The Lessons Ch. 15

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This is chapter 15 of a series. If you like this story, I encourage you to read earlier chapters as they can help understand characters and context. However, please note that this chapter concerns themes of incest (among persons of adult age). If you find this to be offensive, then you should avoid it. In any case, please do provide feedback. There are obvious sequels to this series, and I would be happy to hear your suggestions for how to improve it.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

Jack Peters had been divorced now for a few years. He was a highly successful college professor, due in large part to his unusual but quite effective methods of student discipline. However, his wife, Barbara, had left him in large part because she could no longer tolerate his unique methods of discipline. She suspected that he had at times crossed the line with some of his female students. Even if he hadn’t, she still was not happy to learn that his methods included nudity and even sexual activity. She knew that he must be obtaining some sexual pleasure at work, at least voyeuristically, if not actually having sex with one or more of his much younger college students. In any case, she felt that he did eventually cross the line with her, attempting to apply his methods of discipline within their own marriage. She was not about to submit to spankings or public displays of nudity. They separated quite a few years ago, and she finally filed for divorce three years previously.

The years apart though had helped to heal the wounds. She had to admit that she did miss him. In addition, it had been difficult raising their three daughters on her own. Soon after he left it became apparent to her how much she had relied on him to maintain discipline within the family. Nevertheless, she had won custody of the children, or at least he hadn’t fought her in that regard. When they had separated the children stayed with her while he found a new place to live. He would often visit though. Barbara and Jack both wanted the relationship to remain strong with the girls. The girls missed their father tremendously but he acceded to Barbara’s desire to have the girls stay with her. He did not try to win custody when Barbara eventually filed for a divorce. By that time all were at least in their late teens.

The three daughters were now old enough to make their own choices and in fact by now should have been living on their own. The oldest, Allison (20 years old), would soon be attending college herself, perhaps even at Templeton where her father taught math and geography. However, at the moment she had not even yet left home. She had put off applying to college, being uncertain what she wanted to study, or even whether she wanted to go. Anne (age 19) also still lived at home, complaining that she could not yet afford to move out, having no regular employment. Tricia (age 18) assumed that she naturally could also stay home, given the prior decisions of her two older sisters. Mrs. Peters, now once again Miss Terman, felt uncomfortable simply pushing them out but was exasperated by their literal failure to take charge of their own lives.

When Tricia turned 18, the sisters decided, as a group, to spend a month with their father. With Allison going off to college next year, the girls decided that they wanted to experience, once again (and certainly for the last time) living together with their father, like it was when they were growing up. Barbara did not object. She in fact enjoyed having the opportunity to have the house to herself and, frankly, she recognized that the girls might need the authoritative strength of a male father figure. Perhaps he could provide them with the direction and motivation they apparently needed to live on their own.

Mr. Peters was delighted. Each had occasionally visited him but never stayed long and never the whole group together. It just wasn’t the same, no longer living as a family unit. He missed the morning breakfast, the evening dinner, the trips, and everything else that affirmed that they were a family.

He did not live in a large house, but he did have a spare bedroom upstairs that Anne and Tricia could share. Allison agreed to use the fold-out bed within his downstairs office. He had two bathrooms, but only one, upstairs, that had a full bath and shower. He knew the morning schedule would be tight, but the visit would be temporary and the pleasure of everyone’s company would more than make up for the cramped quarters. In fact, he had to admit to enjoying the anticipation that he would finally have, once again, some nice meals, assuming that the girls knew how to cook and would be willing to do so.

The girls arrived on a Friday evening, allowing them to have the full weekend together before he would have to return to work. The first evening was nothing but fun. The girls quickly settled in. Anne and Tricia filled the closet with their clothes, laughing about how they would once again share a bed, just like when they bostancı escort bayan were kids. Allison did not complain at all about having to use the downstairs office for her bedroom. She didn’t even seem to mind that she would have to shlep upstairs each morning and night in order to use the bathroom. The fact that they were all together well compensated for the inconveniences.

