The Martin’s Family Sire

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“Fuuuck Mom, I’m cumming!” Sam moaned on top of his lovely mother. Nancy held her legs wide open as her son’s cock began twitching and pulsing inside of her. They were locked in a full mating press. Sam felt his mother’s body convulsing in pleasure underneath him. His last downward motion caused the bed’s wooden frame to snap and come crashing down with a sound that reverberated throughout the house.

Nancy’s tried to speak, to tell her son how much she loved the way he fucked her, but all that came out were gasping incoherent sounds. Her entire nervous system was short circuiting as she gushed once again. Her toes curled up and her eyes rolled back. It was only now that Sam gave his mother any respite. The young buck rested his 210 lbs of masculinity by pushing his thick cock deeper inside her. His swollen member bottomed out at 7 1/2 inches and Nancy’s wet pussy stretched to accommodate him. Sam steadied himself and relished her soft warm body and the sensation of her beating heart that traveled through their connected bodies. It was in this position that his cock finally erupted and coated his mother’s insides. Had someone walked into the master bedroom, they would have heard and seen the sweaty, out-of-breath mother being pumped and bred like never before. They would have seen Sam’s legs straining to keep him balanced on top of his mother, with his engorged cock buried to the hilt in motherly flesh. They would have seen the young man’s hands gripping her ample bottom as he desperately held on and pulled her even closer to himself. Sam’s flexing prostate muscles, pumping his warm man milk out of his heavy balls and into his awaiting mother, would have astonished anyone fortunate enough to walk in on them. They would have no choice but to continue to look on, as the couple’s overflow of love juices began running down Nancy’s quivering pussy lips and Sam’s pulsating rod. Unfortunately, for Nancy and her son, someone was indeed watching them that night. It was Jim, Sam’s father and Nancy’s estranged husband. He had walked in after hearing the bed collapse. The coupled partners had no clue he was home. Yet here he was in the doorway of his bedroom, in complete and utter disbelief.

His vision went red with anger and he staggered one step forward before everything went black.

—————— One Month Earlier:

The Martin’s worked together to unload their late model tan colored Suburban. They had finally arrived at Doheny State Beach where they would be spending their Thanksgiving holiday. Sam unloaded the tent, lamps, and sleeping bags, while his father unloaded the propane grill and chairs that they would be using for the next two days. Nancy and her three girls on the other hand, had better things to do. They headed down to the beach to feel the sand between their toes and to stretch their legs. The car ride from their home in Palms Springs had left all their butts sore. Rachel, the oldest of all the Nancy’s children, was now 24 years old. She had recently broken up with her boyfriend and Nancy hoped this trip would lift her spirits. Out of all of her daughters, Rachel was the one that looked most like her, so much so in fact, that Nancy would lend her clothes from time to time. The younger two, Tiffany and Ali, were twins. They were in their second year of college and were inseparable. Unlike their mother and older sister, who were full figured and curvy, these two had athletic builds and toned bodies. After watching her girls run around and chase each other near the water, Nancy decided it would be a good idea to head back and help the boys finish unloading all their gear before her husband started complaining. When Nancy arrived however, she found that the father and son had once again started arguing with each other. It seemed to happen more and more often these days.

“How fucking hard is it to set up that tent Sam?” Jim yelled.

On the far side of their camping spot, Sam struggled with a web of poles and strings. “Dad, this thing didn’t come with any instructions. How the hell do they expect someone to set it up without at least some pictures on how it goes,” Sam replied.

Nancy could see Jim’s face turning red as he became more annoyed with Sam’s inability to figure it out. She decided she better help Sam before Jim really lost it.

“I’ll help him Jim,” Nancy chirped in. “You worry about the grill and cooler. Sam and I will figure how to set this tent up,” she said hopefully.

Jim only seemed to become more indignant now that she had intervened.

“Damn it, Nancy, he shouldn’t need your help. He’s a grown man and should be able to figure that out on his own. Maybe if you stopped holding his hand all the time he would actually learn to do things for himself,” Jim shouted as he surveyed the last resting place of the grill.

