The List Ch. 02

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“You really disappoints me, Lyn. I had some hopes you would at least began to see the light but how I was wrong.” The blond being with silvery white eyes surged at my front. “It’s been one full day and hadn’t sex with your brother anymore, and also didn’t come to truly love your mother or brother.”

I couldn’t understand why was I being reprimanded by the reason of only one day without having sex but the pressure coming from her didn’t let me say anything.

“Anyway, here’s the new List with your next target. Just having sex with her or going in a date with her will be enough. And don’t dare of not having sex with your brother today or at least your mother.” She disappeared, giving me the List with my fiancee’s sister information on it.

“How low will I fall? This is so messed up, I will probably go to hell at this rate.” I sighed reading about Diane’s fetishes and secret information about her past.


It was time to wake up and as I heard the blond woman say, no, order me. I put myself over Tim that was sleeping at the same bed as me and removed the cute panties I was using to let his free cock enter me.

Tim slept only naked and his morning wood was ready for action.

I had no lube in hands but I was too lazy to get up and pick it, so I just lubricated my ass a little on my own before pushing his cock into me.

It was so raw and his cock scrapped through my asshole’s walls, it hurt more than I imagined but considering how lazy I was, I felt like winning.

Tim gradually woke up and I gave him a good morning kiss.

“Wow, it’s so hard and tight this time.” He said with both of us pushing up and down. He didn’t seem to care about the possibility of his mother finding him fucking his brother in the morning.

“It’s because I didn’t use lube,” I said with my dick bouncing with our movements.

“We need to use it, what will you do if you can’t seat at the class?” He said worried and stopping trusting at me.

“True, but I was so lazy.”

“You never changes, do you? You’re so cute when acting spoiled.” Tim laughed and picked lube from a hidden compartment in the table at his arm’s reach.

“Since when this thing exists and why do you have lube in it?” I asked accusingly after putting lube and clenching down his cock.

“It’s a secret.” He had a smug face on him that I had to make sure it disappeared.

I put hands on his chest to stabilize me and began to ride him with all my might. I was going to take his smugness off by force.

“Tim, you’re going to regret laughing at me.” I pinched his nipples and had no care for his screams of pleasure as I did my best to him cum before me.

And that he did while moaning.

After receiving his morning cum, I retired his cock from me and began to quickly stroke my dick near his mouth, it didn’t take long to me cum over his face to joke with him. “Never hide a lube from me anymore.

We both then laughed at the mess we made and began to clean everything for the breakfast and another day at the college.

I thought that maybe he would feel lonely for a day without sex, but that was wrong and just the misconception of that blond being. He doesn’t seem that possessive or eager to have sex with me, I’m beginning to think he genuinely likes to just be near me and sex is secondary.

And just when I thought of that he drops that bomb. “Hey, Brother. Do you mind if I help a friend of mine? She called some of her friends to a mixer but is missing a man to complete the group, you know, this is important to me… never did anyone before invite me to any kind of party.”

I looked to Tim’s embarrassed eyes and just as I thought, ‘Like Father, Like Son’, he is quite a player after only one day of losing his virginity. “Let me guess, you were the ‘nerd kid’ of your group of friends, but I remember you gaining a lot of confidence after having sex with me and you went to class with that demeanor. And in no time people noticed that and changed how they acted.

“Principally one of the girls who probably like an effeminate man with confidence, causing you to be invited to have no guilty sex. Am I right?” I admonished him as if he was my boyfriend, but he wasn’t. He was only a sex friend at maximum and there’s no way this count as cheating when I myself have a relation with mother.

I really should tell him about I being polyamorous or just comically tell I want to have a harem to make everyone feel better, even I when I do something with Diane.

“Y-Yes, but it isn’t like I love them romantically as I do to you, I swear!” Tim kissed me to prove his point and almost cry. “It’s just… I never get to have friends to go out and have fun, they may be false but I want to at least have them for some time.”

