Weekend Swap Ch. 04

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This story is a complete fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental and was not the intent of the author. There are no characters in this story that are under the age of eighteen. This is the continuation of a story that I started last year and sent in my last installment in February. I would recommend you read the first three installments before starting in on this chapter.


After Alan left for Jean’s house to spend the weekend with her, Cindy was just doing the finishing touches on her make-up to greet Jean’s husband, Jack.

Her lounging outfit had a neckline that plunged to her navel. She wore no bra, so her breasts were barely covered. After all, she saw no reason to be coy with Jack; they had been swinging together, along with their mates for over two years now. There was very little that they didn’t know about each other’s bodies or sexual appetites.

The only thing different this time was they were not just trading mates. This time they were playing in separate homes as well. Not the sort of thing they would even consider with other couples, but the four of them were such close friends that Cindy felt as safe with Jack as she would in her own husband’s arms.

She was making a last minute check of their home, to be sure everything was where it should be. For some reason, she felt a little nervous. She had been looking forward to this weekend for weeks, and she wanted it to be perfect.

At last there was a ring at the door. She looked through the door peep to be sure it was Jack, then opened the door all the way. She thought he looked so handsome with his muscular chest in a open necked shirt and tight enough pants to show off his cute male ass.

Jack’s face lit up like a Christmas tree, so she knew that she had his approval, as well.


“You look stunning Cindy.”

“Well, thank you, kind sir,” she replied. “You look very handsome yourself. Dinner will be ready in a few minutes. Would you like to relax in the living room until it is ready?” she asked.

“Yes, that would be great. Do you have a beer?”

“Coming right up,” she said and disappeared into the kitchen. While she was there, she made a quick check on the lasagna, and then lit the candles in the dining room.

She brought me an ice-cold beer and told me dinner will be served in about five more minutes.

“That sounds great,” I said. “Is there anything I can do to help?”

“No, everything is all set. It just needs a couple of minutes to finish baking.”

Then she disappeared again back into the kitchen. I picked up my beer and followed her anyway. She was just taking the lasagna out of the oven, and told me to have a seat in the dining room. I did so, but I was thinking about just how cute she looked in her apron over that sexy lounging outfit.

She brought the lasagna to the table and went back for the wine and a cork screw.

She handed both to me, and sat down. I examined the label: Chianti Classico, eighty-five. “Hmm,” I said, “a fine wine and a very good year.”

She smiled and blushed at my compliment.

“I hope you like lasagna,” she said.

“Oh yes, I love Italian,” I replied, “and lasagna most of all.”

I opened the bottle and inspected the cork, to be sure the wine had been properly stored on its side, then set the bottle down to breathe.

Dinner was wonderful. We enjoyed the lasagna and the wine was too expensive to waste, so the two of us finished it off.

I could see that Cindy was a little tipsy from the wine and a little giggly. I helped her clear away the dishes.

Later, we put on some slow dance music, and snuggled up on the couch. We danced some and while we were dancing, Cindy’s hand wondered down my back until she was caressing my ass. She was kissing and licking my throat, and whispering all the nasty things she intended to do with my body through the weekend. She pressed her rather large breasts into my body and ground her hips into my crotch. She was rubbing her hips back and forth over my penis, hidden in my trousers. Once she had driven both me and herself to a frenzy, she dropped to her knees in front of me. Looking up into my eyes with an evil smile on her face, she started chewing on the front of my trousers.

I was getting so turned on that my knees started getting wobbly and I backed towards the couch to keep from falling. Reluctantly I sat down.

Cindy got back on her feet and put on some music with a faster Latin tempo. When the music started she moved her hips in time with the beat. They swirled as she moved, her eyes watching me the whole time.

My eyes must have been hazed over with lust. I know my mouth was watering, watching her erotic dance. Better then a stripper: Cindy was some wild jungle woman, like the girls one dreams about from the South Pacific, wearing short sarongs and nothing else.

She reached down for the snap that held the top of her lounging outfit closed. Now that it was open I could see alternate flashes bakırköy üniversiteli escort of her full breasts and the satin cloth. She danced over in front of me and pulled the material open, exposing her full ripe breasts for my eyes. She pressed her shoulders in and wiggled her breasts just a few inches from my face.