Mr. Peters made dinner the first evening. That was fine with him. He couldn’t expect them to work as soon as they arrived, although he made it clear that in the future the girls would have to carry their load. He made what had been their favorite when he cooked at home: deep dish pizza with just about everything. For desert, they retired to the family room to watch a double feature. Barbara had always felt that one movie was enough. By the time they would finish the second movie, it was well past bedtime. However, no rules seemed to apply the first night.

Their first movie was Parenthood. Parenthood was among their favorites growing up, and it seemed to be an appropriate choice. For this movie, they had s’mores, using his tool box grill to warm the marshmallows. Mr. Peters was not too happy when Tricia kept overcooking the marshmallows. He knew it would be hard later to clean, but he would leave that for the girls.

When Parenthood was over they took a quick break before their second feature, Legally Blonde. “Daddy,” Anne suggested, “can we get into our Pj’s? We used to always wear our Pj’s when we watched movies at home.”

Tricia clapped her hands in agreement. “Oh yes, daddy, please? That would be such fun. We can have popcorn, and you could make a fire.”

Mr. Peters wasn’t particularly excited about starting a fire. That would only mean having to clean the ashes the next day. But, he wasn’t about to spoil their fun and he had to admit that pajamas and a fire would add to the nostalgia. Those were great evenings. He and Barbara would cozy up together, all snug in their nightclothes while the three girls would sprawl out on the thick shag rug in front of the TV, munching on popcorn, heavily buttered and very salty. It would be nice, even though Barb would not be there. “Alright girls, you go get changed and I’ll make some popcorn.”

As Anne and Tricia scampered off, giggling as they ran up the stairs, Allison stayed behind. Jack noticed that she was clearly hesitant. She seemed to be pondering something. “Allie,” this was his pet name for Allison, “is there something wrong? I’m sorry, I didn’t really ask if this was alright with you.”

“It’s fine, father, but, um,” she again hesitated. “I, uh, I don’t really wear Pj’s anymore. In fact, I don’t even have any.”

Mr. Peters hadn’t thought about that. It was difficult for him to think of his daughters as having grown up. “Well, I’m sorry again, I really hadn’t even thought about that. What do you wear to bed?” As soon as he asked he realized that he had crossed a line. For all he knew she didn’t wear anything and he really didn’t want to hear about that.

When they were growing up he referred to his three daughters as his blonde bunnies. All three were blonde and gorgeously attractive, and it was difficult for him to talk openly about sexual matters with them. He knew he wasn’t suppose to have any such feelings about them, but it seemed that only a blind man could deny that such feelings and thoughts ever occurred, at least occasionally. Allison in fact reminded her father of Alison Angel, an internet, web model. Both had straight blonde hair split down the middle, beautifully large, natural breasts (36D, 26, 36); blue eyes; fresh, cheerful expression; rosy cheeks; and long legs (5’8″, taller even than Mr. Peters). Mr. Peters nervously cleared his throat, feeling uncomfortable associating his daughter with a nude model on the internet. He tried to think of some way to undo his question about her nighttime apparel.

Allison, however, was amused at his father’s nervousness. She could tell that he wasn’t that comfortable seeing her as a grown woman. “Father, I think you’re blushing,” she teased. Like Alison Angel, she enjoyed showing off her large, natural breasts, even giving boys little peaks up her skirt.

Mr. Peters wasn’t blushing, but her suggestion that he was only made him feel more self-conscious. “No, yes, of course, whatever you wear is clearly your own business. If you don’t want to wear your nightclothes, here, now, out here, that will, of course, will be perfectly fine with me.”

His effort to undo his original question was only making matters worse. Allison found his awkwardness to be rather cute. She had always considered him to be the strong man, the person who maintained his composure under any difficult circumstance. It was nice to see this human, vulnerable side. It was even nicer to realize that it was her adulthood, her womanhood, that caused him to feel so uncomfortable. She felt flattered, and empowered. “It’s alright, ümraniye escort father, I will change into my nightclothes. I don’t want to be the only one not to take part.” She sauntered off toward his office.

Mr. Peters watched her walk away, noticing that his eyes were drawn to her swinging hips, which seemed a bit more exaggerated than usual but, then, he wondered if he would have ever noticed before, when she was much younger. When she reached the door to his office, or her bedroom, she turned back to him.

