The Hike Ch. 02

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Note: This is the second chapter of a multi-chapter story. You can read it from here, but I think it’s way better to read the beginning chapter first. Please don’t judge harshly if you haven’t read the first chapter.

They all made the camp with no more problems. Becky said over and over what a difference the shoe inserts made. She didn’t complain once since she got them. She did, however, find it easy to let Allen do all the work setting up camp and cooking dinner.

Soon the four of them were comfortably lounging on the soft ground around the small fire. Tanya had her head on Jeff’s lap. They were all tired, and had eaten a hearty meal. They talked a lot, but Jeff and Tanya didn’t give up much about themselves. Their end of the conversation either made jokes about something (usually sexual) or focused just on their relationship. They had a lot of “That’s what she said,” moments, but never actually said those words.

Allen was a little uncomfortable with how open they were about their intimate moments, but soon Becky was joining in the jokes and bawdy talk.

“The last time we went camping, the ground was as hard as a rock,” Tanya was saying.

“That wasn’t the only thing,” Jeff added.

“Did you ever find a soft spot?” Becky asked with a smirk.

“After 30 minutes or so, I guess we did,” Jeff replied.

The night went on like this for an hour or so, and then Allen asked Becky if she was ready to turn in.

“I think I want to stay up a little longer and talk to Jeff and Tanya, Dex. But go ahead.”

“I think Tanya and I are going to hit the tent anyway. You guys sleep tight.”

“You aren’t hitting MY tent,” Tanya joked as they moved to their tent.

As they settled in, Allen was disappointed that Becky was wearing the same matronly nightshirt from last night. Still, he went ahead to make the same moves from the previous night, hoping to woo the shirt off her again. Becky was having none of it this time. She kept brushing his hands away from all her fun parts.

After a few minutes of thwarting his advances, she said “I have to pee. And can you reach me a tampon from my pack?”

She took the tampon he gave her and left the tent. Allen heard the message loud and clear: “NO SEX TONIGHT MISTER.” Disappointed, he cursed his bad timing and rolled on his side and felt his boner dwindle.

“Good night you two. Be good,” he heard Becky say to the other tent.

“Oh we’ll be real good,” Tanya answered back a little huskily.

Becky came back in the tent and lay with her back to Allen’s back without saying a word. At least she didn’t push him away when he spooned against her back.

Except for the occasional pop from the fire and a few bugs, there was no sound. No wind, no water, no cars, no people. Allen was easily drifting to sleep. Until he heard a moan from the other tent.

Then there was another, longer moan. Allen could tell it was Tanya. He was suddenly wide awake, eyes open as if it would help him hear better. Faint rustling noises came from the tent. Tanya moaned again quietly. As his ears adjusted, he could hear wet slurping noises that sounded like a dog at a water bowl, only slower. Then Jeff moaned a little, followed by a muffled moan from Tanya.

The noises fueled Allen’s imagination, creating a vivid image in his head. They were doing it. Tanya and Jeff were having sex right next to him and Becky. From Tanya’s muffled moans and the wet slurping, he could visualize Jeff’s cock in her mouth. Becky did not give blow jobs. She always promised “maybe next time,” whenever Allen brought it up.

Tanya and Jeff went at it this way for five minutes or so, and Allen decided that they must be in a 69 because he knew Tanya had Jeff in her mouth-he even heard her gag a couple times-but he could hear the lapping noise that must have been Jeff licking her pussy. It was torture for him to have this going on right next to him while his dream girl laid nearly naked right under the same blanket as him but was untouchable because she had her period. Still, Allen was erect and hard as a rock.

Soon Tanya’s moans turned into grunts and Allen could hear the skin-on-skin slapping noise, unmistakably indicating that they were involved in hard, body smacking, dick sinking, slamming sex. Tanya’s grunts were timed with the slapping of their skin: “Hunhh”, slap….”hunhh”, slap….”hunhh”, slap. It went on and on. There were breaks in the sex noises as the rustling in the tent told him that they were changing positions.

Finally the grunting and the moaning and the slapping all built to a furious pitch. Having given up all pretense at being subtle or quiet, their moans and grunts were loud and long until there was one final, long, long moan and then all was quiet except for the sound of heavy panting.

