The Game Pt. 01

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Writers notes:

Thankyou to ‘Alice’ my muse and who edited this for me, the viewpoint of the story will change throughout the story from my perspective to that of Alice’s. I hope you enjoy.

The Start of ‘The Game’

*******Anthony’s Viewpoint******

The rumbling engine goes silent and I step out of my car, grabbing the bottle of red wine. I knock on the door, waiting for her to answer as I ready myself for the night ahead. She opens the door……

My heart skips a beat and I am stunned by the beauty standing in front on me, how could I forget how stunning she is in the flesh. She has long raven black hair framing a beautiful face, her green flecked blue eyes twinkling with some mischief that makes your mouth go dry and your mind wallow in the gutter. She is gorgeous.

I look at her deep red lips, not the fake red that are plastered on the lips of other women but a true natural red, lips of a lady that deserves the softest and deepest of kisses. Alice is a little shorter than me but standing up the steps to the house, I’m at chest level. Perfect view. She is slim with curves in all the right places with her perky c cup breasts. Her devilish smile is big and earnest much like my own as we stare at each other.

“Hello Alice, you are looking beautiful tonight,” I say in as charming way I can.

Telling the truth I was a little taken aback, you forget how stunning she is after not seeing her for quite a while.

“Thank you but I’m not beautiful other times then….like in the morning or is it just tonight?” she teased, the corners of her creeping up in a smirk.

Without missing a step I reply, “Well I can barely stand the sight of such a hideous monster normally,” the Cheshire cat grin blossoming on my face.

“What’s different tonight?”

“Its a full moon of course, the curse is broken and she has this night to enjoy her…,” I say in a grand storytelling voice gesturing to the moon.

Continuing with her own narration, “And so the miscreant has come with his wine to woo and cause trouble,” barely containing the laugh that escapes.

“Indeed!” I reply with a smirk.

Pulling the door open she reveals the full glory of her red dress. It hugs her figure showing off her curves, tight on the phenomenal bum, up around her hips. Its tight across the waist with an intricate opening cut across the chest revealing a enticing cleavage that dares you to look. The bodice is not in your face shouting here are my boobs, it’s more playfully whispering come play with me and you can’t help but follow down the rabbit hole. It’s a dress with no other purpose than to subtly seduce, the sexuality rolls off in waves and no matter how pure you are in thoughts, you can’t but help the carnal imagery that it conjures.

I look her up and down as circumspectly as I can, which to say the least was pretty obvious by the look on her face. I had been caught. Her legs seem to go on forever and you can’t help imagining her thighs wrapped around your waist.

As I step through the doorway, I catch her eyeing me up back. I’m not an Adonis by any means but I’m tall and I hit the gym so have some good shoulders and chest. Squats have been going particularly well for me so I have developed some solid legs and a firm bum. I don’t have the chiselled abs of a Hollywood action hero but with all the working out and sports there is a raw strength underneath a thin layer of fat. I can throw you around the bedroom but then after we are sated with exhaustion, I’m great to cuddle and fall asleep with.

“Go through to through to kitchen.”

I can feel her hot eyes on me while I walk through the hallway, she is mentally undressing me. The kitchen is clean and has modern stylish finish.

“Wow, this a classy kitchen, your home is lovely,” I say.

“Thank you,” she beams.

She takes the wine from me and removes the cork with a pop, lifting the bottle she inhales deeply.

“This smells like a good bottle.”

I pride myself on my choice wine as I seem to have a 6th sense, picking wines based on the description and a instinctive feel of the bottle.

“Shall we let the bottle breathe? I can give you the tour of the house if you’d like?”

She shows me around the ground floor to all the rooms before we head upstairs to the rest of the house. The house is decorated well each room individual but with and overall design theme running through the house.

She pauses at the door before opening it.

“And this is.”

“Is where the magic happens” I say interrupting her.

A coy smile appears on her face and she says, “You could say that….. right I think the wine is ready, shall we have a glass?”

Downstairs, the ruby red wine is poured into two glasses. I gently swirl the wine and then taste it, a delicate and fresh wine.

