wrong and a jolt of pain caused me to cry out, Maggie had left to study and Karen was sitting reading a book. I breathed hard as the pain subsided and when I finally opened my eyes Karen was looking at me with a genuine look of concern on her face.

“Are you okay sweetie, that looked painful.” She said.

“Yea, I shifted wrong as I woke, I’m sure this will fade again.” I replied.

“Your chart said you’re still 4 hours from your next pill, are you sure you’ll be okay? Maggie said you have lotion that would help with the pain.” She said.

“I do but you’d have to take my bandages off, apply it then put my bandages back on, I can’t expect you to do that. I’ll ask the nurse to put some on later when she comes to give me my bath.”

“Honey that’s not until six, you’ll have had your pills by then. Where is it, I’m insisting.” She said, getting to her feet.

I directed her to my bedside then when she got it, sat tentatively as she gently took my shirt off, unwound my tight bandages then gently applied a thin layer of my lotion. Once it started soaking into my skin the pain relief was instant and I let out a sigh. Karen’s warm hands felt good on my back but I pushed the ümraniye escort thoughts from my mind and just enjoyed being without pain. Once my bandages were back on I thanked Karen and got myself comfortable again and waited for my nurse visit where I’d be given a sponge bath and fresh bandages, most of the time it was a male nurse so nothing fun there but laying in my bed that night I thought about Karen’s hands on me and being tired, my last pain pills of the day dragging me under, I wished I was already hard so I could jerk off before I was too tired. Just thinking about my cock being hard, made it hard, I was amazed, usually it would take looking at porn on my cellphone or one of my hidden magazines for a while to get me going. I didn’t dwell on it too long, I stroked myself to orgasm, finishing in a tissue before I dozed off to sleep.

As the weeks went on my ribs steadily got better, I found I had complete control over my cock just by thinking about it, I could cum then think myself hard again in minutes. I could also make it soft when I found myself hard in positions that would have been embarrassing. Karen and Maggie were still hanging around the house to look after me, I was more mobile but when I thought I was okay, I was left alone and my back decided to spasm and left me face down on the kitchen floor for two hours until my dad came home. From then on he insisted I was never to be alone in the house until cleared by the doctor.

I got up one morning, took my thankfully lighter pain pills and had a nice hot shower and decided I wanted eggs for breakfast. Maggie was already in the kitchen and stopped me when I winced trying to lean over and get a frying pan.

“What are you doing silly, what do you want, I’ll make your breakfast. Have you taken your pills?” She said, helping me lean against the counter to recover.

“I wanted to cook some eggs.” I replied.

“Well shuffle yourself over to the counter when you can move and I’ll cook them for you.” She said then immediately bent over to grab the pan.

Usually she’d be in yoga pants, that morning however she was still in her robe and with it being so short I got a good flash of her white lace panties. I couldn’t help myself, I was instantly hard and to my horror I popped right out of the pajama bottoms I was wearing. Maggie, stood up and glanced down, grinning when she seen me go bright red.

“Whoa there, he woke up fast, guessing you want more than eggs for breakfast dirty boy.” She said, still smiling.

“Well yea I’d love a blow job but eggs will do.” I replied, trying to brush my embarrassment away.

“Oh, okay, I’ll give you one then.” Said Maggie.

I was stunned, Maggie put the pan down on the stove, got to her knees before me and immediately started sucking my cock. She’d had a lot of fun teasing me in the past, usually when I said that to her she’d reply something like ‘I only like real cocks not pretend ones’ or ‘when you grow a cock not a clitoris’, would wink or give me the finger then strut away. For a woman that preferred women she knew what she was doing and before long I was groaning as I sprayed my seed down her throat. She didn’t stop until she’d got every drop, I made myself go soft and tucked my cock into my bottoms as she stood up, wiping a droplet of cum from the corner of her mouth.

“That was good, let me get back to your eggs.” She said and carried on like nothing had happened.

My mind was all over the place, Maggie was sexy as hell and I really cared about her but I didn’t want to feel like I used her. When I finished my eggs I asked her why she sucked me.

“Because you asked me to sweetie, I know you enjoyed it. Why do you ask, do you feel guilty for not warning me you were going to cum?” She said with a soft smile.

“No I, I didn’t want to feel like I’d taken advantage of you or something.” I replied.

“Well don’t be silly, though it’s always polite to warn a girl that you’re gonna blow so she can prepare for it. I’m sure you’ll remember next time.” She said then busied herself with dishes.

Deciding not to push my luck I wandered to the couch and took a nap, covering myself with my blanket and smiling in content. When I woke Maggie was listening to her headphones as she studied but she took them off when she seen I was awake.

