The Maid Pt. 07

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The maid had always had a feeling that there was something going on in the house she didn’t know about, nothing definite, just a feeling. Late at night, she would sometimes hear people moving around the house and hear doors opening and closing. As far as she could tell, there was only one door in the whole place that was locked and that was the cellar. She wondered what was kept down there that was so secret. Little did she know that she was about to find out.

That night after dinner, she was told by the butler to be dressed in her uniform and be ready in her room by eight oclock. At the appointed hour, dressed and sitting on her bed, she heard a knock at her door. Opening it she found the butler standing there.

“Follow me.” he said, turning on his heel and walking down the corridor. Quickly she followed, her curiosity aroused. He led her to the cellar door, opened it and gestured for her to enter ahead of him. Her curiosity turned to apprehension as she stepped through the doorway. A stone curved staircase led her downwards, her heart beating faster with every step. She saw the light from a doorway and walked through it.

The sight that greeted her took her completely by surprise. The room was sparsely furnished with painted stone walls and an array or what looked like bondage and torture equipment. Against the far wall stood the husband naked, his arms raised and manacled to chains, his legs apart, also chained to the wall. In the centre of the room stood his wife, legs spread with hands on hips, dressed in a leather top with no panties and a suspender belt with long black mesh stockings. In her hand was what looked like a short leather cat o nine tails.

“Welcome to our little dungeon.” she said as the maid entered the room. “How would you like to discipline my wayward husband?” she asked with a wicked smile. Curious, the maid nodded, her eyes darting back to the husband, noticing he was fully aroused and trying to say something through the ball gag in his mouth.

“Quiet!” hissed his wife, walking over to him and slapping his hard cock with her whip. It sprung up with excitement. “Not a sound and don’t you dare cum.” she ordered him, placing the end of the whip under his balls and pushing it up, raising and parting them. He moaned in frustration as she slowly ran the whip along the underside of his cock, giving the head a little tap when she reached the end. He strained against his chains, frustrated, wanting her to stimulate his cock more. Instead, she turned away and called the maid to come over to them. Carefully, she positioned her directly in front of her husband.

“Pull up your dress and show him your panties.” she told the maid. She did as she was told and raised the front of her dress. He stared at them, his cock straining, wanting what he knew was hidden beneath them.

“Touch them.” came the next command and she reached down with one hand and slowly stroked the material between her legs, letting her fingertips sink into the crack beneath them, the sexual torture of the man chained to the wall starting to excite her. Getting into the role, she started to moan slightly, showing him she was getting aroused.

“You like that, don’t you.” she said to her husband, once again stroking the underside of his cock with her whip. Without being told, the maid slipped her fingers inside the side of her panties to rub her moistening cunt without showing him one inch of it. He bucked against his restraints, desperate for what lay beneath the white material.

“Behave!” yelled the wife, giving the top of his cock a lash with the thongs of her whip.

“Turn around and bend over.” she ordered and the maid obeyed. Grabbing the hem of her dress, the wife pulled it up exposing her nice round rear. “Pull them down.” came the next command. Doing as she was told, she slid the panties off her rear and let them drop to her ankles. She stepped out of them and spread her legs, giving him a good look at her now wet pussy from behind. He was groaning, his cock jerking in his desperate need and frustration. Taking hold of the maid, she guided her slowly backwards until her pussy was almost touching his cock and stopped her. Now the maid was feeling a need of her own.

“So close.” she said to her husband smiling as she used one fingertip of her gloved hand to stroke along his cock. ” Fuck! That got the maid too, her pussy starting to ache for the touch of his cock between her legs. Sensing it, the wife used the same fingertip to run gently once up the maids slit. bahis firmaları “Someone else needs a good fuck too I think.” she teased, watching the maids chest heaving with arousal. She gave the throbbing pussy one more gentle stroke just for good measure.

“Stand up.” she told the maid and she did so, her dress falling back down, covering her aching pussy. The wife crossed the room and dragged over a chair. “Sit.” she told her. The maid sat in the chair facing the husband chained to the wall, his quivering cock starting to drip precum with excitement. She hadnt noticed the restraints attached to the chair until the wife started to tether her wrists and ankles to it with them. Now she was in the same predicament as the man standing in front of her. Moving behind her, the wife reached around and slid one hand inside the top of the top of her dress, her fingers sliding onto her hard nipple. With the husband watching, she massaged the maids nipples, making her moan. The wife’s other hand reached down, pulling up her dress and slipping down between her legs. Knowing she needed to cum badly, she rubbed at her hard clit and pushed her fingers up inside the maids wet cunt. As her captive started to climax, she tore her hand away from between her legs, leaving her jerking in the chair, crying out in frustration, her cunt right on the verge but unable to cum, in exactly the same state as the man chained to the wall.