I reached my hand up to touch her breasts, but she moved teasingly away before I could make any contact. As she moved back away from me, Cindy cupped her breasts in her palms and pointed the nipples strait at me. Her hips were moving in and out now like she was having intercourse with some invisible ghost lover right there in the middle of the room. She put her hand down inside the bottom section of her lounging outfit, and started masturbating in front of me. Fingering herself, she threw her head back, gasping, with her tongue hanging out the side of her mouth. She was acting like a wanton slut and I loved every second of it.

My cock was bigger and harder then it had ever been. My need was so bad it physically hurt. It took all of my will power to keep from ripping off my trousers and masturbating myself to climax.

Cindy took sadistic joy in taunting and teasing her lovers like this. The only problem she had with her sexual game is, the more she teased her sexual playmates, the more sexually excited she became herself. She could see that she was making me crazy with wanting her body. She was just as eager for me, obviously..

Finally Cindy pushed the bottoms, along with her panties down and stepped out of them. Totally naked now, she continued to finger her shaved slit. She danced closer to me until her dripping pussy was just inches in front of my mouth. “Do you like my kitty, baby?” she asked.

I could only nod my head, my mouth was too dry now to talk.

“Well ,then, why don’t you kiss it? My kitty just loves to be kissed.” With that, Cindy put her small hands on the back of my head and pulled my mouth to her slit.

I put both my hands on Cindy’s ass and pulled her pussy into my mouth. I started lapping her slit like a kitten at a bowl of cream. I licked her up and down, but paid particular attention to her love bud at the very top of her slit.

Cindy’s fingers were combing through my thick, black hair. “Oh yeah, baby, you really know how to please a woman. Oh, what a tongue you have. Oh yes lick that clit, make me cum and cum again. If you do I’ll let you do what ever you like with me. I promise to make you cum like a fountain. I’ll suck your cock, then lick your balls, I’ll even lick out that beautiful ass of yours. I’ll sodomize your bum hole with my tongue until you scream with rapture.”

I was licking her faster and faster. She was bucking her hips like she was a young stallion studding his first mare. Her hips were moving in a blur now and gaining speed with every second. I could tell she was building up like a giant geyser to a boiling hot spray of her juices. Then she screamed like a banshee as her climax overcame her. Cindy dug her fingers into my shoulders to keep herself from falling right on top of me. Slowly she slid down to her knees in front of me.

While she was recovering I caressed her hair and cooed softly to her. Right now, Cindy reminded ,me of a little girl cuddling up to her father. No longer the shameless temptress she had been just a couple of minutes earlier. Gradually, though, her composure was returning and I could feel her fingers creeping up to my crotch. Her fingers moved towards my belt buckle and slowly she unhitched my belt. She lifted her head and looked up at me with a wicked smile on her lush lips.

I lifted my hips and started to help her, but she gently pushed me back.

“Let me do this, sweetheart,” she cooed. “I just love undressing you, I can touch you wherever I please.”

I laid back on one of the cushions and left her to her pleasure. I knew she wanted to draw this out as long as possible. Yes ,she would tease, but later I also knew that she would please as well. Cindy knew that the anticipation increased the pleasures of sex tremendously. I knew full well what an expert Cindy was in giving fantastic sexual pleasure. Like my own wife Jean, there didn’t seem to be anything she would not do, nor any boundary she would not cross to satisfy both her own and her bed partner’s sexual limits.

When my belt was unhooked, she started working on my trouser button and zipper. She pulled my fly down slowly and spread the two halves open. Her soft fingers snaked into my boxers until they reached their goal. Then she pulled out my penis with great relish, examining it from top to bottom and stroking it with her fingers. She smiled her wanton smile up at me, and started licking me around and just below the mushroom head.

I gave out a moan of delight. It tickled so good.

Cindy was an expert cock sucker and she was using all her delightful little tricks to drive me wild with the intense pleasure of her actions. Her tongue bakırköy bdsm escort was lapping my rod up, down, and around the mushroom head like it was her favorite flavored ice-cream cone. She was becoming impatient with her action and pulled my trousers down and off my legs. Next came my shorts, and they joined my trousers on the floor. Finally she practically ripped my shirt open and pushed it back off my shoulders and tossed it on the floor.