He quickly moved his eyes back up to her face, hoping she hadn’t noticed where he was looking, feeling guilty that he was even looking at her hips, let alone being caught.

Allison, however, had noticed. “If I can’t wear my nightie in front of my father, then there would be something awfully wrong with that, wouldn’t there.” She smiled at him, winked, entered the “bedroom,” and closed the door.

Mr. Peters wasn’t at all sure how he felt about that, particularly with her reference to a “nightie.” Whenever Barbara said she was going to wear a nightie, it meant something very sexual. He had to assume that Allison would did not mean that.

He turned to the fireplace, first opening the flue. He always had the fireplace ready to go: scrunched up paper bags, kindling piled on, and topped off with smaller logs to get it going. The fire took off quickly as soon as he lit the paper. He then went to the kitchen to get the popcorn ready. In the old days this would require first melting butter in a small pan and heating up a larger pot in which to place the popcorn seeds. However, now he just had to get a bowl and put a popcorn bag into his microwave.

He then went up to his bedroom to change into his own pajamas. He didn’t usually wear pajamas but he always had a set just in case they might come in handy. Wearing just his boxers would clearly be inappropriate. He did feel a bit silly, though, putting on his flannel pajamas. They were nice looking, dark navy blue with a few light blue pinstripes. They were masculine but he began to feel that he was joining a pajama party. As he headed back downstairs he could hear Anne and Tricia laughing in the guest bedroom. He wondered why it would take them so long. It was always amazing to him how long it would take his daughters to do anything. He then heard the popcorn going off in the kitchen and he hurried to get there before it burned.

As Mr. Peters was bringing bowls of popcorn into the family room, Anne and Tricia came scampering down the stairs. He had to admit the site was fetching. Anne was wearing light blue flannel Pj’s that had little yellow daisies scattered throughout. He thought that perhaps her top was a bit too tight. He hadn’t realized how much she had grown, particularly up there. He could clearly see her young breasts swinging and wiggling as she ran down the stairs.

In fact, dressed like that Anne reminded him of Lovely Anne, a soft-core model on the internet. They shared many features. Anne had Lovely Anne’s pretty greenish blue eyes, straight blonde hair (like her sister and the model), friendly and engaging smile, rosy cheeks, and full round, natural breasts. Anne’s might not in fact be as large as Allison’s, but Anne’s seemed larger as she was otherwise thinner and slimmer than Allison (36C, 23, 33). Mr. Peters thought of the web model: Lovely Anne’s breasts were so delectable, the epitome of enticing melons, and Lovely Anne wore them so well. ‘Darn,’ he thought, he was again staring at one of his daughters, thinking thoughts that just shouldn’t occur.

His daughters were pretty in other ways as well, ways that were not so sexual. Both had very attractive eyes. Anne’s greenish blue eyes were rounder and larger than Allison’s. Allison’s were somewhat more oval. One of Allison’s eyes even seemed at times to be a bit squinty as it was somewhat narrower than the other. However, the narrowness gave her a more smouldering sexual allure. Well, thinking about just their eyes didn’t really help.

Mr. Peters turned his attention to his third blonde bombshell, Tricia; perhaps that will take his mind out of the gutter. At first he felt entirely comfortable looking at her, as she was not nearly as sexual in her expressions, demeanor, or appearance. Her Pj’s were pink with little blue turtles. She had always liked turtles. He also noticed that her breasts were much less apparent. Tricia was not nearly as well endowed as Anne or Allison, in fact her breasts were hardly even noticeable. Tricia, though, was just as pretty, with sparkling round hazel eyes. Come to think of it, Mr. Peters had to admit now that Tricia reminded him of Allysin Chaynes, a blonde perky porn star. Allysin Chaynes was a very sexy little thing. She was quite short (five feet), small chested (32A, 21, 32), at least before the implant surgery (during the earlier years of Kelly the Coed). She had a perpetually cheerful demeanor, perky expressions, that same flowing escort kartal blonde hair (at times worn in pigtails), petite physique, and high-pitched, girlish voice that sounded so innocent and naive yet masked an intense sexuality.

