The Lake House Ch. 02

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This is going to be a long running story not some one and done so if you enjoy a longer story and in-depth character change, as opposed to just a quick short story then this is for you. This story will span out over many chapters, not all will be filled with gratuitous sex, some are just for character building and to advance the plot. So if you’re looking for nothing but a quick read to get off this may not be for you. More characters will be introduced as the story progresses and as with the names of the mom and son in this story their names will be changed. The moms name is Kathy, and the sons name is Garrett.

I awoke in my bed, I had passed out after drinking. I tried to recall last nights events, my mom and I had been drinking and things had escalated partly due to her no clothes thing that we were doing. I can’t believe that any of that happened. It seemed too good to be true, along with these thoughts came a strong morning wood. I thought about her naked body, her sitting on my lap like she did, straddling me, my penis close enough to feel the warmth and wet of her pussy. She was astonishingly sexy, her body was amazing. I sat there for a while thinking about her, then I thought about today, what would it be like? Would she still be naked? Should I still be naked? Maybe I should at least put on some boxers until I figure out.

I sat in my room for a little bit, I threw on some boxers and went to take a shower. The shower was calming it helped me to clear my head, get my mind off my mom, and her body. That was until she came up and knocked on the door to the bathroom.

“Hey, hun,”

“Yea mom?” I asked

“The clinic is still closed down because of the snow so I’ll be here today, the news said another snow storm is supposed to roll through so it may be a while before anything opens back up,” she explained, the whole time she was talking I pictured her standing outside the door naked.

“Alright, I’ll be out in a bit,” I stated. After my shower was over I went downstairs, about halfway down I stopped to look and see what my mom was wearing, she was in the kitchen and she had a robe on but it was completely untied, her breasts were lightly covered but her vagina was full bare for me to see. I kept my boxers on and walked down to the living room.

“Do you want breakfast?” my mom asked


“Come on in and get some,” she said, my mind was being especially dirty everything she said I was turning into a sexual thing. Nevertheless I got up and went to get my breakfast, mom had made some bacon and eggs. “Hey, I was looking and we’ve still got all kinds of movies that we could watch if you get bored again later tonight,” she said in a hesitant tone, was she hinting at a repeat of last night. She seemed so adamant about how it wasn’t okay last night. I still loved movie nights and now they were more prevalent beings that we had nowhere else to go, besides what did I have to lose?

“Yea, that sounds great,” I said. My mom caught a quick glimpse of me looking at her bush as she came around the island in the middle of the kitchen where I was siting to eat my breakfast.

“Still can’t help it?” she asked with a smile

“Sorry, I wasn’t sure if we were still doing the nude thing or… if I should wear something,” I explained

“Go ahead take em off,” she insisted as she let her robe fall off and sat it up on the counter top.

“Oh… okay,” I said as I quickly slipped off my boxers. My mom was standing there with her breasts hanging out mere feet away.

“I’ve got a little bit of work to do in my studio but after dinner we should start another movie night, ther isn’t much else to do,” she explained

“Sounds good, I’ve got some things to do too,”

My mom spent the afternoon in the studio, she walked around the whole day fully naked. Most of my afternoon isn’t really worth going into I just worked on somethings and read a little bit.

It was about nine o’clock when I came downstairs because I could smell mom cooking something. I came downstairs still naked, my mom was standing over the stove naked with her beautiful long hair tied up in a ponytail. I sat at the dinning room table and mom brought over the food after a minute.

“I hope you like this,”

“I’m sure I’ll love it, I’ll grab drinks, what do you want?”

“How about some wine, and don’t worry I won’t get as drunk as I did last night,”

“Alright,” I chuckled, I poured two glasses of wine and grabbed a bottle to bring to the table.

“I really wanted to apologize for last night, I know I probably freaked you out a little,”

“No mom not at all, honestly, I… I liked it… a lot,”

“You liked it?”

