The New Deal Ch. 03

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All characters engaged in sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age or older.

Caution: This is a work of complete fiction so the rules of reality don’t necessarily apply. Bondage can be a lot of fun and bring pleasure but only when done responsibly and intelligently. There is nothing sexy about the loss of circulation/feeling.


Jenny looked over at her boyfriend lying on her bed with a large textbook open as he wrote in a notebook.

“Are you busy Craig?”

Craig looked up and smiled at her, putting his pen down, “I’d be glad to take a break.”

Jenny smiled, “Good, I’d like to have a talk with you.”

After a moment Jenny burst into giggles, “Oh my God. You should see your face. Are you afraid I’m going to break up with you?”

Craig blushed and ducked his head a bit. “I feel so lucky, I never want this to end.”

Jenny’s smile grew as she came out of her desk chair to sit next to her blushing boyfriend to smother him in kisses.

“That makes two of us. Don’t worry baby. I’m in for the long haul.” She replied when they came up for air.

“Okay,” Craig nodded, “What’s up? What do you want to talk about?”

“Do you remember that day your mom caught us in your bedroom fooling around?”

Craig’s redness grew darker, “How can I ever forget. It’s seared in my brain.”

Jenny laughed.

“We were going along beautifully. I loved the kissing. And then you feeling me that day? I can’t begin to describe the tingles I got while you were unbuttoning my shirt. Then your mom comes in and boom! You’ve totally stopped, even to today. Kissing is all I get.”

Craig’s redness grew along his neck.

“Craig. We’ve been in college for well over a year now. Not once have you put up a door code. I know I’m just as much to blame but you started it all. I’ve been waiting for you to keep going, to take the lead, control. Nothing. What gives?”

Craig reached out to hold Jenny, “My parents are nothing even remotely like your parents.”

Jenny looked deeply into Craig’s eyes, “So? I love your parents, especially your mom. But you and I are not our parents. What does that have to do with anything.”

“My parents are incredibly wild. Her flashing? Nothing new by any means.”

“And my parents are stuffy, religious boring. So, that’s not who I am. Besides I get why your mother lifted her top. She was making me feel better about things and you know what? It worked. One thing I’ve always been curious about – you weren’t that shocked about seeing your mom’s breasts. I would have died. You’ve seen them before? How wild is she? Did you do things with her?”

Jenny stopped as she saw how uncomfortable Craig was becoming, the red thoroughly infused on his face.

She gasped, “You’ve had sex with her haven’t you?”

Craig gulped and looked up at his shocked girlfriend.

Jenny shifted over to her desk chair, “Oh wow. Oh wow. Holy fuck.”

Craig started to move towards her but Jenny put up her hand.

“I’m sorry. Not now. I don’t know what to think. I’m so shocked and confused. Please, can you just go and leave me alone for a while. I need to get my head together to wrap around this.”

Craig silently just gathered his books into his book bag. He made a move over to her but thought better of it and quietly just walked out the door, closing it behind him.

When the door clicked shut Jenny burst into tears.

She sat there letting the tears pour out of her.

It dawned on her that she was crying more at the loss, the absence of Craig, not any kind of sense of betrayal. She truly loved him. Craig had sex with his own mother. She was sure that was before they met as they had been pretty inseparable since they started going out together. He always went with her and her parents whenever there were scheduling conflicts. He had always shown her unconditional love. Now that she thought about it, ever since that night his mother flashed them, Craig had kind of been sheltering her away from his parents.

Sure, it threw her about Craig and his parents but the click of the door created a whole different sense of emptiness very quickly. It sounded so final.

Without really thinking, Jenny jumped up and slammed the door open and ran down the dorm hallway. She didn’t see Craig anywhere. She raced to the stairwell and leaned over the guard rail, “Craig!” she called.


In a panic, she tore down the stairs and raced down the empty hallway to slam through the outer doors. She took in the sight of the quad. Finally she caught the familiar sight of Craig’s slumped back about a hundred yards down the sidewalk between their dorms.

“CRAIG!” she yelled.

Craig stopped to turn and stare at Jenny running toward him, tears flying from her face.

Stunned, he just stood as she slammed into him, wrapping her arms around him. He reached up to hug her tightly into him as she buried her face into his chest. She shook them both with her sobs.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry,” she kept repeating through her sobs.

“Sshh. Sshh. You didn’t do anything wrong,” escort kartal Craig told her.

After a moment Craig looked down at the girl in his arms.

