Truth or Dare on a Wintery Night

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(Authors Note: Contains man-on-man sex. Originally posted under the pen name Gert_Boekbinder)

Nick and I had been friends since university. We’d moved into the same house at the start of the second year, and had been inseparable ever since. Ten years later we still met up frequently to talk about careers, families, sports and whatever. Nick came from money, unlike me, and was always willing to help spread the wealth. This included inviting me to his cabin in Switzerland every February for a spot of skiing.

Last year I, Alex, and my fiancee Sara joined Nick and his German girlfriend Adele in his cabin. Far away from any town or village, to go there is to be completely isolated from the modern world. The perfect break from life back in London.             

It was on the third day of our trip that the weather turned bad. We spent all day cooped up watching the snow come down. The rough road back down the mountain was quickly obliterated, and we found ourselves snowed in. We spent the day in the lounge, around the huge fireplace. We played board games, told stories of our wild university days and just generally killed time.

Nick and Adele made sense as a couple. Both tall with blonde hair and chiselled good looks. Nick had always been successful with girls at university with his sharp features and immaculate stubble. Adele was equally attractive, with a sporting physique and perky tits. At one point Sara noticed me sneakily peeking down her top. She elbowed me in the ribs and stuck her tongue out at me.

“Try and be a bit subtle,” she whispered.

“I’ll try,” I responded. Truthfully I wasn’t really into blondes. Sara was much more my type, a brunette with a pixie haircut and a cheeky sense of humour. But an attractive woman is an attractive woman, and there’s no harm in window shopping.

Slowly the day transitioned to evening. Nick cooked dinner and between us we sank many glasses of impeccable French wine. As with any conversation involving a tipsy Sara, the conversation turned to sex.

“So,” Sara announced to the table. “Which of you two got more pussy?” she pointed in mine and Nick’s direction.

“Oh, Nick. Absolutely him. He had the looks and he had the money,” I replied. Nick finished his wine and held up a hand of dispute.

“That’s not true. Alex had plenty of girls. He was a handsome boy. Still is.”

As he finished speaking I saw a look pass between him and Adele. Occasionally when Nick had been drinking he got affectionate. That’s just the kind of drunk he was.

“How about you Adele? Get much cock at university?” Sara was notoriously horny when she had a drink, and her inhibitions got even lower.

“Oh yeah. And not just cock,” Adele responded. “I’m bi.”

Again a look quickly flashed between her and Nick. Sara’s eyes had lit up at Adele’s disclosure:

“Oh fantastic. Tell us all the gory details.”

Sara was entranced as Adele reeled off her student sexual escapades, while I wondered how much of that lesbian porn we watched together was for my benefit or hers.

The evening rolled on and we eventually moved from the dining table back to the lounge. We sat cross legged on the floor around the coffee table. I sat facing Nick, while Sara to my right faced Adele. Sara and Adele were in full flow sharing their sexual experiences and quizzing Nick and I about our past conquests.

As the clock struck ten, Adele stood up with a wobble and announced that we would be playing truth or dare. Sara cheered in approval. Adele grabbed her by the hand and dragged her into the kitchen. I looked across at Nick who gave me a resigned shrug.

After what seemed an oddly long time Adele and Sara returned to the room with a bowl, paper, pens and one of our empties. Sara was grinning from ear to ear. I knew that look well and realised that this evening was about to become a lot more intimate.

“Everyone write down two dares and put them in the bowl,” she instructed.

“When you say dares, what sort of thing are we talking about?” I asked.

“Fun ones,” whispered Sara before sticking her tongue in my ear. “I know something you don’t know,” she continued in a sing-song voice.

Sara resumed her place around the table and started scribbling her dares onto her paper. Nick and Alex were engaged in a whispered discussion that seemed too intense for such a childish game. I looked at my paper and tried to think of dares that were risqué, but not too sordid. We still had another three days here; the last thing I wanted to do was cause an atmosphere.

After a few moments of deliberation, my scribbled down my two dares: ‘Kiss the person of your choice’ and ‘Fondle the person of your choice’. They seemed innocent enough, while allowing the people involved to get as frisky as they liked.

Eventually eight dares had been placed in the bowl. With great ceremony Adele placed the empty wine bottle on the coffee table and spun it. It revolved around the room three times, and settled on Sara.

“Truth or dare?” announced Adele.

