The Holiday

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The Holiday

A Family Holiday In Cornwall

Jill CONWAY – aged 28 – gardener

Chris CONWAY – aged 26 – bank clerk

Tom ANDREWS – aged 24 – programmer

Anne ANDREWS – aged 22 – teacher

Anita JACKSON – aged 20 – shop assistant

Ray JACKSON – aged 20 – bus driver

Janey – aged 21 – barmaid

Brian ANDREWS – aged 47 – builder

Marion ANDREWS – aged 45 – shop manageress

Bill CONWAY – aged 50 – farmer

Sally CONWAY – aged 48 – farmers wife



It all started with a suggestion by Anne. Being a teacher, she had the extra time away from work to think of things like holidays. Contrary to popular belief, teachers have a lot of preparatory work to arrange in school breaks but it still left quite a bit of time for relaxing and recreation.

Anne was without a boyfriend at the moment. Two years ago when she was twenty she had had a very heavy romance with one of her college lecturers but he only wanted her when she was close at hand in college and as soon as she had got herself a full time teaching post twenty miles away he found another student in the next up and coming year. Between then and now Anne had only had a few short-term relationships. Her lecturer had taught her to enjoy sex so she needed a boost to her sex drive now and again and now was the time.

“Let’s go down to the cottage for a couple of weeks,” she suggested on the phone to her brother Tom. He was a couple of years older than Anne, an improving programmer with a large company in their own home town.

Their parents had bought a cottage in Cornwall some years ago but hardly used it, preferring to go abroad for their main holidays. ‘Cottage’ was somewhat of a misnomer as it had four bedrooms, three bathrooms, living room, sitting room and a large kitchen. There was a large covered porch right across the front of the building. The house stood on an isolated bluff overlooking the sea, with a rough path leading down to a very nice beach. It was not a private beach but it was really only accessible from the cottage or from the sea.

Anne’s suggestion sounded like a good idea and Tom was in favour if he could get the time off at such short notice. He loved his sister’s company and he would always spend time with her. Two weeks at the sea would bring them closer and he felt a warm glow as he thought more about it. He would ask for the time off as soon as he got to work tomorrow morning. Tomorrow was Monday, Anne making her suggestion as she phoned the family home for her regular Sunday evening chat with parents and brother. She asked for, and received, permission to use the cottage.

Anne and Tom had always been close. On occasions when both were without partners they would go out together to the cinema or dining and dancing. They often held hands and kissed on the lips without crossing the line to the next step. They did notice however, on parting to their separate rooms at the end of these evenings that Anne would feel the damp between her thighs and Tom would find that he was at least half erect.

“I’m up for it if I can get the time. It shouldn’t be too much of a problem; it’s a bit slack at work at the moment. I’m thinking that two weeks with just the two of us might be a bit quiet. Why not invite others to join us? It’s just crossed my mind that Jill and Chris might be free. What about asking them to come as well?”

Jill and Chris Conway were their cousins, the children of their mother’s sister and her husband. Jill worked for a market gardener and never seemed to have any time off and her brother was a bank clerk. Neither seemed to be attached; Jill seemed to have a yearning for her boss who chased all girls, including her and Chris had a different girl every week. They were older than Anne and Tom, being twenty-eight and twenty-six respectively, but they had always got on famously when ever they met.

“That’s a fantastic idea,” replied Anne enthusiastically. “I’ll call them now and see what they say. I bet Jill really could do with a break. I bet she’s still mooning over her boss, the silly girl. I’ll call you back to keep you up to date.”

Tom put the phone down already feeling quite excited about the prospect. He loved being with Anne and cousins Chris and Jill were always great fun to be with. When he was growing up he had looked up to Chris, he being two years older and much taller had seemed much more experienced in the world. Chris had always tolerated his younger cousin in a laid back and friendly way. Tom now remembered that when he had stayed at Aunt Sally’s she would put the six or seven-year-old boy in the same bed as his cousin Jill, presumably thinking that there was sufficient age difference for it not to matter. Jill had instigated an inspection of Tom’s willy, fondling it and feeling all around his cock, balls and arsehole. Then she showed Tom her pussy crack and asked him to feel her up. The youth of the players made it quite safe as of course Tom could not get an erection at that age, ataşehir escort bayan never mind produce spunk. However, Jill put him on top of her and between them they managed to insert the soft willy inside her pussy and Tom’s instincts were such that although he didn’t have spunk he did manage a little pee inside that hot juicy crack. Jill had hugged him tightly to her body.

