What Did Monica Do?

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Sue was looking forward to her ‘girls’ night out’. It had been too long and John was out of town again on business. Her three friends had all agreed to meet her for drinks and dinner at the ‘Beach Café & Grill’ in downtown Cardiff since it was a convenient location and now that it was Fall, the tourists would be gone and they should be able to get a good booth.

Mary and Julie were already there — waving to her from a prime booth that offered a view of the bar and most of the rest of the restaurant. Sandy joined them a few minutes later and the ‘girl talk’ continued with each bringing the other three up to date about their marriages, kids, work and everything else in-between.

Chardonnay bottles were half-priced on Wednesday evenings and the girls had finished off two before ordering appetizers. Sue was having a great time — it was nice to not to have to look at her watch to see when she had to get home to John. They had been having more problems lately and his business trip came at a good time.

The minutes flew by and more wine consumed. Mary and Sandy had to head home since they still had kids to put to bed, but it allowed Sue and Julie to talk more privately. Sue had always shared with her friend her marriage problems and Julie was a great listener. She was not afraid to offer advice, but only if solicited.

A few weeks before, Sue had been pulled aside by Bill Crayton at a school fundraising dinner. He blatantly leered at her deep cleavage and whispered that he wanted to fuck her. Sue laughed off the comment assuming that Bill had had too much to drink, but in the following days she thought more about it. It was local gossip that Bill was about to get divorce and Sue knew that he was known to say similar outrageous things to attractive women in town, whether married or not. Most women in town viewed Bill’s sense of humor as obnoxious and crass. Others, like Sue, viewed Bill as truly funny and that he would probably not know what to do if any of these women actually agreed to one of his ‘come-ons’.

Sue could not help but think about him since the event and, of course, what he had said. She was not naïve enough to think that she was the only one he had ever so approached, but she knew that night she looked as good as she ever had and had admittedly purposely flaunted her well-trimmed figure, large breasts and long legs — much to the irritation of John who had long given up asking her to tone it down. John was clearly jealous of Bill — Bill was good looking, rich and had an over-the-top personality that was so much more outgoing than that of John’s who would never be described as the ‘life of the party.’

With the kids grown and now away from the house, Sue’s frustration of what she deemed a boring marriage to John became even more pronounced as he struggled to make ends meet and had let himself pack on a few too many pounds. Little to no sexual attraction to him remained for her, however, John clearly knew that he had a hot looking wife who could be described as a MILF. He wanted sex as often as possible. Once or twice a month was as good as it would be and John was smart enough to realize that sex had become to Sue more of a ‘obligatory marriage event’ as opposed to an actual romantic desire or lust for him. She did have her own needs.

‘Sue, are you there? You seem a million miles away. I asked if John is still upset at your comment about what Bill told you at the charity event?’ asked Julie.

Sue smiled and said, ‘Sorry Julie, I was just ‘drifting’ there for a bit. No, he has not forgotten the comment — how could he? It was stupid of me to tell him, but he pissed me off on the way home from the event and I could not help but tell him.”

‘You realize that Bill is trouble, don’t you?’ asked Sue. ‘He is getting divorced and is already on the prowl. You just might be his target. He does not care if you are married — in fact it probably gives him more motivation to see if you would sleep with him. He would love smiling at John at the next party knowing that he fucked you and John did not know. Stay away from him is my advice.’

‘You are right, but I don’t think he is as bad as most people do. He IS funny and loves to push people’s buttons — that’s all’ replied Sue.

It could not have been more of a coincidence that out of the corner of her eye, Sue saw Bill sit down by himself in a booth in the far corner of the restaurant. Julie excused herself to go to the restroom and her absence allowed Sue to look over to Bill who was looking directly at her smiling. He could see him write something down on a cocktail napkin and hand it to the waitress taking his order. Sue turned her attention to the bar area to see if Julie was heading back — her mind spinning from seeing Bill, reliving his comment to her at the party, and, of course, the 4 or 5 glasses of wine.

The cocktail waitress approached her booth and remarked: ‘The gentleman over there claims that he a friend and asked me to give you this.”

Sue opened the esat escort napkin and read his note: Give me your cell number — I will text you. Sue did not even think twice: she asked the waitress for a pen and wrote down her cell number and gave her back the napkin. Just as she left, Julie dropped back into the booth, thankfully not having seen Sue give the napkin back, nor not having seen Bill in the corner.

