The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 72

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Big Tits

Chapter 72

Wanda’s Tales – Part 5

Wanda gave herself a final look-over in the bathroom mirror, just to make sure her son hadn’t left another hickey on her neck as he had back in September. Assured, she finished buttoning up the front of her denim dress, covering up the new bra Luke had bought for her, one that held her tits up a little higher on her chest, and made them look fuller. She gave her lips a final gloss before joining Luke in the living room. This had been her first visit with Luke since he’d moved into his new apartment, although she’d been by to see the place with her husband a couple of times before. As she passed by the bedroom he now used for his services, she couldn’t help but glance inside. As a mother, she felt the urge to go inside and pull the soiled sheets from the bed and take them to the laundry. But it wasn’t her place. Although she was still Luke’s mother, on afternoons like this one, she was one of her son’s many middle-aged clients.

Wanda had left work early. She’d waited until Carol had come back from her lunch break before letting the teen-ager know that she wasn’t feeling well. It had been slow in the store all morning as it was, and with Jenny coming in by three, Wanda was confident in letting the girl run things along for the next hour and a half. But Wanda hadn’t been sick, she was horny. It had been too long since she’d seen her son, as a client and not as his mother, and luckily Luke was free that afternoon. During her drive across town, she felt strangely dirty, but that feeling passed long before she knocked on his door.

“I’m surprised you were home,” Wanda told her son as he let her in. “I thought that you worked most afternoons.”

“I usually do, but I’m off mid-week now,” he explained. Wanda removed her tan over coat and Luke hung it on the near-by coat rack.

“I guess it’s lucky I called, then,” she smiled shyly.

Luke stepped up close to her and before bending to place his lips to hers, he said, “Lucky for me, since I get to spend some fun time with my wonderful mother.”

When Wanda paid her son a visit as a client, they would head straight for his bedroom and strip quickly. Both wanted to enjoy as much time in the bed as they could, given their schedules. This time had been no different, and inside Luke’s room, they both quickly stripped out of their clothes. Luke finished first and climbed into his bed. His cock was already very rigid and pointed straight out from his body. Wanda joined him a moment later and they lay side-by-side.

Wanda rolled to her son and as her heavy breasts fell against his chest, she pulled his mouth to hers. They kissed deeply for many minutes, with their hands caressing bare flesh and exploring each other. “You want to start out on top,” Luke asked, and Wanda nodded.

Instead of climbing straight onto her son, however, Wanda moved down and found her son’s cock with her mouth. Luke pushed back into the pillows as he enjoyed the feel of his mother’s tongue running up and down the underside of his dick, and the tingles she gave him when she flicked around the crown. He often enjoyed his mother’s oral talents, a skill she’d perfected in the year since he’d started bedding her.

After nearly five minutes, Wanda lifted her mouth from her son’s cock and said, “I need this inside me.” She didn’t wait for his reply, only crawled up his body until she was straddling his hips. Luke took hold of her hips as she positioned his cock at her opening, and watched her face twist with passion as she slipped on.

“Oooohhh, god, yeeeesssss!” Wanda moaned as her body took her son in once again. She bottomed out, and then began to rise and fall, fucking herself on Luke’s strong manhood. “You don’t know much I’ve needed this,” she panted as she settled fully onto him and rolled her hips. His cock stirred within her, touching her everywhere, before she started to lift and fall once again.

Wanda leaned forward and pushed her hands into the mattress to either side of Luke’s shoulders. She slammed her hips hard against him, time after time, and then she would stop and grind her hips, forward and back, before doing the pattern over again. Within minutes, Wanda was moaning through an orgasm, brought on by her son’s rock-hard post of a cock.

After getting her first orgasm, Wanda collapsed and slipped to the mattress beside her son. Luke moved quickly and after pushing her knees up and back, he plowed his cock back into her and began to fuck her with deep thrusts that had the bed rebounding beneath her ass.

“Aaaahhh, yeessss, yeessss!” Wanda resumed grunting beneath her son, taking his hard nine inches with every plunge. “Fuck me, Luke! Oh, god, yes, fuck me!” Within minutes, Wanda had peaked once again. Her orgasm exploded within her and added a fresh coat of lubrication for her son to use. His cock raced in and out, hard and fast, and with every plunge his balls slapped her anus teasingly.