Tom noticed that even thinking about that fifteen year old incident had given him a hard on! Yes, it would be great to have the cousins along. He hoped that they were available and that Anne would be able to persuade them. He needn’t have worried. The phone rang again.

“It’s on,” Anne shouted down the phone. “A week on Saturday. Jill and Chris will drive down direct to the cottage. They know the way. I’d forgotten that they have been there with Uncle Bill and Aunt Sally for a holiday. Isn’t it great? Will you drive us down bruv? The forecast is great from next week on so I’m going to get brown all over!”

“All over?” laughed Tom. Anne went quiet and then she said softly.

“Well if it’s hot enough it’s certainly private enough.”

“What about Jill and Chris?”

“They would be OK, I’m sure. If I’m the first to strip off and they don’t leave then I bet they join in. I hope you’ll support me though, bruv. Anyway, I’ve not seen your cock for years!”

“I didn’t know that you’ve ever seen it!” answered Tom in surprise.

“Several times,” giggled Anne down the phone. “You didn’t keep your bedroom door closed all the time, you know!”

“Same for you, sister dear, a picture of your little blonde muff is engraved on my brain.”

They disconnected, laughing and Tom thought that it was wonderful that they got on so well. Thinking of those fluffy blonde pubes had got him another stiffy.



So, at the end of the next week they found themselves driving down the little hidden track from the main road to the cottage at the end. There were no other houses on the lane, just gates leading into mainly fields of pasture.

They were all set. They had been to the supermarket in Truro and bought everything they thought that they might need, including the beer! Jill and Chris had promised to top up their supplies from home so, apart from going out to eat and using the local pub sometimes they should be almost self sufficient. No doubt something essential had been overlooked.

Anne had been quiet on the two-hour journey down and when Tom had enquired if she was OK she looked across at him and gently squeezed his arm.

“I feel fantastic. I’m so happy that I can’t talk unless I spoil it. I’m looking forward to seeing Chris and Jill but most of all I’m thrilled to be spending two weeks with you. I do love you so much, brother mine!”

Tom kept his eyes on the road but he had reached across and squeezed Anne’s nearest thigh, causing her to curl up close to him for the rest of the trip.

Now she got out of the car as Tom pulled up outside the gate to the cottage. The house itself was still hidden by a curving driveway hidden by bushes and shrubs.

“I’ll leave the gate for the others,” she shouted above the engine noise. “I’ll walk from here.”

Soon they were unloading their luggage and the groceries and booze. Tom naturally claimed his usual bedroom and Anne went into the room next door, the one that their parents normally used. It was on the corner and had the best view over the sea, the bay and the beach.

Anne was gazing out over the panorama as Tom came into the room.

“Isn’t it wonderful?” he enthused as he slipped his arms around her waist as he looked at the view from over her shoulder.

“Magic” she said, “and this too.” She turned in his arms, put her arms around Tom’s neck and kissed him on the lips, opening them a little to allow her tongue to brush his mouth.

Surprised, Tom automatically opened his lips too and then felt Anne’s tongue invade his mouth. He responded and suddenly they were tasting each other and pressing their bodies together. Then they broke apart, chests heaving and gazing into each other’s eyes.

“Come on,” said Tom eventually, taking Anne’s hand. “Let’s go down and get a beer and sit on the porch and wait for the others.”

They had arrived at lunchtime so they prepared a snack of fresh crusty bread, cheese, ham and pickles. They ate the food and drank their beer sitting on the front porch, the southern sun shining on them as they relaxed.

Anne eventually stood and collected their plates.

“I’ll just put these away,” she said. “Do you want another beer? I’ll bring them back if you do.”

“Why not,” replied Tom? “We are on holiday and we are going to do what we want for two whole weeks.”

Anne disappeared into the house. After a minute or two Tom began to wonder where she had got to. Even allowing for the fact that the kitchen was at the back of the house it didn’t take that long to bring two beers.

Then Anne was back and Tom took his beer escort kadıköy from her proffered hand. Then he looked up to thank her and nearly dropped the bottle. Anne was now wearing a very short pair of white shorts and nothing else!