“Let’s etimesgut bayan escortlar start gently. Truth,” responded Sara

We all groaned theatrically at Sara’s choice. Sara crossed her arms and tilted her chin up in mock defiance.

“Okay let’s make this good,” said Adele. “What is your biggest fantasy?”

Sara paused in thought for a moment. I already knew what the answer was. I just wasn’t sure how truthful Sara would be.

“So, my biggest fantasy is, and don’t judge me for this, is I want to be drenched in cum.” As Sara spoke Nick choked on his wine and Adele broke into a Cheshire cat grin. Sara continued:

“I want to be tied up, or chained to the floor naked and have loads of men just shower me in their cum. I want to feel it dripping off of me.” She took a big glug of her wine, and shrugged. “You asked the question, you got the answer.”

“Oh I love it!” said Adele.”Such a good start. The bottle Sara, lets keep going.”

Sara grabbed the bottle and sent it spinning. It landed on Adele.

“Looks like I’m going to be the brave one. Dare!” Adele rummaged around in the bowl before selecting a task and reading it out to the rest of us.

“Kiss the person of your choice.” It was one of mine. Adele looked at each of us in turn.

“Well I kiss Nick all the time, so not him. Alex is cute, but I can kiss a boy whenever i want.” She stared straight ahead at Sara. She lifted herself on to all fours and crawled around the table to my fiance. Sara giggled as Adele crept closer.

When Adele reached her, she took Sara’s face gently in both hands and passionately kissed her. Adele’s tongue pushed forward and explored Sara’s mouth. Sara sighed gently and returned the favour, wrestling Adele’s tongue with her own. Sara reached up and buried her fingers in Adele’s blonde hair. I looked up and caught Nick’s eye. He was staring straight at me; an expression on his face that I couldn’t quite decipher.

Eventually the girls broke their kiss. Adele returned to her seat. Sara was flushed and breathing deeply. ‘Okay?’ I mouthed at her. She nodded and smiled in response.

“She’s a good kisser,” Sara announced to the group.

Adele winked in response and spun the bottle again. The bottle ended up pointing at me. I knew it would sooner or later, but had hoped the dares in the bowl would have thinned out by the time it did.


“Boring,” said Sara. “He’ll take a dare.”

With that she picked up the bowl and proffered it towards me. I considered arguing, but decided to resign myself to my fate. I placed my hand in the bowl and selected a dare. I carefully unfolded the slip. I recognised the handwriting immediately as that of my darling betrothed.

‘Take your clothes off’ it read. I announced the task to the others who all whooped with joy. I looked pleadingly at Sara to see if she could save me from disrobing.

“Come on. Pants off. Chop chop,” was her reply.

There was nothing for it. I stood up and pulled my jumper off, then the t-shirt I had beneath it. Sara wolf whistled at my bare torso. I took a moment to steel myself before unzipping and removing my jeans. I was down to just my black boxer shorts. I threw one last pleading look at Sara. The smile plastered across her face told me that it was in vain. With a deep breath I tugged my boxers down and exposed myself to the others. Adele and Sara both cheered at the sight of my circumcised dick. Nick looked sheepishly away. I was glad that the room had a blazing fire. This was not a time for shrinkage.

I flicked the boxers from my foot in the direction of Sara who squealed and caught them. I then sat back down cross legged.

“Happy now?” I said to no one in particular.

“Very,” said Adele. She turned to Nick. “How about you?”

Nick didn’t respond; he just shrugged and took a sip from his glass of wine.

I leaned forward and spun the bottle. It landed back on Adele, who pulled a face of mock outrage, before leaning forward into the bowl of dares. She selected a slip and read it to the group.

“Fondle the person of your choice. What do you mean ‘fondle’?” The last part was directed at her boyfriend.

“It means, you know, interfere with. Grab and squeeze, that sort of thing,” Nick replied.

“Oh well, in that case.”

Adele was already on her knees crawling toward Sara again. As soon as she reached her, her hands shot up under the t-shirt she was wearing and grabbed a handful of her tits. Sara giggled in appreciation and grabbed a handful of Adele’s hair. Sara’s balance was disrupted and the two toppled backwards, with Adele pinning Sara to the carpet.

Adele’s hands had hitched Sara’s top up, flashing her bra. Adele pawed at Sara’s D-cup tits with one hand, while the other dove down past the waistband of her jeans. Sara’s eyes went wide as Adele rubbed her slit through the soft cotton of her underwear.              