“Jenny, you know you’re in the middle of the quad with your pajamas and bunny slippers on.”

“I don’t give a fuck,” she quickly replied.

Craig chuckled, “You’re right, you’re nothing like your parents.”

Through her tears Jenny smiled up at Craig. She let him lead her back into her dorm and back into her room but never let her arms go from around him.

Once they were back in the room with the door closed, Jenny slammed herself into Craig again.

“Oh my God, I thought I lost you forever,” Jenny sobbed.

Craig ran his hands up and down her back, “Sshhh. I was going to give you some space, but I was definitely going to fight to keep you. I’d do anything for you.”

Jenny smiled and led him so they were sitting on the bed with their arms still wrapped around each other.

“Tell me about your mother,” Jenny said. “It’s okay. I want to know.”

Craig took a deep breath and thought for a moment. He told Jenny about what his parents were like when they were young along with the Hughes and Hamiltons and the parties that they had. He explained how that all stopped when they had kids and David Hughes died. He told them about the Hughes deal and how the parents all started up again including their sons.

Jenny shook her head, “Wow. You’re right, my parents would never get that.”

After a minute she looked up at him, “Do you all still get together?”

Craig quickly shook his head, “They still do I think, but I haven’t since the day I first kissed you. I’m pretty sure there was some kind of graduation celebration orgy last year but I was with you and your parents.”

Jenny smiled and hugged him tighter.

Shortly Jenny got up and walked over to her dresser. As she pulled a bright red bandana out of her middle dresser drawer she looked back at Craig. “Claire went home for the weekend, but I don’t care. I want the whole fucking floor know what I’m doing.”

Craig watched as Jenny walked over to the door opening it. She reached down and wrapped the bandana around the outer knob and shut it again.

Craig gasped as Jenny walked toward him she threw her pajama top over her head tossing it onto her desk, her bare breasts wobbling with the sudden motion. Jenny used her body to push Craig down into the bed.

She purred as Craig instinctively reached out to cup her breasts, his thumbs rubbing over the bumpy, hard flesh of her nipples.

She looked into his eyes, “About fucking time you treated me like your girlfriend, not your mother.”

She plastered her lips against his, driving her tongue deep into his mouth, her hand reaching down to rub the hard tube growing in his pants.

Craig growled as he felt her rub him through the fabric of his pants. He reached his hands around Jenny’s smooth back and slid them down her smooth skin, tucking under the waistband of her pajama bottoms. Insistently he thrust them under her panties to grab the bare skin of her ass.

“Oh, fuck,” Jenny breathed into Craig’s mouth. She wiggled her ass into his cupped hands.

Jenny giggled, “My god, my stomach is going crazy.”

Craig laughed, “Cindy calls them her butterflies.”

“Cindy? Your sister? She’s in on this too?”

Craig shook his head, “Matt’s Cindy.”

“Matt’s wife is in on it as well?”

Craig laughed and nodded his head, “She is pretty exclusive to Matt and his mother, but yeah, she dabbles with everybody else.”

Jenny shook her head, “With Matt’s mother? What a wild bunch of people. Do you miss them?”

Craig grabbed her ass tighter, his hand pressing into the cleft made by the two halves. “Since I have you? Not in the least.”

Jenny giggled and pressed her lips back into Craig’s.

“Who knows?” jenny purred into Craig’s lips. “Maybe someday I might want to go with you and check it out. I really did like your mother.”

Craig just laughed and grabbed Jenny to flip them over so the laughing girl was on the bottom.

He sat up to pull his shirt off. As he unbuckled his pants he stopped to take in the sight of Jenny skimming her pajama bottoms down her long legs and off her body. She used a foot to kick them onto the floor.

Craig shifted to sit next to Jenny as she watched him pull off his pants and underwear.

Jenny leaned up to take in her first sight of Craig’s cock. She timidly reached out to run her finger over the stiffening flesh. She giggled as it jerked at her touch.

As her hand continued to play with his flesh, she looked up at Craig, “You know, I’m kind of glad you’ve done what you have. At least one of us knows what he’s doing. Maybe I should thank your mother the next time I see her.”

Craig laughed, “She would honestly get such a kick out of that conversation.”

Craig shifted slightly taking in the mostly nude view of his girlfriend. He ran his hand up and down her smooth, toned leg. He playfully touched at her panties then darted away several times as maltepe escort Jenny continued to grasp and pull on his now hard flesh between his legs.

Jenny looked up with a grin at her boyfriend, “Well? Teach me, sweet boyfriend of mine.”

