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David kept telling me that I was a wannabe. A wannabe? Was that true? Were the desires and stirrings I felt when I saw the explicit pictures just that, or did I really want to take it further? Part of me said he was wrong, but a small voice said he was right. Going to NY might be delicious, but would it really tell me anything? He was an attractive, sexy man so naturally it was intriguing. But what about the darker side? How would I ever know?

I started to look at personal ads on the net. Somewhere one would click and maybe I could find out. Night after night I read them and then one night, in front of me on the screen, was the chance. “Open-minded woman wanted. Push the envelope.” I smiled. It must be him. That was his expression, but the city on the ad was Nawlins. Nawlins. My own back yard. It couldn’t hurt to answer. Buffy was a safe anonymous email. What would I write?

“Here she is.” That’s all I wrote. Let’s see what comes back, I thought. “Meet me at McDougall’s in the French Quarter. Wear a black dress, sheer stockings and black heels. No panties. Carry a copy of A Clockwork Orange in your hand. I’ll know you.” Ok, I thought. This is how people get murdered and closed the box.

That night I was restless, tossing and turning. Just once in my life I wanted to be wild. I wanted to take the plunge and see what it was like to freefall. I printed out the email. I sealed it in an envelope with instructions just in case. If something happened, then there would be a lead. I wrote back for a time. “Saturday, 6 p.m.” I took a deep breath and hit the send button. “OK.”

The drive to Nawlins took forever. Not longer than usual, but I was scared. And I was wet. I parked the car and went into the bar. I sat down and ordered a drink. I sat there for about ten minutes. He’s not coming, I thought. Maybe that was good. Maybe he was there and I didn’t please him. Just then a tall man in his late 30s touched me on the shoulder. “Interesting book.”

“Yes.” Was it him or just conversation. “You must be very open-minded Buffy.” I smiled. He was handsome, not some slimmy guy. “I try.”

“Come sit with me for a minute. We have things to discuss.”

We got up and walked over to a quiet table. “Are you willing to do whatever I ask, knowing that you are safe and that no pain would be involved.” His voice was soft and hypnotic. “I think so.”

“No, you can’t think so. You have to know so.”


“We will use a word to signal if you want to stop. Your word is “safe.” Do you understand? If anything scares you or hurts you or you do not want to proceed, just say the word and everything will stop. This is my vow to you.” I nodded my head. “Good. Did you wear panties?” I shook my head. “Good. Then let’s go.”

He stood up from the table and took my hand. We walked out onto the street. The light seemed blinding. ankara escort He led me a few blocks over to a house with a wrought iron fence. Inside was a beautiful garden that led to a courtyard and then to a house. I felt like I was in a dream. Scared and exhilarated at the same time. We entered the house and went into a large living room.

I was shocked that about 20 people were there. Couples. All different ages, mostly white but two black men, one black woman, and one oriental woman. They looked blankly at me, but were definitely sizing me up. “This is Buffy. She’s come to join us.” I weakly smiled. No one smiled back.

“Are you ready?” I nodded. “Then suck my cock.” I looked around me and hesitated. He opened his pants and my eyes widened. His cock was huge and purple. I started to eagerly lick it, a little self-conscious at first, but starting to relax. As I got into it, I noticed that the other women in the room were assuming the same position in front of their men. The room suddenly became a riot of slurping, sucking and moans. The man took my hair by a handful and forced me deeper onto his cock. I was partly gagging but helpless. “When I cum, do not swallow my cum. Keep it in your mouth until you are told what to do.” I nodded as best I could. He pulled back and started to rub his cock. “Open your mouth. Stick out your tongue.” I obeyed. I could hear men cumming all over the room and soon he was shooting onto my tongue and cheeks. I sat still with my mouth open, tongue out as ordered. “Dribble my cum into the woman next to you.” I looked at her and she was sitting calmly, cum in her mouth already, waiting for me. I moved over and awkwardly dripped it into her mouth. The cum moved around the room, woman to woman until it came back to me. All of the cum mixed together through these 10 other women. When it came to me I heard the man say, “swallow.” I gulped down as best I could.

“Very good. Now take off your clothes.” By now I was soaking wet and eager to do whatever he said. I resumed my position in front of him. “Lie down in the middle of the floor on your back.” I did. Without a word, the other women came over to me and started to caress me. Hands were everywhere. Fingers were exploring my pussy and my ass. I felt tiny bites on my nipples and my ass. Someone was kissing me hard, fucking me with her tongue. Another tongue eagerly lapped my juices. The sensations were uncontrollable. I came hard quickly, but the assault didn’t stop. Fingers were fucking me now, both in my pussy and my ass. Suddenly it stopped. The man loomed over me, his cock hard again. I looked up and realized that all the cocks were over me now.