We sit down and strike up conversation taking of whatever comes to mind. From recent news stories to the latest releases on Netflix. It seems we have a similar taste in TV, film and music although I have wider range of tastes. eryaman escort bayan The exchange meanders through each topic gathering into a gentle rhythm, the playful banter are eddies in the flow of conversation.

The sexual tension between us has been building from the moment I knocked on the door. As we talked, the small glances subtle for her but blatantly obvious by me and some flirty touches building it ineffably toward its inevitable conclusion. Our eyes have been locked together intensity throughout the conversation, speaking completely different words to what our mouths were saying…..Fuck me.

Leaning over she touches me lightly on the arm.

“Shall we head over to the sofa? it’s more comfortable there,” her tone implied heavily with sexual tension that was palpably cloying.

“After you,” I say.

Letting her lead me through to the lounge. Using this as an opportunity to check out her bum in that dress, it did not disappoint! Evidently she knew I’d be checking her ass out so she added an exaggerated sway to her hips. Dam!

She quickly turned catching me looking before sitting gently, the fabric of the cushions pressing against the globes of her butt. What I would give to be that cushion right now.

“Right, where were we?”

I take my chance now I say, “Well, you were saying will you fuck me with your eyes while your lips were saying something a little more mundane.”

A little colour flashes in her cheeks but instantly regains her composure.

“Is that so?….well I think that i was having a nice polite conversation while SOMEONE was ogling… Didn’t your mother teach you not to stare?” she replied impishly but her eyes glittered with laughter.

“I am an uncouth ruffian remember…but if you didn’t want me to look, why on earth did you wear a dress like that!?” I said incredulously with a teasing twist to my words.

“Well maybe I’m not wearing this for you maybe I’m wearing this because I love the way that the material feels on my skin!”

She makes a long stroke along the fabric with her finger obviously enjoying the soft texture.

“Really?” I say with a raised eyebrow.

“Or maybe I enjoy making you crazy, teasing you with the temptation of my body?” the smug look was a little infuriating.

“You definitely have been looking at me THOSE eyes.”

“I most definitely have not and besides do you even know where my eyes are?”

I sheepishly look back up.

“Ok then, how about we play a game?” she asks, “To prove that you do want to!”

“That I do want to do what?” She asks

“That you want to get off the sofa, jump me and have your wicked way with me!”

“Ha as if” she laughs “Ok then, what is the game?”

“Well…do you remember as a teenager a game called Nervous?” I ask.

“Isn’t that the one where you move your hands up each others thighs until one of you chickens out? I’m pretty sure I can win that quite easily”

“Well this is a little more complicated than that, the idea being is that you touch the other person until they get so riled up that say don’t stop or something along the lines of please fuck me,” I inform her.

“You just want any excuse to grope me!!” she exclaimed punching me lightly on the arm.

Sensually she lifts the glass to her ruby lips and slowly takes a sip of red wine. Her tongue slips out to wet her lips and she looks at me.

“So the idea of the game is what?….to seduce other person?….. ” she asks quizzically.

“Yes, until they say ‘don’t stop’ or demand for sex” I say with a smile.

“What does the winner get and what sort of touching is allowed?” she replies with interest.

“A weekend away to do whatever the winner want to do and anywhere but not underneath underwear” I reply.

Now she bits her lower lip seductively, I know she’s doing it to try to turn me on……but well it was working.

“Alright agreed, you mean touches like this?” she whispers and gently caresses her fingers down my arm.

I smile replying, “Yes but two can play at that game”.

Using just the tips of my fingers and barely touching skin I draw my hands from the inside of right knee, upwards. Ever so slowly, tickling along the sensitive skin of her inside leg. Her eyes darken with intensity as I approach the hem of her dress, the material bunching up again my fingers. Her thigh quivers under my touch as I feel her get warmer and I can hear her breath catch.

“Right, it’s my turn”.

Jumping up she moves across the room and puts on some music. Its a soft rock track with a strong rhythm, her hips start to move in time. Subtle at first but as she gains confidence her waist twisting fluidly, moving her ass in some very distracting ways. The beat of the song mirroring the thumping of my heart as the blood is pumped into my rapidly inflating cock. My jeans the very cage that pens him in. Then stretching her arms up with the languid fluidity of a natural dancer, then one hand runs through her hair moving the strands across her face as her body gyrates. ankara escort Hands move across her neck and chest pressing into to flesh in such a erotically sensual way that I forget to breath entirely. Dam I’m in some trouble here.

