Walt and Rhonda Ch. 10

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a fictional fantasy tale of consensual adults engaging in unprotected and extramarital sex. This story can stand alone, but if you are interested in the history, I recommend chapters 1, 2, 5 and 6 I’ll be taking a break from posting for a little while to re-charge my batteries. Thanks to everyone who has read my stories, and voted and favorite, and taken the time to contact me. I really appreciate it.

“She’s pretty proud of her husband’s abilities, it sounds like,” Danielle said under her breath, loud enough for only him to hear. Veronica was the birthday girl, and Walt had been corralled into attending the office lunch. Normally he managed to be out of the office for these, but his secretary had taken a particular delight in making him go to this one. Veronica had turned “Dirty Thirty”, and she was pretty outspoken. From the far end of the table he could hear her crowing about how great her husband of two years was in bed, to the shrieks and squeals of the younger girls around her.

“Mind you, he’s not bad,” Danielle added, leaning into his ear, “but if she’s that impressed then her standards are a little low.” Stunned, Walt forced his mouthful of Caesar Chicken Wrap down and turned to face the young lady next to him. He wasn’t quite sure he’d heard what he thought he heard.

He knew Danielle from around the office; she was one of the intermingled friends of the assistants and administrative clerks that attended these lunches. He was familiar enough to say hello, chat about office politics and the like, but that was about it.

“Excuse me?” he asked, catching her eye and matching her low tone.

She smiled slyly. “I think you heard me.”

“Well, yes, I think I did.” He grinned back at her. “You seem pretty certain of your opinion.” They were at the far end of the long table, away from the cacophony of the birthday girl’s too-loud chatter as she held court. “You know this for sure?”

She smiled again, not so shyly this time. She had a fantastic smile, and showed it easily. She was always friendly and chipper in the office, very attractive, her blonde ringlets bouncing pleasantly as she walked through the aisles, pleasant to everyone. “I know for sure,” she replied, one eyebrow raised. She leaned in to Walt’s ear. “I did him.”

Walt looked down at his lunch, astounded by her frank admission, and made an instant decision to play along. “So,” he asked her, “you dated her husband?”

“I didn’t say that. I said did. A couple of years ago, before they were married.”

He mocked a horrified face, mimicking the squealing girls at the end of the table with a hand over his open mouth. “Stop it,” she said, laughing, and playfully slapping his shoulder.

“Sorry,” he laughed, “I thought it was the appropriate response for this crowd.”

“Yeah, for them,” she motioned subtly with her fork at the gaggle, rolled her eyes, then looked into his and putting her hand down and leaning into him. “Please. They all act like they are so wild and crazy women, like they’re the hottest things. They read Cosmo too much.”

“But not you,” he guessed, wondering where this conversation might lead.

She smiled at him; a knowing, confident look, but said nothing.

“You’re not like them?”

“Do you see me down there getting all flustered at Veronica’s stories of what her man does to her? No,” she smirked, “I don’t think so.” She thoughtfully chewed a mouthful of her chef salad. “They have no idea,” she said in a low voice.

“I bet I do,” he replied, just as low, thinking of his recent changes in his marriage, and how he and Rhonda had expanded their sexual horizons.

“Yeah, you wish,” she scoffed.

“Tell you what,” he said, taking a sip of water and pushing away his plate, only half-finished. “Since you talk so big, why don’t we play a little game of Secrets?”

She grinned. “And what is that?”

“It’s like Doctor, but instead of ‘I’ll show you mine if you show me yours’, it’s telling. You tell me your secrets, and I’ll tell you mine.”

She dismissed him with a wave of her hand. “Please, Walt,” she said, and turned to him, “I don’t think so. Besides,” she added, eyebrows arched, “In Doctor, you know what you’re going to see; it’s even. How do I know your secrets are as good as mine? You’re a nice guy. What secrets could you have?”

Oh, if only you knew, he thought. “Tell you what, then,” he said, quietly. “Since you already shared one, I’ll go first. You game?”

“All right, Mr. Secret, I’ll play, but if your secret is lame, you get nothing from me, Deal?”

Now it was his turn to smile knowingly. This was turning out to be a good lunch after all. “Deal,” he said, “But whispers only.” He motioned with his eyes. “Too many ears.”

“Okay,” she said, turning the side of her head to him, “go ahead.”

Walt leaned in, taking in the scent of her perfume, and feeling the proximity to her skin, her slender neck exposed when she pulled her hair back behind her bakırköy üniversiteli escort ear. “My wife and I,” he whispered, “have both had sex outside of our marriage.”