Luke pulled her ankles higher up and hooked them over his shoulders. Wanda was bent in half, kartal escort and her body ached, yet still she grunted and moaned beneath his onslaught. Many times, Wanda left her son’s apartment hurting physically, and yet she had never left sexually unsatisfied. This afternoon would be no different.

Luke suddenly slowed and dropped fully onto her. His mouth found hers and she opened wide to accept his tongue. She sucked on it and he sucked on hers while his cock continued to move within her vaginal grip, though much slower now. He pushed up and told her, “I want to fuck you from behind now.”

Wanda had never been taken anally, and although Luke had asked her on many occasions, he’d never insisted when she rejected the idea. She’d never given her ass to Frank, and so she reasoned that she would not allow her son to be her first, either. The idea of sodomy was more abhorrent to her than incest was.

Luke lifted away from her. She felt his hardness slip out of her, leaving her agape and wanting. From his knees, Luke took hold of hers and gave her a bodily twist until she was on her belly. “Come on, Wanda. Lift that fat ass up for me.” Luke often used her name when they were in bed, and she followed his instructions, though with reluctance. His hands raced around on her flesh admiringly, and then his fingers dug in to pry her globes apart. “Damn, this is one fine ass,” he complimented, and then gave each globe a wet kiss before dragging his tongue up through the crack, starting just above her rose-bud. Wanda trembled both from the tickle his tongue had given her as well as the fear that he was about to take her anal virginity, and she wouldn’t be able to stop him.

However, Wanda needn’t have worried. Luke pulled up close behind her and guiding his cock with a hand, he returned to her dripping vagina and plunged to the core once again. “Oooohhh, yeeeesssssss!” she moaned with relief as well as delight, and dropped her face into the pillows to enjoy a good doggy-fuck from her loving son.

As Luke picked up a good, steady fuck-pace, he was reaching for her heavy tits. Wanda enjoyed having her tits squeezed and her nipples pulled while getting fucked, and Luke was well aware of this fetish of hers. He’d been the one to show her the pleasures. His hands took hold and held on hard while driving deeper and deeper into her.

“Aaaahhh, fuuucccckkkk!” Luke roared after many minutes of steady driving. “Yeeeesssss!” Wanda felt her son’s cock pulsing inside her, just before his warmth began to flood into her. He was cumming in her, for her. And that helped set her off once again.

“Uuunnnggghhh!” she growled into the pillow as her own orgasm rolled with her son’s.

Wanda must have passed out for a moment, as the next thing she could recall was that she was alone on her son’s bed. She rolled onto her back, feeling the aches of having been fucked good and hard by a skilled cocksman. She moved to the bathroom across the hall and rinsed off in the tub. She retrieved her clothing and after a final visit to the bathroom, she joined Luke in the living room.

Wanda found her son reclined back in the over-stuffed leather sofa drinking a beer. “You didn’t say whether or not you were coming by Friday night for dinner. Your father and I will be flying out Saturday morning and won’t be home until after the New Year.”

Luke gave her a shrug of his shoulders without turning his attention away from the Hogan’s Heroes rerun playing on the television. It was one she had bought for him some time back, and it had looked rather large in his old apartment. However, in this new and much more spacious place of his, it looked small. That had been taken care of, she knew, and if he were to come over for dinner on Friday, he might just get his Christmas present a little early.

“Since we’ll be out of town over the holidays,” she added as an incentive, “you can pick up your presents then as well.” She retrieved her over coat from the rack inside the front door.

Luke turned his attention finally to his mother and watched her pull her coat on. He was still impressed by how much she had changed in the last year, since she had succumbed to his sexual advances. She had even become one of his regular clients, and idea that fascinated him, even though he never asked for payment. Still, his mother often left him with a handful of money, or the occasional gift. Luke enjoyed the idea that he’d had a lot to do with her increased energy, better moods, and even loss in weight over the past few months. She’d even started visiting the gym on a regular basis, which helped her sex-drive immensely, he’d discovered. His mother had become one of his more passionate lovers, and never failed to wear him out. Luke Vaughn really liked that. If only a few more of his clients, the usually married and all middle-aged women that he serviced sexually on a regular basis, would follow his mother’s example.

“I’ll stop by, Mom,” he agreed finally. “But I can’t stay too long. Maybe until eight or so. maltepe escort bayan I’m usually pretty busy on Friday nights.”