“Oh, you poor thing.” said the wife in mock sympathy, moving around the chair to face her. With her back to her husband, she knelt between the maids open thighs. Pushing her legs further apart, she bent forward and pressed her mouth to the glistening parted pussy between them. One lick up length of her throbbing cunt was all it took to have the maid writhing in the chair again. She gripped the hand rests of it tightly, pushing her legs wide open as the wife slowly lapped at her tingling swollen clit. Shaking, her back arched, she cried out on the verge of cumming again. The mouth left her pussy, leaving her in agonising limbo once more, jerking against her bonds, her face screwed up and howling with the frustration of being kept on the edge and not being allowed to cum.

The wife stood back and licked the maids wetness off her lips whilst admiring her handiwork. There was both of them, aching to cum, willing to do anything for the release of and orgasm. Both at her mercy. She felt a little sorry for them but the torture wasn’t over yet. Smiling wickedly, she called out to her favourite stud.

The ache between the maid’s legs got worse as she watched the butler walk in naked, his long thick cock dangling in front of him. As he reached the wife, she fell to her knees and took his limp cock in her hand. Cupping his balls in her other hand, she took the large head of his cock into her mouth. Making sure both of them could see, she began to pull him and suck nim at the same time. His cock hardening rapidly, the butler put his hands on her head and started to fuck her mouth. Half way inside, she gagged and pulled her mouth away. The maid groaned at the sight of it, hard and thick, the torture between her legs unbearable. Knowing how that thick cock felt inside her made it all the worse. Her pussy bulged and contracted uncontrollably at the thought of it

“Hmmmm, I’m going to enjoy this nice hard cock in my pussy.” the wife purred taunting them. Standing up again, she turned away from the butler and bent over. His cock eager for pussy, he was quickly behind her, his stiff straining cock in his hand, guiding the head to her pussy. Parting her lips, he rubbed it between them, coating it with her wetness and stroking her clit at the same time. Finding her opening, he pushed inside, hard and deep. She cried out as he thrust into her, filling her completely. Holding her hips, he started ramming inside her, fucking her hard with every inch of his cock. Watching, her chest heaving with arousal, the maid was never so jealous of anyone as she was with the wife right then. She wanted that cock, wanted it in her cunt so badly, the wife’s moaning just teasing her, telling her what she already knew. She heard the husband groaned and looked at him just in time to see hard thick squirts of cum spewing out from the tip of his jerking cock. She wished she could cum too.

“Enough.’ the wife called out mid fuck, and the butler pulled out of her, his hard cock glistening with her juices.

“Shall we give her a little taste?” she asked him. Smiling, he walked over to the seated maid. kaçak iddaa Standing beside her, he held out his cock. It looked enormous so close to her face. Her open mouth was on him in an instant, sucking in the huge swollen head. She wanted to devour it, take its entire length down into her throat but he wouldn’t let her have any more than the head which she sucked hungrilly, tasting the wife’s juices on it and smelling her wetness drying on the thick round shaft.

“That’s enough.” said the wife gripping his cock and pulling it out of the maid’s mouth. Still holding his cock, she told him to finger the maid. He reached down and stroked once up her pussy, his large finger parting her lips as it travelled up her drenched slit and over her clit. She growled with lust and need, incensed her pussy on fire, thrusting her hips up, wanting more. He slid his fat finger inside her and her pussy flooded, a wave of pleasure surging through her.

“Fuck me, please fuck me.” she pleaded, desperate for release, her cunt dripping between her legs.

“She’s ready.” he said to the wife, feeling the maids pussy clenching around his probing finger.

“Go on, put her out of her misery.” she told him. Releasing her ankle bindings, he grabbed her under the knees, raising her legs and pulling her behind to the edge of the chair. She almost cried with joy, she was going to be fucked at last. He leaned forward and she felt the tip of his cock touch her quivering pussy. Her pulse raced and her chest heaved with excitement. With one hard thrust he stretched her open and drove inside her. She gasped at the wonderful sensation of his cock filling her so completely.

“Yes! Fuck me, fuck me.” she cried out, her orgasm so close.

Across the room, the wife had hold of her husband’s cock, pulling it, her hand stroking the entire length of his shaft and rubbing the head. He was hard again and breathing deeply, his eyes locked onto the butler starting to fuck the maid.

“Are you going to be a good boy and cum for me?” she asked, her hand moving faster. He nodded, his stare still locked on the two across the room fucking.

The butler fucked her hard and fast, just what she wanted. Her hips pushed upwards meeting every thrust, forcing his cock as deep as she could. Grunting he slammed into her, needing to cum himself. His lust for her and feel of his cock sliding in her drenched cunt sent her over the edge and she came with a loud gasp, her body wracked in orgasm, her insides clenching the hard cock inside her pussy. He thrust hard into her and froze, his thick warm cum filling her.

The wife heard her husband moan and his cock go rigid. Feeling him starting to cum, she released her grip on him leaving his cock jerking as it fucked thin air.

“Don’t stop!” he cried out, on the edge. She touched him once under his rigid shaft and he climaxed, his hips bucking hard as cum poured from his cock. “Good boy.” she said, patting his cock and admiring all the splashes of cum on the floor.

