The Mirror Ch. 01

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Big Tits

Many thanks to you all for the response to my last posting of Greg’s Mum. This is dedicated to Alice B, your love and appreciation is reciprocated.


I smiled to myself as I heard my mother call, “Donny, would you come here for a moment please? I’m in the bath.” Normally she had a shower, but recently had started to have a bath, mostly when my father was on night shift.

As I entered Mum was sitting with her knees drawn up trying to cover her breasts. I say trying to, because they were quite frankly, large, all of the women in her family had big breasts, but even in this exalted company, she stood out. Her breasts were known as her, ‘magnificents.’

It may be that it’s because she’s my mum and every boy is in love with their mother, but I think that for the rest of my life, I’ll always see her body shape of flat stomach and large breasts as being perfect. She didn’t work out at all, this was just her natural build.

“Yeah Ma what’s up?” I didn’t really need to ask as we had the same conversation every time that she’d called me into the bathroom recently. “Can you wash my back for me please love, your Dad’s at work and I can’t reach, when you’ve washed it can you just scrub it a bit with the loofah, not too hard, just enough to get the blood going please?”

I’d done this several times recently, and always when Dad was on night shift, I saw nothing in it until I realised that she never asked me to do it when he was home, and I’d been waiting to see if she’d call me this week.

She had called, and on the very first night he wasn’t there. I wondered what her thoughts were, and if I could push the boundaries a bit and challenge her, just for the fun of it of course.

I got the soap, worked up a good lather in my hands and started to wash her back working in an all around motion, straying just a little bit onto the side of her breast, the action could be seen as perhaps an accident due to their enormous size. I held my breath as I continued with the circular motion once again running my hand down the side of her right breast.

There was no acknowledgment from her that anything untoward had happened.

I ran my hand wide again almost pushing it between her breast and her arm, nothing was said so I did it again, and then again. She must’ve known what I was doing but chose to ignore it every time.

As I’d done most others nights previously, I dropped the soap so that it went down behind her. Also as I’d done previously and without thinking about the consequences, I plunged my hand under the water searching for the soap but quite openly running my hand across her bum.

It was obvious to both of us what I was doing, she let it go for a while and then said, “I’ll get it,” however to do so she had to move her right hand under the water behind her, and twist her body so that her magnificent right breast was now fully exposed.

She appeared not to notice, or care, and even when she handed me the soap her breast was still on view. She didn’t engage eye contact, I thought that that was significant as she knew that she was on show but took no action to cover her breast, or try to catch me looking at it, which I of course was.

As soon as I had the soap back, I again worked up a good lather and went back to moving in wide circles, not always touching her breast but doing so every second time or so, still she said nothing.

Eventually I thought I should stop and I got the loofah, pressing it against her back, quite softly at first but increasing it a little, and then a little bit more until Mum started to push back against me, whilst arching her shoulders.

The net effect of this was that both her breasts were no longer contained against her knees, but were almost on display. As she pushed harder against my pressure, I reduced it slightly so that she had to push more to get the feeling that she wanted, and her breasts became even more on show. I thought that she must have known, but she said nothing.

Eventually however she called out, “ok, ok that’s enough, enough already, my back’s starting to hurt.” I had to stop looking at her breasts because they were now back to being at least partially hidden against her knees. I was shocked as I looked down at her back, it was very red, “sorry Mum I pressed a bit hard, I didn’t realise.”

“No it’s ok, I stopped when I wanted to, is it red?”

“Just a bit, not to bad,” I lied.

“Ok it’s stinging a bit but it should be all right, I guess.” I poured several hands full of water over her back but it was still redder than it should’ve been.

In the past I’d then gone out of the room and left her to enjoy her soak, but for this time I’d planned ahead and thought out a couple of topics that I could discuss with her.

I sat on the floor and started to ask her advice about a nonexistent problem that I had. She started to answer, and then realising that as I was now on the floor and below the level of the bath, she could lay right back, so that the only part of her that I kartal escort bayan could see as we talked, was her face.