Mr. Peters groaned to himself, realizing that he had now associated each of his three daughters with sexy women. He couldn’t deny the fact of the resemblances but it seemed so wrong to notice. Where did they get such good looks? He didn’t feel it came from him.

He didn’t have to think long. His wife, Barbara, reminded him of the long blonde who hosted Wifey’s World. She had huge breasts (36DD or 34F) that she carried so very well on a 5’6″ frame. Barbara, though, did not have the sexual abandon of Wifey, something that was at times a bone of contention between them. In any case, he had now associated all of the women in the family with internet porn. He wondered if he was some kind of pervert. He looked away from Anne and Tricia, trying to get control of his fantasies.

Tricia and Anne, however, had no difficulty staring at their father, but for a different reason. In fact, they couldn’t help laughing. Their dad looked funny in his pajamas. He had not gained any significant weight. There was no evident paunch. However, he did look much less authoritative, standing in the middle of the family room in his Pj’s. He was even wearing thick white socks. The girls had at least put on slippers. Tricia was wearing her latest pair of turtle slippers. Anne was wearing more adult slippers, although still quite feminine: light blue slip ons that matched her pajamas well. They hurried into the room to get good spots on the carpet to watch Legally Blonde.

Jack handed them their bowls and sodas, and then took his place on the couch. His eyes traveled to Lovely Anne’s, no, um, Anne’s bottom. She was absentmindedly rocking back and forth as she munched on the popcorn, looking at the fire and chatting with Tricia. She did seem to have filled out well. Her fanny was tightly wrapped by the soft cloth of her Pj’s. He remembered when he had last spanked her, many years ago. She had protested passionately but eventually acquiesced. He had never turned the spanking into something sexual with his daughters. He was surprised that he was having such thoughts now about them. Years of antics with the college students might have altered his thinking, or at least perception. Of course, it could be the other way (years of frustration with his daughters). He could not help wondering what Anne’s sweet fanny would look like now, so much fuller and rounder but still so very firm.

“Daddy, what do you think?”

He quickly looked away from her bottom and met Anne’s pretty round eyes. She was looking back at him, smiling sweetly. He wondered if she noticed where he had been looking. If she had, she was giving no sign. She even seemed to raise her bottom up somewhat as she turned her head to speak to him. He realized though that he had no idea what they had been talking about, having been engrossed in his thoughts of her firm buttocks “I’m sorry, honey, my mind was elsewhere,” he smiled affectionately.

“I guess so, daddy.” The two girls giggled. “We were just wondering if maybe we could start the movie. Allison is taking ever so long. She is always the last one, can’t we just go ahead and start the movie?”

Allison, however, emerged on cue from her “bedroom.” Anne was the first to see her. “Allison!” she exclaimed. Allison entered the room wearing a white mesh and stretch long nightgown with a back slit and lace trim. The fabric was quite thin and tightly stretched along her curves. Clearly evident through the see-through material was a matching white lace bra and thong panties. The bra was itself a thin embroidered shelf bra with uplifting underwired support. It was only a half cup which her large breasts were bursting through and spilling over. As she walked to the couch, her boobs bounced and jiggled.

Mr. Peters’ eyes were fixed on the alluring sight. Not looking at them would be dishonest. She was a very sexy sight, and she knew it.

Allison smiled as she strolled into the room. She knew her father’s eyes were tracking her every move, or at least the jiggling of her boobs. Just like Alison Angel, she was proud of them and she enjoyed showing them off. She wanted her father to notice and to admire them; she wanted him to appreciate that she was now a young sexy woman, no longer his sexless teenage daughter. She thrust her chest out proudly to give her breasts more prominence and to let him know that she was not at all self-conscious about where he was looking.

With the evident thrust of her chest, however, Mr. Peters himself became self-conscious. He glanced over to Anne and Tricia, wondering if they had noticed how keenly he was watching the jiggling breasts of their sister. However, they had been paying no attention to him as they were also transfixed by the sight of Allison in such a daring nightgown. Anne spoke up.

“Allison, those aren’t pajamas. Those are grown-up things. Daddy, tell her to put on her jammies.”

“I no longer have any pj’s, Anne,” Allison replied, feeling like the grown-up, at least relative to her two younger sisters.

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