The Morrisons Ch. 04

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I found an editor or I should say an editor found me and did a wonderful job editing this chapter. I want to sincerely thank BffseOhio for editing this chapter.

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Each chapter of this story builds on the previous chapter and lays the groundwork for future chapters. If this is the first chapter of The Morrisons you’ve encountered then I suggest you go back and read the previous chapters first so you will understand the characters actions in this chapter.

Terri enters into her new job and lifestyle with confidence and poise. Terri makes a decision that will change her life forever and wants Dan Morrison to help her. What used to be a family of three is now a very happy family of four! Sounds interesting? …… Then enjoy this chapter!

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For the record: All characters in this story are legal aged!

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It was still early so I suggested we head for the hot tub. I asked, “Would anyone like some more brandy or a glass of wine?” Everyone chose a bit more of the brandy so while Kim, Jenna and Terri headed out to the hot tub, I stayed behind and poured four double jiggers of brandy which is approximately three ounces in each glass.

When I walked out on the deck with the tray of brandy I noticed there was a space between Terri and Jenna. While I handed out the brandy Terri spoke up saying, “We talked it over when you weren’t here and all of us decided to save a place for you right between Jenna and me.”

I slipped between my two daughters and held up my glass and the other followed as I proposed a toast saying, “Well, here’s to our complete family of husband, wife and two daughters. May we love each other as long as we live and may we live a very long time!” There was a loud roar of “CHEERS!” from everyone in the hot tub then each of us took a sip of our brandy.

Jenna leaned forward and looked at Terri and said, “Welcome to the family. You are the sister I’ve always wanted. We are going to have so much fun together.”

“Thanks mom and dad for giving me the best present of all, a sister I can love and hang out with.” Jenna said as she looked between me and Kim.

We relaxed in the hot tub for half an hour or so and then I said I wanted to make a few phone calls before it got too late. After I got out of the hot tub and dried off, I started to walk away when I looked over my shoulder and saw that the three ladies had moved closer together. As I was walking into the house I heard Jenna say, “We’re going to miss you dad!” Then all three of them started giggling.

I had a couple for acquaintances from another town I trusted and I wanted to get their advice on how to proceed with the embarrassment and humiliation of Harold, Bill and Pete. I called each one and we joined in a conference call so we could brainstorm. I explained what I had in mind for all three of them but I cautioned that all three guys would have to be willing participants at least at first because I didn’t want them to claim they were kidnapped. I insisted we needed to have all three of them sign a waiver stating they agree to any proceedings that might happen.

For starters I tossed out some ideas, then asked if either of them knew someone who does Brazilian waxing who would sign a confidentially statement then use his or her skills to take care of business. I told the guys I would pay for the costs involved and the finale would be when Harold, Bill and Pete were dropped off on the side of a semi busy highway where someone would see them and call police.

By the time I finished my phone call the lights had been turned off so I checked the doors and made sure they were locked then headed up stairs. As I passed Jenna’s room the door was wide open and I saw both Jenna and Terri completely naked in the middle of the bed holding the ankle of each other’s leg pulling themselves tighter against each other while they were tribing and moaning in complete ecstasy. I stopped for a moment and watched them for a few moments before saying, “Have a great night girls, I love both of you!”

I walked down to my bedroom and found Kim lying on our bed with her legs spread wide and her small vibe massaging her clit. I walked into the room and said, “I see you started without me.”

Kim looked up and said, “I’m only using my small vibe so I can warm it up for you. I need that big hard cock of yours in my pussy, right now!”

I ignored Kim’s request and dove face first into the lovely spread open slit Kim presented me. My tongue sought out her tasty juices while I tongue fucked her tight pussy before I slowly moved my tongue up between her labia to the firm little button at the top of her pussy. I licked kartal escort her clit a few times and got Kim’s hips moving. A few more tongue fucks to her slippery slit and then I attacked her clit with a barrage of licks and nibbles. Finally, to drive Kim over the edge, I caught her clit between my front teeth and held it gently and manipulated it with my tongue as she began to buck and scream. I was pleased with myself giving Kim back to back to back orgasms before I released her clit and moved up her body to capture her right nipple between my lips.