She somehow transitions to the floor in a way that manifests seduction in its purest form. Limbs long graceful reaching, touching and caressing.

Her movements build gradually in speed and intensity until I am thoroughly engaged and completely aroused.

Now on her knees she crawls towards me eyes fiery and chest heaving. Her dress hanging low to reveal more of her boobs and teasing with glimpses of her hard nipples.

Biting her lips and moaning softly while between my legs with hands on my knees.

Then leading with her breasts, she pulls herself up my thighs, groin and torso until she straddles my lap. She proceeds to give a vigorous lap dance with considerable enthusiasm. I am in awe and have become almost painfully aroused by her gyrations. Despite her zealous commitment to dry humping me into submission, my resolve strengthens.

Seeing that I’m not going to give in so easily she stands up and in sensual motion strips off her dress to reveal a sexy pair of sheer red thong and matching plunge bra showing off her cleavage. The darker patterns of the fabric obscure her nipples and pussy lips so there’s only vague impressions of what I really want to see.

Turning to me she shows off her cheeks with the thong string splitting the perfect ass. Backing up towards me she performs a drop that would make Beyonce proud. She backs towards, twerking as she does and pushes her ass against my groin. I didn’t think my dick could get any harder but it threatening to break through my jeans at this point. That wondrous ass is grinding on me.

Steeling myself with a iron will I begin to take control of the situation that had begun to spiral out of my control. I pull her towards me as I lean back so her weight is pressed against my muscular torso. It’s hard for her to grind properly but she continues to rub her rear against my crotch. I shift my mind set to that that of a hunter with its prey in its clutches and my demeanour changes to a dominant. My movements slow but powerful and I snake my fingers into her hair close to the scalp. Then grabbing a large handful of her hair.

I am in control now. Pulling her head to the side and releasing an intoxicating aroma of her perfume blended with her own natural scent, I bring my mouth to the sensitive skin of her soft neck.

******Alice viewpoint*****

His strong hands gripping my hair was a surprise turn on that seems to be unlocking something within myself. The feeling is raw and primal. He has somehow changed and my body yearns to obey his physical commands.

He pulls my hair, forcing me to lean my head to side and exposing my neck. What has got into me? He is seriously turning me on, the fabric of my panties is damp. I can feel his hot breath against my skin as he whispers.

“You love the feel of this hard cock against your ass and want to feel it filling you up, don’t you?”

As if in a daze I start to confirm but as I realise that if I do then I’ll lose the game.

“N n no I don’t…. YOU want to stick your dick in ME” I stammer but try to regain some of my sensual dominance.

This has got me so flustered that I’m finding it hard to think. What to do?

Then suddenly something stops me in my tracks. I don’t know what he is doing to my neck but it feels incredible. He is simultaneously licking, sucking and nibbling my neck. His lips give me static shocks of pure sexual energy that zap through my body. I am wet with arousal and i can feel the fabric on pussy start to saturate. His lips hot against my neck sending my body abuzz with tingles.

His hand is still holding my head in place firmly as his other hand roams my body. His fingers tracing delicate patterns on my skin that and set my blood afire with lust. Deep inside me I feel my arousal like a spring starting to coil as the pressure tightening towards its inevitable release.

His hands have touched every bit of exposed skin.

My heart is hammering and my breathing.

My pussy is soaked.

“I can’t touch you under your underwear…… but I can touch OVER your underwear!”

To emphasize his point he cups my breast with his hand, gently massaging each one in turn while still using his mouth to play with my neck. Still holding me firm, not that I would have moved, except for maybe writhing in pleasure. His hand starts to tease and stimulate each boob using the tips of his fingers to lightly brush the fabric. He starts in large concentric circles around each, getting smaller and smaller. Until the circle is just bigger than my areola of my nipple. My whole body is tensed waiting for the attention my nipple obviously need but in the frustrating way he teases me by moving to the other breast. He repeats this a dozen times knowing full well that if I demand him to pay attention to my nipples that he’ll sincan escort bayan win the game.