“Tim, I think I should tell the truth.” I took a deep breath. “We aren’t boyfriends or are in a relationship, and before you get surprised, hear me. I kind of want to be polyamorous because I think I can make other people happy besides me.” A lie, I’m not that good bostancı escort bayan of a person. “In more precise terms, maybe I want to make a harem with everyone I love, including you and Mother.”

I will make many sad if I don’t lay down the terms like this considering the nature of the List, I need to make them aware that I will have sex with other people. This was a mistake I made with Tim that I won’t make with others.

“Oh, I expected something like that considering how Mother is acting and why you suddenly wanted to have sex with me,” Tim said to my surprise. “So you really want to have sex with Mother? And moreover, make me part of your harem and your possession in a way no one will have their way with me without your permission?” Tim’s eyes shone and his dick was erected again.

Oh… this family is lost.

All of them are a bunch of perverts.

Why did I even worry about them?

“You could say so, just… if you get drunk there and you do you know what. Don’t play with someone else’s feelings like Father did to our Mother or I almost did and say how you have other people in your heart and dick.” I cursed at myself, finally perceiving how I was acting like that piece of shit that was my father.

I was indeed stupider than I thought, I will have to tell Diane about it if we don’t have an innocent date.

“Aye, aye, Sir.”

I kissed this pervert that was my brother and took care of his second erection with my mouth before going to the kitchen.


“It is really fine to walk in your girl clothes?” Timothy asked.

“It is, Mother likes them. Though I will never wear them in public, these are only for the eyes of you two that I love so much.” I replied making a pose that revealed my underwear for Tim.

In the kitchen, I thought I would see Mother, but there was only our breakfast and note with my name on it.

Timothy ignored the note and focused in eating to not be late for college and I also did the same.

Only after I ate everything did I take the note to read while I went to the bathroom.

Honey, I left the breakfast for you two in the kitchen and I’m sorry for not being here now to you tease me like you always do, but your Mother has taken a decision!

After you Father left because I always let him do whatever he wanted – with you is different, I want to let you do whatever you want because this is the type of love that generated from me towards you, different from your father’s love – I have lost the motivation… to live.

I don’t want to even imagine if I hadn’t both of you and it was in this meantime that such desires of me towards you bloomed.

However, I won’t live more in the past! Seeing Timothy walking around with such a happy face and how I slept soundly after watching you two have sex made me perceive this.

I don’t want to lose to Timothy or everyone else!

I will once again take care of myself, I will lose this fat and be healthy again, from now on I will always exercise myself and be worthy of being with you, my new love.

So wait forwards to the new me!

And if possible… can we have sex? More precisely, I want you to pound my pussy and impregnate me, I want a new life for the new me.

I will come back only at night, I wait anxiously for what you are going to do.

Of course, if you have others plan you can just forget about what I said.

I was almost crying reading this, I wanted more than anything to Mother overcome father and be happy again. I didn’t care about her being chubby or not healthy, I just wanted her to be fine with herself, and I did it by being the one she loves.

It was already pretty obvious earlier when I sucked her, but I didn’t even really think of going too emotional with her, I still had the measly hope she would find another man and be happy with him.

However, I was wrong once again.

If she is doing her best to become healthy again, how can I not acknowledge her?

Mother, I don’t care more about the List now in relation to you.

I will make you happy and be sure to fuck until I can’t stand more no matter what.

Even if someone offers money today or Diana can only be conquested today, I will be here at night to fuck you.

This is a promise.


The college I was part of was quite prestigious and had many Monsters within it, this world for some reason since the Lord of all twelve World Clans – one of them are the ancestors of my family – unified the world.

Though they aren’t scary and are quite human with only small parts of Monsters. My class for example of Programming II, had some cute catgirls and muscular studs who before the List wouldn’t make look at them too much, but after that, I looked at them in a different light and could see how someone could get off in Monsters.

I’m slowly being corrupted and even one of the catgirls I’m not a friend of noticed that, she even pushed up her chest to entice me.

I sighed and put all these ümraniye escort thoughts to die.

As soon as the class ended, I went to the place where Diane should be at this hour.