Julie said: “Well you know how I feel. You have a great husband and a wonderful family. Bill is nothing but bad news. Anyway, you are a big girl. Just don’t let a bump in the marriage with John prompt you to do anything stupid. I have to go — can I walk you out to your car?’

Sue replied, “No I will visit the restroom and head on out myself. Drive safe.’

Julie and Sue hugged each other and Julie left for the front door as Sue walked towards the Women’s Room. Just as she neared the door, her cell buzzed with a text message. She knew who sent it and could not help but look down to read: ‘One more for the road? I will be in your booth.’

Sue washed up in the Women’s Room and walked back to the booth.

‘So how was ‘girls’ night out’ — was it my imagination or were my ears burning for a reason?’ Bill asked.

Sue laughed and told him he must have had a rash. Bill inquired: “Where’s John — home knitting?’ with a smirk.

Sue did not know why she said, ‘No he is out of town.’

She could see the smile forming on Bill’s lips and asked, “What is so funny?’ ‘

Bill said: ‘Oh nothing — it is just that he would have a heart attack if he knew that you were sitting here with me. I’ll bet that you told him what I said to you at the charity event, am I right?’

Sue replied: ‘I did and he was pissed — he is still pissed. I am surprised that you remembered what you said, but then again, maybe you said the same thing to ten other women.”

‘I was not drunk and did not say it to anyone else. You weren’t pissed, however, were you?’ Bill asked.

‘No — unlike nearly all of my friends I think you have a sense of humor — warped maybe, but still a sense of humor,’ Sue responded.

‘You know that I was not joking, don’t you?’ Bill said. ‘I think you are one of the hottest women in Cardiff and I would guess that John has no clue how to take care of you, am I right?’

Sue lost her smile and said: ‘That is none of your business Bill — maybe it is best if I leave.’

‘No, no, no, I am sorry — I DO have a bad habit of saying the wrong things to the right people,’ Bill quickly stated.

The two of them polished off the remaining wine in the bottle as they talked about their kids and Bill’s pending divorce which he surprisingly admitted more than likely was his fault.

Sue could not help herself thinking about how attractive he looked and how the wine, his attentiveness to her and compliments on how ‘hot’ she looked made her feel wanted. Whether it was this increasing desire or the wine, but Sue surprised herself by saying: “I’ll be right back — too much wine’ and headed for the restroom again. As she entered she, closed the stall door and found herself taking off her blouse to remove her bra and sliding her panties off under her short skirt. She shoved them into her large purse and left the stall to inspect herself in the mirror, surprised at her flushed appearance, but confident in how she looked. The unbuttoning of one more blouse button completed the look as she pulled a small bottle of sample perfume out of her purse to dab behind her ears.

She could not help but purposely bend over the counter to check out her impressive cleavage as a ‘future viewing attraction’. Sue was feeling sexy and felt wanted – knowing, but not caring, that she was about to embark on a path of no return. She slipped back into the booth and caught Bill’s eyes discovering her braless nipples, clearly evident in her silk blouse and then watching his eyes moving slightly to inspect the gap created by the unbuttoned now top three buttons. Bill clearly displayed a hunger in his eyes and Sue noticed him squirm in his seat — perhaps ‘adjusting’ to ease a ‘discomfort.’ Sue loved knowing that she was turning Bill on and clearly she felt herself becoming wet with increasing desire.

‘It is funny,’ Sue said. ‘John had always wanted me to do something that he had in mind when we were alone in a bar like this and I refused.’

‘What is that?’ John asked.

Sue smiled and said: ‘Well, he wanted me to go to the restroom and take off my bra and panties and come back to the booth as if nothing was different. I think he hoped that it would turn me on and I suspect that if I actually did it, it would turn him on as well.’

‘Really? That does not sound like something you would do — particularly here in your hometown — you never know who you might run into’, Bill said with a matching grin.

‘Exactly, but you know what? I think he had a point and to confirm it, as you no doubt have since discovered, I just did what etimesgut escort John wanted me to do — it is too bad that he is not here to witness it. And do you know what? It did turn me on.’ Sue said staring intently into Bill’s eyes.

‘Well, for one, I am glad that you did – I can tell that a part of your plan has been accomplished and may I say, I have always thought your tits were spectacular, but I have real doubts that the balance of the attire alteration has occurred.’ John mocked.

