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Cum Covered

The evening sky was painted vivid colors of crimson, yellow, purple and azure. The sun was just passing over the horizon completely. I was anxious, alright, I was downright scared. What had I agreed to? What was it that made me want to be on the “list” for eight and a half months?

As I walked down the crowded avenue, I wondered if anyone could tell what I was about to do. The clothing certainly seemed inconspicuous enough. My long opera cape wrapped around me. I looked like any woman going to meet her friends for an evening at a performance. But underneath, I knew it was different. Never before had I dared to wear such an outfit as I was now. The costume, for lack of a better description, was sent to me, along with a formal engraved invitation. It stated that I was to be the next Honored Flower of the Tulip Society. I laughed; it certainly wasn’t at all what it presented itself to be to the casual observer.

My ‘costume’ consisted of a dark red silk corset with matching g-string. Garters were attached and a pair of red silk stockings was included. There was also a hose garter with seven white ribbons tied onto it. I was curious about this item, but pulled it up my leg after I finished dressing in the other garments. Over this, I slipped the red, sheer silk gown. It fell about me softly and fit perfectly. I closed the seven frog closures on it down the side of the gown and looked in the mirror. I was entranced by the woman looking back at me.

I was amazed that everything fit so perfectly. I had never revealed my clothing size when someone had asked if I would be interested in becoming a member of the Society. It was not an issue I would have thought important. I was wrong. I touched up my make-up and ran a brush through my hair one last time before shrugging on the beautiful red velvet silk-lined cape. I had never owned, much less worn, something this luxurious. I was fashion-wise and had several nice evening gowns and cocktail dresses, my business demanded that of me, but this was entirely a pleasurable ensemble made to make me feel the sensuous and seductive side of my womanhood.

As I walked, my stiletto heels clicking on the sidewalk, I noticed several men surreptitiously glancing at me. One man looked at me and leaned over to the woman beside him, speaking into her ear. She looked at me, looked down to my feet and back up. Looking back to him she shook her head as if to say ‘I would never wear those kinds of shoes’. He glanced at me again with a wistful look in his eyes. I took the invitation from my evening bag, perused it once more to reassure myself I had the correct address in my mind. The address was only three blocks from my brownstone, again I thought, how can I live in a neighborhood for four years and not know what is really happening in it?

Crossing the final street, I turned and walked to the building with the address from my invitation. It was a brownstone similar to mine, with three stories and an interior staircase that was an open access to the residents in the building.

I buzzed the outer door and a woman’s voice answered. I recited my name and she buzzed me in. Entering the building, I looked around the foyer. It was more luxurious than mine, for sure. The chandelier sparkled beautifully, lighting everything around me in soft crystalline hues. Raising my eyes a bit more, I saw a woman coming down the deep mahogany staircase. She was dressed in a black pantsuit with a red satin sash tied around her narrow waist. A simple strand of diamonds with seven pearls graced her neck. She was the loveliest woman I had ever seen. As she reached the bottom step, she greeted me warmly. Taking my hand, she told me it was wonderful that I had accepted the invitation to join the Society. She asked me to come with her up to the second storey. Turning, she went back up as I followed her.

Reaching the second storey landing, I let my eyes take in the scene around me. There were beautiful paintings and pictures hung on the mahogany-paneled walls. Many were of women holding gorgeous bouquets of tulips. I noticed that some wore gowns that would have been popular a hundred years ago, and others were more modernly attired, but all were wearing red.

The woman who led me up the stairs touched my arm and asked for my cape. Looking at her, I became a little self-conscious. She smiled and I saw such a radiant beauty before me. She reassured me that I was dressed most appropriately for the company this evening. I untied the satin ribbon on the cape and let it slide from my shoulders. She appraised me from toe to head and smiled once more. “Yes,” she said, “you are magnificent. James knew what he was talking about when he told us about you.” Turning away from me she hung my cape upon a brass hook near the door.

The stunning woman finally introduced herself as Marguerite. Laughing, she said she was named for one of her father’s favorite mistresses. I smiled back saying it was a lovely name for a beautiful woman. She blushed lightly and gave my hand a squeeze as she asked if I was ready to meet the members of the Society. Taking her hand, I nervously asked what I should beylikdüzü escort expect. She looked directly into my eyes and said only one word, “Passion.” My heart leaped a bit at this and as she turned to open the door, she told me to do what I was asked and that everything would be wonderful for me from now on.