Diane was so special in this college for some reason that no even the List explained to me, making her the only student that was permitted to have a club only for herself.

I approached the club named ‘Occultism to the maniacs’ full of black decorations and an atmosphere of grimness, and knocked on it.

Soon enough the beautiful annoyed face of Diane appeared, she had long dyed blue hair and an eternal frown above her azure eyes. And if it wasn’t enough of blue, her skirt and shirt were also blue.

I also couldn’t forget of her massive chest being the reason I looked to other monster girls together with the fact I discovered by the List she was actually a Dragoness despite she looking exactly like a normal human woman. Was my fiancee also a monster or were they from different families?

“What do you want, Lyn?” Diane’s voice was rash and rude, she really didn’t like me even though I never did anything wrong to her.

“Can we talk a little? I perceived you looked under the weather yesterday, as we will be in-laws one day I thought I should check on how you are.” I only know this because the List told me that it seems her crush was stolen from her and it was to me cheer her up be it through a normal date or sex.

I’m aiming for only a normal date, I’m not really that horny to began fucking everyone without even liking them.

“Hmm… fine, asshole. Enter.” Diane went back to her seat on the badly lighted room and I followed her.

I could understand why Diane was so fixated in magic even though such thing does not exist in our high-technological world, she needed a place where she could release all her stress and the Occult was the answer for that.

By the List, I discovered she suffered heavy bullying for being a monster in her hometown and it got worse when she got raped earlier on her life.

She then used the Occult to forget about all of this and was no surprise for me that she even began to stalk this crush of yours as she finally found someone to love but was too shy and no used to talking with other people to know the correct action.

However, even such love was taken away from her.

There’s no way she would be fine after that and I’m happy that she doesn’t seem like considering suicide as she matured and could handle better the ups and downs the life throws at her.

“So, what’s been in your mind lately?” I sat across her.

Diane looked at me and only after sniffing around like a dog she said. “You had sex this morning didn’t you? Even though, you’re my sister’s fiancee.”

“Well…” This is why I don’t like your instincts, though I know why you have them. “Yes, I did. I’m not going to lie or ask for your forgiveness, but I really came here only to cheer you up, I don’t have any other kind of intention.”

Diane sighed. “I discovered the person I love is going to a mixer and him had sex with another person just today, moreover, it was his own brother. How I’m supposed to compete for his love?” She slumped at the table and began to silently cry.

“Wait, do you mean… Timothy is the person you love?” Now this complicated things up.

Diane tearfully nodded. “We were both together for only one year in the third-year high school when I got transferred and both of us weren’t really popular but also not really close friends as he liked of machines and me of the Occult. However, as time passed we talked sometimes and he was the only one who didn’t make fun of me after learning my past and my likes.

“I thought I still had a chance even though we went to different colleges as he wouldn’t be popular in the college, but in the end, he moved on and even is already having sex with his beloved brother. This is checkmate, I lost, principally considering he is going to a mixer.”

Diane then lacked the courage to act towards Tim, well, I’m kind of at fault here so I really need to cheer her up. But… why do I feel so against it? I don’t hate her, Diane is actually a good person after you break her persona of being creepy and full of anger.

I didn’t care about Tim going to the mixer, however, helping Diane is making my heart unsettled. Could it be?

I’m actually a little jealous of the thought of Tim and Diane being together. Maybe I wasn’t really lying about the harem stuff, and was possessive in relation to Tim’s feelings, not his dick though.

It wouldn’t be more of a problem if I also conquested Diane and all of us were together, but I won’t do it because I still don’t feel romantic feelings towards her.

Anyway, even if I’m unsettled, Diane is a good girl and deserves happiness in her life. “It isn’t like he is going there to have sex or date someone, you know how unpopular he is. Timothy is only going there to finally be with others of his same age and have fun, you still have a chance since I will escort kartal need to marry your sister, and Timothy and I are only having sex because we are horny by living together at the same room.”