After a few minutes, Allen heard Tanya and Jeff talking very quietly, but it wasn’t long before the only sound was the deep steady illegal bahis breathing of sleeping people.

“Wow, did you hear that?” He whispered to Becky, but she was either asleep or ignoring him. He couldn’t tell which. If he could have seen into her face, though, he would have seen her eyes wide open.


“It should be just around the corner,” Tanya said from the front of their four person line. “It’s close to another town, so people come up here all the time. It’s beautiful.”

Allen hoped it was beautiful, and cool and wet. He was hot and his shoulders ached from his backpack. It was after 1:00 in the afternoon and they had been hiking pretty steadily for the better part of the day so far. The only thing that made it easier for him was the sight of Becky’s beautiful ass in her short, tight denim shorts as she walked the trail in front of him. Even though hers was his favorite (because she sometimes let him see it without the shorts), he could look just past her and the douche-bag, Jeff, to see Tanya with her nearly perfect ass wiggling in the lead as they made their way to what they hoped would be a pool of water fed by a tumbling waterfall.

Back at camp, when Becky finally came out of the tent to eat, Allen discretely asked her how she was feeling and apologized for timing the hike during her period. She brushed off his kind attention and said, “Oh, no biggie. False alarm,” and then plowed into her breakfast.

It had been a long, hot hike. The friendly banter that the day started with had slowly, almost imperceptibally turned into blatant flirting between Jeff, Tanya and Becky. They all did it with a disregard for Allen-his presence and his feelings. It was like he was one of those for-hire Sherpa guys who was invisible until you needed something from all your crap that he carried for you.

“Allen, can you get me my sunscreen?” Becky might ask, then, to Jeff “I don’t want to burn my chest, but I hate covering up with clothes too.” She was wearing only a halter bikini top, which showed ample cleavage and boob. She liked tanning, and wanted to combine tanning with hiking. That’s why she had the lighter pack, at least that’s what she told Allen.

Or she might say, “Dexter, can you hand me my water?” It was always her water, her granola bar, her Chapstick. Her verbal interactions with Allen were utilitarian, conveying her needs and wants and nothing more. With Jeff and Tanya it was all fun and games and gradually bolder bawdy talk. He had grown a strong contempt for Jeff and the way he flirted with Becky. But he was mesmerized by her ass, and every night they were together, even if it was under a nighty, or a long t-shirt or her underwear, she generally held that ass against him as they lay down to sleep. And her complaining had stopped. So far, it was worth it to him.

Flirting between her and Tanya was no less ribald. When the weather warmed up enough to strip off the warm shirt covering her bikini top, Becky beamed with Tanya’s appraisal of her tits.

“Damn girly! Those are some really beautiful boy-magnets. Dexter must be rich or have a really big, um, house,” Tanya said.

“What these old things? I just threw them on when I got up,” Becky thrust her chest out and made a turn to either side as if showing all the good viewing angles. They all laughed too much. Allen was uncomfortable, but he often was with Becky in public.

Finally, they could hear the waterfall. It wasn’t a roar, but it wasn’t a trickle either. With the sound of it came the smell of it. Only when he could smell the water vapor in the air did Allen realize that the day had smelled hot and dusty until now. There were voices under the steady din of the flowing waterfall. There would be other people here, and it might be nice to have some other people for Jeff and Tanya to spread their attention to.

When they came around the corner and the waterfall came into view, Allen wasn’t prepared for what he saw. A 60 foot waterfall spilled into a clear, sparkling pool. The pool was smaller than a public swimming pool, but not much smaller, and almost perfectly round. A gravel beach was on the end next to the stream that flowed out of it. It was stunning to see, but wasn’t too much of a surprise. What he hadn’t been prepared for was that the people enjoying the cooling air and refreshing water were all naked.

Most of the 10 or 12 people were young, but there was a couple clearly in their 60’s prancing around as naked as if they were in their own home taking a bath. The others were in their 20’s and mostly fit. An even split of women and men, so they must all be couples. There were no large backpacks around, but several small coolers sat either in the water or at the water’s edge. This place must be close enough to some town that people could get here with a short hike. None of them paid any attention illegal bahis siteleri to the four new arrivals.

