The Eternal Warmth of Sibling love

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I woke up to a dream. Mary nudges me fondly and leads me to a dark room. We both lie down and rest our heads on a pillow. She gazes at me with those deep brown eyes. I can hear people’s voices outside as she gets closer. I can feel her breath as she pulls the blanket over us. That is exactly when I woke up from this dream. Ten years hence these rare dreams are the only passage to those eternal memories of warm sibling love.

About ten years back, I was in India; also where I am originally from. My name is Tony. I was about 18 years old. Along with my Mom and Dad and my two sisters: Mary who is 22 and Reena 20, I lived in a small apartment in Chennai. Unlike in the west, this is a common setting in a Indian family: girls move out of home only after they get married and boys continue to live with their parents and take care of them. I was in my first year of college. Reena was in her third year and Mary was looking for jobs. We were a lower middle class family leading a very simple life. Dad had a bank inspection job with frequent travel and Mom was a teacher in a middle school.

It is a routine Sunday evening. Everyone in the family preparing for their busy week ahead. Our apartment had 2 rooms, a living room, a kitchen and then a separate area for the toilet and bathroom. I and my sisters used to sleep in the larger bedroom. Mom and göztepe escort dad (if he is in the town) sleep in the living room. The other bedroom was a dark room used mostly for storage. After night prayers we all retired to our rooms. Reena and Mary sleep next to each other and I sleep besides their head side. We all sleep in the concrete floor on a mat with a head pillow.

After a relaxing day which includes a afternoon nap, I find it extremely difficult to sleep on Sunday night’s. I lie down with random thoughts in my mind; often involving women and sex. Our bedroom adjoins the living room but we close the bedroom door because the bedroom windows are open and sometimes cats would creep inside the windows and make their way to the kitchen through the living room. Once it is around 2-3 AM, I get up and grab the flash light placed for emergencies between my sisters’ pillow. I turn on the flash light and flash it around the room just to check if my sisters are in deep sleep. Sometimes Mary gets disturbed and wakes up but Reena never does. She hardly wakes up in the middle of the sleep. Every time as I start this ceremony my body shivers with excitement.

Both my sister’s wear a night gown with bra and panties underneath. I flash the torch light right on Reena’s face and there is hardly any movement. Luckily Mary is facing kurtköy escort the other side. I knew I couldn’t waste much time. I go closer to Reena and lifted her top to peek at her breasts. Though she is wearing a black bra, I am able to see ample cleavage. Her complexion can be described as light brown or mocha unlike Mary who is fair. Her breasts are a 34B. I insert my fingers and touch lightly in the cleavage area. I have been doing this for a while now and she barely moves. I go closer to her neck and then smell her. I can hear her breathing. I cautiously press her boobs lightly and then I move my hands around her waist. My dick is erect as a pole and I continue to shiver with excitement. I then move towards her feet.

I lift the gown and flash the light under the gown. I see her perfect thighs and short legs. She is about 155 cms tall. She is lying straight and her legs are lifted, so I am able to enter inside the gown and smell around her panties. I could smell her pussy and lightly rested my nose in the panties. I then took my head out and looked at Mary who was facing the wall on the other side. I went near her butt and started smelling around it. Oh my god! Mary’s buttocks are the most perfectly shaped ones I have ever seen. With the night gown the view was not great but I was happy enough to just whiff. I was feeling pendik escort horny and today wanted to feel them. I touched her butt lightly and she started moving. I quickly moved back to my mat and covered the blanket. It was around 4 already and I was tired. I rubbed my dick vigorously thinking about fucking Mary from behind and once I came went to sleep peacefully.

The next morning as I am sitting in the table and browsing the newspaper, Mary is sweeping the floor with a broom. As she does that bending down, a large part of her cleavage is visible cleanly. I check them out feeling blessed to be born alongside a beautiful woman like her. She is about 155 cms tall, fair complexion and a 34C cup. She has bright brown eyes with a oval face. Her hair flows till her waist and she ties them as a long plait. She walks around with free flowing hair whenever she washes them looking like an angel. With the plaits she has a different look but most of my masturbations involve imagining grabbing her by the the plait and fucking her from behind. My dick slamming her soft shapely butt. I hardly last more than 3 minutes.

As I am looking around the room, Reena crosses by after her morning shower. She is walking around in a petticoat barely covering her thighs. She is going to the room to get dressed. Though her butts aren’t as great as Mary’s, she is downright sexy. Her lips are great for deep long kisses. Her hair flows till her shoulders and she usually wears her hair as two plaits. I imagine fucking her in a missionary nailing her hands to the floor with my hands; kissing and licking all over her face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32