“Yea, I mean I know it was kind of different but you escort ataşehir said it yourself it felt right,”

“I know I did but we can’t do that, it’s… it’s wrong,” she said starring down into her wine glass. “But I also said that it wouldn’t change us, so we’re going to have a good dinner and then have a wonderful movie night,”

“Are we gonna continue the nude thing?” I asked

“I’m going to, unless it bothers you, and you’re welcome to do whatever you like, but I’d rather not be the only one,” she answered

“No, I like it… I just felt like that was what helped lead to last nights events,”

“Maybe, I think we can handle ourselves though,”

“True, so what are you wanting to watch?”

“I don’t know, I found a few new movies that we might like if you wanna give em a look,”

“Sounds good,”

We finished our dinner and mom made some popcorn for the movie, I went into the living room and sat on the couch, it was different just letting everything hang out, I never really saw my own penis this often, or let it just get hard in front of someone. Mom came in and sat down beside me, I was trying my best not to look at her and I was getting a little better at it,

“I’m gonna make some drinks, how about you put in the movie, its on top of the TV,” she said as she got up and went to the kitchen. I could see that she was pouring some much heavier drinks than just wine, was she wanting to get drunk again? I wasn’t going to question her though.

I put the movie in and mom and I returned to the couch. She had made us some drinks with hard liquor but not a whole lot mostly just chaser. She was looking amazing as she slowly undid her ponytail, and swung her head around letting her hair fall down over her gorgeous body.

The movie started and she again like last night moved close to me and began snuggling in. My mother’s body was laying before me and I found myself admiring it, not just the breasts or her adorable little bush, but every inch of her. She seemed content with the movie but between watching it and taking sips from her drink she continually looked at me locking eye contact and then smiling sometimes with a little chuckle. I even thought I’d caught her a few times looking down at my member laying out on the couch between my legs. The amount of self control I was showing was impressing even me, this beautiful body right before me and the most I’d gotten was just a slight increase in my arousal, don’t get me wrong though my mind was thinking about it quite a bit.

My mom grabbed a throw pillow and laid it against my leg then moved down a bit so her head was resting on my upper leg. She was seeming a little different not drunk by any means but something a little noticeable. She was laid out on her stomach looking at the television, I looked down to see her supple ass cheeks shimmering in the light from the movie on screen. Without even thinking my hand found its way down to her back, I stared rubbing around her upper back and shoulders. I hesitated slightly after remembering what had occurred last night.

“Don’t stop, it feels good,” my mom said looking up at me. I nodded and returned my hand to her back, she relaxed more with every stroke up and down her back. I began getting lower and lower down her back until I was just above her ass. I wasn’t sure what I was doing a part of me just wanted to go all the way and find my hand down in her crotch, but the part of me that knew that I should be respectful to her said to stay away from that. I went around the sides of her cheeks on her legs and down further. I felt like maybe she’d like me to rub her cheeks so I went for it. Her soft skin was amazing and it became softer the closer I got to her fine ass cheeks, my hand found its way up the cusp of her cheek and onto the middle of her firm ass.

“Ooh,” she gasped looking up at me.

“Sorry mom I…,”

“No keep going its relaxing,” she said. I continued massaging her full cheeks, my hand was very close to her vagina and it was making me a little erect. I could feel my cock starting to stand up. My mom looked up at it, I wasn’t sure what to say.

“Well hello,” she said sarcastically.

“Yea sorry, It just kinda happened,”

“It’s fine sweetie, its natural,” as she said that she leaned forward and gave it a kiss on the tip, it jumped to attention quickly.

“Mom I… um what are you doing?” I asked

“Well it’s just sitting there asking for it,” she chuckled. Still leaned over by it she gave it another kiss this time below the head, her lips stayed there for a while before pulling away.

“Mom,” I moaned as my member became fully erect.

“Oh, does my baby boy like that?” she asked looking up at me with a seductive kadıköy escort bayan look in her eye.

