Weekend Visitors

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Josh and Justin are shamelessly staring as Cara returns from the ladies room. Her husband, John, admires her beauty as she sits down. She is wearing a charcoal sweater dress that clings to her body perfectly. Cara has large breasts and an incredible ass. The dress she has on magnifies these attributes that much more, and most of the men in the sports bar seem to have noticed this. She has on a black leather belt and black high heeled boots that come up to her knees. She is beyond sexy tonight.

Josh and Justin are old college buddies of John’s that are in town for the football game on Saturday. It is Friday night, and John has to work early on Saturday morning, so they decide to take it easy, get some dinner at a nearby sports bar, and call it a night early. Cara got a little carried away and went all out when getting dressed for dinner. Who can blame her? John always works weekends, so they don’t get out a lot on Friday nights. Josh and Justin have noticed, and their eyes have been glued to her all night. They tease John mercilessly about her.

“How’d a geek like you land such a hot wife?” they ask him. John just laughs.

The two friends are constantly flirting with Cara and buying her drink after drink at dinner. Cara is loving every minute of it. After dinner they head back to John and Cara’s, where they cap the night off with a couple more drinks in the living room. Josh jokes that Cara is sleeping in his bed tonight while Justin argues she is with him. John is laughing and responds, “I leave for work early tomorrow morning, after that she is all yours, guys.” Cara joins in the kidding by saying that she needs both of them to keep her warm in the morning.

John says it is time to call it a night, and tells them he is going to bed. Cara decides to join him. John goes into illegal bahis the bedroom closet to change. Cara always wears pajamas to bed, but tonight she has had a few too many drinks, and passes out on the bed fully dressed. When John sees this, he realizes she is out for the night, and he’s gonna have to take care of her. He undresses her completely, even her bra and thong. He turns out the light and gets in bed with her, falling asleep shortly thereafter.

John is up and out the door early the next morning. Not long after John leaves, Josh wakes up. He had erotic dreams about Cara in that sexy dress all night. He is getting very excited and aroused just thinking about the dreams he had last night. Thinking about what John had said last night, he wondered if John really would mind if he helped himself to John’s wife this morning. He can’t stop thinking about her, and realizes he’s never gonna get back to sleep. He decides that, just for a joke, he is going to go crawl into bed with Cara to “keep her warm.”

Cara wakes up a little hazy but surprisingly good considering how much she drank last night. She lays in bed thinking about last night, smiling to herself. She had really enjoyed the attention Josh and Justin had given her. She shifts under the covers, feeling the soft, cool sheets on her bare skin. It is just then she realizes she is completely naked. “John must have undressed me,” she thinks to herself. Cara thinks how embarrassing it would be if one of the guys walked in the bedroom while she is laying there completely naked. She starts to feel vulnerable thinking about it. Actually, the thought of it was turning her on. She starts to think what it would be like if one of them were to crawl in bed with her, cozying up to her naked body. Her pussy was getting warm and wet just illegal bahis siteleri thinking about it. Just then there is a knock on the door.

Josh opens the bedroom door and peeks his head in. “Cara, you awake? I’m here to warm you up.” he jokes. Cara laid still, pretending to sleep. She heard every word but said nothing. Her heart is beating so hard, she thinks it’s going to explode. The room is dim, as the sun hasn’t risen completely, but Josh can still see enough to navigate through the bedroom. He quietly walks to the bed. “Are you awake?” he asks again. Josh lifts the blanket to crawl in with her and sees that she is totally nude. He gasps quietly.

Cara can feel the cool air as the blanket is lifted. She is both terrified and aroused at the same time. The cool air on her breasts causes her nipples to become erect. She tries to control her breathing as she pretends to sleep. Her skin is cool, but the excitement makes her warm and wet between her legs. Josh whispers aloud, “You are so beautiful. Your body is amazing.” The blanket is set off to the side. Cara feels finger tips on her stomach. She begins to quiver as he runs his fingers up her stomach to her large breasts.

“Her body is perfect” Josh thinks to himself. He massages her breasts. He works his hands back down her stomach, and then lower between her partially spread legs. Josh begins to rub the outside of Cara’s neatly trimmed pussy. She is breathing heavy now and her pussy is practically dripping. Josh whispers one more time “Cara, are you awake?” She keeps her eyes closed and says nothing.

Josh is no longer touching her. He begins to remove his tee shirt and boxer shorts. Cara hears clothes hitting the floor. “Oh my God, he’s getting undressed!” she thinks to herself. Josh crawls onto the bed, between canlı bahis siteleri Cara’s legs. She feels his weight shifting the bed and realizes what is happening. “Yes” she thinks, “please fuck me while I sleep!” Cara feels Josh’s lips kissing her breasts and sucking her hard nipples. She feels the top of his thighs under hers, pushing and spreading her legs further. Josh presses the tip of his cock inside of her pussy lips. He stops. “Cara?” he whispers. No reply. “Fuck it” he says aloud. He pushes it in a little further, then out again.

Cara continues to pretend she is sleeping, though she is breathing so heavy now that she is practically panting. Josh continues to press the tip of his cock in and out of her soaking wet pussy. “Please, I want all of it!” Cara thinks to herself. Finally, he slides the full length of it inside of her. Cara gasps. “Are you awake?” Josh whispers yet again. No answer. Just rapid, heavy breaths. Josh begins to thrust his cock in and out of her. Cara is now moaning, unable to contain herself anymore. She feels Josh begin to stiffen. He starts moaning.

Josh then begins to thrust shorter and more rapid strokes into and out of her. He is moaning loud when Cara feels a warm explosion inside of her. Josh has just blown a huge, hot load of cum inside of Cara’s pussy. She can no longer control herself, pushing her hips hard against his. Her pussy squeezes tight around Josh’s cock. Cara is practically screaming as she cums all over the shaft of his still rigid cock. She goes limp.

“Cara, are you awake?” Josh asks again, this time he is no longer whispering. It must be obvious, but she keeps her eyes closed and says nothing. Josh pulls out of her, and crawls out of bed. As he dresses, he thinks “I don’t know if she was dreaming or just pretending to be asleep, but either way it was amazing!” Josh covers her with the blanket and gently kisses her on the cheek before quietly slipping out the bedroom door. Cara whispers aloud, “that was incredible.” She then rolls over and tries to go back to sleep.

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