Sara disrupted the hand pawing at her chest and pulled the t-shirt over her etimesgut seksi escortlar head. With that she hooked her hand round the back of Adele’s neck and pulled her into a passionate kiss.

The sight of Sara being ravished in front of me by another woman was too much. I felt my cock begin to swell, and suddenly felt incredibly vulnerable in my naked state. I looked over at Nick. He was understandably staring at our two female partners wrestling on the floor. His left hand had drifted to his crotch and was slowly rubbing his prick through his jeans.

An anguished groan from Sara brought me back to the women before us. Adele’s hand was still in Sara’s jeans. She had obviously bypassed her knickers and was now fingering her. I recognised Sara’s ragged panting and knew she was close to coming. She’d stopped kissing Adele and was now staring straight into her eyes.

“Keep going,” she whispered to her. Adele nodded back, and began kissing Sara’s neck. At the touch of Adele’s lips on her neck Sara’s eyelids began to flutter. She let out a long cry as she came over the German’s fingers.

The sight of Sara being finger fucked by another woman hand made me harder than I had ever been previously. I knew without looking that I was leaking pre-cum. The feeling of being exposed had left my head entirely.             

Adele kissed Sara gently on the lips and then pushed herself off of her. She grabbed Sara by the elbow and slowly pulled her back to a seated position, before returning to her spot on the other side of the table.

“That was fucking incredible,” Sara announced. She turned and looked at me.

“I see you enjoyed it as well,” she said, her eyes drifting down to my engorged dick.

“I don’t think I’ve seen anything hotter,” I said, before turning to Adele.

“I think that might have been a bit more than fondling though,” I said with a smile. Adele shrugged.

“I used the German definition. It’s better than the English one,” she replied.

Sara ran her fingers through her short hair, before standing up and taking off her trousers.

“I don’t know about you two, but I’m going to join in with Alex.” Adele and Nick nodded their agreement, and before long all three of them were as naked as I was. I took a moment to look at all three of them.

Adele’s figure was incredible; she should have been a model. She had long legs, a toned stomach and full perky tits. The only thing she lacked was a decent arse. Sara on the other hand was nowhere near as toned, but had a nice full backside. My favourite position when fucking her was doggy, just so i could really grab hold of her curves.

I had never seen Nick naked before. Like his girlfriend he clearly worked out, with nice toned abs and powerful arms. I couldn’t help but look at his dick. Like mine he was stiff from watching our partners going at it. It was a little longer than mine, maybe seven inches or so, but not as thick. Like me, he was circumcised and the head was already damp from the erotic display we had just seen.

I realised Nick was watching me analyse his cock, and I looked away in embarrassment.

Once all clothes had been discarded, the other three resumed their positions around the table. Adele reached forward and spun the bottle. Before it could finish spinning she clamped her hand down, leaving it pointing at her boyfriend.

“I think it’s Nick’s turn. Truth or dare?” she said. The pair of them locked eyes for a moment. A weird energy passing between them. I turned to look at Sara, who studiously avoided making eye contact with me.

“Truth,” said Nick.

“What’s your biggest sexual secret?” Adele asked without a moment’s pause. This was clearly planned, and Sara was in on it.

Nick leaned forward, and took a sip of his wine. He cleared his throat and then began to speak, his eyes never wavering from the bottle on the table.

“My biggest sexual secret is that I’m attracted to men as well as women. And Alex in particular.”

I was flabbergasted. My jaw hung open and I searched for the right thing to say. I looked to Adele, who had reached over and was squeezing Nick’s hand. Nick finally looked up from the wine bottle at me.

“Huh. Well….I mean I’m very flattered. Umm…. thanks?” I trailed off. I didn’t know what to say really. The thought that Nick had ever had any sexual feelings had never occurred to me before.

“I will be honest. When ever we fuck…” Nick pointed to himself and Adele. “You usually pop up in our dirty talk. The thought of me and you really turns me on”

“It really does,” agreed Adele. “There’s nothing hotter than two dudes playing with each other.”

“I’ve never seen it. I’d like to though. I think Alex would too,” said Sara, she nodded towards my crotch. All this talk about people fantasising about me had clearly had an effect. My dick had started to get hard again. Sara reached over and squeezed it gently. An arc of pleasure shot through me. I felt very confused.

Before I could bayan sincan escort say anything. Nick grabbed the bottle laying on it’s side on the coffee table and gave it a spin. It landed on Sara. She was already reaching for the bowl of dares. She grabbed the first one that came to hand and read it out loud.