“I love it mom,” I replied. She began kissing it up and down the shaft, teasing at it as her lips stayed longer and longer with each kiss. The next kiss she left her lips pressed to my head and then opened her eyes and looked up at me, her puckered lips slowly turned to a sexy grin as her tongue slipped out from her lips and grazed along the head of my penis. I moaned in pleasure, her tongue slid up and down, she wrapped it around my thick hard on and ran it all over then she started to take it slowly into her mouth.

What were we doing? She had told me that this was wrong but she seemed to be loving it, and I definitely was too. She took just the head in her mouth running her tongue around it and tickling the very tip. Then deeper accepting more and more, I felt my head pressing against the back of her mouth and then she took even more! My head slipped down into her throat and she wasn’t even gagging, she was amazing at this. Her sexy lips reached the base of my member pressed against my shaved pubes. All six inches of my penis were planted inside her mouth, she began bobbing up and down her saliva was dripping all over my member and it was as hard as it could get. She pulled off and drew in a big breadth.

“Is mommy doing good baby?” she asked as she caught her breath and ran her fingers up and down my shaft.

“Mommy is amazing at this,” I answered with a huge smile on my face. She returned to my sucking on me, not as deep this time but still going pretty far down. I ran my hand down to her ass and slowly guided my fingers across her ass hole, she moaned a little as my fingers came across that forbidden hole. I went further until hitting her warm and extremely wet pussy, I played with my fingers slipping and sliding them in her juices, her lips parted and I slowly slid a finger inside her. She moaned loudly which caused a vibration on my cock that made it feel great, she was now sucking faster. I started working her pussy pushing deeper with each pump, she was moaning loudly. Her insides were so warm, I slid a second finger in and she started pushing back onto my fingers, she was really loving it. Her sucking was fast and deep my cock was disappearing inside her throat with every bob of her head. After a few more moments she raised her head and looked at me, I stopped fingering her. She wiped her lips and then sat up.

“Momma needs you…needs you inside her,” she begged, before I could respond she had mounted me and had my cock in her hand.


“Yes baby?”

“Not that I’m not loving this, I really am, but you said this was wrong… I just wanna be sure you aren’t just drunk,” I explained

“No not at all, I’ve had a little but I’m fine, trust me I want this,” she said with a very sincere look. She gave me a huge kiss on the lips and then slowly rubbed the head of my cock along her lips. I put my hands on her hips. Slowly but surely she slid down on my cock letting all of it in, she moaned loudly. My cock was now buried deep inside her, I could feel her warmth, her juices flowing through her, and her wet lips wrapped around the base of my cock. Up until now I had only had sex with two other girls and neither of them were this tight, it was amazing, how was she so tight?

My mom put her hands around my head and pulled me close to her, we started making out, our tongues met and swapped saliva. She started rocking back and forth which drove my cock around inside her.

“Oh baby, you’re so big,” she moaned

“Mom, oh mom, its so tight,”

With our lips still locked she started letting my cock out and then sliding back down, I could feel my cock begging for her sweet pussy. She continued humping this time speeding up, taking more and more of my cock in every time.

“Mom… I love you,” I said as we stopped making out.

“Oh Garrett I love you too, come here, I want you to fuck me,” she said as she pulled my cock out of her, and got up off the couch. She lead me upstairs, I watched her ass sway side to side as she walked up each stair. We got to her room and she opened the door and lead me to the bed. Her hand rested on my shoulder, she fell back on the bed pulling me down with her. She spread her legs to show me her hot pussy.

“Do whatever you want to me baby,”

“Mom you’re so fucking hot!”

“Thanks sweetie, you aren’t so bad yourself,” she blushed

I thought maybe I should return the favor my mom had done for me earlier, I slid down the bed and was face to face with her pussy. I started my tongue around her lips and up to tickle her clitoris. She moaned loudly, her hands grabbed hold of my head and pulled it in to escort bostancı her crotch.

“Oh baby, you’re so… so dirty, I like it, most guys won’t go down on a woman right away,”

I reached my tongue up inside her hole, it was already tight again even though my cock was just stretching it out. I tasted her sweet juices, they were delicious. Her thighs were on either side of my head shaking slightly as I went deeper.