Becky and Tanya squealed and picked up the pace, racing towards the gravel beach, passing by the other bathers and slipping the straps off the packs before they even made it to a stop. Giggling excitedly, the girls dropped their packs on the gravel and looked around, then looked at each other for the briefest of indecisive moments, then shrugged and started stripping their dusty clothes off. By the time Becky was in just a bikini top and thong, most of the men and a few of the women had taken notice of them. When she and Tanya were completely naked and moving towards the pool, the only sound was the waterfall. Every person there stopped what they were doing to watch the pair move to the cool water.

Allen watched Becky’s large brown nipples shrivel to coin sized buds as soon as her foot touched the water. He was erect immediately. Jeff had stopped to watch the girls and take in the surroundings. As Allen passed him, Jeff said “gonna be hard to get naked with those two helping support our troops.” Allen knew that Jeff was talking about their dicks. It was a douche move to even mention it. Almost every time Jeff talked, Allen despised him more. He wanted to be rid of him, but Becky’s mood had been much better, and Tanya came along with Jeff. Oh boy was Tanya great to look at. If it was just her, he’d have no problem but she brought Jeff.

Becky and Tanya splashed around and drenched themselves in the cool water. Jeff hadn’t taken long to join them, getting naked as if it was no big deal. And Allen saw, before Jeff submerged himself in the water, that it wasn’t a big deal. He didn’t spend a lot of time in locker rooms in high school and he didn’t belong to a gym, but he knew that he at least had Jeff beat in the one muscle that no amount of exercise would make bigger.

Allen dropped his pack and removed his shoes and socks. He seethed watching Becky and Jeff and Tanya splashing around in the cool water. As they rough-housed and splashed and wrestled as if they weren’t completely naked, he saw Jeff “accidentally” grab Becky’s tits more than once. That wasn’t the worst. The worst was that she didn’t seem to mind.

Allen tried to get his courage up to join them, but he was too intimidated by their camaraderie and lack of modesty. He stripped to his boxers and waded around in the pool by the stream away from everyone else. He glanced at the trio of his “friends” furtively, but couldn’t bear to join them or watch them directly.

Finally, he just sat on the edge of the gravel beach with his feet in the water, sullenly digging his toes into the small rocks and lifting them out. He hadn’t noticed that Tanya had walked within a few feet of him. Standing with the sun reflecting off the water and through the gap in her thighs right below her shaved pussy, she called to him “Come on Dexter, get in the water. It feels great.”

He looked at her, holding his hand over his eyes to shield them from the sun. He couldn’t stop himself from oogling her naked body, but she didn’t seem to mind. Her dark hair was slicked back perfectly, her shoulders, broader than he would have expected, helped support her perfect, natural breasts. Her nipples were so tight as to be quarter-sized dots on a mountain of flesh. Water dripped from her tits across a perfectly flat belly twinkled in the reflected sunlight below her pussy. She was really stunning.

“You’ll feel SOOO much better if you just get in. It’s cold at first but then really refreshing.”

He couldn’t believe she was standing there talking to him like she was at a dinner party or something.

“Thanks, but I’m OK,” he said as he finally tore his eyes away from her nakedness.

“Come, on. We want you to come in. What’s the deal? Are you afraid to get naked? Then don’t. Nobody gives a shit.” With that, she moved closer and pulled him up by his arm and pulled him towards the water. Allen followed reluctantly, making her take up the slack of his arm before he started moving his feet. He kept his head down, but was staring at her ass the whole time. He started to feel an urgent need to be in the water to hide his boner.

Finally he was in the water up to his shoulders and standing near Jeff and Becky. Tanya had let go of his hand and moved towards Jeff, swimming on her back. She looked Allen in the eyes after she caught him staring at her white buoys floating across the water as she moved.

“Glad you decided to join us, dude,” Jeff greeted him. “Doesn’t the water feel great? I love skinny dipping. I love feeling my junk floating around in the water.”

“Allen’s not naked, sweetie. He was too nervous to take off his boxers. Don’t make fun of him though,” Tanya said. “I think it’s so brave of him to push his boundaries.”

On paper, Tanya’s words should have made Allen feel comfortable, but she said the canlı bahis siteleri last part in a condescending little girl voice that teased and hurt him. He felt betrayed by her. She talked him into joining them so they could make fun of him. The three of them laughed at him now and his face turned red.