“Make out with the person to your left for one minute.”

Sara threw the dare over her shoulder and told me to stand up. I did as I was told. My erection jutted out embarrassingly straight at Nick. He looked straight at it, and I noticed him lightly bite his bottom lip. My dick twitched with excitement.

Sara placed one hand on my shoulder, and the other one gripped my shaft. She turned her head and told one of the others to get set a timer. As Adele fiddled with her iPhone, Sara lent in close and whispered in my ear.

“What Nick said turned you on didn’t it.” Her hand slowly started to pump my dick.

“Yes,” I mumbled. Over her shoulder I could see Nick starting to jerk his dick at the same pace as Sara tugged mine.

“Good,” whispered Sara. “Me too.”

“Go!” shouted Adele, and with that Sara kissed me; her tongue pushing into my mouth and wrestled my own. Her hand kept up its gentle rhythm as it stroked me. Just fast and hard enough to keep me turned on. My eyes closed and my mind raced at what was happening there that evening.

Visions of Adele’s hand down Sara’s pants, her fingers pushing themselves into her cunt filled my mind’s eye. So did the hungry look Nick had given my dick when I stood up. Fuck, I was turned on! I would have given anything for Sara to pick up the pace and really start to wank me off. The slow steady movement of her hand was driving me wild. I heard a sharp intake of breath. I recognised it as Nick’s and realised he must still be jerking himself off at the sight of me and Sara.

Adele’s iPhone chimed. Time was up. Sara let go of my cock and moved her lips from mine. The frustration must have been clear on my face, as she stuck her tongue out before moving back to her place on the floor. I looked down at both Nick and Adele. As I guessed Nick had his hand wrapped around his dick and was slowly jerking.

“That was hot,” he said. Any coyness he felt about his attraction to me had disappeared. To his right Adele was rubbing her clit.

“It really was,” she agreed.

Not knowing what to say, I sat back down. Sara sat back down and spun the bottle. It revolved for a moment and settled on Nick. Without saying a word Nick lent forward and grabbed a dare from the bowl.

He read it, glanced at Sara and then looked me straight in the eye.

“Pleasure the person opposite you for one minute,” he said.

Both of the girls let out a whoop of joy. I was 99% certain that Sara had written that dare. Clearly when the girls had gone to collect the bowl and paper, Adele had told Sara about Nick’s attraction to me. Together they had decided to do something about it.

“We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. I can pick another dare.”

I considered it for a moment. I’d never even entertained the thought of being with another man. But the girls had already set the tone of the evening. If they were game, then it was only fair that I was as well.

“No,” I said. “Let’s go.” That elicited another cry of joy from Adele and Sara.

Nick stood up and came to my side of the coffee table. His cock was level with my face and rock hard. I had never seen another man’s penis up close. The head was darker than my own and the shaft slimmer. His pubes were neatly trimmed, making the whole thing seem much bigger.

Nick held his hand out for me. I took it and stood up. We stood only inches apart. I had never been more aware of his body. I noticed he has a slight sheen of sweat on his skin. For a second I wondered what it would taste like. In my peripheral vision I could see both girls going to work on their pussys. Sara said something but I couldn’t quite catch it. My attention was dominated by the man in front of me.

“Start the timer,” Nick said. He then sank to his knees, his face inches from the head of my dick. He opened his mouth, leant forward and took the head of my dick into his mouth. I felt fireworks going off in my chest. I heard Sara start to cum again, but didn’t bother to look. I couldn’t take my eyes from Nick. His head slowly started to bob forward, the tip of my cock pushing in and out of his wet mouth.

The feeling of my dick in his mouth, and the sensation of a line being crossed combined to make it the most incredible blowjob of my life. Whether Nick has sucked other men before, or whether he was just naturally gifted I couldn’t tell. He slowly started to take more of me into his mouth. He reached up and grabbed the shaft of my dick with his hand, the other reached round and grabbed a handful of my arse cheek. I groaned with pleasure. I tore my eyes from Nick and looked over at Adele. She was lying prone on her back with one hand rapidly frigging her clit. The other hand had three fingers buried deep inside her cunt. She noticed me looking at her.

“Really fuck his mouth,” she said.

Nick’s work on my cock was getting too much. I could feel a familiar tightening in my balls.

“Oh god,” I moaned involuntarily. I was going to cum inside another man’s mouth and I was going to enjoy it.

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