‘Oh really?’ Sue asked as she pulled her panties out of her purse with a curled finger to show Bill who then remarked: ‘Well, I stand corrected — you were right. It was foolish of me to doubt you.’

‘Well that part is settled,’ Sue said. “But with John not here, I am unable to know whether what I have done would have turned him on. I wonder if it has had any effect on you, Bill?’

Bill quickly replied: ‘Oh, I think that would be a given. You have seen me adjust my sitting to accommodate a, er, need to be more comfortable. I was and am having a ‘hard’ time — not that I am complaining mind you.’

Sue smiled and said: ‘I can’t tell you how nice it is to confirm that I might still have that effect on a man. Well since you ARE such a gentleman, would you mind walking me to my car? It is in the underground parking structure.’

Bill’s shock at hearing this was evident and he almost cried out: ‘Tell me you are kidding me! You get yourself and me all riled up and now you have to go home?’

Sue leaned across the table knowing that it would accent her cleavage and Bill’s frustration even more and whispered: “Who said anything about my going home. Let’s go.’

As they walked down the dimly lit walkway to the parking structure, Sue said: “Besides you know that thing I told you that John wanted me to do, but I wouldn’t — at least until tonight?

‘Yes’ said Bill.

Sue continued: ‘Well there was one thing that I wanted to do but I was sure that John wouldn’t let me.’

‘What was that? ‘ Bill asked.

‘Fuck Bill Crayton’, Sue replied watching for his reaction.

‘Say what?” Bill asked almost choking in surprise.

‘You heard me’, Sue said.

As they arrived at Sue’s Jeep, she turned and kissed Bill deeply, making sure that she pressed her hard nipples against his chest.

She then said: ‘I can’t remember how long ago I got laid in the back of a car, however, I do remember that it was not very comfortable.’

‘We can go to a motel if you want’ Bill quickly replied.

‘No — I am afraid that if my buzz begins to fade and I actually think about what I am about to do, I will lose my nerve or gain some much needed intelligence to simply go home.’ Sue admitted.

Sue opened the rear hatch of the Jeep and saw that the rear seats were still laid flat from her earlier trip to the cleaners. She climbed up and moved a bag of laundry to the side and lied down watching Bill climb in as well and then as he pushed the button to close the hatch.

‘I will say this’ said Sue, ‘if there is ever to be repeat of this night, it best be at a damn nice hotel with a large king bed.’

‘Deal’ said Bill as he laid down next to Sue and pulled her close, softly kissing her full lips which yielded a low moan from her.

He could not help but quickly then place his hand on her left breast and start kneading her nipple through the fine silk top. This only made Sue moan more loudly and prompted her to slip her tongue into Bill’s open mouth. As Bill moved to softly kiss her neck, his hand expertly unbuttoned the remaining buttons on her blouse allowing him to slip his hand inside and softly grab Sue’s full breast. When Bill’s fingers reached Sue’s now stiff nipples to massage them, she turned onto her back to give Bill direct access to both breasts. He took advantage of the opportunity by moving his mouth from Sue’s neck to her left breast nipple, twirling his tongue around first the left breast, and then the right to her delight.

Sue knew she was getting even wetter if that was possible and as Bill continued his gentle onslaught of her breasts, she moved her hand to his pants and up and down his stiff shaft. She could feel his precum already soaking through his pants and was glad to confirm his desire as well. Bill took this sign as approval to continue to suck Sue’s glorious tits as well as move his hand down between her legs, sliding her short skirt higher and gently touching her clit and then her soaking pussy. Sue grabbed her left breast to hold it up for Bill to suck as he returned to massaging her clit. He moved his fingers until they entered her pussy and he curled the two of them upward to find her most sensitive spot.

Sue knew that she could not last much longer and whispered to Bill to take his pants off. As he rolled over, he kicked off his shoes and unzipped his pants, raising his legs to pull off them off and with them his underwear. Sue realized that she did not need to take her skirt off ankara escort — she was ready for Bill to climb on top of her and slide what she knew would be large cock – a very large cock. Sue could not remember how much she wanted to be fucked.

She softly told Bill: ‘Come up and fuck me, Bill. I have waited so long for your cock to be inside me.’