Wanda pulled the coat tight and buttoned it up against the chill that waited outside. She felt a slight shiver, as well as a spark of jealousy, as thoughts of her son bedding down other women, women very much like herself, rippled through her, as they often did. “Your father will want to get to bed early, anyway,” she conceded. “Dinner will be early, probably about five or five-thirty. We’re having a few friends over for drinks after.”

“Anyone I know?” Luke asked.

Wanda shook her head. “I doubt it. And yet, knowing you, probably intimately.” She gathered up her purse and asked meekly, “Do you have an appointment later?” Seeing his nod, she added, “Anyone I know?”

Luke looked at her then and reminded her, “I don’t tell them about you, and I’m not going to tell you about them.” He stood up and came over to her. Placing his hands on her hips, he said, “Besides, what I do with them is business. What I do with you, dear mother, is all pleasure!” He kissed her then, complete with a full handhold of her wide, fleshy ass. When he pulled back, he added, “Unless you’re willing to join in sometime. Make it a three-way?”

Wanda reached behind her and started to pulled open the door. “I’m still not comfortable with that, Luke. The one time with Michelle and Todd was fun, but I don’t think I could do it again.” She grinned and with a gently squeeze to his crotch, she added, “Besides, I still don’t like the idea of sharing you anyway.” She gave him a final kiss and then stuck her head out into the apartment complex’s hallway. She looked quickly left and right, as she always did after a personal visit to her son, and then told him to call her later, to let her know one way or the other if he would be over for dinner, before heading out.

Once in her car, Wanda felt the wave of relaxation wash over her once again. She was always expecting to get caught, or confronted, by someone she might know, who was also visiting her son for their own sexual needs. She only knew of two other women by name that visited her son, and she hoped that even they didn’t know about her. Luke had assured her that nobody knew, beside Michelle and Todd of course, that she was having sex on a regular basis with her son. She didn’t mind that her son, a virile, handsome young man of 23 now, enjoyed such a full sex life. She didn’t mind that he seemed to enjoy woman who were much older than himself, either. The only thing she did mind was that he’d become something of a gigolo and had started charging for his services in the past few months. It was how he could afford such a nice new apartment overlooking the south bay area and the boardwalk on a casino bartenders’ wages.

The drive home that Tuesday evening was uneventful, and when she pulled her Malibu into the garage, her husband’s car wasn’t there. It was after five, and he usually left work during the week before four. As the owner and manager of Bayside Realty, Frank Vaughn pretty much set his own hours. However, he usually was home by five each night, unless he had a meeting to attend or a dinner with potential clients set up. In those cases, he would always call or text Wanda, and a quick check of her cell phone showed that she hadn’t missed either.

Inside, Wanda went about starting dinner for Frank and her, and the evening fell into its usual rhythm. What became unusual was that when dinner was ready, Frank still hadn’t arrived, nor had he called. Worried, Wanda called his cell phone.

“I’m sorry,” Frank replied to her inquiry a moment later, “I’m still in the office. I had some paperwork to catch up on and apparently lost track of the time.” Frank’s was the only office in the building still with a light on, and that was only the desk lamp which illuminated the empty desk-top, and the ginger head of hair bobbing up and down in his lap. Maggie O’Hara looked up at her boss with her bright green Irish-eyes smiling and gave his tennis-ball-like cock-head and slow swirl with her pink tongue. She had already pulled a thick load from Frank’s heavy balls and was working him back to full hardness in anticipation of draining a second load. After-all, it was all in appreciation of the hefty Christmas bonus check Frank had written her a few hours before.

“I might still be a while,” Frank added even as he fought to hold back a groan as Maggie opened her throat and took his thick cock fully into her mouth once again. The way she worked his cock with her throat muscles, tongue, and lips did things to him that no woman had ever done. Maggie wasn’t the prettiest of the women who worked for Frank in the real estate office, but in the six years she’d been his office administrator, Frank had enjoyed allowing the pudgy, pale-skinned woman to show her gratitude for his generosity often enough. Her willingness to succumb to any of his sexual advances was why Maggie O’Hara made nearly as much in her bi-weekly pay as any of his escort pendik realtors did.