I followed Marguerite into the room. It was large, with a fireplace surrounded by a red marble mantle. The fire was glowing warmly. I saw large windows, graced with red velvet drapery and a very plush, ornate Turkish rug covered the waxed pine floor. The furnishings were obviously made by the finest craftsmen in the world. The tables were teak and the chairs and sofas covered in red-hued patterns of silk damask.

Then I espied the most incredible thing. On a large sideboard was a crystal vase of the most exquisite tulips I had ever seen, all colors and shades of red. The tulips themselves varied as much in their design as in their colors.

The room was devoid of people, except Marguerite and me. She said I was to go sit in the lone chair by the fireplace and the rest of the members would be along after they finished their cocktails. Marguerite poured me a glass of wine and handed it to me. I sniffed it and found it delicious to my nose. Tasting it, I remarked how wonderful it was. She told me it was made in the vineyards of a former member who now resided in France and that the Society was the only place in the world it was served. Marguerite said she was to go now and that I only had to be myself and allow the members to bring out my true beauty. This puzzled me, but I said nothing as she quietly left the room by way of another door.

I sat sipping my wine, letting the warmth travel through me even as the fire behind me warmed my flesh. I felt conspicuous in the sheer gown, the corset and garters showed seductively through the soft fabric, but I knew there was no turning back. Once invited to become the Honored Flower, it opened a whole new world to the recipient. I would have been a fool to refuse the invitation.

I looked up as a door opened. A gentleman in his early 30’s stepped through into the room. He was incredibly handsome in his white dinner jacket. He introduced himself to me as James. He said that last names were of no importance here and so were never used. He told me it was because of him that I was here tonight. He had seen me at the local bakery one morning as he was getting a cup of latte and a bagel. He asked the shop owner my name, and the owner, a match-maker at heart, had told him everything about me that she knew. From that, James had made some discreet inquiries as to where I lived, worked and even the university from where I had graduated. He had also found out from another former Flower that I was dimly aware of the Tulip Society and had mentioned to her unwittingly that it would be adventurous to be a part of it. I blushed at his words, and he reassured me that if he had had any misgivings about me, he would never have recommended me to become a part of the Society.

James sat down in a chair opposite from me and rang a small silver bell that was on the table beside him. The door opened and six men came into the room, all in dinner jackets and carrying assorted drinks. James introduced each one of the men. Davis, a rugged-looking man who looked like he would be more at home on the side of a mountain; Patrick, a tall red-haired man with a slight Irish accent; Will, who looked as if he stepped right off the cover of GQ; Robert, smiling at me with a conspiratorial air; Jamal, a huge man with arms and legs the size of my waist; and Tao Chi’en, a Chinese descendant who was most handsome to gaze upon.

I greeted each of these gorgeous men warmly, offering each my hand, which they in turn took and bowing over it, kissed gently. Each sat down in a chair facing me. I noticed there was a definite ‘order’ that they sat in. James was very center with Jamal to his right and Will on his left. The others sat beside these three. James asked if I had any doubts as to what would happen. I looked at him, then the others. I felt my heart begin to race as I thought about what little I really knew about the Tulip Society. I knew that this was an exclusive club for very wealthy young professional men seeking to honor the beauty of young women. I also was aware that this “honoring” involved the women being ritualistically “de-flowered” by these men. Beyond that, I really had no concept what or how this would take place. Taking a deep breath, the corset tightening around my body, I told James and the others that I was most honored to be invited to join their Society and was willing to do all that I was capable of to ensure the success of my term. At this, Jamal gave a short, deep laugh. He turned to James saying, “Well done my man, you have exceeded our expectations!”

The introductions over, Tao Chi’en stood up and took the wine glass from me. He asked if I would desire another and I declined. I wanted to be alert and savor what was to come next. Setting the glass on the sideboard, he returned and stepping before me, took beylikdüzü eve gelen escort my hand and bid me to stand. He was taller than me by several inches, which surprised me.