Kim reached between us and said, “Now you fucker, I want that cock in my cunt and I WANT IT NOW!”

No sooner did my cock sink into Kim’s juicy tight pussy I felt weight on my back with a warm pussy pressed tight against my ass cheeks. I looked over my shoulder to see Terri sitting on me rubbing her wet pussy back and forth. Jenna slid next to me and captured Kim’s left nipple in her mouth and stated sucking on it. Both of them were smiling as Terri said, “Mommy we heard you screaming all the way down the hall so we came to help you.”

Kim smiled and said, “I’m glad both of you are here now. We need to render this man totally useless before the night is over. Are you girls willing to help your momma?”

Suddenly I realized my life had taken a drastic change forever. From now on I was going to be out voted in my own home. But with my cock buried deep in one pussy another pussy grinding into my back and a third pussy at my disposal off to my right, I quickly determined how lucky I really was. I leaned down and kissed Kim then turned my face and kissed Jenna and looked over my shoulder at Terri and said, “Babe, I owe you a kiss.”

Terri finally slid off my back and down on Kim’s right side. She leaned in and kissed me then captured Kim’s right nipple. Now Kim was in seventh heaven with both girls sucking her nipples and her husband pumping her pussy full of hard cock. Soon Kim was headed for another orgasm and begged me to cum with her. I reached back and brought Kim’s legs up and put them on my shoulders so her pussy was totally vulnerable to the assault of my cock. I felt Kim’s pussy muscles squeeze my cock as I tried to pull it out and then she relaxed the muscles as I pushed my cock back into her. Squeezing my cock was more than I could handle and soon I looked down into Kim’s smiling face and said in something less than a calm voice, “I’m gonna cum real soon!”

Kim smiled at me and said, “Fill me with your cum baby I’m almost there.”

Jenna spoke up saying, “Fuck her daddy, fill her with your cum and make her scream again!”

As if there was an echo in the room suddenly Terri said, “Fuck her daddy, fill her with your cum and make her scream again!”

I looked to my right then to my left and finally down at Kim and all four of us cracked up laughing as I continued to pump into Kim delicious pussy. While I was laughing cum shot out of my cock each time I pumped. It was the funniest fuck I’ve ever encountered. Once both of us had finished our orgasms I moved backwards and allowed my cock to pop out of Kim’s pussy and I released her legs. I sat at the end of the bed and looked up at the wonderful view of three lovely bald spread open pussies. They were so beautiful that I could have lain there all night enjoying the view.

But all good things have to come to an end and I started to doze off lying across the end of the bed while watching Kim, Jenna and Terri continue playing. About an hour later they woke me up telling me it was time to go to bed. I looked up and asked, “What did I miss?”

All three females smiled at me as Jenna said, “You’ll never know because you fell asleep on us.”

The next morning was a repeat of the morning before when Terri was already in the kitchen with the coffee hot and the paper laying on the counter. I ordered breakfast for both Kim and I and Terri being the efficient person that she is had everything ready by the time Kim wandered down the stairs into the kitchen. However Jenna came down shortly after Kim so all three of us ate breakfast together.

Kim and I left for work together and on the way to work Kim said to me, “Thank you so much, Dan, for giving me a second daughter to love.”

I tried to claim that I didn’t do anything but Kim kept saying that I was the one who said we should give Terri a chance. So I accepted the thank you and said, “I’m so happy that she is in our lives also. She seems like she is enjoying herself and she seems to fit right into our relationship.”

I dropped Kim off at her office building then drove over to my office. When I arrived at work I told my secretary I was expecting a couple of phone calls which I wanted to include in a conference call at one o’clock. I told her while I was busy with the call I didn’t want to be bothered unless the boss stopped by and needed to talk to me.