“Sorry, put these on to drown out your snoring. Can I get you anything sweetie?” She asked.

“Yea, a naked blonde and a hot cup of coffee.” I said as I gently swung my feet round to sit up.

“Okay.” Said Maggie then left the room.

When she came back a couple of minutes later (yay Keurig) she was completely naked and smiled as she put my coffee down on the table. Her body was amazing, I felt myself getting hard again.

“Just creamer right?” She said and sat back down to her books.

“Uh, yes but why are you naked?” I asked.

“You asked for a coffee and a naked blonde. I’m blonde, there’s your coffee.” She replied.

“You will do anything I ask?” I was intrigued.

“Of kartal escort course I will.” She replied.

“I uh, well you best put some clothes on, Karen will be back soon.” I said and started drinking my coffee.

“Okay.” She said with a smile and came back a few minutes later dressed again.

I wondered if she was just winding me up, leading me on to get me in an embarrassing situation to blackmail me later but she sucked my cock, sat in front of me naked and I only had to ask. I wondered if it was connected with the control I had over my own cock and decided to try it out with the nurse later that morning. To my dismay though it was the guy this time and not the pretty brunette I’d hoped for. I went ahead with my plan.

“Good, the bruising is finally dissipating, you should be able to start physio pretty soon. Is your lower back still as tight?” He said.

“Yes but not horrible.” I replied.

“Well lets give you a massage so you’re comfortable for the night.” He said as he set up his portable table.

He had me lay face down with no clothes on and put a towel over my ass and after warming his oils he gave me a gentle massage, helping loosen the muscles in my lower back. He had me flip over and when he was done with my chest and shoulders I made myself hard. My erection tented the towel and I faked embarrassment.

“Sorry I um…” I said.

“Don’t worry about it, is pretty normal. When your body lets go of the pain that tight muscles can cause it can lead to arousal.” He said, smiling.

“Well how about giving me a happy ending then?” I said.

“Okay, I’d like that.” He replied.

I’d never been with a man in any way before, I was pretty open minded and freely admitted watching gay porn on occasion but I was in heaven when he took my cock into his mouth. With his fingers still coated in oil he opened my legs and slid a finger into my ass too and expertly stroked my prostrate as he sucked me. It felt amazing and in no time I was close to cumming. I thought about what Maggie said and warned him.

“Thanks for warning me, not so keen on the taste.” He said and with his other hand, stroked me until I sprayed cum all over my stomach.

He quietly cleaned me up then helped me to my feet.

“Don’t tell anyone about that okay.” I said.

“Oh I won’t, my girlfriend knows I’m bi but nobody else does. You should shower so you don’t get that oil everywhere, try a couple of laps in the pool too.” He said as he carried on packing his stuff away.

After he left I did as he suggested and showered off the oil, managed 2 laps and laid in the sun on my lounger. Karen came out to see me when she got home.

“Hi sweetie, how you feeling?” She asked.

“Good thanks, would you like to join me out here, topless in those white bikini bottoms you wear?” I said.

“I would, thank you for asking me, I’ll be right back.” She said.

She came back out about 10 minutes later, her beautiful breasts exposed to me, wearing the white bottoms like I’d requested. She put a glass of water beside me too and sat on the chair next to mine.

“Oh this feels nice, I can tell you like them, you’re looking little squirmy there mister, lump in your shorts?” She said, grinning.

“I do, they’re very nice. Don’t tell anyone about this though.” I said.

“Oh I won’t, our little secret.” She said with a smile.

We chatted for a while, Maggie was due back from the store soon so I sent Karen to get dressed and went to my room, Maggie came to see me when she got home.

“Just checking in you sweetie, you need anything?” She said with her usual smile.

“I need a good fuck after my morning.” I said, deciding to push my luck.

“Okay, come to my room though, my bed is firmer.” She said and waited until I got to my feet.

I followed her, watching her ass sway in her yoga pants and felt like I was in a dream when she closed her door behind me. She held me close and kissed me, stroked my already hard cock through my pants and told me to strip. She stripped off and had me lay on my back then straddled me and slowly lowered herself onto my cock. She was really tight and felt amazing.

“Oh fuck this feels so good, I do prefer a woman’s touch but as long as you let me ride you so we don’t hurt your back, I will do this any time you ask.” She said.

Having already cum that morning I lasted for ages, Maggie was soaked in sweat and had climaxed at least 3 times by the time I told her I was cumming, I pushed up and sprayed when seed I had left into her.

“Would you like to sit on my face now, I’d like to taste you.” I said when she finally caught her breath.

“Oh fuck yes I would, I’ve not had a tongue in me for ages.”

