Wild College Days Ch. 03

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“What the fuck am I doing here?” Becky said to herself.

The young college sophomore was standing alone in the middle of Kevin’s empty dorm room. Turning slowly, she took in the two beds, set on either side of the long, narrow room. Every visible surface was covered in mounds of smelly laundry, piles of old pizza boxes and towers of empty soda cans. Posters of race cars and bikini-clad models covered most of the walls. A makeshift book case, overflowing with dog-eared paperbacks, old magazines and a few pristine textbooks, and a heavy dresser, a clone of which existed in every dorm on campus, took up the rest of the space.

Becky had planned to burst into Kevin’s dorm room, seduce and screw him. That way she would get even with her cheating boyfriend Brad and further punish Kevin’s slut girlfriend Liz, who had screwed Brad at a party. Now Kevin’s absence, and his smelly dorm room, was forcing her to rethink the whole plan.

Turning to leave, Becky caught sight of herself in the dresser’s full length mirror. Her reflection was tall and pretty, her medium length blonde hair carefully teased and styled, her curvy body covered in a long dark coat that came down to her knees, showing off her lower legs and high heels to good effect. Becky struck a sexy pose, hips cocked, a pouty smile on her face. Poor Kevin was missing out, she thought to herself.

Watching her reflection, Becky thrust her chest forward and pulled the coat open. Underneath, she wore a lacy powder blue nightie and matching thong. Her perky breasts were pushed up and together, revealing lots of creamy white skin. Anyone looking closely could see her puffy nipples through the blue lace. The frilly bottom of the nightie came just below her waist. The thong was tiny, barely covering anything and, for the first time in her life, Becky had shaved her pussy bare. She turned, sweeping the coat back to look at her full, round ass completely bared by the tiny thong. Becky grimaced, thinking to herself that her ass was a little too full and round. She gave herself a little swat on the backside.

Suddenly, the dorm room door opened.

Becky jumped, hastily covering her nearly naked body with her coat. Her face flushed bright red.

Kevin stood in the doorway, staring at her with a stunned look on his face. Becky’s blush deepened. Kevin had obviously just gotten out of the dorm showers, and apart from a ratty towel tied loosely around his waist, he was naked. His dark hair was slicked back. His broad, muscular chest and arms were still wet and shiny. Becky refused to let her gaze drift any lower as Kevin stepped into his room.

“Uh, hi?” Kevin was clearly puzzled. Becky wondered how much he’d seen when he opened the door. She though if she blushed any more, her face would catch fire.

“Hi,” she replied, completely failing to sound sexy or seductive or anything but nervous.

“What’s… going on?” Kevin asked. He was standing between her and the door, taking up a lot of space. Becky suddenly wondered why she’d never noticed how big he was. Again, she refused to let her eyes look downward.

“I…” Becky started, suddenly feeling completely off balance. A flash of anger sparked somewhere deep down in the confusion, flaring into a need to take back control of this situation. “I came to see you.”

“Yeah,” Kevin said, sounding a little too cocky for Becky’s taste.

“Liz fucked Brad,” Becky blurted out.

“Oh yeah?” Kevin said, his voice sounding strange, but Becky pressed on.

“Yeah,” Becky said forcefully, “your girlfriend fucked my boyfriend. Now we’re going to get even.”

With that, Becky threw her coat open and tossed it down onto the piles of dirty laundry that covered the floor. She put her hands on her hips and glared defiantly. Kevin smiled slowly, his eyes unabashedly checking out every inch of her body. For as little as she was wearing, Becky was amazed by how completely Kevin was undressing her esenyurt anal yapan escort with his eyes.

Without looking away from her, Kevin reached into the dresser and took out a coat hanger. He quickly turned and hung the hanger on the outside of the room’s doorknob. Closing the door, he turned back to Becky and dropped his towel. Almost involuntarily, Becky looked down. Kevin’s legs were as strong and muscular as his arms. His penis hung between then like a club, glowing and thickening even as she watched.

Kevin walked deliberately up to Becky, his eyes locked on her breasts. Grinning, he reached around and gave her ass a hard swat. Becky flushed red again. He had seen her when he’d come in.

“So,” Kevin said, his voice almost gloating, “how do you want it?”

“Sit down on the bed,” Becky said firmly.

Kevin laughed and dropped to sit on the edge of one of the beds.

With a deep breath, Becky dropped to her knees in front of him. She gave him her best sexy smile as she slid her hands along his powerful thighs and lowered her head toward his hard shaft. He was huge. Becky noticed that his pubic hair was trimmed short and even his heavy balls looked shaved. He smelled of soap.

Leaning forward, Becky quickly licked the length of his firm shaft. Kevin moaned. Becky started to vigorously slide her tongue up and down, rolling it over the thick tip and tasting his salty pre-cum.

Kevin groaned louder. His hands came up to rest on her head. He stroked her hair while she ran her tongue along his dick. He slid his hands down her shoulders. Becky jumped a little as Kevin suddenly pushed the top of her nightie down. The rough lace scratched against her nipples as her breasts burst free. With one hand, Kevin started to roughly fondle her breast, while his other hand gripped the back of her head.