Holding my hand, he stepped away from me and drew my arm out from my body. I knew the light from the fire behind me would show through the sheerness of the silk and I shivered slightly as I saw the eyes of the men appraising my body. Tao Chi’en then turned me around so they could view my back. I heard a couple men draw their breath quickly as I was being turned. No doubt they could see the outline from the side of my breasts as they were pushed up firmly in the corset and my nipples pressed hard against the filmy fabric. Once more I was turned to face the members. Each one was now standing up and coming toward me. I fought down a small fear that raced through me.

Instinctively I knew they were not about to harm me, yet I was unsure how I could handle seven men who obviously meant to have me. Tao Chi’en held my hand out to James; he took it and pulled me to him. He told me I was about to be initiated into the Tulip Society and that I should do exactly what was asked of me, no more, no less. He said once I was properly de-flowered, I would be able to experience everything within their power to offer me. I smiled up at him and spoke in a soft sultry voice, “Let it be so, then.”

James leaned over and gently kissed my full, red lips. He then reached up and unfastened the top frog of my gown. Moving aside, Jamal took his place. He too kissed me as though he were claiming territory, leaving me slightly breathless as he unfastened another frog. Will followed and so did the others until Tao Chi’en, the last man to kiss me, undid the remaining frog.

My red silk gown lay open slightly, revealing one creamy breast to their hungry gazes. Davis and Patrick came up behind me and each took my gown away from my body. I stood before the fire, burning hotter than the heat behind me. The corset was tight about my waist, my firm breasts lifted high, nipples erect to their sight. I could feel the moisture between my legs as they drank in the lushness of my body.

I stared at each of the gentlemen, showing I was not afraid of what they might intend. I could see raw desire in their eyes. They didn’t disguise the need they felt as they gazed upon my red-clad body. They each removed their jackets. I could see some were already aroused; they didn’t hide this fact from each other. There was no need; all would be this way eventually. Once more, Tao Chi’en grasped my hand and led me to a long, padded table that was placed in the center of the room. It was narrow and long enough for a person to lie upon comfortably.

A small pillow appeared and was laid upon the opposite length of the table from me. I knew what was about to happen and was strangely excited by the turn of events. Tao Chi’en turned me towards him and lifted me up onto the table. James then told me to lie down with my head resting upon the pillow. Suddenly I was surrounded by the men. They took my hands and feet and were sliding boards, out from the under table, that were cleverly concealed to the casual observer. The men tied me to the boards with red satin sashes. I couldn’t get loose and the boards held fast.

I was feeling a little frightened by this, but James leaned over me and said that I was doing fine and this was going to be the most enjoyable thing I had ever experienced. I relaxed a little, but still felt a heightened sense of anticipation and excitement.

I saw the men removing the rest of their clothing, by now all were very aroused by the sight of me lying upon the table as if I were a feast. James and Jamal each grabbed my g-string and broke the ties, removing the offending cloth and thereby exposing my wet pussy to the sight of the members. I tried to move, but this only increased their excitement level as they watched me writhe within my bindings. My breasts and pussy now exposed, I figured they would hurry to meet their own ends. I was wrong. James picked up a remaining red satin sash and walked toward me. I knew that I was not going to be a witness to what was about to happen. I was going to feel the experience. The revelation only made me wetter as he tied the scarf covering my eyes.

My senses immediately focused on the sounds in the room. I could hear the breathing of the members become a little ragged as they sought to control their needs. I felt someone move between my legs and I arched my back. James told me that now; I would know pure pleasure like I had never experienced it before this night. He said that it was each member’s duty to me to make me have an orgasm. Each man was to do whatever, short of intercourse, was needed to bring me release. I whimpered softly at his words. He chuckled, saying it was going to be most enjoyable for me, but the members were not allowed to have their own pleasure released until I was totally pleasured seven times. He said the newest members would begin, and that the most experienced, meaning Will, Jamal and himself, would be last because beylikdüzü masöz escort it would take more time and talent to bring me to the final destination.