“Oh yes, eat me out honey, eat your momma,” she yelled in ecstasy. I pressed deeper as I grabbed hold of her hips. Her wet lips were spread against my face, I had never enjoyed sex this much, I was loving every little detail. She started shaking more and more, her thighs tightened against my head and she curled up a bit raising off the bed.

“Oh mommy’s gonna cum, oh fuck, oh yes, harder baby, harder,” she moaned as she rocked her pussy against my face. My mothers flood gates opened and she started squirting out onto my tongue and on all in my mouth, it was an amazing taste, I rammed my tongue as deep as it would go rubbing all around inside her. “Oh fuck baby, oh wow! momma came good, you’re so good at that,”

“Mom you taste so good,” I said as I wiped my face, my mother grabbed hold of me and pulled me up to her.

“Fuck me son, fuck your mommy!” she begged

“Of course mom,”

I sat up on my knees and pressed my rock hard cock against her lips, it slid in with ease and with another light push it slid all the way in, I could feel her entire pussy still pulsating from cumming.

“Oh yes fill me up with your big cock,”

“Mom your pussy… its so fucking good,” I groaned as I began thrusting in and out of her, her hands grabbed hold of my hips and pulled me in with each hump.

“Fuck yes baby, fuck me, fuck me,” my mom was laying there accepting every inch of my cock and moaning with each thrust. I was in a whole other world, becoming lost in the sex I started thrusting harder and harder. “Oh my god,” my mom said as she pulled me in towards her, our lips met and we kissed over and over as I plunged my member deeper and deeper, harder and harder. Her juices were building up all over her lips and spilling out, a light slapping sound was occurring due to the juices. She begged me pulling me in closer again now chest to chest with her tits pressed against me, I began suckling on her nipples.

“Oh mom, mom I’m gonna cum,”

“So am I baby, son cum inside me, fill your mommy up,” she begged

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, please give me your load,”

I plunged once more into her wet pussy, and we both moaned together. She locked her legs around my back and pulled my cock as deep as it would go. My cock became rock hard as my cum dumped shot after shot deep into my mother, I could also feel her juices pumping back against me. We both laid there for a moment catching our breadth and shaking in pure pleasure.

“Mom, I fucking love you,” I said starring into her eyes.

“I fucking love you too son, was that as good for you as it was for me?” she asked with a kiss.

“The best sex I’ve ever had,”

We kissed passionately for a while just leaving my cock deep inside her until it became a little flaccid. I eventually pulled it out to see the bath of juices that my cock was covered in. I cleaned up with a box of tissues my mom had beside her bed. My mom got up and cleaned off in the bath quickly, maybe she was wanting me to go down on her again, and thought I would want it cleaned. Little did she know I wouldn’t care either way. I just love eating her pussy.

She returned after a quick minute and I was still sitting on the bed.

“Would you sleep wanna with me tonight Garrett?”

“Yea of course, Kathy,” I said jokingly

We both climbed under the covers and she got as close to me as she could pressing her ass against my cock. I guided my hand up her leg and across her ass cheek, then up around her lower back and onto her stomach. I left it there and pulled her in close. She pulled her hair back and so I kissed her lightly on the neck.

“So was that a one time thing?” I asked

“I don’t know, do you want it to be?” she replied


“Then you can have me anytime you want,” she answered. With that though my cock grew a little hard again, I could feel it separating her ass cheeks and pressing against her hole.

“Hard again?”

“Yea sorry, I was just thinking about having sex with you whenever I want,”

“Come here,” she said as she guided her hand down to my cock and pressed it against her pussy. I let it in a little just the tip and a little of the shaft, she moaned a little as I went deeper inside her.

“Do you wanna leave it in there?” she asked.

“While we sleep?”

“Yea it feels good.”


I buried my cock as far as it would go inside my mother and then reached a hand up onto her breast. We relaxed and throughout the night I pumped in and out a little until I fell asleep.

To be continued.

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