Her head spun around as she faced him, her expression one of comical mock horror. “Get out!” she exclaimed under her breath, her expression changing to an open-mouthed smile. She gave a dramatic gasp.

“Calm down, someone will hear you,” Walt smirked, glancing around the table. “These are secrets, remember?” But inwardly, he was amused at his ability to shock her.

“I’m surprised, that’s all,” she intoned. She shook her head, but her face didn’t show judgment as much as amusement. “I can’t believe you’re cheating on each other. You seem like such a nice man.” Her eyes narrowed. “I’m not sure I believe you.”

“First, it’s not cheating. It was, in the beginning, but now we tell each other.”

“Now I’m really not sure if I believe you!”

“And second, why would I lie? Sue, I’d lie about having sex with other women, but why would I say my wife has other partners if it wasn’t true?”

She considered, then replied, “True, if you were lying to make yourself Mr. Stud Man, you wouldn’t say that.” She pondered, then added. “So really?”

“Yes, really. So,” He leaned in, enjoying the closeness and her scent as much as the conversation.”Was my secret good enough?”

“That depends,” she teased. “Give me some details, and if I’m impressed at your secret, I’ll tell you one.”

Walt acted put-upon, but only for a second. “Okay,” he said. He pulled her closer, his lips almost touching her ear. “A few weeks ago,” he whispered, “my wife told me to get home, that she was bringing a guy home, and she wanted me to watch her with him.”

Danielle turned to him, eyes wide. “O-oo, hot!” she whispered. “Did you watch?”

“I got there late,” he began, then leaned into her ear again. “But I watched her suck his dick!”

He waited for her to be shocked and was disappointed. He moved back in. “Afterwards she told me what I missed and re-enacted it for me!”

She nodded approvingly. “Pretty good, I must say,” she smirked. “Okay,” she added, and pulled his shoulder and spoke into his ear. He felt her breath, aware of her hand not releasing his arm as she spoke, and felt a chill run through him. “The birthday girl? She’s better in bed than her husband.” She released him and sat back, waiting for a response with a knowing grin as Walt’s brain processed her words and the sensations of her touch, her breath. Then he realized, and his mouth opened, and he turned to face her.

“You mean…” he started. “You didn’t!” She nodded, smiling broadly, her straight white teeth advertising her pride. “You and her?”

“Yep,” she answered softly, “around the same time as her man.” She nodded. “And let me tell you, she was a LOT better!” she whispered.

“Wow. That’s hot.”

“I like this game, Walt,” she quipped, and turned her ear to him, pulling him by his shirt so his face was in her neck. “Your turn.” He thought while he enjoyed the proximity of her flesh. “Okay. A couple of weeks before that, I picked up a woman at a party, and we went back to her place, and when I got home, my wife, Rhonda, made me tell her about it, and made me do to her what I did with the woman,” he said, and she started to move and he took her arm, pulled her back. “And she told me she wants to watch me next time.”


It was the following Saturday, and Walt was sitting on the closed lid of the toilet, talking to Rhonda as she showered her work day away.

“I can’t believe how exciting this is,” she called through the curtain. He heard the soap drop, and she mumbled a curse. “God, I’m so nervous.”

“Relax, honey,” he called to her over the splashing water. “You’ve got plenty of time, she said she won’t be here till after nine.”

“Jeez, I’ve got the jitters, like a schoolgirl on a first date!”

As excited as he was, he tried to downplay it. “Really, honey, relax. You’ll like her, she’s nice.”

“Yeah, nice and hot, I’ll bet.

“She’s hot, yes, but she’s got a great personality.”

Rhonda head poked through the side of the curtain, her wet hair hanging in tendrils that dripped water down her face. There was shampoo in her hair. “Personality,” she said. “Who are you kidding? Is that why she’s coming here? So we can see her personality?” She grinned, and he couldn’t help but laugh. He looked at his shoes with an ‘aw-shucks’ wag of my head.

“Well, I guess she’s pretty, and young, and sexy,” he drawled.

“Careful,” she warned, and her face disappeared back behind the curtain.

“Not as sexy as you,” he called through the sound of the water. “Of course.”

“Of course,” she called back. “Good answer.”

“But it WAS her personality that said she wanted to fuck me while you watched.” He heard a little moan from inside the shower. “Hey! None of that.” He stood and stepped to the curtain, bakırköy bdsm escort pulling it slightly to the side and peeking in. Rhonda stood under the spray, both hands in a soapy foam between clenched thighs. “Save it for later, you minx,” he said impishly, “you can have your fun while you watch.”