Now we were both naked, and Cindy was eager to touch and caress me all over my body. Her touch was soft and gentle, but at the same time bringing me to a lustful pitch. She ran her fingers over my chest and arm muscles. Then Cindy lifted my cock and started licking my scrotum and sucking gently on my balls. Her hand was stroking my cock. She was careful not to let me cum, but drove me wild with the sensual pleasure of her actions. At last, she looked up at me and told me to get down on my hands and knees so that she could ream out my asshole.

I did as she asked and Cindy knelt behind me and spread the cheeks of my ass. Her tongue wiggled up the crack until she came to the entrance to my anus; there she licked and sloshed her tongue around, tickling me and lubricating my bum hole with her saliva. Forming her tongue into a point she forced an entrance. While her tongue was giving me wave after wave of pleasure she reached under me and one hand caressed and tickled my scrotum, while the other hand stroked up and down my sensitive cock shaft.

I was gasping with the supreme pleasure that Cindy was giving me.

“Let me know when you are almost ready to cum, Jack,” Cindy whispered into my ear. “I want to swallow your climax this time. You know how much I love the taste of a man’s cream.”

I grunted my reply and the ream job continued.

Cindy was not teasing any more. She was eager for my load and was using every technique she knew to get it. She dug her tongue as deep as it would go into my ass, while her finger tips were gently brushing over my scrotum coaching my cum up into my penis.

I was delirious with unbearable lust. I was trying with all of my strength to prolong the ecstasy that Cindy was giving me. Never in my life had I experienced such exquisite pleasure and joy. I reached a point where I just could not hold it back. I croaked, “I cum.” My emotions were so stretched two words were all I could get out.

Cindy, upon hearing this, left my ass and ducked her head under my body. She just made it without a millisecond to spare, for just as her lips locked onto my cock-head the explosion ripped through my body. The first ejections were so fast and so massive some spilled out the corners of her lips. She soon caught up with it, and was sucking glob after glob down her throat to her hungry tummy. When the volume started to slow a bit, Cindy tugged on my scrotum and sucking ever harder to get those last few drops into her greedy mouth.

After she was sure that she had gotten all that there was, she rolled to one side and said, “Hmm, that was delicious. Your cum is just so yummy, I can never get enough.”

I was drained not only of my cum, but all of my strength as well. I slid to the carpet and turned to face her. I was too weak to talk, but could only smile my gratitude and wonder at what had just occurred.

Cindy was the perfect lover. She was a stunning beauty: both face and body, and more important, she had no inhibitions that she has ever displayed. She seemed to derive so much of her personal pleasure from pleasing her lover, whether that lover be her husband or a male or female swinger partner. Cindy and my wife Jean were very much alike in this respect and it would be hard to determine who was the best.

I was still not completely recovered when Cindy pressed in closer to my body. Her warm soft flesh felt wonderful next to me. I reached up and touched her face, kissing her on the lips.

We snuggled and cuddled each other there on the floor for several minutes. Then suddenly, she sat up and turned to me “Lets go upstairs to the master bedroom where we can really have some fun.”

I looked up at her, smiling, but told her I didn’t have the strength to stand let alone go upstairs to the bedroom.

She just laughed and took hold of my arm pulling me to my feet.

Reluctantly, I stood up and let her lead me up the stairs to the master bedroom.

The two of us laid in the middle of the California king size bed. We cuddled and kissed some more. I told her how fantastic the downstairs love play had been for me. I said that if there was anything, no matter what, that I could do to give her that kind of pleasure, to just ask and I would do my best to comply.

Suddenly Cindy got serious and looked deeply into my eyes studying me. “Do you really mean that, Jack?”

“Yes, of course I mean it,” I told her. “I would not have told you that if I didn’t mean it. Is there something special that you really would like to try, Cindy? Just ask me and bakırköy elit escort I’ll do my very best to please you.”

Again, Cindy paused, “Well, there is one thing that I’ve always wanted to do but I was afraid to ask Alan, for fear he would think I was too twisted.”

For a while I was thinking that maybe I was biting off more than I could chew. “Well, go ahead and ask me, Cindy. I mean all I can do is say yes or no.”