“Keep going, Becky,” Kevin moaned, “suck my cock.” He pulled her head back down into his crotch.

Becky rolled her tongue over his tip again. Kevin reached down with both hands, squeezing her breasts. She squealed as he pinched her nipples.

“That’s it,” Kevin groaned, “you love that, don’t you.”

“Not so rough,” Becky protested.

“Keep sucking,” Kevin growled, releasing her breasts. “Suck my cock!”

Becky started to return to tonguing his shaft, but Kevin grabbed her head. Pulling her toward him, he started thrusting his dick at her face. His tip poked at her mouth, smearing pre-cum over her lips and cheek.

“Open your mouth and suck it,” he growled. “Suck my dick.”

With a loud bang, the dorm room door snapped shut. Kevin’s dick popping from between her lips, Becky spun around to look at the door.

Kevin’s girlfriend Liz, her arrogant face smiling from within its frame of dark curls, stood in front of the door, hanging up her coat.

“Hey lover,” Liz purred in her smug East-coast-snob accent, “I see you started without me.”

“Becky wanted to party,” Kevin grinned.

“How is she?” Liz quipped, pulling her blouse off and dropping it and her bra on the floor on top of Becky’s coat.

“She’s OK,” Kevin replied.

“OK?!?” Becky barked, finding her voice again. “OK?!? You son of a bitch!”

Becky started to push herself to her feet, but Liz’s hands came to rest on her shoulders. Liz pushed Becky back down to her knees, as she knelt down beside her.

“He’s just teasing, honey,” Liz purred at Becky. “Kevin loves a good blowjob.”

“Did she tell you?” Liz continued, turning to look up at Kevin. “About how she spanked my ass ’til it was red and made me eat her pussy?”

“No.” Kevin’s eyes were wide.

“Oh yeah,” Liz grinned.

“And you loved it,” Becky chimed in, starting to feel things going her way again. “She was so horny, she lay at my feet and rubbed her clit ’til she came.”

“Fuck, yes,” Liz smiled, “it was incredible.”

“Damn!” Kevin esenyurt escort breathed. “I wish I’d seen that.”

“Let’s show you, then,” Becky growled.

Pushing herself quickly to her feet, Becky glared down at Liz. She hated the other woman for barging in, hated her for not being angry, and above all hated her for being a big-titted horny slut. Without thinking, Becky shoved her thong down and tossed herself onto Kevin’s bed.

“Come here, slut,” Becky barked, “show your boyfriend what a little lezzie slut you are.”

Liz gave Kevin a slow, sultry smile as she crawled up between Becky’s legs. Becky shuttered as Liz’s hands stroked her thighs, pulling her legs apart to reveal her naked, shaven pussy.

“Such a pretty pussy,” Liz purred as she lowered her face between Becky’s legs.

Becky felt flushed, short of breath and suddenly very, very horny. She felt Liz’s hot breath against her skin and then the brush of Liz’s lips against her folds.

“Oh, yes,” Becky sighed as Liz gently kissed her pussy, teasing Becky’s lower lips as she might kiss her mouth. Liz’s tongue fluttered out, coaxing her folds apart and softly probing inside.

“Oh, god, yes. Eat me, Lizzy. Eat my fuckin’ pussy,” Becky moaned, tangling her fingers in Liz’s curly dark hair and arching her back to press her pussy into the other coed’s face.

“Damn, that is so hot,” Kevin groaned.

“Shit,” Becky gasped. She had almost forgotten about him for a moment. Now he was kneeling next to her on the bed, looking down at Liz’s head buried between Becky’s thighs.

“Oh, Kevin,” Becky smiled, reaching up with her free hand, stroking Kevin’s long, hard dick. Things were starting to go back her way. “Oh, Lizzy’s such a good little box-licker. Oh, she so good.”

Kevin moaned. Shifting closer, he grabbed Becky’s tits and started roughly mashing and pinching her nipples. He pushed himself forward until his hard dick was right in front of her face.

With an inward sigh, Becky leaned up and took his shaft back into her mouth. Kevin moaned louder. His hips rocked, poking his shaft into Becky’s face. Becky groaned, struggling to comfortably accommodate Kevin’s thrusting dick while trying to focus on the pleasurable sensations Liz was teasing out of her pussy.

The door slammed again. Becky jumped, Kevin’s dick popping from her mouth for the second time.

“What the fuck?!” Kevin shouted.

“Dude!” A second male voice yelled.

Becky looked up to see Kevin’s roommate Gary leering down at her. He couldn’t seem to decide whether to look at her naked breasts, her face which was smeared with Kevin’s pre-cum or Liz, topless, with her face in Becky’s pussy. Becky blushed so furiously she thought her face would catch fire. She tried to cover her breasts with one arm. Worse, Becky realized, Liz wasn’t stopping. In fact, she had started vigorously tonguing Becky’s clit, causing her body to spasm with involuntary pleasure.

