The Intrusion

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This is just a short tale, but if it is well-received, I can add to it. So enjoy!


“Mom, I’m home!” came a voice from the hall.

“What was that?” Teri’s head sprang up like a deer startled in the grass. “Did you hear that?”

“It sounds like Julie,” answered Rob, mildly annoyed at the intrusion.

“She can’t be home now. Doesn’t she have work today?” Teri desperately struggled to release herself from the tangle of limbs and smooth her hair with her hands.

“I don’t know, she’s your daughter. I don’t keep track of her.” Rob was much more concerned that his eight-inch rod was rapidly deflating and that their morning romp was being interrupted.

“Mom, where are you? Is there any coffee on?” Julie went straight to the kitchen. Teri and Rob, in the adjacent room, could hear the water running, refrigerator door open and the stereo turn on. Again she called-out, “Mom are you here?”

“Yes dear, I’ll be right there.” Teri scrambled out of bed and eyed the bedroom as if seeing it for the first time. “Oh God, what now? I don’t have any clothes in here.”

Rob torpidly replied, “Just grab something from my closet to wear until you get to your room.”

“Are you crazy? You’re six-foot-three, two-hundred thirty pounds and I’m 5’5″ one-twenty. What could I possibly wear out of this room that wouldn’t look completely ridiculous?” She searched for her slinky, thin, satiny robe that had been idly tossed under the bed. The only item of clothing available other than a silver anklet, to conceal her naked body. The shiny red material was practically transparent and ended barely at the tops of her thighs. She strained to tug it down another few inches without uncovering her chest and shoulders. Then cinched the thin sash tightly around her waist. “This is all your fault because you won’t let me wear any clothes.” Hoping this would cloak her escape, she whispered back to Rob, “Maybe this will work long enough to get me to my room, then I’ll jump into a quick shower.”

“Yeah, that looks perfect, the dumb bitch will never suspect a thing.” Rob barely stifled a laugh as he stretched and contemplated a less exhilarating start to his day.

“Fuck you” she laughed nervously as her morning was ruined too. And the next few moments would appear to be even more taxing. “Get dressed and wipe that lotion off your cock. Pick-up this mess alittle and for heaven’s sake, hide that dildo!” He laughed again enjoying her misery, and watched her tiptoe to the door.

Teri took a second to listen quietly as she cracked the door open. Hearing nothing else, she dashed towards her bedroom down the hall and ran head-first into her twenty-one year old daughter, Julie. The two women caromed off each other in a confusion of arms, clothes and long hair.

Julie caught her breath as she helped her mom regain her balance. That was when she noticed the flimsy little cover-up that had come undone, with her mother’s breasts spilling out. In her rush to cover her tits, Teri yanked the tiny robe almost to her throat and clutched it tightly around her. This just served to reveal her freshly-shaved pubic mound. Only the sudden chill on her heavily perspiring body, alerted her to grab the bottom hem and stretch it uncomfortably towards her knees.

This operation of trying to conceal her curvy frame with about four square feet of material was physically impossible yet she continued to squirm like a contortionist. Finally, Julie grabbed her by the shoulders and halted the comedy act. In any other situation, Julie would have just laughed this off. But seeing her mother “dressed” like this, leaving her lecherous brother’s room at ten-o’clock in the morning, raised some uncomfortable questions. “Mom, what’s going on? Where are your clothes”

Teri stumbled for a response, “I just needed to speak to Rob for a second. And now I need to get to the bathroom.”

Julie pounced on that like a detective. “Dressed like that?!” You were in his room practically naked?” Before she could finish her tirade, Rob emerged from his room and leaned heavily against the door jamb. His light-brown hair tussled and his weight-lifter’s chest and shoulders bare. As was his habit, he was idly fondling his cock, which was startlingly obvious under his flimsy pajama bottoms.

Rob only sneered at his sister and concluded the interview, “there was nothing practical about it…She was as naked as you get and we were both enjoying it until you came in.” His unfiltered contempt for Julie was emphasized by the way he yanked and massaged his cock which was now poking through the slot of his loose trousers.

Teri visibly slunk down at this revelation and Julie fumed at her brother, “You’re a disgusting pig and that’s the best you’ll ever be! Get away from me. And mother, go put some underwear on. You look like a tramp!”

Teri wavered then halted suddenly, “I can’t. I’m not allowed.”