Cindy looked very nervous, but went ahead finally and took the plunge. “Well……..I mean would it be alright if I……… well……. used my strap-on and screwed you in the ass?” She looked down afraid to make eye contact.

I could see her biting her lower lip, worried how I would react. “Oh sure,” I said. “Jean and I do that all the time. You will have to use lots of lubrication, though, both on the tip of your strap-on and my asshole, too. Do you have some KY Jelly around the house?”

“Oh sure,” Cindy said, breathing a sigh of relief. “I have a whole jar in my night stand. I’ll lube you up real good. I promise I won’t push in too hard or too deep.”

“It really turns me on when Jean does me like that; I love the feel of her big breasts pushing into my back and when she reaches underneath and strokes my cock at the same time, it feels marvelous.”

I rolled over on my tummy and spread my legs so Cindy had complete access to my anus.

She took out the jar of KY Jelly and smeared a big glob over my asshole. Then gently pushed her finger into the pit. Her fingers were long and thin, so it felt great when she pushed them slowly as far as they would go. Cindy, being a registered nurse, knew just where to push into my asshole for the best effect. The tip of her well greased finger was scratching my prostate gland. In spite of the fact that she had drained my cum only a few minutes before, the way she was stimulating my prostate was starting my engine all over again.

“Oh my god, that is fantastic, Cindy. I wish I would have known you had such talent when we first started swinging together.”

Cindy continued massaging my prostate as she crawled up the bed and laid down next to me. “Does that feel good, baby? Does it make you feel all tingly inside when Cindy plays with your ass like this?”

“Oh, it is wonderful, the way you make me feel.”

“I’m so glad, my sweet man. Just think, we still have the whole weekend in front of us the make each other cum and cum and cum.”

“Ah, if you keep playing with my bum hole like that, I’m going to blow my load all over your sheets.”

When Cindy heard that, she stopped at once. “Oh no, stud man, we can’t have you cumming so soon, now, can we? I don’t want to waste a single drop of your male essence. Not unless it squirts into my mouth or my pussy.” She sat back up and pulled her fingers out of my asshole. She reached into her night stand drawer and took out her strap-on and smeared a generous amount of KY Jelly on the tip. Then moved in behind me and spread my ass cheeks one more time. “Now you tell me if I’m doing this wrong, okay?”

“Oh, I will, but remember I’m not a virgin back there. Jean has been fucking my ass since we were married, so I think you will do fine.”

“Put a pillow under your tummy to lift your asshole just a little.”

I did as she said, and as soon as I settled down on the bed again, Cindy placed the tip of her plastic cock against my anus and pushed slowly but steadily in.

When Jean and I first attempted this, there was a mixture of pleasure and pain. After doing it over and over again, there was no pain and only extreme pleasure.

Cindy pushed in just a little, then backed off a bit and pushed in again. Each time she penetrated me just a little deeper. After a few tentative strokes she slid all the way to the base. “Is that alright, Jack honey? I’m not hurting you, am I?”

“Oh no, baby, you are doing just fine. This is one of my favorite sex games.” I told her. “Here I was supposed to do a service to please you, and here once again you are giving me so much pleasure.”

“Jack, don’t worry. I’ve wanted to do something like this ever since I saw my first cock. I always thought that it was so unfair that guys have such cute asses but women didn’t have a nice hard penis to penetrate them.”

I had to smile at the way Cindy looked at these things.

“Don’t worry, Jack, we have the whole weekend to think up nasty things we can do to please each other.”

She reached under me with her hand well greased up with K Y Jelly and grabbed my cock shaft, stroking it up and down as she fucked my asshole with her plastic dick.

I could tell from the sounds she was making that she somehow was cumming two or three times during this bizarre sex game. Her breasts were pressed into my shoulder blades and rubbed up and down my back. Her greasy hands seemed to move in coordination with her hips and the effect on me was predictable. I was spilling my seed onto the sheets before I even knew it.

Cindy moved her hips faster and faster in my ass. Finally, squealing with delight as she, too, climaxed. After her final cum, she just lay on my back with her phony cock still buried up my shit channel.

“That was wonderful, Jack,” she told me And rolled off my back, then snuggled up to me, kissing my lips and taking my palm into her own and pressed it over her luscious breast.

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