Craig laughed, “Oh you are doing fine. Umm, you can lick it if you want, it won’t bite.”

Jenny gave a throaty chuckle, “True, but I might.”

With that she leaned over and softly bit the head of Craig’s cock which jerked, scraping across her teeth, “Oh fuck,” gasped Craig.

Jenny felt Craig’s fingers finally plunge under the leg opening of her panties. His questing fingers found the moist spot where her legs met.

Jenny moaned as his fingers pushed and slid through her folds rubbing everywhere.

Boldly she leaned over to swipe her tongue over the purpling mushroom head of Craig’s cock. She loved how it twitched. She softly lapped her tongue over the smooth flesh and little slit in the middle. She liked poking her tongue at the tiny opening. She breathed in his musky scent fascinated at the newness of it all.

Craig groaned as his fingers pushed into the widening opening between Jenny’s legs. He met a fleshy barrier and backed off. He spread his fingers a bit and rubbed hard into the flesh just inside of her, his hand creating a moving bulge in her light blue panties.

Jenny moaned hot air against his throbbing flesh as she continued to lick now letting her curled tongue glide up and down his stalk occasionally stopping to kiss the hard flesh. Her hands cupped and fondled his testicles giving him a pleasant ticklish feeling.

Craig could feel Jenny wiggling her hips in time to his fingers. He chuckled at her groan when he pulled his wet fingers out.

Jenny gasped as she felt Craig grab the sides of her panties and pulled them down and off her body. One hand reached out to spread open her lips as his wet fingers reached back in to roughly rub her flesh.

Her hips started to rock again. He loved how quickly her licks matched to the rhythm of his rubbing and the swaying of her hips. He watched as ripples shook through her legs. From her running, Jenny had very powerful, strong, shapely legs. Her legs squirmed and her ass moved back and forth as he rubbed and rubbed.

“Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Wow. Wow. Wow. Oh. Oh my freaking Lord,” suddenly her legs quivered and spasmed. Without meaning to Jenny opened her mouth to wail as the head of Craig’s cock slipped in. Her lips clamped down just past his head as she moaned then screamed as her body rocked, the sounds creating a massive vibration on Craig’s flesh in her mouth. Craig quickly grabbed his cock and pulled it out of her mouth which she kept open as she wailed and shook. Craig tried to turn his turgid flesh but streams of white opal semen spewed out hitting Jenny in the face and neck.

After a moment Jenny crashed her face down onto Craig’s thigh.

Craig reached down to stroke his hand over the smooth flesh of her shoulder blades and back.

After catching her breath, Jenny turned her messy face up to look into Craig’s eyes. She wiped a hand across her sticky face. “Heh, next time I need to remember to get two bandanas.”

Craig laughed, “Next time huh?”

Jenny giggled, “Fuck yeah.”


Sue Lynn knelt nude on the bed and relaxed her muscles. Jeff had stepped out of the room for a second leaving her handcuffed to the bed rail above the head of the bed.

Wow, she was still amazed at how much her husband had taken to the handcuffs and the control it gave him over her. He was insatiable.

Not that she was complaining by any means.

She could hear Jeff come back into the room. She could see from the corner of her eye as he stepped over on the side of the bed. He climbed on next to her.

“What was that all about?” she asked.

“Just looking for something but instead I’ll just improvise,” was Jeff’s answer.

Sue waited a moment wondered what was going on through his head. Suddenly without a warning his open hand came down spanking her ass with a loud slap. Sue gasped and yanked on the handcuffs entwined through the metal of the bed rail.

Holy shit that hurt she thought.

She turned to yell at her husband when she stopped open mouthed at the sight of him. His face was all a glow with the biggest grin, his eyes gleaming, and he had the longest cock she had ever seen. She swore it was at least an inch longer than it ever had been in their over twenty years of marriage. He was actually panting.

Wow, this turned him on. Suddenly her gut churned with excitement.

“That the best you’ve got? Wuss,” she was surprised at the words that came out of her mouth as she wiggled her ass at him.




Oh, Fuck.




Suddenly, Sue felt his hands grab her hips as his hard flesh pounded into her. When his stomach hit her hot ass she could feel it tingle.

She had to push back with her head and shoulders to keep his thrusts from slamming her head into the bed rail.

She felt pendik escort bayan Jeff grab her hair, wrapping it around his hand as he pulled her head back hard making her arch her back as he pounded into her.

Fuck, he liked it rough.

Who knew?