She pulled her hands away and Walt watched the suds rinse away, exposing her shaved pussy. He bit his lip, then raised his eyes to meet hers. She had that needy, hungry glaze, and he held her eyes.

“It’s gonna be hot,” he said quietly.

“Oh, God, I can’t wait.”

Several hours later they were coiffed and dressed casually, and they lounged on the living room sofa, Rhonda draped across Walt’s lap. They were both antsy and horny and anxious, but they tried to maintain a conversation about other things, each trying to keep the other’s mind off the pending event. Finally the doorbell rang, and Rhonda looked up into his eyes, and pulled his head down into a kiss; a familiar, deliberate and loving ballet of lips and tongues, and each of them felt the anxiety slip and diminish, leaving only the anticipation and excitement they had postponed.

She released his head, and his face rose from hers, staring hungrily at her. “Fuck her good, Walt,” she whispered urgently. “Fuck her for me.” He felt her hips pulse as she clenched her thighs. “God, I’m wet already,” she confessed

“I will,” he assured her. “I love you.” Then he smiled a little. “Maybe I should answer the door.”

She slipped off the couch and went with him to the door, following a step behind. Walt sensed her tentativeness, and wrapped an arm around her, holding her close to his side before opening the door. As is swung wide, he saw Danielle waiting on the porch, smiling. That smile, those beautiful, straight white teeth, the broad expanse of lips as it lit her face, surrounded by her loose blonde ringlets that hung past her shoulders. She wore a light dress in a flowered print that came to mid-thigh and buttoned up the front; the top was unbuttoned, revealing a braless expanse of flesh at her chest. He felt the longing that had begun with the game of Secrets, and his cock stirred inside his khakis.

“Hi, Walt!” she chirped as he let her in, and she leaned in to kiss him on the cheek, then turned to his wife. “You must be Rhonda,” she said excitedly. She kissed her cheek too, her hand on Rhonda’s shoulder, then held her at arm’s length, looking her over. “I see he didn’t exaggerate; you ARE a sexy lady!” Walt watched his wife flush with embarrassment at the compliment, and smiled, proud of his sexy, beautiful lady.

He escorted the two women to the living room, and poured wine, a nice red that had been breathing as they awaited Danielle’s arrival. They toasted, and sipped, then sat, Danielle placing herself on the chair facing the married couple on the couch. An uneasy silence developed, and Walt broke it.

“Danielle, thanks for coming over…” he began, and Danielle giggled a little.

“Walt, so formal! You didn’t sound so formal at the lunch!” She smiled at them. “Seriously, guys, thanks for inviting me. I’ve been dreaming about this for a week!” She sipped her wine, then looked at them, and put her glass down. “You’re not having second thoughts, are you?”

“No, no, not at all…” Walt began, but Rhonda interrupted him.

“You’re so pretty,” she blurted, and now it was Danielle’s turn to blush. “We, uh, well, we are just a little nervous, you know, about getting started.” She paused. “We never…”

Danielle’s face took a puzzled expression. “But Walt said you guys do this…”

“Oh, no,” Rhonda interrupted, “that’s true, we have sex with other people.” She paused, as Walt nodded his agreement. “And we’ve seen each other, you know, by accident, at first,” she explained, her hand fidgeting nervously on Walt’s thigh as she sat forward. “And once, when Walt watched me.”

“He mentioned that,” the younger woman replied, her eyes slyly scanning Walt. “Sounded hot as fuck!” she kidded.

Rhonda laughed, too, though still sounding nervous. “Yes, it was quite the adventure. But this is, well, a little different. You know, seeing him, being right there.” She paused, lowering her head and shaking it.

“You’re scared a little?” Danielle asked, and Rhonda’s head shot up to look her in the eye.

“Fuck, no, I’m so excited I can barely stand it!” she confessed. “Christ, I’m so wet I can smell myself! I’ve wanted to see him, watch him, ever since that night, and being this close to it happening, well,” she paused, “it’s a little intimidating.”

“I know just how you feel. Walt,” she said, turning to him, “could you excuse us? I think we need a little girl talk. Can you, maybe, go check the bedroom, or something for a little while?”

“Everything’s ready,” he responded too quickly, then added, “Duh,” as he realized what was happening. He stood, kissed Rhonda, and walked to Danielle, and gave her a light kiss, bakırköy elit escort on the lips this time. “I’ll be upstairs when you ladies are ready.”