Both of my acquaintances called right at one o’clock and things worked out even better than we originally maltepe escort bayan thought. We talked for the better part of an hour and finished up most of the plans with only a few minor details to complete. Both seemed to be optimistic that everything would work out great and I would be able to achieve my goal of totally embarrassing and humiliating Harold, Bill and Pete.

During dinner that night I explained to Kim, Terri and Jenna that my plan was coming together nicely and when Ted arrived I would run some of the plans past him to see what he thought. Once again we had just finished dinner when the door bell rang. Terri immediately stood up and said, “I’ll get the door.”

While Terri was away answering the door Kim and Jenna cleaned off the table and brought back the cups, plates, coffee and the fresh apple pie Terri had baked during the day. They were serving the apple pie when Terri returned with Ted and another naked lady. Ted looked at all of us and said, “I’d like to introduce you to my wife, Marion. She will be helping me with the new project so I told her about your lifestyle. At first she didn’t believe me so I offered her a chance to come with me tonight but warned her she would have to be nude once we arrived.”

Jenna was the first to walk over to Marion and step right up and press her naked body against her saying, “It’s great to meet you. My name is Jenna, I’m their daughter.”

When Jenna stepped back Kim was right there waiting her turn to hug Marion as well. Ted stood to their side and watched the two wives hug before saying, “See honey, I told you all the members of this family are really wonderful people.”

I reached out my hand to shake hands with Marion and noticed she immediately looked down at my cock as she extended her hand to take mine. I sized her up to be about 5’6″ and she had dirty blonde hair. I also took note of her “C” sized tits and when she stepped back after our hand shake I noticed she only had a very small tuff of blonde hair above her pussy but her slit was completely bald.

I asked Terri to take care of the confidentiality statement. As Terri was getting ready to leave the room Ted asked if she could prepare one for Marion to. Terri smiled and left the room. When she returned she had both statements and while Kim, Terri and I signed our statement for Marion she signed the one for us. Terri disappeared into the other room and when she returned she handed Marion her copies of both statements.

Kim came back with an additional cup and plate and all of us sat down around the table to enjoy some coffee and fresh apple pie and conduct the business that needed to be done. Ted presented me with the contract for the security gate and said that crane prices change so he couldn’t nail down a crane owner for a solid price. Ted explained that he called a couple of heavy duty wrecker companies and talked to them. He told me a large wrecker that picks up tractor trailers would do the job to lift a pillar into place. Ted said with that change alone, it saves a lot of money because he said cranes are so expensive. He also told me he can call a wrecker and have them on the job site within a half an hour where with a crane he would have to schedule one at least a week in advance.

Kim got up and walked over behind me and looked at the contract over my shoulder. She asked, “Is everything in order?”

I’m a fast reader so I took a few minutes to read the complete contract. When I finished I looked at Kim saying, “Everything that we talked about last night is here, I believe we should sign it and make it official.”

Terri stood up and retrieved a pen and handed it to me. I signed the contract and then pushed it over to Kim and had her sign it as well. Once we signed the contract I handed it to Terri and asked her to make a copy of it for our records. A few minutes later Terri returned with Ted’s original contract and handed it to him.

Kim looked at Ted and said, “If there is any chance that you can hurry up the process I would appreciate it.”

Ted said, “I’ve already started ordering what I will need. Marion will be helping me by setting up the monitors in the den and will be wiring them while I am working with my crew down at the end of the driveway. I brought Marion with me tonight because I wanted to introduce her to all of you so she won’t be shy when it comes time for her to work here. She told me on the way out here that she was nervous as hell about taking off her clothes. I told her the males would be outnumbered by the females tonight so she had little to worry about. So if you can make her feel comfortable and explain your lifestyle to her, I would appreciate it.”

Marion quietly spoke up saying, “Ted tells me there’s no wild sex parties here that all of you live here totally naked together.”