Julie recoiled as if in a cartoon, “What did you say?…Not allowed?”

Teri stuttered bostancı escort to find her voice and with a quick glance at Rob, she continued “It’s a house rule. I can’t wear any underwear inside, any longer.” She did try to straighten her robe and place her hands in delicate positions to hide her nudity. She stole a fast peek at Rob again and saw that he was holding up two fingers of his right hand. Taking a deep breath which expanded her breasts under the sheer wrap, she went on anxiously, “We were just getting on to the second rule when we heard you. We have a morning routine.”

Julie stared daggers at Rob. “Fuck you, you pig.” Then she glared at her mother who was cowering under Rob’s gaze. “Mother, what happened to you? Did he slip you something? Is he blackmailing you? Have you been brainwashed? What’s going on?”

Teri’s eyes welled-up as she tried to explain to her young daughter. “Please try to listen and understand-“

“Understand? Are you crazy? Do you even realize what’s going on here?” She carried her wrath to Rob. “You stay away from her, pig!” She reached for her mother but was surprised to find her planted firmly in place. “C’mon mom, we have to get you out of here.”

“Stop Julie, you have to let me explain.”

“How can you possibly explain this? How long has this been happening, why won’t you leave with me?” Julie was thoroughly befuddled, “Mother, is he forcing you to have sex with him? This needs to stop. Don’t look at him, just leave with me this instant.” Again she turned on Rob and screamed, “Get away from us, you awful pig! You are no better than a fucking animal. Get the hell away from us.”

Rob only smirked and tossed a flippant remark back at his sister, “That’s a terrible way to talk to your dear mother and your loving, baby brother. And I have always thought so kindly of you. Especially those big tits that you take such pains to hide. Why not whip-out those big jugs and we can all have some fun?”

Julie lunged at him, but Rob dodged her easily. She simmered and seethed like an earthquake rumbling to the surface. Her mother tried to diffuse the volatile situation. “Please listen dear, no one is at fault here. Rob and I are only having fun.”

“Fun,” Julie shrieked, “This entire thing borders on incest.”

“We crossed that border long ago,” chided Rob. Teri shot a glance at him and slapped him playfully across his muscular chest. Then she regrouped her attire, since every slight movement uncovered either her large, swaying breasts, or her hairless pubic area. Rob added more fuel to this inferno by casually reaching a hand to her mother’s chest and squeezing her left breast. He slid his hand down her fleshy belly, loosening the flimsy sash in the process and pointed to his mother’s bald pussy. As if Julie hadn’t been appalled by the sight of it already. Rob let his rough hand linger on her mound and even flicked her reddening clit with his short, stubby fingers.

Teri appeared to warm to his touch. And also made no effort to avoid his hand or even attempt to cover her nakedness. Julie was strangely drawn to this erotic encounter and could not avert her gaze from Rob diddling her mom, just two feet infront of her. She was startled to feel a tingle in her own pussy as if some invisible hand was exploring her, too. She felt a warm glow come over her and she began to sweat. She knew that she had to suppress this emotion like always, but Rob seemed to be looking deep into her soul.

He could see that she was nervous and he teased her abit more. “If you have no other questions and your finished interrupting, maybe we can get back to where we were.” Rob grabbed a hand-full of his mom’s reddish-brown locks. She was trembling at his touch, because she knew that Rob was about to exert his dominance over her, right here in the hall, and directly in the face of her daughter! Her legs were ready to buckle and with just slight pressure she dropped to her knees. Rob’s cock was hard and pointing straight between her eyes. With only a peripheral glance at Julie, Teri took hold of his thick tool and planted a knowing, sloppy kiss on the giant, purplish knob. She knew well what was expected of her.

Rob slipped the pointless robe from her shoulders and let it fall to the carpet. Her pale, freckled flesh was revealed for her family to observe. Beads of perspiration formed again on her forehead and chest. Her breathing increased, 36D’s heaving, their pink nipples firm. She allowed his massive rod to slide easily between her ruby lips and with a well-rehearsed manner, she stroked the length of his big cock. Taking pleasure running her fingers along the throbbing, blue veins and tonguing the tip of it’s huge mushroom head.