The conversation, as many do, moved into other directions and she seemed quite comfortable to be lying there naked talking with her son as if that was quite normal. I let her move the conversation in any direction that she wanted, and she seemed happy to talk. That was ok with me, as this was what I’d wanted to happen. When out of the corner of my eye I caught a movement to my left.

My father had hung a mirror on a hook on the wall at the end of the bath, so that he could shave whilst under the shower, and the mirror had slipped around so that it wasn’t facing where it should have, but was hanging down at an angle, and the movement that had caught my eye in the reflection was my mother, as she settled further into the bath.

What had grabbed my attention was that I was now able to see her pubic area, and as she had her knees parted slightly I could see her very clearly indeed. As I watched I saw her hand come down and rest over it. She continued talking as normal, I found it hard to know where to look, at her, or the mirror. By looking almost, but not quite directly at her, I was able to see the mirror out of the corner of my eye. Peripheral vision is a wonderful thing.

Now her other hand came into view, slipped between her legs and spread her lips wide, not only could I see the movement of her hand as she gently rubbed herself, I could also hear as the water lapped against the side of the bath caused by that rubbing.

She had no awareness of the noise, she was talking and teasing herself at the same time, and as all of her senses were occupied, she just didn’t hear it. Mind you, if I hadn’t been able to see the mirror, I wouldn’t have known what the noise was anyway.

This went on for a couple of minutes when as she was speaking, and on an impulse, as many things in life are, I got up quickly, moved to the side of the bath and said, “we have to get you out of there, you’ve been in for ages, and you’ll end up like a prune.”

She had no time to move anything other than her hands, and was totally exposed, as she said “eerr, ah well, aarr, umm, son, I’m aahhh, not sure about this, I’m your mum and I’m not sure I should be with you…you know, like this.”

“Come on you’ll be cold I’ll get a towel and dry you”. I said, ignoring her protestations. I threw the towel over my shoulder and bending down pulled out the plug, then took both of her hands in mine to lift her out. All the time I was talking about how she’d look like a prune, how cold she’d be, anything to prevent her from getting a word in to try to stop me.

With an unsure look on her face she just did as I asked, as she’d no idea what to do or how to handle it, and then there she was, standing naked in front of me, with water dripping from a large bush of pubic hair and both of her long brown nipples. Her ‘magnificents’ were hanging there right in front of me, enormous, pure white and shining beautifully, coated in water. I didn’t even try not to look at them openly, I just stared.

“Truly magnificent, Jesus Ma, you’re not bad for forty five, all of the other mums of your age are fat, odd shapes and sizes, or all of the above, but you are indeed truly magnificent.” I murmured as if to myself.

She just stood there rooted to the spot.

“Stay there I’ll get the mat,” as I bent down to put it on the floor I raised my eyes slightly and had a wonderful view between her thighs which showed me that her lips were out, wide open, and obviously wet, touching yourself does that for a woman.

Standing up I took both of her hands in mine, moving backwards, so that she had to lift her leg over the side and step out, or fall over. There she was stark naked and still dripping wet. I got the towel in my hands, “turn around I’ll do your back first.”

She turned without a sound and I dried her back, I was still talking, rambling on about everything and nothing, I worked my way down to her bum and then skipped all the way to her feet to start working my way back up her legs.

As I did her feet, my face was only inches away from her bottom and the view between her legs was as clear as day, everything could again be seen, especially her lips which were still swollen and hanging down.

I took my time doing her feet.

This was going better that I could’ve hoped, in fact I’d originally had no plan other than to see how often I could get my hand onto her breast. This far hadn’t even been in my thinking, but you can’t look a gift horse in the mouth as they say, so I pressed on.

Now I was working inside her thighs and moving upwards, taking my time as if this was quite normal. Soon I had the top of my hand, covered by the towel of course, hard up against her lips. I moved my hand as if drying her but then moved it away leaving the towel stuck between her thighs and pressed against her. Mum hadn’t said anything now for at least two minutes and seemed escort maltepe to be frozen into her uncertainty.