I licked her to another 2 orgasms, Maggie kissed me on the cheek, whispered ‘our secret remember’ and got into her shower. I left and got into my own shower and took a nap on the couch. When I woke my Dad was sitting in his chair, reading through some papers.

“Hey maltepe escort son, how you feeling, girls been looking after you okay?” He asked.

“Yea, they’ve both been taking great care of me.”

“Sorry I’ve been so busy, working on a huge contract and I have to go out of town for a while too but you’re in good hands, nothing like 2 gorgeous blondes to look after you huh.” He said with a smile.

“I have been enjoying it yes.” I replied, just not telling how much.

When my dad left for his trip I got a little bolder with my commands and was fucking Maggie every morning. She loved being on top and I loved to watch her breasts bounce as she rode me. My nurse visits dropped down to twice a week but they sent a different one every time. I usually had them fucking me too. One time Maggie walked in on us and got a little jealous so I had the nurse eat Maggie as I fucked the nurse from behind, I was in heaven. One morning Maggie was taking her time and riding me nice and slow when Karen walked in, she announced her presence with an ‘Oh’ but Maggie just smiled at her and kept riding me.

“Would you like to sit on my face while Maggie fucks me?” I asked.

“Oh I would, thank you.” She replied and stripped.

When Karen had cum she got off my mouth, Maggie came a short time later and I had them swap, it felt amazing when Karen lowered herself onto me the first time. I wanted to watch her ride me but Maggie sat on my face (I did ask her to, was my fault) so I just licked as I enjoyed the sensations on my cock. Things went the same for days, I wore myself out fucking them both but I’d never been so happy in my life.

One morning, after a wonderful session with both Karen and Maggie, I woke to find 2 men wearing some kind of body armor complete with helmets and weird ear pieces and both were armed with brightly colored stun looking pistols. When I jumped a little, Karen and Maggie woke up too and shrieked, grabbing covers to cover their nakedness. The men spoke to each other first.

“That’s the stepmother and stepsister, he’s had 4 of the nurses too.” Said the first man.

“Make him ask how long he’s been fucking them.” Said the second man.

“Alex, ask both women how long you’ve been having sex with them.” He said to me.

“Who are you and why is that your business?” I asked.

“If you don’t ask them we’ll wipe their memories for the last 8 years, ask them now.” Said the second man.

“Karen, Maggie, how long have we been having sex?” I said.

“Not long enough, about 5 weeks?” Said Maggie.

“Oh, you’re lucky, has only been two for me.” Said Karen.

“Tell them both to forget about ever having you.” Said the first man. I did as he asked. Both women got up and left.

“Now go shower and put some clothes on.” Said the second man.

“Tell me who you are first, better yet, I want you to tell me who you are and just leave.” I said, getting a little angry. This time my commands were ignored.

“Level 7 Sir, I think we should contain.” Said the first man.

“No, I’m not carrying him. Alex, here’s the deal, go shower, put some clothes on and come with us quietly. If you talk again, and I mean one more word, myself or my partner will shoot you with our phase pistols. They hurt like hell and you’ll wake up with a sore head. Nod your head if you understand.” Said the second man. I nodded my head.

I showered and dressed quietly as they asked then was led to a waiting SUV. They cuffed me, put a gag over my mouth so I couldn’t talk then both men took off their helmets and ear pieces. Neither took their eyes off me. I couldn’t see out of the SUV but we eventually stopped and the men geared up again then led me into a brightly lit parking garage, led me through a maze of bright corridors and sat me down in a chair in a room that had a huge 2 way mirror and cameras everywhere. I was reminded not to talk again then they took my gag off and left me with a bottle of water. I still had no idea what was going on.

A tall redhead came in the room a few minutes later, she didn’t say anything but attached a collar round my neck and sat opposite me. She was also wearing a collar, a thick plastic thing with lights all over it. She was really pretty.

“The collar you have on now is an advanced shock collar that is linked to mine. If you ask me to do anything, we will both be shocked and knocked out. I have some questions for you, answer me carefully, take your time and think about your answers okay?” She said.

“Yes Ma’am.” I replied.

“Other than the nurses, your stepmom and stepsister, how many other people have you controlled.” She asked.

“I’ve been housebound because of my ribs, just them.” I replied.

“What else are you able to do since the accident, tell me everything, no matter how minor you think it is.” She said.

“I um, I can make myself hard just by thinking about it.” I replied.

“Show me.” She said, by her face she was serious.

I did as she asked, made myself hard, let it go soft then sat back down.

“What were your intentions, were you planning to waste your new talents just fucking your hot step sister?” She asked.

“I don’t know how this happened, I found out by accident.” I replied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32