Rob stood still with his hands on his hips and occasionally extended a hand to knead those heavy jugs. He cupped them in his big, calloused paws, feeling their heft, and tweaked the erect nipples, twisting and stretching them. All the while he kept up a steady stream of sleazy invectives ümraniye escort bayan aimed at his mother, but more for the benefit of his sister. “Suck it mom. You know you want it. Make me cum and I’ll fill you up just the way you like it. I’ll fuck that hot little pussy of yours, then you can show Julie how deep you can take my cock in your tight, dirty asshole. I’m going to pump so much jizz into you, you’ll gain ten pounds. He laughed out loud and gave Julie a wink and flashed a very self-satisfied smile.

He withdrew his shiny cock from her mouth and as he repositioned Teri on all fours, he proudly stroked his enormous cock and displayed it to Julie before plunging deep into Teri’s inviting snatch. It looked like a slab of wet, glistening marble and Julie was mesmerized by it’s appearance. That warm tingle shot through her loins and she could feel her nipples straining against the fabric of her bra. When it disappeared inside her mother’s hungry cunt she nearly followed it in. Craning her neck to get a better view as her mom’s pussy engulfed it in her pink folds, Julie licked her lips and flexed her fingers. Her teal-blue eyes traced every movement of this debauchery. She was entranced with the sexual performance at her feet and her blood pressure and heart rate soared.

The titillation was overwhelming and her manipulative brother picked-up on every cue. Julie was a beautiful young woman of twenty-three. With a full figure, long strawberry-blonde hair and vibrant blue eyes that took in every gesture. She was shyly self-conscious about her sexuality and insecure around aggressive alpha-types. This was the exact situation that had tortured her so often.

And here in her childhood home, her mother a sexual slave at the mercy of her brother’s depravity, all of her safety nets were severed. She reverted to a child-like state and stood riveted in her spot while her nineteen year-old brother committed incest with her more than willing mom. She could not escape even if she wanted to. This confrontation had been building for years and her brother was the pressure valve. Julie could sense her resolve weakening and her body was giving her signals that could no longer be ignored.

Her mother was obviously enjoying her total submission to Rob. And though Julie was always the liberated woman in public, always in control of her surroundings, this urge to just let herself go was boiling inside her. Though Rob could be obnoxious and irritating, it was plain to see that he was far more experienced in the perverted arts. He could certainly provide her with forbidden pleasures and a much-needed sexual release. At this moment that’s what Julie desired more than anything.

The fly had wandered too far into the spider’s web and now she could feel his silky tendrils capturing her and taking her prisoner in her own body. When she next peeked over at Rob, it was with a white flag of surrender plainly displayed on her face. He ogled her, sizing up his prey like a cat with a mouse. Now he sharpened his claws.

“Do you like what you’re watching? Does it make your sweet little pussy hot?” Goaded Rob.

She couldn’t answer. The sloppy thump of his huge cock churning relentlessly into her mom’s pussy and his sweaty balls slapping against her ass, filled her ears. Teri was moaning and writhing in heat, as her orgasms consumed her. Teri’s hair was flailing in all directions with sweat flying off of her. From every pore the essence of sex flooded her nostrils. Her white skin reddened at the extremities and the vulgar sight of her engorged cunt, bald and shiny, struggled to cling to that gigantic cock with every deep thrust. Julie had to know the secret to this bliss and Rob was the key. She knew now, that she would do anything to experience this feeling.

Did she dare to take the next step? Her mother looked to be in ecstasy and Julie needed that feeling at any cost. Was she ready to concede all power to Rob? To give herself over entirely and obey all of his warped commands? It was time to take the plunge and determine if she would sink or swim! “Mom, tell me how long this has been going on. Is this what you want? Is this good for you?

In this surreal setting, it seemed entirely appropriate and ordinary that while Teri was on her hands and knees, with her son pounding his thick cock into her bald pussy, she should look up at her daughter and explain how it all began.

In between grunts and deep-throated moans, she started, “This sex is wonderful, dear. I’m so glad you discovered our secret. We just have fun and experiment with our bodies. And anything that brings an orgasm has to be good.” She endeavored to further clarify their little predicament. “A few weeks ago we realized that Rob was wasting time at bars and clubs spending money on women he had no interest in. He just wanted sex like any other man. I’ve been so alone since the divorce and found myself sneaking off to my room with hand cream and a dildo. I only wanted a release. kartal escort We had a few drinks here at home one night, and a couple of eighty-proof confessions later, brought us to this point.”