Kim spoke up saying, “Well Marion, Ted is almost right. He is right when he said we don’t have wild sex parties or orgies. However since Ted hasn’t been here all the time escort pendik he hasn’t witnessed us enjoying sex. Like the people who wear textiles, we also enjoy sex and like anyone else we love to make love in places other than in the bedroom. So we have been known to make love on the deck, in the pool or in the hot tub. Therefore, when you are working here, it will be entirely possible for you to see someone making love. Our family policy is no one should be forced or coerced to have sex and as long as two or more persons are consenting to have sex or make love then they should enjoy themselves.”

“We have also told our employees we understand being nude is a new experience to them therefore they may become sexually stimulated. We told everyone so far it would be ok if they needed relief to enjoy themselves as long as no one is forced to do anything against their will.” Kim said.

“We want the security gate put in so we can live our lifestyle and not worry about John or Jane Q. Public driving up our driveway and then making a complaint about seeing us or any of our employees naked.” Kim finished saying.

“So Ted was right when he said that all the employees here will be naked while they are working?” Marion asked.

“Yes Marion, everyone will be completely nude when they are here working. That is unless a female has her period, then she may elect to wear panties and we will understand.” Terri spoke up with a clear business like tone.

Terri continued saying, “We also encourage everyone to look at each other so the mystery of looking at someone’s naked body will be satisfied sooner. That way we can all work side by side and not be bothered quite as much.”

Marion said, “I understand what you mean. I don’t always get fully dressed at home because I am comfortable in just my tee-shirt and nothing else. This is the first time that I’ve been totally naked in front of people I don’t know. I can get used to it if I just think about being at home.”

Ted seemed to be impatient and wanted to get to the other topic we agreed to discuss tonight. He asked, “Dan what have you found out about our little problem we’re working on?”

I smiled and started with, “Is Marion up to speed on this?”

Ted looked at Marion and Marion looked at everyone else in the room and said, “Only bits and pieces and the pieces I’ve heard disgusts me. I hope you hang the son of a bitch up by his balls.”

Taken aback by Marion’s outburst I looked at Ted and said, “Well under those circumstances I will tell you that we have a cattle auction barn in which our three participants will be invited to a party. We want them to willingly attend our party and sign a waiver stating they are willing to submit to anything that happens during the evening. Anything you hear tonight is in the strictest of confidence and not a word of this is to be spoken outside of these walls for any reason. Is everyone in agreement?”

“I agree!” Everyone in the room shouted.

I started saying, “As you may know I said I wanted Harold, Bill and Pete to be completely and totally embarrassed and humiliated for what they’ve done to our Terri. I feel we should go back to the good book and have and eye for an eye type punishment for them. The couple of people whom I’ve talked to know enough people to make that happen and what’s even better the three guys will be willing participants, at least at first.”

“We have made arrangements for a professional who does Brazilian waxes to be there. The best part is, she knows Bill and thinks he’s a sleazebag so she is going to take extra special delight in this job. By the end of their evening all three scumbags will be devoid of ANY hair on their bodies including their heads and eyebrows. We have made arrangement for some muscle men to be present in case one of the three chosen males becomes unruly. We have also secured for the evening a doctor’s examination table with stirrups so no part of their bodies will go untouched. All three will be like overgrown cue balls when we are done with them. The auction barn has bleachers which will remain darkened so the persons down in the pit won’t be able to see anyone. That being said, we want them to know there are people watching them being waxed so we are going to be encouraging cheering.” I said with a huge smile on my face.

Smiling at everyone in the room I finished by saying, “After all three men have spent the evening with us they will be taken by car to a fairly busy highway and dropped off completely naked. Their clothes will be deposited at their respective businesses sometime within the next few days after their wonderful evening. It is our hope that local newspaper will be called by an anonymous source before the local police are called. We wouldn’t want the newspaper to miss such an important story about three local businessmen. Also we wouldn’t want the three to claim they were forced to do anything against their will, so a copy of their waiver will be sent anonymously to the local newspaper.”

I looked between Terri, Kim and Jenna noticed each of them was sitting in their seat with a look of shock and disbelief on their faces.

“I’m usually not a vindictive person but I am making an exception in this case.” I said with conviction in my voice.

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