Fuck, she loved this A LOT.

Who knew that either?


Sue screamed and slammed her hot ass back into him matching his violent thrusts with her own, her arms stretched out to where her hands held together cuffed to the railing.

Suddenly without warning, Jeff pulled out as Sue slammed back on empty air jerking her arms rattling the bed rail.

“What the Fuck?” she screamed in frustration.

She screamed again as Jeff quickly sank his hard flesh into her ass bottoming out in one long, hard thrust, his body pressing into more hot areas of her flesh from the spanking he had given her.

“HOLY FUCK!” she screamed as she slammed her body back again. The two thrust against each other until Sue wailed her orgasm as she felt her body literally explode, a thousand tingly feelings rushing through her entire body. Then Jeff clamped down on her hips holding her tightly as his seed gushed into her back passage.

Jeff fell back as Sue collapsed down, her head just resting on the pillows as her arms hung above her.

She felt Jeff move around and then his knees were by her head as she felt her hands move as he unlocked the cuffs. Her arms dropped to her sides as her body collapsed more fully into the bed.

Her arms tingled as blood rushed back into them and her ass was a hot, sore mess.

After a bit, she gingery rolled over keeping her still stinging ass off the blankets to look at her panting husband.

“Holy, holy crap, whatever got into you?”

Jeff looked concerned, “Oh Sue, did I hurt you?”

Sue reached out to place her hand on her husband’s chest. “Hell, no. I just won’t be able to sit for at least a day, maybe three, four…”

She reached around to touch her ass, “Ouch, it’s still hot to the touch.”

Jeff sheepishly grinned, “Good thing I didn’t find a wooden spoon like I wanted.”

Sue just let her mouth drop open for a minute.

“You freaking animal.”

Jeff looked up with that sheepish grin on his face.

Sue leaped over and smothered him in a hug and deep kiss that lasted quite a while.

As they lay with Sue’s arms wrapped around her husband, he lightly stroked her bare shoulder and neck.

Jeff spoken softly, breaking the silence, “So you think the chairs at Mackenzie’s are padded enough for you?”

“I’m willing to take a chance. I can always eat standing and fuck what anyone else thinks – I worked my ass off for this. What excuse are we going to give Cindy for going?”

Jeff chuckled, “We’ll just tell her that her parents are a bunch of perverts and let her figure it out for herself.”

“Oh, so the truth, huh?”

The two laughed and kissed.

Sue was able to sit through the meal but only with a lot of wiggling the entire time, much to the embarrassment of their daughter, who had figured things out.


The next day Beth pulled into the crowded parking lot.

Chip looked at the cars, “Mom’s here. So are the Lynns and Hughes. I think everybody.”

When the two met by the front end of her car, Chip held out his hand which Beth eagerly took, smiling.

The couple pushed the door open to Dreamlands. The room was a bustle of activity as everyone was carrying boxes out the back to a loading door and Open U-Haul parked there.

Diana and Gwen walked back into the main floor and smiled at the sight of the couple holding hands.

“Beth. Chip. Ready for some hard work?”

Beth leaned over and kissed Chip before letting go of his hand so they could start lifting boxes. Diana walked over to Beth as she was leaning over. Diana rested her hand on Beth’s shoulder.

“So, Chip?”

Beth just beamed, “Looks like I’ll need that discount after all.”

Diana’s smile grew and she squealed as she hugged the beaming girl.

Gwen from over the register area just laughed.

It took the gang about three hours to clear everything out of the old space. About an hour before they were finished Cindy called a large pizza order in to Tony’s and now while everyone was driving back to Paradise she and Matt drove to Tony’s to get lunch for everybody.

Soon the entire gang was back in Paradise over in Cindy’s café.

Kim and Adam walked over to Chip and Beth.

“Can we join you? I think it is high time we got to know you better,” Kim smiled as Chip ducked his head.

Beth beamed, “I’d love that, Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton.”

“Pshaw,” Kim waved her hands, “We’re work buddies – it’s Kim and Adam. Besides, seeing you two together I think we are going to be a lot more than just work buddies.”

The two couples went over to get some pizza, salad and breadsticks then returned to their table to chat as all the other couples grouped together at the small tables in the center.

Gwen noticed Sue fidgeting a lot. “Sue, are you okay?”

Sue turned red and instinctively reached a hand down to rub her ass.

She gave the group a sheepish grin. “Jeff, really, really liked your bonus to me the other day. I mean really, really, and he has found some …ah…creative uses for them.”

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