“You are gentle like your brother, aren’t you? But I know I lost, Timothy has been enamored with you by years, however, as you are going to marry my sister he couldn’t do anything albeit after having sex with you I doubt he is planning on hiding his feelings. I lost in all meanings possible, you don’t need to cheer me up. This is the price of my taking too long to gather the courage to tell him about me.”

I’m really impressed she didn’t blame or put the guilty on me for this happening, as I thought, Diane is a nice girl.

I’m now feeling like helping her on a personal level.

“You’re wrong, I need to cheer you up, it’s the minimum I can do for you. How about we just go out quickly and do something you like or just go to eat? Don’t worry, I’m not trying to seduce you or anything like that, we will just innocently walk around together and come back before it’s dark, Mother had told me she needed help with something at the night after all.”

Diane stopped crying and tried to be sure of my intentions with her top-notch glare. “Are you ‘hitting on me’? Or just wants to me forget and continue on my life?”

“I just want to see you happy again, think of whatever would make you energized again and we will do it.”

“Then show me you are serious, I have very specific fetishes that will make you embarrassed. If you want to cheer me up, then indulge in them and I will go out with you.” Diane’s face was serious and no excitement was present in her tone of voice or demeanor.

I, of course, knew about her fetishes and that made ask a question to God.

Why the hell everyone I know likes cross-dressing?

Though in Diane’s case is understandable as girls would be easier to approach than guys after she was raped and Timothy was even more effeminate than I.

“Okay, I will do it,” I replied with the same seriousness she showed. “What is it?”

“Dress up as my favorite character and try to act like her!” Diane eagerly pulled out from underneath the table a lot of clothes that didn’t seem plausible to exist normally and make one question their versatility.

“Excuse me, what?”

Her energy and demeanor were completely different when she began to talk about something she likes as much as the Occult. “I’m kind of love with bespectacled fictional characters because they are my role model, and I’ve always wanted them to come to life, talk with me and be my friends.

“You can laugh at me, but I’m such person lost in fantasy worlds, this is the only way I can cope with what life throws at me.” Diane lost a little of her energy. “I wanted to be the one to dress up, but my breasts are too big and all the girls I love are practically flat, so you be the one dressed up. Do you think you can do it?”

“Hmm…” I paused a long time to make her think this was a very difficult decision for me who had sex with his own brother in girl’s clothes. “I can try if it is for you, but I don’t want to recognized here.”

“For real? Don’t worry, you will wear a wig and use a new product from my mother’s company, nobody will know that it’s you and it isn’t like there are other people near this club that saw you enter.”

What could she be talking about?

Was what I wondered before she put a transparent ‘paper’ on my right hand and saw it in real time become slender like a girl and without any hair on it as if I had waxed it. The better was that I didn’t feel uncomfortable and actually a little warm from inside myself with this ‘paper’ she used.

“My mother got tired of using wax or something similar to it to shave, so she invented this transparent paper that still only have its prototype name, P.A.P.E.R., and isn’t available to the public yet but is capable of making guys look like cute girls by accident. Don’t fret though, there are no side-effects to using it and I’m also using it since it began its development some years ago.” Diane showed this by taking the ‘paper’ from her perfect arms and her real arm appearing underneath it.

She added. “I do shave though sometimes because I got used to it.”

I couldn’t even express myself by knowing such a thing existed and was so comfortable to use, would she give me some later?

I want to try to have sex with Timothy and principally with my Mother using it as she loves cross-dressing, and would get really excited when I fuck her today if I looked so girl-like.

Actually, I will even ask Diane use make-up on me.

What followed was Diane excitedly passing all the P.A.P.E.R. through my body – even my face – and then using make-up in me, also practically putting her favorite clothes in me by force.

I got impressed by her love for these clothes as she didn’t even acknowledge me when I was naked at her front and did all of it professionally without any foul desire in her mind.

I got engulfed in her aura and love, making not also disturb her or have any kind of sexual desire towards her.

Soon I became what she wanted me to become and already passed me how I should act now, though she said I should only try and not overdo myself, it must come naturally.

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