It was true – Nancy did coddle her son. Not only was he her one and only son but he was also her youngest, having just turned 18. And even though he towered escort bostancı over her at 6′ 1″, he never lost his “baby status” in her eyes. To top it off, Sam had become more introverted in the last few years and it constantly worried Nancy that he wasn’t socializing because of his low self-esteem. In Jr. High he had been bullied because of how tall and lanky he was and although he filled out in High School, his self-esteem issues remained a problem well past his graduation. He never went to any school dances and he seemed to have trouble making any friends. Nancy tried her best to reach out to him, but Sam always bottled up his feeling inside. It worried her that perhaps her son was suffering with depression and it didn’t help that his father gave him a hard time at every turn. When Sam made the High School football team, Nancy thought that would be a turning point for Jim and Sam. But that couldn’t be farther from truth. Jim’s overbearing and demanding nature always found a way to cut Sam down and the whole ordeal only put more strain on their already rocky relationship. Sam constantly failed to live up to his father’s unreal expectations.

“Either you are first string on the varsity squad or you may as well join the cheerleaders, Sam,” he had flatly told him.

When Jim found out that Sam wanted to be in theater class, he unbelievably had the gall to ask Sam if he was gay.

“Sam, not even your sisters took up theater. What the hell are you thinking? You want to join a play or something? Sam let me ask you something son, are you gay?”

Sam reeled back at the idea and tried to plead his case. He told his father that he simply didn’t like football and that he rather do something that he’d enjoy. Jim would have nothing of it and belittled Sam for his decision to leave football behind. When Sam finally did get a part in his High School’s production of Hamlet, only his mother and sisters attended. They were all very proud at the way he played Claudius and how he had finally found something where he could break out of his shell.

Nancy recalled how when they were newlyweds, Jim had wanted to have a boy more than anything. He had said that he couldn’t wait to teach him how to be a “man’s man”. Jim instead got three girls in a row. And although he was happy to have them, it wasn’t until Nancy’s last pregnancy that he hooped and hollered when he heard he was going to finally have a boy. At first, things seemed fine. Jim cared for Sam like any loving father. As Sam grew older however, Nancy quickly saw that Jim’s over-competitive character was going to be problem. Nancy tried her best to be the buffer between them even if she got caught in the crossfire more often than not. She thanked God she had her three girls to help keep Jim on check whenever he really went off on one of his tirades. When he received the cold shoulder from every woman in the house he had no choice but to calm down or leave the house until he could settle his emotions. Unlike his sisters, Sam didn’t have many friends throughout High School. He wasn’t particularly popular. So in the end it was no wonder that Nancy took extra time out of her day to check in on her son. She enjoyed babying him from time to time. She couldn’t help it. She felt guilty for the way her husband treated him.

>> Sam’s exasperated sigh brought Nancy’s attention back to the tent setup. “Maybe if he wouldn’t have sold grandpa’s trailer I wouldn’t have to be building this stupid tent,” Sam said quietly but loud enough for his mom to hear him.

A few months ago it had come to light that Jim needed money to pay off a bad investment loan he had taken out. It was supposed to be a for-sure thing, a joint venture led by one of Frank’s friends. Long story short, the small startup that was supposed to make them “filthy rich” instead ended up burning up all their money and Jim’s was forced to sell the trailer Nancy’s dad had gifted them a few years before passing away. Sam hated his father for selling it. He had many fond memories of his grandfather and all the trips he had taken with him when he was younger.

>> Nancy took a hold of one of the corners of the tent and helped lay it out. Before long mother and son finally figured out how everything went and the tent started taking shape. As they finished hammering down the fly net down, Nancy began thinking of how much Jim had changed in the last few years. They had managed to raise four healthy young kids and Jim had done his duty to provide for his family. Even with all his flaws, Nancy had very little to complain about. She had been a stay-at-home mom for all of her adult life and Jim had made her happy for many years. It was only now that he was approaching retirement age, that Nancy noticed her husband becoming more short-tempered and less respectful towards her. Nancy figured it was the onset of the infamous mid-life crisis that so many men experience at his age. She did her best to let it run its course ümraniye escort and stay out of his. Sometimes she wondered if her husband would get over the fact he was getting older and just go on with his life without being grumpy all the time.