Bill did not hesitate and climbed on top of her and positioned his throbbing cock over her pussy. Sue gently grabbed his pulsating shaft and pulled it to her opening where he slowly began to enter her, bending his knees to start a rocking motion – in and out, but not quite yet completely filling her up.

“Jesus, you feel good Sue — I have wanted you for so long” whispered Bill.

“Your cock is so big — I have forgotten how good a big cock can feel — don’t stop — please don’t stop” whimpered Sue.

Bill could not help but ask: ‘So I am bigger than John?’

‘God,’ Sue gasped, “You fill me up Bill.’

While Bill pushed further into her sopping cunt, he moved his hands to both of her breasts and tweaked her rock hard nipples. Sue cried out: “You are going to make me cum — keep pumping your hard cock inside me.”

With one more deep thrust, Bill reached her cervix which produced a wail from Sue who covered her mouth to stifle the scream with the corner of the laundry bag. Her hips convulsed and she moved Bill’s hands off of her now sensitive nipples. Bill knew that he had caused a major orgasm and his rock hard cock had been flooded by Sue’s juices to the point that she might have actually squirted. Bill gently rocked his hips and slowly moved his cock in and out until he rolled off Sue and laid on his side, staring at the nearly unconscious body next to him.

‘My God! I have never come like that before — did I actually squirt? If so, I have never done that before — sorry,’ Sue panted.

“Sorry? Are you kidding? It just shows you what you were missing all of these years’ replied Bill.

Sue turned on her side to face Bill and reached out to touch his impressive cock. ‘You’re still hard and did not cum. I’m sorry. I guess I came too soon, but that was your fault – not mine,’ she said with a smile.

Bill said: ‘Well, I guess we will just have to try again — who knows? You may be able to repeat your pleasure.’

‘I don’t think so — I wasn’t kidding’, Sue quickly responded. ‘I love your cock – you felt good — really good, but — I am not ready for you so soon and am probably done for the night – sorry’

‘Hmmm, I guess that we will have to schedule another get together and I know – in a nice king bed at a hotel’, Bill said, his sexual frustration noticeable.

‘Well, I hate knowing that you did not cum and are still so hard. I think that it is only fair that I do something about it.’ Sue said reaching for his stiff cock.

‘I know, but I thought you said……………….?’ Bill asked with some confusion.

‘I did, but why don’t you climb up and fuck my tits that you like so much.’ Sue replied. ‘Your cock is still wet with my cum and should slide between them easily.’

Bill did just that by climbing up and over Sue’s open blouse that displayed her large tits. He slowly slid his throbbing cock back and forth between them as she pushed her tits together to wrap around his sliding cock.

‘Oh my God…………you feel so good. Your tits are amazing.’ Bill said as he rocked back and forth.

Sue could tell that her cum lubrication on Bill’s cock was disappearing and the friction of his pumping was becoming rough. She then said: ‘Bill, you’re dry – come up and slide your cock in my mouth.’

Bill did not want to chance that she might change her mind, so he shimmied up until his stiff cock slid between Sue’s lips and into her waiting mouth. He could not help but slide his cock in and out as if fucking her mouth, each time trying to slide it further down her throat until he could sense that Sue had gagged slightly when he pushed too hard. He backed up until his cock sprung free from Sue’s mouth which had left drool down his shaft and dripping down her chin.

‘Fuck my tits Bill — squirt your hot cum on them. I want to feel you shoot your load all over my chest.’ Sue almost screamed.

Bill pushed Sue’s hands away from her breasts and pushed each of them against his pumping cock. Sue grabbed his ass and pushed and pulled it to quicken his pace. He could feel that he was almost ready to explode and cried out ‘I am cumming!!!’ and squirted 3 long ropes of white jizz cross Sue’s chest then rolled off to the side, panting from exertion.

‘Holy Christ! I guess I got carried away — sorry for the mess,’ whispered Bill.

‘I am glad that you were able to cum — I know that fucking my tits is not what you wanted to do to get off, but I know that my pussy is going to be sore for a while.’ Sue said as sat up and began to button up her blouse.

This prompted Bill to ask: ‘Don’t you want to wipe off my cum? There must be something in the laundry bag we can use.’

Sue smiled and said: ‘No, I want your cum to stay on my chest. It’s too bad John is not home — I would have been fun to see if he could tell that I just had one of the best fucks in my life and was wearing an explosion of cum underneath my blouse.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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