Becky didn’t defend him, didn’t move to comfort him, laughed along with the other two. He had hoped for more. He had hoped she’d act like he thought a girlfriend would act and come close to him, push her nakedness against him, be nice to him.

Instead, she said “Let’s swim to the waterfall,” and took off on her back, watching Jeff watch her tits as she did. Tanya and Jeff took off after her, easily swimming a breaststroke that Allen had never learned. In fact, he had never learned to swim. He was at the absolute edge of his comfort level being in the water as deep as he was already. He could neither walk nor swim to the waterfall, and so was forced to stand alone in the nudie pool with a dozen other naked people, with his boxers on.

And Becky knew he couldn’t swim.

He was already dry on the gravel beach by the time the other three returned and flopped down to warm under the sun. Still they didn’t cover themselves. Allen grinned inwardly at Jeff’s cold, shriveled cock. He thought, “he must be a grower, not a shower.” It was something he had heard guys joke about.

“Allen, it was so cool at the waterfall,” Becky said with her face tipped up and eyes closed. “It was so refreshing to have that heavy stream pounding down on me.” With that last bit, she smirked at Jeff and Tanya who were grinning back conspiratorially. “You should have come with us; it was only a hundred feet.”

“Yeah, man,” offered Jeff, “it was worth the swim. And the view on that little ledge was awesome.”

Again, Allen could tell that the three of them were making fun of him and keeping him out of some innuendo. The three of them were basically flirting with each other right in front of him. Why was Becky doing this to him? He was angry and confused and frustrated.

After a few minutes, Tanya said “Becks, I’m dry enough now, would you rub some sunscreen on my back? I burn easy.”

“Sure,” Becky reached out towards Allen expectantly. Sighing, he took the sunscreen from his pack and handed it to her. She squirted a generous portion into her hand, and Tanya pulled her hair out of the way so Becky could spread the lotion over her back. “Now do me.” After giggling, the two girls swapped positions and Tanya slowly spread lotion on Becky’s back, her hands straying slightly to graze the sides of Becky’s boobs.

Tanya tossed the tube to Jeff, who rubbed lotion on his arms, shoulders and chest, then, unabashedly and without missing a beat, squirted a hefty amount on his cock and began to rub it in thoroughly before moving to protect his legs.

“Allen, will you do MY back,” Jeff asked sarcastically. Everyone laughed and Tanya moved to work lotion into his back.

Then time stopped. Gradually all the other voices in the pool quieted and all activity stopped as Tanya and Becky absent-mindedly rubbed thick, white, creamy lotion all over themselves. Allen’s dick went steel hard under his boxers. He knew they could see him staring at them, but he couldn’t stop watching the show. Becky used both hands to spread the lotion on one fat, pendulous tit at a time, and Tanya slowly spread the stuff around on her own tits and flat belly, moving her hands down across her shaved pussy and then spreading her legs slightly so she could cover the nooks and crannies there with lotion, and Becky was using a huge glob of lotion in one hand to rub over her closely trimmed pubic hair and down between her legs, dwelling there as she rubbed the lotion in before moving down her legs, and everybody watched and nobody moved for at least a full minute. It was all happening in a blur that Allen almost couldn’t follow, but he stared in an effort to try to keep up.

Gradually, the people around them resumed their conversations and activities, and the show Tanya and Becky were putting on wound down as they finished covering themselves. Allen glanced at Jeff and saw that he was erect. Less shriveled than he was when he just came out of the water, Jeff still seemed just average in Allen’s estimation.

They all lay back and enjoyed the warmth of the sun on their skin, and soon the warm sun, the long hike and the constant white noise of the waterfall helped them dose off to sleep.

Allen woke up with a shiver. The sun had moved an hour’s worth across the sky. Becky and Tanya were getting dressed from the bottom up and had on pants, shoes and socks, but no shirts or bras. Their four tight buds of nipples and visible goose bumps were a testament to the dropping temperature. Jeff was fully clothed and sitting on the gravel putting on his shoes.

“We gotta go, bud,” Jeff said.

“Yeah,” Tanya added, “it’s, like, two more hours to the campsite, and it seems like the breeze is going to turn into wind tonight.”

Once they all dressed, they donned their packs, and moved on down the trail away from the cool, beautiful pool and back onto the hot, dusty trail.

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