Once the tent was fully secured, Sam and Nancy began to ferry in their sleeping bags and sleeping pads. Nancy could tell Sam was upset, having been embarrassed by his father just moments ago. Like most nurturing mothers, it hurt Nancy to see her son dejected and on the verge of tears. It was then that she decided she would do everything in her power to make him happy that weekend, despite whatever Jim said to him. She had gone above and beyond for Sam before. This time was no different.


A perfect example of how far Nancy was willing to go to protect her children had occurred only a few weeks prior to their trip. It was late October when Sam suddenly became sick. He was gripped with a very high fever that refused to subside. At first Nancy thought it was just a common cold. However, it soon became apparent that Sam had a severe case of the flu. For the next 3 days Nancy tended to him, much to the chagrin of her husband. Jim was adamant she was overreacting and that Sam was just milking her for attention. It was Friday night when Sam’s fever climbed over 104°F, that Nancy was forced to take desperate measures. Nancy’s had tried Tylenol and an assortment of teas but none of that seem to make a difference. She was getting ready to tell Jim that they needed to take him to ER, when she remembered something her mother had taught a long time ago. Nancy recalled how her mother, Margaret, had told her that you could stay a person fever by laying wet towels over a person’s body. Nancy wished she had one of her daughters to help her fetch some towels but unfortunately the twins had gone out of state for a soccer tournament and Rachel was working late.

Nancy had no choice but to implement her plan by herself. She rolled up the sleeves to her button up blouse and got to work. She proceeded to pull a couple of white towels from her cupboard and laid them on the bathroom counter. She then plugged the bathroom sink and let it fill with cold water. While the sink slowly filled, she went back to Sam’s bedroom and began undressing him. The task was made much harder by the fact that Sam had become semi-unconscious on his twin bed. Undeterred, she pulled his shirt off with great care. She climbed onto the bed and removed his sweats along with his socks. Finally, only his underwear remained. She considered leaving them on for one split second before she decided to pull those off too.

“I need to cool him down fast,” she had thought to herself.

She ran back into the bathroom and came back with two damp towels. She surveyed her sleeping son, now fully nude. His entire body was shiny with perspiration. She tried not to look at his private parts but her female intrigue got the better of her. She couldn’t help but peek between his legs and notice the manly testicles and his soft circumcised cock lying on one side. Long gone were the features that she remembered of him as a child. Nancy stood there mesmerized. It wasn’t until Sam coughed that she woke from her trance. She laid quickly the first towel from his neck down to his groin area. She carefully covered his penis but the towel wasn’t long enough to cover his testis. With the second towel she tried to cover his legs but while adjusting the towel she inadvertently touched Sam’s swollen testicles. They were burning hot. Her motherly instincts instructed her to grab another washcloth and tuck it underneath his hot sack. Eventually Sam was completely covered from head to toe – a washcloth on his forehead, a towel draped over his torso, a second one on his legs and finally a washcloth wrapped around his bulging testicles. After a few minutes, Nancy inspected the coolness of the damp towels. The washcloth on his forehead had warmed on one side so she flipped it. The one covering his reproductive organs had practically dried up from the heat emanating from his groin. She had no choice but to switch it out for another, freshly soaked, wash cloth. Nancy worked religiously for the next few hours rotating towels and washcloths around Sam’s body. Nancy wasn’t an extremely religious person but she said a few prayers nonetheless.

It was no surprise to Nancy that Sam became erect when he did. The constant stimulation of washcloths rubbing over his skin while she worked to cool him down was bound to have an effect on the young man. What did surprise her was the sheer size of his erection and thick vein that she found running across it. She tried her best not to touch her son skin to skin. She methodically used the washcloth to keep her hand from directly coming in contact with his most private parts. However, as the night progressed, Nancy became lackadaisical in her method of changing the wet towels and soon she was using her bare kartal escort bayan hand to move and adjust her son’s growing member and swollen testicles. Perhaps it was Nancy’s fatigue or perhaps she just found it easier to get the work down by using her uncovered hand. Whatever the case Nancy got used to adjusting Sam’s penis one-way and then another without the help of a washcloth. Nancy found herself strangely aroused by her son’s meaty cock that refused to cooperate. Unbelievably, after some time had passed, she convinced herself that perhaps she could cool Sam further by giving him some sort of sexual release. As off the wall as that idea sounded, she managed to rationalize that freeing all that pent up semen would bring him some sort of relief from his wretched fever. By the third hour Nancy found herself stroking her son’s cock quietly in his dimly lit bedroom. At first she had started with a washcloth between them. She squeezed his girthy cock and gently rubbed him up and down. A few moments later she removed the washcloth entirely and soon she was stroking her son with her bare hand. She used some of her rubbing oil to work his erection.