I was now the one with the problem, what to do, how far to go, how far would she let me go. What would the repercussions of this be, now, or if it got out of hand, and of course how far was I prepared to let it go? Questions, questions, questions, I didn’t have the answers in fact I didn’t even understand the questions my head was spinning so much.

I was ready to stop with the towel the instant that she showed any signs of being uncomfortable , but deciding to push on, I left the towel between her legs, and using her hips, turned her around to face me.

Getting another towel I stood up and looking straight into her eyes dried her face and shoulders, her arms and hands and then quite openly, her breasts which required both hands attention as I couldn’t contain them in one. I made sure to work her nipples as much as I could.

By now she had a really weird look in her eyes, and had remained silent for a long time, I felt that she wasn’t really that comfortable with what was happening, but was unsure of how to retake control of the situation..

After her breasts, I moved down her stomach and then her legs, all the way down to her toes, leaving her ‘sex central’ with the towel jammed against it to the very last.

Then standing fully upright. I threw the second towel over my shoulder, looked straight at her, and then without breaking eye contact, ran the back of my hand slowly down her stomach, across her pubic hair, rubbing it twice, before slipping my fingers into the towel jammed between her legs, and pulled it very, very slowly upwards, so that it dragged along her already swollen lips. She gasped and bit her bottom lip, her eyes were still wild and she trembled noticeably.

I held eye contact with her for several seconds more before dropping the towel at her feet. Taking the other towel from my shoulder I started to dry those swollen lips which was impossible because the more I ‘dried’ them, the wetter they became. I was still looking deep into eyes, “please,” she said softly in a strained and trembling voice.

I’d been waiting for a sign that she wanted me to stop and thought that this was it, so I stood up, and after putting the towel around her shoulders, walked her to her bedroom door, making sure to get a full view of her rear as she walked. “Nice, very nice,” I murmured as if to myself, but loud enough for her to hear clearly.

We got to her bedroom door, where she seemed to be in a state of shock, turning around she said, “thank you” in that very low soft voice and before she could close the door behind her, I repeated, “nice, very nice.” She sort of nodded at me with her eyes blinking and going everywhere, and then without saying another word, closed the door silently.

I moved to her door to listen, and soon heard the first of her six climaxes for the evening, she must’ve had her face in the pillow as the sound was muffled, but she could still be heard, it’s very difficult to disguise that sound. When she went off for the sixth time it was very loud, and the head of her bed banged hard against the wall, so that even with her face in the pillow, I think that I would have heard it in my bedroom.

Dad came home at 6:00am as usual whilst I was in the shower, Mum was still in bed. He went into the shower as I came out, and after exchanging a few words with me, went to bed. Mum never surfaced and I think she may have given him a fair work over, as when I went to work at 7:00am they were still in bed.

Nothing was said when I got home, mum was normal, in fact both she and Dad were laughing at something that only they knew about, I guessed they must’ve stayed in bed long after I’d gone to work.

Almost as soon as Dad went to work that night Mum headed for the bathroom, called me in, and we went through the same procedure as the previous night. Right up to the point that I again pulled the towel up across her vagina, she was trembling, as I thought she was anticipating it, and so after pulling the towel for only a small distance, I stopped, looked into her eyes, and then recommenced pulling it very, very slowly. She responded by blinking her eyes, licking her lips, with her breath coming in short rasping bursts. As soon as the towel was clear of her, in a voice of authority I said, “Bedtime.”

She nodded meekly and walked naked to her door, I stood there watching and as she got to the door, she turned to me as I again said softly, “nice, very nice indeed.” She had no idea what to say, gave me a weak smile and closed her door behind me.

I hung up the towels’ moved to my room and lay on my bed as we both ended our nights in the same manner, my thoughts of the previous night were correct, that even with her face in her pillow, I could hear her cries of pleasure, and the bed head banging. This of course heightened my arousal.

When I came home from work the next night her eyes were twinkling and she pendik escort gave me the warmest smile. But before she had time to say anything I told her, “no dinner for me tonight Mum, I forgot to tell you, I’m playing squash with Jimmy, and I’ll get something to eat at the courts. The smile went totally from her face to be replaced by disappointment and before she had the time to work out a reply I was on the way to my room to change.