“Wow and double wow,” exclaimed Tom, gazing in surprise at his beautiful sister. “Anne you look fantastic! Your body is so beautiful, all in proportion and so smooth and sexy. I’ll have a job to stop staring at you.”

“Feel free, brother dear, I am in need of a bit of love and admiration from somebody. I can’t think of anybody else right now that I want to show my body off to. Do you really think I look good?”

Tom gazed his fill of his sister’s beautiful young body. Anne was about five feet five with light brown wavy hair halfway down to her shoulders. She has clear blue eyes, a smallish soft looking nose with a generous mouth below. Her naked upper torso was a sight to behold; fairly broad smooth shoulders, which seemed to support her crowning glory, her breasts. These were of a generous size, with large light pink nipples at the centre of her aureoles, which were slightly darker. As Tom looked her nipples erected in the warm light breeze. Tom noticed that the navel in her flat tummy was pierced, showing a little diamond. In her shorts her legs looked long and smooth. In a quick flash of longing Tom wished that she were completely naked so that he could see her pussy.

Anne moved right in front of Tom and turned around. He admired her lovely broad back and her buttocks, firmly encased in her little tight shorts. Tom’s cock stirred in his slacks.

“Well how do I look, Tom darling?” asked Anne again.

My God, sis, if you weren’t my sister I’d be tearing those shorts off of you and examining you all over. I’d forgotten how fantastic your tits are and those nipples are stupendous.”

Anne smiled happily and leaning down kissed Tom on the lips again. As she stood she cupped her breasts in both of her hands and rubbed her thumbs over her hard nipples, closing her eyes in pleasure at the sensation.

“Anyway, sis”, said Tom, “I’m not complaining but won’t Jill and Chris find it a bit of a shock to be greeted by your stupendous knockers as they walk round the corner of the house?”

“I’ve got a t-shirt just inside the hallway,” said Anne. “We will hear their car arrive and I will have plenty of time to get it. I meant what I said though before we left home Tom. I’m going to get some tan all over on this holiday, just see if I don’t!”

“All right, just be diplomatic about whipping all your kit off, won’t you. What time do you think that they will get here? It’s a bit further for them.”

“When I spoke to Chris on Thursday he said he expected to be with us about five. There is enough lunch left for them to have a snack and then I suggest we go down to the pub for a meal later. I’ll phone them to see what time is ‘last orders’ for meals. OK?”

“Fine,” answered Tom, looking frankly at his sisters’ breasts, “your organisational skills are showing through. A bit like your panties in your shorts!”

Anne aimed a playful smack at his head, causing her breasts to wobble magnificently. She then spread herself on her back on one of the loungers and closed her eyes.

“Wake me when they arrive,” she said.

Tom took off his shirt, closed his eyes too and they both soon fell asleep. The journey, the lunch and the beer had made them both drowsy.


“Wow, oh wow, come and look at this!”

A male voice simultaneously intruded into their slumbers, making them both wake and sit up sharply. The male figure to which the voice belonged was joined by a female and were recognised as Tom and Anne’s cousins, Chris and Jill Conway.

Anne, realising that her plan to grab her t-shirt was a non-starter, accepted the situation and didn’t try to cover her breasts to save her modesty. They both stood up to greet their cousins.

“We must have dropped off to sleep and not heard you arrive,” Anne explained. “Tom was supposed to warn me so that I could get my t-shirt from the hallway but the prat fell asleep as well.”

Anne gave Jill a big hug and kissed her and then, after a moment’s hesitation, gave a Chris a big hug too. Tom hugged and kissed Jill and shook Chris’s hand.

“Welcome you guys,” Tom said. “Glad you made it OK and in good time. We got here about lunchtime. There is some bread, cheese and pickles as a snack for you and then we’ll go down to the pub for a meal later if that’s OK by you?”

“No problem,” replied Chris, “we are in your hands. We are just so pleased to have been invited. It’s a wonderful spot here and the forecast for the next two weeks is for fine, dry, and hot weather. So let’s just relax and have a great time together.”

“That’s what we intend to do,” grinned Tom. “The reason that Anne is topless is that she intends to get tanned all over on this holiday; that’s what she told me before we left anyway.”

The cousins had not met all together for a couple bostancı escort of years and now Tom refreshed his memory. Jill, the eldest at twenty-eight, was tall, about five feet nine, with longish blonde hair down to her shoulders, bright blue eyes and a generous wide mouth with full lips. Her body attracted Tom’s attention, being full of breast and hip but with a well-defined waist. She was conventionally dressed in white blouse and navy blue flared skirt.