Nancy failed to realize that by the time his cock started leaking pre-cum, Sam had actually woken up. Although his current state made him groggy and weak, he was fully aware of his mother’s soft and oily hand stroking him up and down. He deliriously enjoyed every second of it. Out of fear of her stopping he decided to play the part of the unconscious patient for as long as he could. Nancy continued her hand job until eventually Sam’s cock began pulsing in her firm grasp. Ten thick ropes of cum oozed out of her son. Her own legs buckled and her pussy trembled, when she felt the hot batter run down her hand onto his stomach. It was a copious amount of cum but luckily she had the towels on hand to clean it all up. Nancy took great satisfaction that Sam’s cum felt hotter than the medicinal tea she had given him earlier. She was convinced that removing that hot liquid from his body could only help to bring his fever down. She did feel somewhat guilty when she saw her son still sleeping but she quickly brushed aside her remorse when she saw the digital thermometer read 99. She thought that she had managed to get him through the worst of it. She gathered the towels and gave her son a kiss on the forehead.

“I love you,” she said softly. She turned back and tiptoed out of his room. She was slowly closing his door when she heard Sam whisper back, “I love you too mom.” A cold rush of terror ran through her as she finished closing the door.

“He was awake that whole time?” she incredulously asked herself.

She lumbered down the stairs towards the laundry room thinking of the ramifications of what had just happened. “How would I ever face him tomorrow morning,” she wondered.

“Perhaps he won’t’ remember,” she thought to herself.

She was wrestling with the idea of how to deal with her indiscretion when she heard Jim yell from the living room, “How is Sam doing? Is he gonna make it or do we need to call 911?”

“He’s going to be fine Jim. I managed to get his fever down,” Nancy replied.

She couldn’t’ stand how he joked about Sam’s condition knowing how serious it had become. Later that night, while laying in bed, Nancy was able to reconcile her feelings over what had happened in Sam’s room. She came to terms with the fact that her son more than likely knew she had given him a hand job. She figured that if he was awake he probably enjoyed it and they could somehow put it behind them. All that being said, she couldn’t help but reach down between her legs and feel her still moist pussy from the entire ordeal. Now she was burning up.

“What a crazy night,” she had thought to herself as she closed her eyes and drifted to sleep.


Back inside the tent, Nancy looked at her son. She felt a growing crush towards him. Sam was in the process of blowing up one of the sleep pads. Determined to turn his mood around she walked over to him and whispered into his ear.

“I bet I can blow one up faster than you can?” she teased.

Sam smiled with his eyes as his mother sat in front of him, Indian style and began blowing into another pad.

Nancy smiled back when she caught Sam looking up her sundress. She was wearing lacy see-through panties that seemed to be very comfortable to wear.

Sam unashamedly ogled his mom. He easily beat his mom at inflating the beds. Sam could never forget his mother’s hand job even if he tried. It haunted him every time he looked at her. His horniness peaked around her. And he soon came to appreciate his mother’s indifference as he gawked at her neatly trimmed pussy hidden behind the thin fabric. In fact she seemed to enjoy his wandering eye. Having finished one more pad he figured he’d press his luck and rub his erection against her as he reached around her to grab another sleeping pad.

Nancy welcomed his newfound confidence. She went ahead and reached for her son’s obvious bulge as he crawled around her. She gripped his meaty pole and they both giggled when she stroked it a couple times. Sam was in heaven.

“Dad, where’s mom,” they heard Ali yell outside the tent.

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