What’s Love Got To Do With It? Ch. 03

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Nothing more was said that or any subsequent weekend.

Nothing needed to be said.

The following Wednesday he rang to say he had booked the same hotel room for Friday night, in case I was meeting a “friend” (I swear I could hear the quotation marks over the phone!) and he would see me again on Saturday morning around 9.00am.

I had no such plans but, luckily, Logan, the guy I was fucking that night said he and his mate Jaimie, were going to the cinema on Friday and if I wanted to go with them he’d be happy to come back to mine afterwards. As far as I could tell he was always happy to come and see me!

Normally I’ve always been against dates, after the first, getting to know them because, being committed to Stephen, really I’m only interested in how good they are in bed: that’s the only bonding I want to do with them. But given that Stephen was giving up his Friday nights with me I kind of felt duty-bound to replicate that last Saturday morning that had thrilled us both so much and so I thanked Logan and took him up on his kind offer.

I spent Thursday convincing Gemma to come along with me. She had never quite believed the truth of what had happened when Stephen had come over but now that he was deliberately absenting himself until the Saturday morning she realised she had been treating me quite badly and, when I mentioned that there’d be two guys, she knew she wouldn’t feel like a gooseberry so she agreed to come.

God the movie was awful, “The Craft” was nothing more than a teenage boy wankfest with four pretty girls dressed in catholic school uniforms playing around with witchcraft but, seeing as I was with a guy in his early 20’s the girls on-screen served as a nice piece of visual foreplay for him.

I spent the whole movie with my hand in his pants watching his friend Jaimie try to catch the interest of my flatmate.

Afterwards we wandered back to the flat stopping at a couple of bars along the way and, by the time we collapsed into the sofas in the sitting room it seemed that Jaime had made quite a bit of progress.

I got the guys some drinks and, grabbing Gemma, told them we’d be back in a minute.

“Did beylikdüzü anal yapan escort you see how excited they were watching the movie?” I asked as I dragged her into my bedroom.

“Of course, all boys love a girl in a school uniform!”

“So c’mon then, you seem to be getting along with Jaimie, let’s give them the fantasy!”

“You mean…?”

“I still have mine, and I’m pretty sure it fits”

“Me too!”

“It might be too much, you think?”

“Mmmh, let’s do it!”

“I’ll come to yours when I’m dressed and then we’ll go back together”

“Okay, but don’t take forever or they’ll get bored and leave”

With that she was gone and I went to the wardrobe and pulled my school uniform out from the bag it had been kept in since the last “school disco” night at Uni.

Everything was there down to the knee socks and the garter that I had been given by the “Teacher” who had followed me into the toilets that night.

I smiled as I remembered that all the cubicles were full of girls getting fucked by boys and girls and, rather than waiting for privacy, he decided to fuck me over the sinks, lifting my tartan skirt over my bottom and plunging in from behind while watching me in the mirror.

That memory only made me dress faster so I could get back to Logan and introduce my younger self to his beautiful cock! I walked in on Gemma as she was putting on her heels. She had gone for thigh highs and had rolled the waist on her skirt to lift the hem above her stocking tops.

“Fuck you look HOT!” I crowed (quietly) “Let’s get out there this is making me really horny!”

“Me too” she grinned “What are you waiting for?”

Without further ado we linked arms and walked across the hall into the sitting room. The guys’ eyes bulged wide and their jaws dropped with shocked delight when we entered the room and broke away from each other to stand in front of them:

“Like what you see Logan?” I smiled as I knelt between his legs and watched him drink in the sight of this “schoolgirl” undoing his belt and fly.

A quick glance behind me confirmed beylikdüzü balıketli escort that Gemma was doing exactly the same to Jaimie and I turned back to look Logan in the eyes as my mouth descended to lick the head of his eagerly hardening cock.

As I swallowed him deep into my throat I listened to his moans, Jaimie’s and the sound of Gemma choking as she took as much of Jamie into her mouth as she could fit. I turned around so I could watch her, pulled my panties down my thighs and looked back over my shoulder inviting Logan to take me from behind.

She heard me react to him entering me and it was her turn to stop and look.

“You look so good with that cock in your mouth Gemma, I want to watch you make him cum. Please?” I begged breathlessly as Logan’s thick cock stretched my pussy.

She turned slightly to give me a better view as she sucked and played with Jaimie’s cock. He was of a similar size to Logan but maybe not quite so thick and, selfishly, even though I was enjoying the sight of my “schoolgirl” flatmate slurping all over his dick, all I could think of was having him at one end and Logan at the other.

I began to press against him as his pace increased, feeling my first orgasm build, gripping his cock with my vaginal muscles, forcing him to push harder, then releasing so he slammed uncontrollably to the hilt his balls swinging heavily against my labia brushing my clit…

…over and over…my head drooping as he propelled me forward, towards the floor…always slightly off-balance…never quite falling…wetter and wetter and louder and more desperate…my body trembled as we fucked…sweat ran from my hair into my eyes stinging them as I watched Jaimie splurge his load all over my flatmate’s face…into her mouth…her eyes closed as she waited for his need to abate…her hands still jerking him…and then she turned to look at me.

Her face was ruined with his cum, her hair plastered to her forehead and neck. Cum dripped from her nose and chin and clung to her eyebrows and cheeks but the moment she opened her eyes to look at me and smile tremulously beylikdüzü bayan arkadaş my own orgasm overcame me.

In that moment I could understand how excited Stephen had gotten the week before when he had kissed my cum-covered face, my cock-tasting mouth; when he had emptied my overflowing, cream-filled pussy. I wanted to kiss Gemma, to taste what Jaimie had done to her. She had never seemed more beautiful to me than at that moment.

I had never wanted to kiss her before but now, as I collapsed weakly onto my elbows on the floor, while I struggled to take the weight of my lover who continued to fuck me mercilessly from behind, pressing my face against the rug as his long cock plunged at a new, gravity-assisted angle deeper than it had ever gone before, I begged her to kiss me, to let me lick the cum from her face, to share the spoils of her victory with me, her best friend.

And she did. I felt her hands lift me by the shoulders until I was on all fours again looking at her, watching as she undid her blouse, her bra, unsnapped her skirt and maneuvered herself beneath me.

“Kiss me” her eyes said, though she herself said nothing, and I did. My mouth sucked at her lips, my tongue dipping in to taste his seed and fanning out to collect the errant strings on her chin and cheeks, the blobs on her eyelids and brows, the drops from her nose.

I probed deeply into her mouth, sucking at her tongue and licking her teeth and gums and then began to moan again, this time into her mouth, sharing my breath with her as I felt Logan’s urgency mount, felt myself respond to his thrusts, to her returning of my kisses. I felt her fingers search out my clit and begin to manipulate it the way only another girl can, her other hand pushing up my blouse and bra to expose my breasts, pinch my nipples, squeeze gently as my passionate kisses rained down on her welcoming mouth.

I felt him explode within me, his hands holding my hips firmly against him as he emptied himself and I came with him but not with him because it was Gemma that I was coming for, her lover’s cum, her gentle submission to my wanton needs, her eager fingers, enticing mouth and the love for me so very apparent in the look we shared.

I had my cuckold’s creampie and would have many more before the night was ended, both Logan’s and Jaimie’s, but I had also discovered my flatmate’s love, a genuine, non-judgmental, sexual affection that I would regularly embrace right up until the night before my wedding, with the knowledge and understanding of my fiancé.

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