Chris, twenty-six, was in a blue and white polo shirt and green slacks, his boyish face now slightly disfigured by his broken nose, a rugby injury, but this only gave him a devil may care look. Tom thought he detected a bulge in his slacks, probably occasioned by his sight of Anne’s breasts.

Anne had slipped into the house, and now returned wearing the t-shirt from the hallway, her nipples thrusting into the thin cotton.

“I’ll show you to your rooms and then I’ll phone the pub to see if we have to book a table for tonight.”

Tom accompanied them all up the stairs and followed them to their adjoining rooms. They were delighted. Anne took Chris off to look at the view from her room, leaving Jill and Tom alone together. Tom realised he had not been alone with Jill for a number of years.

“I’ve really been looking forward to seeing you again, and Chris of course. We don’t see enough of each other these days and I always enjoyed being with you. I used to think you were like a big sister, looking after me whenever we met. You were always so pretty, a younger version of your mother.”

Jill looked at Tom with a loving expression on her face. She stepped to him and put her arms around him and kissed him again, this time on the lips. Tom lightly flicked his tongue across her lips. Jill pulled back and looked into Tom’s eyes and then kissed him again, this time with her mouth open a little, inviting his tongue. As he slipped his tongue into her mouth she reciprocated and their tongues softly entwined.

They stepped back with their arms still around each other’s waists and gazed at one another.

“This is going to be an interesting holiday, don’t you think?” smiled Jill.

“I hope so,” replied Tom, “I really hope so.”

“Come on you two,” called Anne through the open door, “Chris and I are going downstairs for another beer. Come on!”

“I’m just going to change quickly,” said Jill to Tom. “You go on down, I won’t be a minute.” She put two fingers of her right hand to his lips and smiled again.

Tom reached the ground floor just as Anne and Chris came out of the kitchen with four bottles of beer. Tom noted that they were each carrying two bottles in one hand and holding hands with their remaining hand. Anne’s nipples were still thrusting at the thin cotton of her pale blue plain t-shirt.

They went outside and sat down on the sun loungers. Again, Anne sat close to Chris on an adjoining lounger. Then Jill appeared and they all stared at her as she took a bottle from her brother.

Jill had changed into khaki shorts and a red t-shirt with ‘Marstons Pedigree’ written across it in white script. She was wearing no bra as evidenced by her hard nipples showing through the cotton. Tom’s cock joined Chris’s in stirring at the sight of their respective female cousins chests.

“Well,” laughed Jill, “I agree with Anne. I am going to get an all over tan if the weather holds as forecast. I shall start in the morning though as we will have to eat in a minute then we shall be going out later. I for one am going to wear as little as possible without offending anyone for this whole fortnight. Even working outside as I do I’m still very pale over most of my body. Look!”

Jill lifted her t-shirt to show her upper body, revealing mostly pale skin with a light tan on her midriff and shoulders. The boys were gobsmacked though by the sight of Jill’s breasts. These were big, probably thirty-six’s, very round and firm with hard prominent nipples and small aureoles.

“There, you see what I mean,” Jill exclaimed.

“Those breasts are gorgeous,” gasped Tom, his cock openly twitching.

“Aren’t they just,” agreed Chris as he changed his position so that he could adjust his cock in his slacks.

The girls both noticed the boy’s bulges and laughed. Anne stood and moved beside Jill and lifted her shirt. Chris and Tom’s cock’s hardened even more at the sight of two pairs of magnificent breasts.

“That’s all the showings until tomorrow boys,” said Jill as she dropped her shirt and Anne followed her example.

“Can I just say one thing before Chris and Jill get something to eat,” said Anne. I’m going naked from tomorrow but I don’t want you guys to get embarrassed. If you get a hard on through looking at us then that’s OK by me. I’m sure you’ve both fucked girls so you’ve had a hard on then and it’s just the same with our bodies. When you get used to us then us girls might have to work a bit harder to see an erection. Is that all right by you both?”

“I second all of that,” agreed Jill, looking more at Tom than at her brother. Tom had already seen that Anne had been looking exclusively at Chris when she had spoken.

Chris and Jill went to the kitchen for their snack. Anne crossed to Tom and sat beside him, kissed him on the lips with mouth slightly open.

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