Anticipation was rising within me. I wasn’t sure what was to happen, only that I was about to live the wildest fantasy that a woman could ever dream about. As I lay there, I felt a mouth upon my breast, the hot tongue gently licking over my taut nipple. I was immediately trying to raise my body up to meet this mouth that hungrily suckled upon me. I felt a hand on the other breast as he continued sucking me. This was already making me so wet, I didn’t know if I could hold back any at all, and remembering James’ words, I knew that I was supposed to let go and have my orgasms. Seven Times! This seemed daunting all of a sudden, but I knew that if I was to become the Honored Flower, this is what I must do.

I felt the hand move down over my stomach and stop to rest just below the line of my corset. I moaned once more as I sought the release I desperately wanted. He let go of my nipple and leaned over and began to sweetly torture the other one. I moved my hips as best I could, willing his hand to move downward. Gently, he moved his hand down and laid it over my mound and began kneading it, never going between my nether-lips. The sensation was incredible and crying out, I started releasing my first wave of pleasure juices. The men were awed by the sight. I could hear it as they too cried out for me.

James told the first man that his duty to me was done and that he was a most skilled man. At this, I felt the man untie a ribbon from my leg garter. I was so turned on that I whimpered that I wanted more, begging the next man to come to my rescue. Quickly, he obliged by running his tongue from my ankle up the inside of my thigh. It was an incredible sensation and I found myself trying to open my legs even farther apart. He flicked his tongue over my pussy, just missing that most sensitive place. I cried out for him to suck my clit and he just laughed into me. He continued teasing me, driving me wild as I kept moving my hips up to meet his mouth. Suddenly I felt his tongue plunge deep into me. I was amazed by its length. It reached my inner pleasure spot and he pressed that secret spot hard as he sucked me. I was so taken by this that I lay still for him, wanting to feel every bit of his tongue and what is was doing inside of me. I could feel myself starting to get hot once again. The familiar beat of my heart increased as he kept pressing my inner g-spot. I moaned louder, begging him to make me cum and he just kept on pressing his tongue inside me. Once more I was at the edge of the cliff, about to tumble over. The waterfall rising to meet me, I crashed into it as I started to cum once again. He kept plying his tongue until I finally lay still, by breathing ragged. Standing up, he removed a second ribbon from my garter and I heard his footsteps move away from me.

I thought I couldn’t take any more and said as much to James. He just laughed and told me I was doing great, that I was certainly a true passionate soul in need of release. I giggled softly at this and said I believed I was ready again. This time was different. I felt a warm liquid being poured over my now dripping pussy. It started warming me up and I was immediately excited. The man put his fingers over my pussy and began to rub the liquid over me, working it into every last fold and crevice possible. He then dropped some other liquid that was even warmer to my sensitive spot and rubbed my clitoris with it. I felt a great heat emanate from there and started crying out for it to stop and be cooled. With that, he started to rub my clit harder, making it burn with pleasure. I knew I had to get relief and the only way was to have another orgasm. The burning was intense, but I wanted to feel him play upon me. I wanted the attention and had not received it until now. I ached for this touch and he knew it. He increased this ache with liquid fire.

I wanted to cum so hard for him. He played with me, twisting, tugging, teasing, heating me even more with his touch. He focused on that most sensitive place, satisfied with my response as he pulled and pinched me even more. He never touched me any place else, but I felt the heat from where he had rubbed the liquid into my flesh. It coursed through my pussy and centered upon my clitoris. I writhed with the pleasure of the sensations, not wanting it to end. Before I knew it, I was screaming out and releasing my hottest orgasm yet. I lay there, breathing hard as he untied another ribbon from my garter. He leaned over and kissed me, then walked away.

The fourth man came to me. I sensed his presence and could smell his muskiness as he stood next to me. He was all male. I could tell he wanted more than what he was to give, but he knew the rules and he would honor them. My heart beat faster with this knowledge. I wanted more, too. I wanted to be pleasured with more than what they were giving me. But I too was constrained by their rules, so I lay like an offering upon the table, my body hungry for the next man’s touch upon it. I didn’t have to wait long. He grabbed my breast and squeezed it hard. Rough. I could feel his thumb as it stroked over the top of my erect nipple. He was testing it, feeling its rigidity. He wanted to feel how rough I could take him. And I wanted that from him. I was like an animal that wanted one thing, to mate, and mate hard and fast. I was eager to please him.

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