I had a shower at the courts after we’d finished playing and when I arrived home at 11:30, I thought at first that I saw a light in the house, but when I got inside, the place was in total darkness. I always sleep naked and as I slipped into bed, the normal feeling of shock as the cool sheets hit me wasn’t there. In fact my bed was warm, I got out and drew back the sheets, as I did it allowed the unmistakable scent of a woman to rise to my nostrils. If I was in any doubt about who’d been in there until only a few moments ago a very small, faint wet spot gave up its secret to my touch, to my nose and then to my tongue.

My mother had been masturbating in my bed and may have even fallen asleep to be woken up by my homecoming. It was interesting to ponder what would have happened if she hadn’t woken up in time.

The next night was the last he was to have on nights for three weeks so I again waited for the call and sure enough it came.


I ignored it until she called a second time, I didn’t answer but walked to the door, I knocked and walked in at the same time, without waiting. Mum must’ve heard me coming as she was starting to sit up, she turned to me, “can you do my back please but not as hard with the loofah as the other time, it was sore all the next day?”

She’d only lifted her knees about a half the way up, so from the start her breasts were mostly on show and she had a smile on her face and her eyes were alive. She knew exactly what she was doing, and I knew what she was doing also, she was using me to get her horny for Dad when he came home.

But that’s ok two can play that game, besides, I now had a plan.

Last year I heard Mum say to her friend Lois, that he thought that all she needed was for him to have a stiff dick, and about a month later I heard Dad telling his mate Kevin how highly sexed Mum was, and that all he had to do was touch her and she fired up, “like an old 427.”

At the moment I was pissed off at him as he’d put a large scratch in the side of my car whilst putting the mower away. He’d refused to pay for it telling me to claim on my insurance, this was the latest in a number of ‘fuck you,’ moments in the last year. To be frank he’d become a real pain in the arse for some time now.

Since I’d been working full time, he seemed to think that he had to show me that it was still his house, and he could do as he wanted, so the thought of me getting Mum ready for him got right up my nose, but I now had a plan to get even. If it worked, it would be my ‘fuck you,’ moment to him.

“Right,” I said to her, “I can do that without any trouble Ma, lean forward,” as I got the soap. She did so but didn’t bring her knees up any further so her breasts were still on show, which I was sure that she was aware of.

The other nights had either set the standard for what was acceptable, or given us a baseline from which we could start to move the boundaries outwards. I thought she was more about the former, and I about the latter.

Let’s see who’s the stronger, did I intend to have sex with her? Hell yes, that was the plan, but not tonight, I’d wanted her to become comfortable with me in the bathroom with her naked first, and we’d accomplished that quickly. I wouldn’t even try to get into her tonight, but who knows what the future held if I played my cards correctly?

I soaped up my hands and used them to massage the muscles around her shoulders and neck and then down her spine to the water line, I paused for a moment before continuing on, so that soon I was massaging her arse, she made no comment or move to stop me, and I hadn’t even had to drop the soap this time.

The bath was the old type in the centre of the wall, with a shower curtain around the end that I could push out of the way, and get to the end of it, to be right behind her. In this position I could run my hands up her sides all the way to her armpits, obviously cupping the sides of her breasts as I did.

My fingers and thumbs were massaging as they went, so that if she commented I could claim to have misjudged the distance, but she said nothing. and after three runs my hands came around the front, and ran up her stomach stopping just as the tops of my thumbs touched the bottoms of her breasts.

What I was doing was asking her permission to touch them, or giving her the option of saying stop, but nothing was said. So I moved all the way around and cupped both her breasts for about five, maybe even ten seconds, I squeezed and bounced them in my hands as I’d seen my mother do to test cantaloupes in the supermarket many times, the difference was of course that these ‘cantaloupes’ had nipples which my thumbs and forefingers sought out, I squeezed them quite hard, and then without any sincerity at all said, “sorry Mum,” removed my hands, got the loofah and started to work it on her back.

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