“Get on you hands and knees.” I moved as told. I felt the head of his huge cock rub against my pussy, wet from tongues and my own orgasm. He slide it against me, teasing and then suddenly thrust into me. escort ankara I felt like he was ripping me apart. I groaned and he pushed harder and stopped, fully in me. Then he slapped my ass a couple of times. First softly, then harder, and then finally hard enough that it hurt. He started to move in and out slowly. I felt like I was on fire, but at the same time I could feel my own orgasm building. In and out, faster and faster. Then a mouth was suddenly on my clit. A woman was under me, licking me. I started to moan loudly as my orgasm built and just as I started to cum, a cock was shoved in my mouth muffling it. The sensations drove me wild. I would have screamed if I could have. The man continued to pound me from behind and finally I felt his cum flood me. He pulled out and another cock immediately replaced it. This kept up until all of the men had been in my pussy or my mouth. I collapsed onto the floor, cum soaked and exhausted.

“Clean her,” I heard the man order. Soft hands, the women’s hands, lifted me and took me into a bathroom. A warm bubble bath was waiting. They slipped me in and washed me gently, exploring my pussy, kissing my mouth every so often. When they were done, they pinned up my hair and toweled me off. “Come,” I heard a soft voice murmur. I followed. This time I was led to another room. This room had a large bed with restraints. It was darker than the first. I was put on the bed, belly down and my hands tied behind my back. A pillow was shoved under my stomach, elevating my ass. Everyone left the room, left me in that position alone.

I heard the door and someone approach. Again I felt a stinging on my ass. This time it was a small whip. I yelped out. Smack, again a little harder. I wondered if I should say my word, stop it. But my own curiousity and lust kept me from saying it. Then I felt a mouth licking and sucking my cheeks and hole. A lubed fingertip played with me. “Tight.” It was him. “Virgin asshole, isn’t it?” I shyly said yes. “Not for long.” The fingertip became a finger and then two. I was being prepped. All I could think of was the pain when his cock entered my pussy. I was really afraid. Then I felt a buzzing. A toy had been inserted and turned up high. The fingers now played with my wet pussy and expertly brought me to a climax. I heard the door again, but couldn’t see who it was from my position. The toy was removed and I felt a cockhead against my ass. Not his. Smaller. Someone else. It pushed a little and took its time to enter me. Not painful. Like the toy. Then thrusting, hard and fast. I was moaning loudly, begging for more. “Yes, yes please fuck my ass…oh god yessssss.” I was mewling in pleasure. The hot fluid filled me and eased the pain a little. Again the door. Suddenly someone was licking the cum from my ass. A woman, I thought as I shuddered in pleasure.

Then the door again and silence. ankara escort bayan Alone on the bed, tied in this position, used. It seemed like minutes and then the door once more. Suddenly I felt something very cold against my ass. Ice. Shoved into my hole. Then another piece pushed into my pussy. A cock at the bud again. A big one. His. “Relax,” he whispered in a raspy voice. He was excited too. A little bit and already I was crying out. Tears were in my eyes. Slap on my ass. The ice was numbing me and tickling me as it melted out of my pussy. More and more. I felt like my bowels were being torn open. But he continued. Finally all of him. He stopped. I adjusted.

I didn’t even hear the door, but suddenly felt a mouth under me again, licking my pussy. I started to respond and the thrusting started. The pain and pleasure mingled and soon I was close to an orgasm. So was he. His grunts and growls alerted me. Soon cum was flooding me. Again it eased the pain. The mouth again moved up to lick the cum oozing from my ass. But this time, it moved up to me and I felt my head pulled back sharply. “Open your mouth and drink my cum, whore.” I could now see the face of the other woman, the oriental girl, as she dropped the cum into my mouth. Slap. My ass stung as I gulped. “Clean her.”

I already knew the drill. The women came and took me and washed me again. They redid my hair and brought me this time to another room. Five women and five men were there. I stood naked in front of them, wondering what was next. One woman laid down on the floor. “Lie down with your head next to her cunt.” I obeyed. Another woman did the same to me and so on and so on. A chain of women. Men started to fuck us. Right next to your head someone was fucking someone else. And when they came close to cumming, they pulled out and came in our mouths. “Eat each other,” was the command. Each woman, with cum in her mouth, rolled to the pussy next to her and began to lick. I hestitated for a second and felt a hand shove my head down. I was licking someone’s just fucked pussy while someone was doing the same to me. I came hard fast. And I knew I would continue to cum as long as that expert tongue was on me. The room smelled like sex and the noises were beautiful. Finally, it got quiet. Five new men came into the room and presented their hard cocks to us. We all eagerly sucked them, loving the cum that shot on us.

Then I was lifted to my feet and led out of the room. Again to the bathroom, but this time left alone to clean up. My clothes were lying on a small chair. Makeup and hair things sat on a table. I bathed and dressed and reapplied my makeup. I looked fresh, as if nothing had happened. I walked out of the bathroom into the adjoining room. It was a parlor and the man sat, neatly dressed in an armchair. “Drink?” he asked. “Yes, please.” He got up and poured a glass of wine and brought it to my lips. I took a little sip. “Sit with me for a while,” he said softly. He sat and stared at me for a while. “Was this what you wanted?” I thought for a minute. “I don’t know,” I honestly answered and got up to leave.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32