“Dude, the coat hanger! On the fuckin’ door, like we agreed!” Kevin cursed. He was waving at the door with one hand while trying to cover his crotch with the other. The gesture was pointless as his erection was simply too big to be hidden.

“Wasn’t one out, man,” Gary laughed.

“Oh,” Liz purred, finally lifting her head from Becky’s pussy, “I used it to hang up my coat.”

Becky stared at her in shock and fury. It dawned on her that Liz had done that deliberately.

“You bitch!” Becky shouted.

“I’m not the one who came here to bone Kevin,” Liz smiled with false sweetness, then she laughed, “Oh wait, I guess I am.”

“Dude, I’ll go to the library or something,” Gary said, still chuckling.

“No!” Becky barked. “Liz wanted you here, she can fuckin’ deal with you. So why don’t you go blow him while I fuck your boyfriend, you slut!”

Liz looked at Gary and smiled wider. “Ok.”

“Wha…” Gary gasped.

Liz esenyurt eve gelen escort turned and walked over to Gary, her large bare breasts arched proudly toward him. “Come on, Gary, Becky wants me to suck your cock while she fucks Kevin. That cool?”

“Uhhh, yeah,” Gary said as Liz knelt in front of him. “Hell, yeah.”

“Now,” Becky snarled, turning to Kevin, “get down here and fuck my pussy.”

“Yes ma’am,” Kevin grinned.

Kevin hastily crawled between Becky’s legs, leering down at her. Becky closed her eyes. Suddenly, she didn’t want to look at him. She just wanted this to be done with. She could feel the heat of his body over hers, feel the weight of his legs against her thighs. She felt the tip of his shaft pressing against her pussy, wet with Liz’s saliva and her own lust, lust that had next to nothing to do with the large, swollen dick bumping roughly against her.

“You look so hot, Becky,” Kevin moaned above her.

“Fuck me,” Becky sighed. Fuck you, she added inwardly.

“Oh god,” Becky grunted, as Kevin thrust into her in one hard push. Then she moaned as he filled her completely. He started to move inside her with long, steady thrusts. His dick was big, long and full.

“Oh fuck… fuck…Oh fuck!” Becky moaned, with each thrust. In spite of herself, Becky realized it felt wonderful. With her eyes closed, she could ignore that it was Kevin. She could forget about Liz and Brad and, God help her, Gary, and just focus on the simple, animal pleasure of a long, hard dick inside her, filling her with increasingly passionate thrusts.

“Oh god… yes… fuck… yes!” Becky’s moans grew, involuntarily, into cries. Her fingers dug into the mattress, as pleasure rose like a wave in her body.

“That’s it baby,” Kevin groaned above her, “yeah, you like that. You like that hard cock pounding your pussy. Just like that, huh?”

“Fuck,” Becky groaned. Shut the fuck up, she cried silently as the bastard’s words threatened to bring her back down. Shut up and let me enjoy this.

“Oh yeah,” Kevin howled, “you fuckin’ love it! Take it! Take my big cock!”

“Oh, fu-uh-uh-uh-uck!” Becky moaned in mingled lust and frustration.

Pleasure built as the wonderful dick, attached though it was to a total dick-head, pounded into her. Her body arched under him, tensing, desperate for release. A hand grasped Becky’s breast, squeezing and caressing. A spark leapt from her nipple to her pussy, pushing her over the edge.

“Oh fuck… fuck… yes… yes… yes… I’m coming!” Becky’s whole body spasmed, squeezing tightly, blocking out everything in a crashing thunder of pleasure.

Becky collapsed onto the bed, her body still shaking with little spasms while a hand continued to massage her breast. Each brush against her nipple caused her to twitch again in fading pleasure.

Suddenly, Kevin pulled out of her. Dimly, she wondered why. She didn’t think he’d come yet. Lazily, Becky opened her eyes and saw a glistening, hard penis in her face. She groaned inwardly and then gasped when she realized it wasn’t Kevin’s penis. Gary was kneeling over her head, frantically rubbing his hard shaft. Kevin was scrambling up the bed to kneel at the other side of her head. Liz, that fucking bitch, lay beside her, grinning while her hands lovingly caressed Becky’s breasts.

Gary started grunting and let out a loud groan. A forceful jet of hot and sticky cum struck Becky’s face, then another and another. The bastard was coming on her face! She opened her mouth to protest and a spurt of semen landed directly on her tongue. Hastily she closed her lips as more cum spattered over her lips, nose and cheeks.

“Right in her mouth,” Gary moaned above her.

“Dude, score!” Kevin grunted, then unloaded his own powerful spurts of semen.

Becky tried to glare at them, but a sticky jet of Kevin’s semen landed in her eyes, forcing her to close them. Becky could feel the semen covering her. It was slowly oozing down into her eyes, sliding down her nose, over her lips and even dripping into her hair. Above her, Becky heard Kevin and Gary cheering and the slap of hands as they high-fived over her cum-soaked face.

Liz, still massaging Becky’s breasts, leaned forward and whispered, “Now who’s the fucking slut, huh?”

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