“I’ll just leave your plate in the microwave, then,” Wanda told him. “I’m going to bed early. I had an exhausting day,” she added, though the hint was lost on her husband. Of late, Wanda had been teasing her husband with the idea that she might be seeing someone on the side, yet he never seemed to pick up on it. She had hoped that he might give her a little more attention, even though she was getting plenty of attention from her son. Still, she wanted her husband to appreciate how she had lost some weight and returned to making herself up more.

“Okay. Don’t wait up for me,” Frank insisted. “I might just put in another hour or so, just to make sure things are taken care of around her before I close up for the holidays.” As he told this to his wife, he was grinning down into Maggie’s eye and stroking her hair. His cock was again growing stiff in her wonderful mouth, and even with his wife’s voice in his ears, Frank’s attention was on the young mother who seemed to enjoy swallowing his semen as much as she enjoyed drinking the office’s high-end coffee.

After shutting off his cell phone, Frank turned his full back attention to Maggie. “Why don’t you get up and bend that wonderful fat ass over the desk for me? I’ve got a Christmas delivery to make!” A minute later, Maggie was moaning as Frank stuffed his thick dick into her vagina, and not for the first time either.

As Frank began to fuck his office administrator, Maggie started for the stairs. She’d already put Frank’s plate of lasagna into the microwave, though she left the dinner rolls in the oven and the green beans in the pot atop the stove. She kicked her flats off at the foot of the stairs and started up in just her stockings. Halfway up, she was stopped by the chime of the front door bell. “Now, who could that be?” she asked the empty house as she retreated back into the living room. Turning on the porch light to look out, she saw a tall, handsome young man standing outside the door.

Wanda unlocked and pulled the door open. “Todd! It’s so nice to see you! Come in! Come in!” As her guest entered and Wanda pushed the door closed, she said, “I didn’t know you were back in town. It’s been so long. Are you home for the holidays?” Her excitement was overwhelming.

Todd McGregor began to remove his leather jacket, an act he barely completed before Wanda wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his face down to meet hers. She gave the young man a kiss, full on the mouth. “That was nice,” Todd told her when she finally let him breath. “Not quite the kiss my mother gave me when I got home, but nice all the same.”

“When did you get in?” Wanda asked, even as she ushered him into the living room and directed him to the sofa. He settled in, with her close beside.

“I flew in from Seoul Sunday, but only got home yesterday,” he explained.

“Are you home for the holidays?” she asked again, the excitement apparent in her voice. Before he could answer, however, Wanda gasped and told him, “Oh, but Frank and I are flying to Key West for the holidays. We leave on Saturday and won’t be home until the first weekend in January.”

Todd, his wide trade-mark smile never wavering, replied, “I guess it’s good that I came home a little early, then. Otherwise, I might have missed spending time with my favorite childhood crush.”

Wanda giggled. “I had thought your mother was your favorite childhood crush,” she replied, patting his thigh as she did. “I still don’t see how I could have ever turned your eyes away from her. She’s such a beautiful woman.”

“Every boy has to have that neighbor they fantasize about,” Todd admitted, not for the first time, either. “It just so happened that you filled that bill for me, Wanda.” Todd leaned in and gave her a kiss, again full on the mouth, which she returned with equal pleasure. When they parted, he commented, “So, I guess Frank’s not home right now?”

Wanda giggled again, a sound that Todd enjoyed. “I don’t think he’d have noticed, even if he was. He really hasn’t been paying me much attention of late as it is.”

Todd paused a moment, and then asked, “Have you still been seeing Luke? Other than as his mother, I mean.”

Wanda nodded shyly. “As a matter of fact, I saw him this afternoon.” She looked at Todd and added, “If I’d have known you were in town, I wouldn’t have gone to see him. I was feeling the itch after work and stopped by.”

Todd nodded, knowing all about Luke and his life-style, as well as the fact Wanda had been seeing him sexually for a while. The relationship between Luke and Wanda was no different than the one Todd and his mother shared. That fact had been instrumental in Todd’s taking the chance and approaching her, back in the Summer. That afternoon had led to Todd and Luke even enjoying a “swapping of mothers” afternoon, as well as other, more intimate and personal encounters just between the two of them. For the last four months, however, Luke had been in South Korea, serving in the United States Army as a Signal Corps Officer. Once in a while he would give Wanda a call, just to keep in touch, but he hadn’t told her that he was coming home for the holidays. He had wanted it to be a surprise, which it had been.

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