“Thanks, honey,” Rhonda called to him. “I don’t think we’ll be long.”

Walt made his way up the stairs, knowing that he would never be allowed to share in the conversation that was taking place. Girl talk, whether innocent, or about sharing a husband, was off limits to men, a code of the secret society that women enjoyed based solely on the opening between their legs. He entered the bedroom, and surveyed the preparations.

The bed was pulled down, and candles were placed around the room. He dimmed the lights a little and began lighting them, the scents of unknown flowers filling the room. Finished, he stepped back and checked the room. Returning to the lights, he turned them up a little, making sure that it was not too harsh, but not too dark. He walked and slightly adjusted the positions of the three chairs surrounding the bed. They had placed them there together, so that Rhonda could have a good view from any vantage point. Unlike the day he had watched Rhonda, hidden in the back yard and peering through the patio door, Rhonda wanted to be right here, seeing it up close; having the woman he fucked knowing she was there, enjoying it, getting off on it, was part of her excitement.

Satisfied, he sat on the edge of the bed and waited.

He had just begun regretting leaving his wine downstairs when he heard footsteps and voices approaching from the lower floor. He stood, checked the room one more time, looked at himself in the mirror to be sure nothing was amiss, and turned to greet them. He heard bright laughter from Danielle at a low-toned comment from Rhonda, and then they were at the door. Rhonda held two glasses and Danielle followed her in, her hand at the small of his wife’s back.

“Everything okay?” he asked.

“Better than okay,” she said, smiling. “Here.” She handed him his refilled glass of wine, and leaned her face up to him for a long, slow, loving kiss. Walt snaked his free hand around her, pulling her close, feeling her lips wet, and a little puffy, her tongue eager and determined. Her free hand snaked between them, fondling his crotch, rubbing his cock, and initiating its growth. She moaned into his mouth, and pulled her face back, holding his gaze. “Are you ready for this?” she said, squeezing his growing lump.

“M-mm, yeah.”

“I want you to give her this cock, baby, I want to see you slide into her, and fuck her good and hard,” she whispered. She stepped back, removing her hand, and reached for Danielle, pulling her to her husband. The young girl had put her drink down, and turned for a second to Rhonda, and kissed her once, lightly, on the lips, before slipping her hands to Walt’s sides, and pulling him close. Her face angled up and Walt met her, feeling her lips on his for the first time, recalling her perfume, her scent, and feeling the heat of her face on his. They kissed slowly, lips slightly parted, then open more, tongues meeting, swirling and dancing. His free hand moved behind her, trailing slowly down her back, reaching the swell of her ass, and holding one cheek full in his hand, pulled her hips into his, pressing himself into her.

She gave a little grunt in return, and Walt opened his eyes, and in the corner of his vision saw his wife, just inches from them, watching them kiss, her eyes glazed and burning. Danielle moved her head to Walt’s opposite shoulder, and Rhonda stepped closer, kissing him again, her hands rubbing his chest and back. Walt felt a second hand at his crotch, his wife joining the other woman in stroking his hard package inside his pants. He groaned into her mouth. Rhonda’s hands left his body and moved to his face, holding his chin. She mouthed ‘I love you’ and moved back to sit in the closest chair. He could see her nipples pushing out of her tee shirt.

Danielle had slipped behind him and, reaching around the front, began unbuttoning his shirt, slipping her hands inside to stroke his chest as Walt faced his wife. She slipped the shirt down off his arms, and her hands moved to his belt, opening it, and unfastening his pants. Walt stretched his hands behind him stroking her hips through the light fabric, feeling nothing underneath them. Danielle pulled the zipper down and pushed the waistband off his hips, and his pants pooled at his ankles. She kissed the back of his shoulders as her fingers slipped into the sides of his boxer briefs.

Walt looked at his wife. She had pulled her leg up in the chair, and one hand played lazily at the crotch of her shorts. The tip of her tongue was visible at her lips as Danielle began slipping the underwear down, stretching the elastic in the front to free his erection, then trailed her cheek down his back as she lowered herself, taking his underwear down his legs, leaving him naked, facing his wife, hard and ready. Walt felt her warm lips at his butt cheek as her hands came back up his legs, slowly up the outside of his thighs. A wet tongue slipped into the top of his ass crack, sliding down, and he wriggled at the sensation as it approached his anus. She pulled away, and her hands moved to the front, grasping his cock at the base with both hands, and then slowly sliding one up the shaft, smearing the pre-cum that oozed from the tip with one thumb.

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