The maid sat slumped in the chair, legs open and her dress still pulled up, flushed and basking in the afterglow of the orgasm that had ripped through her entire body. Even as she sat there, her tummy spasmed with the contractions still happening inside her. She even took delight in the feel of the butler’s cum slowly seeping out of her. God! She had needed that so bad, kept on the edge for so long it seemed like forever. Even so, as torturous and painful as it was, it was so very very exciting. The massive orgasm at the end was worth the agony of the denial.

The husband had been unchained from the wall. Out of her chair, the maid looked on with curiosity as he and the butler, both of them still naked, strapped the now undressed wife onto a strange table with rests for her arms and legs sticking out, tying her into a spread eagled position. With her strapped down, the butler wheeled over what she knew to be a fucking machine. She had seen pictures but never one in person. It looked ominous with its long steel rod and big flesh coloured dildo attached to the end. As the butler positioned it between the wife’s open legs, the husband lubricated the dildo, unnecessary as it was, the wife’s pussy was practically dripping in anticipation as she lay waiting for the machine to fuck her. As the butler pushed the machine closer, the husband guided the head of the dildo to his wife’s entrance.

“Yes! Stick it in.” she panted, eager for it inside her. The butler pushed the machine forward and they all watched kaçak bahis the dildo halfway disappear into her waiting cunt. She gave a moan as it stretched her open and part filled her pussy. In place, the butler pressed a button on the remote and the machine came to life, the rod moving back and forth, driving the dildo slowly in and out of her.

“Oh fuck, yes!” she cried out as she felt the hard thick dildo sliding in and out of her drenched throbbing cunt.

“Faster!” she ordered. The butler pressed a button and the machine sped up, driving the dildo into her fast and deep. Writhing against her restraints, she jerked her hips upwards trying to fuck it, moaning louder and louder with every deep thrust of it inside her. Her whole body shook and just as she was about to cum, the butler turned it off.She let out a loud wail of frustration as she lay there, the huge dildo stuck inside her and unable to cum.

“Our turn now” said her husband, casually stroking one of her hard nipples, arousing it, wanting to make her suffer like he did. They let her arousal subside and then turned the machine back on. Slowly it fucked her again. Aroused once more, she begged them to make it go faster but her pleas fell on deaf ears. Instead they both stood each side of the table, pulling their cocks for her to see, asking her if she would like one up her cunt or for them to cum all over her. She groaned out loud, the thought of either arousing her, making the slow moving dildo in her pussy almost unbearable. The maid, wanting her revenge too, stripped of her dress and walked naked to stand beside the butler. Brushing his hand aside, she took over stroking his hard swollen cock.

“Look what I’ve got.” she said to the wife, kneeling and taking the head of it into her mouth and gave it a good long suck. Releasing it but still tugging him, she stood up again and took the butler’s hand, guiding it to her pussy. The wife looked on helpless as her stud buried his finger between the maids pussy lips and started to stroke her clit. The maid shivered with pleasure at his touch, her pussy moistening with each stroke of his finger. He stroked her faster and she was soon quivering on the verge of cumming. His fingers slipped up inside her, rubbing her spongy swollen G-spot. In seconds she was bent over, her body jerking and her legs shaking as she came uncontrollably inside. Watching, the wife desperately wished her hand was free to rub her own pussy and give it the release it was craving.

Deciding she had had enough torture, and surprised she hadn’t already cum watching the maid being fingered to orgasm, she did love to watch, the butler pressed the button and sped up the machine. Once again it began driving the dildo hard into her.

“Yes, oh fuck!” she yelled, spreading her legs even wider, trying to push down on the silicone cock stabbing between them, bucking against it, trying to fuck it as her orgasm grew inside her. She almost screamed, wracked with pleasure, her entire body turning stiff on the table as she came. The hard thrusting dildo continued fucking her mercilessly and she was soon jerking uncontrollably, unable to stop cumming, the endless orgasm an agony of pleasure.

“Oh God, stop it!” she yelled as she thrashed around on the table, unable to escape the thrusting between her legs.

The maid felt the butlers cock jerk in her hand and watched as a hard squirt of thick cum shot from his cock landing on the wifes belly. Pumping his cock with her hand, she milked the rest out watching it drip onto the floor. Shakey from cumming, the butler fumbled with the remote and finally managed to stop the machine. When they pulled it out of her, the wife just lay there, unable to move, destroyed by her endless orgasm, her insides in turmoil, the table between her legs soaked with her juices. The maid had a strong urge to lick up some of that wetness and bury her face in the wife’s pussy, but resisted knowing how sensitive it must be after such a hard fucking and massive orgasm. She had never seen a woman have anything like the one she just witnessed.

They released the wife’s bonds and helped her off the table. She clung onto the table, her wobbly legs still unable to support herself fully.

“Fucking hell.” she gasped. “I thought that thing was going to fuck me to death.” All of them burst out laughing.

“Time for bed.” she said, pushing herself off the table and walking a little unsteadily towards the door. They all followed

The last to leave and stopping to turn out the lights, the maid turned and looked at the fucking machine with its huge wet glistening dildo. Her pussy started to tingle and she felt herself getting wetter.

“One day.” she thought and turned off the lights.

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