The fucking never stopped and her breath came in halting fits but she kept talking. “I still like having sex but I’m too conservative or too cautious to cruise bars or pick-up strange men. Rob doesn’t want a wife, just someone to fuck without strings attached. So we worked a solution that suits us both, it doesn’t waste cash, there are no strangers involved and we never have to leave home, its perfect! And we can try all the wild things we’ve always heard about and some I never knew existed.”

In a nutshell, she defined the situation perfectly. Julie was put at ease and now felt a little envious of her mom and sorry for her harangue of her brother. She no longer felt so strange watching them have sex, infact she felt like a voyeur and embarrassingly overdressed.

Rob had never ceased his rhythmic plundering of Teri’s snatch and now he sensed an opening in the conversation that could lead him to Julie’s prized pussy. He knew that underneath it all his sister was an extremely attractive woman and he’d had a hunch that the “man-eater” demeanor was all a façade. His mother was writhing on the floor, incapacitated by another thundering orgasm, so Rob slowed his pace to conserve energy. He took a moment to regard his sister, standing so near to him and watching them intently. He was amused at her ridiculous outfit and the pains she took to not appear sexy. She was dressed like the paper delivery-boy.

Rob pulled the baseball cap from her head and tugged the scrungie-thing holding back her auburn locks. She didn’t move, she only stared in deep concentration at her mother, lost in her own reverie. Teri was laying on the carpet in a puddle of her own juices, her sweaty body gyrating in the throes of rapture. Rob’s hand continued down the front of her loose flannel shirt. Unbuttoning as he moved, he then cupped a hand to her lacy bra and began a slow massage on her heaving breasts. He marveled at the soft touch of her ponderous mammaries and removed both her shirt and bra without any resistance.

He took her right hand and placed his rigid, sticky cock in her palm. This snapped her out of her trance and she realized suddenly that she was topless and fondling her young brother’s raging hard-on. She retreated for a second but Rob was able to reel her in. “Was it exciting to watch?” Hesitantly, she could only nod her assent. “Could you picture yourself in mom’s place?” After a slight pause, she replied in a barely audible whisper, “I did.”

Rob closed her fingers around his tool and coaxed her hand to glide along the length of his shaft, noticing that with each caress she tugged abit harder. He stretched again for her tits and lazily traced a line of soft, wet kisses between her nipples and then southward from her downy-soft cleavage to the top of her baggy cotton sweats.

He had never acted so tender with a woman but he knew this was how to make Julie ,his. When his fingers eased inside her pants he could instantly feel the warm moisture at her triangle. He needed only to rub the soft nub of her clit and she collapsed to the floor. Her convulsions shook her to her core and she wrapped both arms around his strong hairy legs, to keep from crumpling to the carpet. When her shaking subsided, Rob offered his cock to her pink lips. With no further hesitation, she tenderly squeezed it and licked him from it’s roots to the huge swollen head. “Julie open your mouth, I want you to suck my cock. “He inched closer until the giant bulbous head was resting on her tongue.

She kissed the big helmet and closed her eyes. It slid half way in and she was delighted by the texture and immediately aware of the salty taste of his and her mother’s secretions. She was apprehensive and nervous, gagging on it once or twice. Rob placed a reassuring hand on her nape and controlled his thrusts with an effort. “Have you ever given a blow-job?” She shook her head, no. “I’m real close to bursting. Can you swallow or would you like me to cum on your tits? He knew she belonged to him now. She blushed visibly and slowly withdrew his cock from her mouth, kissing and licking it as she proceeded. Her small fist still pumped the shaft and she peered up into his brown eyes. “Please Rob, just shoot it on my chest this time. Next time you can do whatever you want. “

Julie curled her shoulders in tight, smashing her large tits together. Rob drove his cock into the groove formed there and she jerked his slippery pole. He grunted once and then pumped streams of his warm spunk at her cleavage and up to her neck and chin. She ran her fingers through the sticky liquid and applied it generously to her heavenly globes.

It was then that she noticed her mother had recovered from her trial and had been watching everything they did with a wide, toothy grin. Teri scooted along side her and placed a hand on Julie’s breast, scooping a glob of Rob’s milky goo with her fingers. She served it to Julie’s lips and watched her daughter devour it and lick her fingers clean. Teri proceeded to suckle at Julie’s creamy tits and worked her sweatpants down her legs and to the floor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32