My nipples pose much more of a temptation than I realise because its him that gives in first, gently stroking them but building in speed and intensity he is rolling my nipple between his fingers. I had long ago stopped grinding against him but these sensations on my chest and neck have me squirming in his lap.

Finally finished toying with my breasts his hands trail down to my legs where he eases them between my thighs.

“Spread your legs!” he commands and I comply instantly.

As I open my legs wide it becomes abundantly clear that I am extremely turned on as a the musky smell of my sex permeates the air.

“Mmmmmm that smells tasty” he says taking a moment away from nuzzling my neck, rubbing his fingers on the sopping fabric of my panties.

He sucks on his fingers and he groans, “Yes you are tasty.”

The brief moment that he touched my pussy set a blazing inferno of lust deep inside me and I moan into my shoulder. Taking it far too slow for my liking he starts tickling with his fingers, first at my knees working up my inner thighs until he reaches the sensitive crease between my pussy and legs. My mind is screaming for him to touch my pussy but he goes even slower. His fingers rub across the lace, tantalising teasing my pussy with the movements of the fabric. His hands draw closer to my pussy.

Then moves up over and around my pussy coming so close to my hooded clit that I can feel the warmth of his hand. He moves to the other thigh and repeats the same actions, this time I am ready so as he nears my pussy I push my hips forward to the side try to rub myself on his hand. But he moves with me to prevent my pussy from receiving any attention.

“Stop that!” he commands.

He bites my neck as punishment, the sharp shock of the pain quickly soothed by his lips. His hands have drifted a little south of my opening, at my perineum where he begins softly massaging with the tips of his fingers. The fabric is soaking here where my arousal has pooled. He stays here playing until he begins his fingertip circles of pleasure. Then moves up the sides, teasing my labia as he goes until he reaches the skin above my hooded clit, the indirect stimulation is making me go crazy with the need of his touch.

All while he has been teasing the outside of my pussy he has continues sucking and working at my neck with his lips.

It’s all too much for me, the need for my clit to be rubbed and my pussy filled is almost too much to bear. When suddenly everything is still, he has stopped. Its jarring and frustrating for these erotic sensations to unexpectedly end.

“Don’t stop!” I moan.

“This will mean that you lose the first game,” he reminds me.

“I don’t care! Just finger me!!!!” I demand pulling my thong off quickly.

My pussy wet and glistening ready to be taken. He takes his hand and holds it against the full length of my pussy before in one long luxurious motion stroking it from bottom to top. My juices lubricating his hand so if passes across my lips smoothly. His hand maintains contact with my clit throughout, strumming a note of pure pleasure from me. I arch, writhe and cry out in rapturous delight. The sweet note of gratification hangs in the air a after moment after silence falls.

After establishing a rhythm of slow full-length caresses, he begins to focus his attention on my clit. Consistent pressure and circular motion that builds towards that moment of ecstasy.

Pushing into me with a finger from his other hand he massages the inner walls of my pussy. The simultaneous internal and clitoral stimulation pushes me onward to the abyss.

I bite my lip.

I’m nearly there.

Oh God!


My whole-body tenses, contracting to the core before exploding out like a supernova, the waves of undiluted enraptured bliss expand out from you.

I feel one with the universe while bathing in the euphoria of a post orgasmic satisfaction.

Something in my awareness returns me back to reality.

I notice then he still has fingers inside me, massaging.

“No no I’ve cum, don’t touch my clit,” I warn him.

“Relax! Don’t worry I won’t touch your clit,” he assures.

Using two fingers he continues to stroke the inside wall of my pussy.

Something deep inside starts to build, a strange but pleasant feeling.

His fingers moving, pushing me further to the edge of something new.

The tension building in my body as I rise to levels of pleasure far outside the realms i am used to.

My pussy is suddenly extremely wet, his fingers sloshing inside me.

When suddenly I cry out.

Liquid gushes from me.


And I writhe in pleasure as a second orgasm courses through my body.

My eyes spring open wide, stars flash before my eyes and the edges of my vision darkens while the full body contractions ripple through me.

Orgasm aftershocks run rampant through my body as he cradles my limp body.

Once my brain starts working I whisper, “Holy fuck balls that was good!”.

I feel your strong arm to wrap around my exhausted body to hold me tight, my back resting against your chest and I try to summon the energy to move.

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